Episode 86: Facebook Live Confidence With Molly Mahoney

Facebook Live
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Known across the net as The Prepared Performer, Molly Mahoney is a master at helping entrepreneurs, artists, and direct sales professionals up their visibility and online presence by helping them leverage all of the newest and most powerful features that Facebook has to offer.

From attracting customers to your Facebook business page, understanding how to run highly converting Facebook ads, host Facebook Live broadcasts, and how to create Facebook Messenger bots that serve more of your perfect clients and customers in a uniquely authentic way.


Biggest Takeaways About Facebook Live That You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Molly started as a professional performer in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with nine dogs running across the stage. While on tour, she got engaged and then decided to make a change, so she moved and started a vocal coaching business. But with a growing family and business, she had to learn how to leverage her time in different ways to help more people.
  • How do you deal with the fear of Facebook live? They key is you don’t get over it, you just do it  (#DoitScared). It’s good to be honest about it. Even Broadways performers can feel the fear, but they do it scared. You have to focus on what makes you uniquely awesome and go with it.
  • SAAVE: Skill Set, Appearance, Activities that you love, Values, Eating (the things you like to eat).
  • You have to go with the flow when you go online live. There is a natural flow that you can’t fight. In fact, it is much better to go with the flow and not feel that you have to follow a script too closely. The ability to go with it shows your audience you are human you can go with the flow, that you are just like them. If you’re too perfect, it’s intimidating.
  • The prepared performance also works for sales in your company. Sometimes you don’t know what to say when a client calls, but being prepared with loose scripts will help you cope with unexpected calls and making sales.
  • Always try to find the positive. Online services will change, there will be unexpected bumps in live broadcasts and in life in general. It’s important to always find the positive in what is perceived to be negative.

Show Highlights:

  • How Molly’s first online class, Prepared Performer Profits, turned into an amazing lesson that helped her find her path.[3:00]
  • How to use and be comfortable with Facebook live to welcome in clients [5:35]
  • “The Quesadilla of Awesome” [12:15]
  • The prep-work you need to seem perfectly imperfect as a prepared performer. [15:30]
  • How can you adapt to changes online and use them to your advantage? How can you make a negative into a positive? [20:20]


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  • www.ThePreparedPerformer.com

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