Episode 89: Optimizing Your Facebook Advertising With Robert Vance

Facebook Advertising
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Want to learn how to do Facebook advertising to it's fullest it potential? Join my guest Robert Vance and I to learn all about it!

Robert is a husband, father, author and business owner. He spent the first part of his life saving lives as a Fireman, Paramedic and a Police officer. Robert now helps businesses succeed using the internet and marketing automation to grow and expand their business giving them more free time to do the things they love and have the resources to do them.

He got involved with the internet in 1997 when he built his first website and has been marketing on the internet in one form or the other since then. Robert has been working with Adwords since 2003 and with Youtube since 2008.

Furthermore, he has created several successful funnels for clients that create exponential ROI. In 2015, he became an Infusionsoft certified consultant to further help his clients. And he has been using Infusionsoft to run his business since 2009. Robert is an expert in setting up sales funnels and making sure you can get those that do not sign up or become customers the first time back to your site so you have a better chance to convert them.


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • How to get the bang for your buck in Facebook marketing ads. Retargeting is very similar to seeing ads for something you searched for on Amazon pop up on other sites. Basically, Amazon is retargeting their ad to find the same customers over and over again.
  • Why does retargeting work? The more times your content is seen by a potential client or customer the more likely it is that they will click on your advertisement. In fact, you can use both Facebook advertising and Google advertisements to retarget to each other and Google to retarget elsewhere. For this reason, it is best to have a combination, then you are getting retargeted twice and there’s is an increased chance they will interact. It takes an average of 7-14 touches before someone makes a decision to interact.
  • Understanding your target market is imperative. For the most part, you need to identify your demographic area. Also, you need to find the most profitable area and the most profitable customers to target. Then, make sure you have one specific redirect page, not your homepage. Your homepage can be very distracting. Create a page that only requires one action (ex: fill out a form) for the most interaction.
  • What does all this data tell me? Ultimately, all of the data thrown at from Facebook advertising us can be confusing. That’s why hiring someone to help you with your marketing may be the right choice to be more lethal in your Facebook ads. Yet, you need to have a certain mindset to make the relationship work. In addition, as a business owner, you will have to help bring information to the table to help deceiver the data.
  • Personal connections matter. Make sure to have immediate interaction with someone once they fill out any form on your website. Use bots, but don’t solely rely on them. All in all, they can be a tool for instant gratification, however, you need to follow up personally with them as soon as possible.

Show Highlights:

  • What is retargeting and how does it help my business?[1:40]
  • Are there certain elements needed to retarget to the right customer? [4:30]
  • The type of information can we learn from our Facebook advertising that can help us learn about our customers? [7:00]
  • How can a dog walking company attract an audience in their community? [9:50]
  • The benefits of working with a person like Robert and what you need to know about creating successful ads. [14:15]
  • What is the bigger funnel? [16:30]
  • A quick success story from Robert and how you can apply it to your business. [19:30]


[Tweet ““It’s scary the stuff Facebook knows about us.””]
[Tweet ““Facebook is the largest database in the entire world and we need to start thinking of it like that.””]
[Tweet ““Retargeting and Facebook ads are only one piece of a bigger funnel.””]
[Tweet ““You need to know how much a client is worth to you.””]


Connect with Robert Vance online! Visit his website at https://www.nitrogomarketing.com

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Visit the website and request a consultation from the link on the website to find out how Robert can help you.
Go to https://www.nitrogomarketing.com and fill out the form!

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