Episode 97: Optimizing Your Website Using Google Analytics With Brandy Lawson

google analytics
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Brandy Lawson is the founder of FieryFX, a boutique digital agency, and a Chief Online Officer for-hire. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs maximize their impact and success by making the right digital decisions for their business. Brandy's zone of genius is connecting business goals with marketing & technology strategies. Her superpower is analogies. Sure, it's not as impressive as teleportation, but it does help clients grasp new concepts faster than a speeding bullet.  Brandy is a mother, a wife, a native of Montana, a current Phoenician, and a co-host of the Northwest Phoenix WordPress meetup. She is also a lover of ridiculous shoes, a captain of her boat on Lake Pleasant, and doesn't miss an episode of Jeopardy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Brandy started with a pretty unique position in a large company. She was a product director for GoDaddy, she sat between the consumers and the developers. She had to understand the market on multiple levels in order to produce for both interested parties.
  • What is a heat map? It is basically the analytics tool that looks at where people are actually looking on your page. It’s more than just seeing the link that they click on. You can see how far down do they scroll and how long they spend on your sit. Also, it will let you know what are your hot spots on your site.
  • Jump Consulting has changed so much for the better after seeing the analytics. Looking at the metrics of what is working and what is not. Are you building trust? Measure that! Are you trying to sell items or packages? Then you need to create indicators of trust and what it is people are looking for when they look at your business page.
  • How do you start a conversation with someone that can help you with your analytics? Think of it as a building a house. Each part has a different purpose, just like a home you need an architect, a plumber, an electrician. A website is very much the same. You need the analytical data to back up what you are trying to achieve in your business.
  • It is important to start collecting your data as soon as possible. You don’t even have to understand it at first. But if you are gathering the data, then when you are ready for the next step you will have a base. Once you hire someone or have time to learn, you will already have a place to start.

Google Analytics

Show Highlights:

  • Living at the intersection of Marketing and Technology [1:00]
  • The importance of Google Analytics. Our businesses are online, websites drive business and you need to understand how to make the data work for you. [5:00]
  • Why you need a heat map with on your site. Check out Hot Jar.  [7:00]
  • How does one measure trust? How do you know if people visiting your site trust you as a business?  [10:45]
  • Building your analytics house for your website. [14:30]
  • What is an order taker? And why you need someone who will ask you, “why?” They will add value by understanding your larger technique. [18:00]
  • How to start with improving your website and incorporating Google Analytics on your website. [20:00]


Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

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