Episode 98: Molding Your Mindset With Bri Seeley

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Bri Seeley is a born catalyst and natural truth-teller with a history in counseling, psychology, and entrepreneurship. Despite her two degrees in fashion design, she was unknowingly taken down the path of healing and transforming lives through a series of “accidents,” “coincidences” and divine guidance. She combines personal experience, psychological concepts and Universal Laws with over a decade of coaching and counseling expertise to support people in turning their lives of ‘should’ into the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Her specialty is truly helping people accelerate their destiny and become their future selves today. You may have seen her on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Forbes, Thrive Global, Inc. Online, Medium, New Day Northwest, PBS, and Huffington Post.

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss

  • Being conscious about how you feel in each moment in your day-to-day activities will help you really understand WHY you are doing a certain action. Bri talks about how when she is watching Netflix, she evaluates whether or not she is watching it to escape from reality, numb out, or just relax. When she feels herself using something as a method to escape, she describes how you can realize and self-correct. After all, if you are escaping, you are not living in the moment and finding your joy!
  • Our CELL PHONES are such a distraction and one of the number one ways people escape from their day-to-day lives. Try putting your phone across the room when you’re working on something, or even putting it in Airplane mode. That will allow you to fully engage yourself in an activity.
  • If we can learn how to fall in love with the tasks that we don’t want to do in our business, we can re-invigorate ourselves to fall in loves with our businesses as a whole. The transformation of finding a place of joy, peacefulness, or even acceptance of activities we aren’t particularly fond of can help us attract the other things that we want in our lives.
  • People have an understanding that our thoughts rule us, and that we don’t have the ability to change them. Guess what, we do! But it is a difficult process and one that gets harder with age – but it can be done.
  • There are so many different activities you can do to practice mindfulness. You need to figure out what works for you – which will take time and trial and error! Ask yourself – “What do I need today?” This might look like yoga, journaling, exercise, affirmations, coloring, etc. Give yourself the time and the space that you need.
  • If you wake up every day with intention and you commit to being your best self each day, then you are setting yourself up with the energy you need to take you through the remainder of the day. You will connect with yourself and feel so much more grounded, intentional, and successful! Control your life – don’t let it control you.mindset

Show Highlights

  • How do we use the mindset of acknowledging that someone is actually a human being to our advantage in our business, and not as a detriment? [3:40]
  • Can we use the mindset of finding joy in our day-to-day activities as it applies to our businesses? [10:15]
  • How can acknowledging our thoughts and feelings help us tackle the day-to-day stresses in our business? [12:10]
  • What are some of the techniques you use to practice mindfulness every single day? [15:30]
  • Many successful people have a dedicated morning routine or ritual. How can we improve our livelihood and our mindset with a morning routine or ritual? [18:20]mindset


Not ‘selfish’: Women open up about choosing to be child-free:  http://www.today.com/parents/child-free-choice-women-open-about-choosing-not-be-mom-1D80097318

What It Really Feels Like To Be A Child-Free Woman: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/bri-seeley/childfree-woman_b_5672613.html

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