Episode #257: What You Need To Really Scale Your Pet Sitting Business

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Have you made your mindset shift yet to scale your pet business? If you are someone who is looking to switch from solo to scaling your pet business, start hiring employees, and are ready to get uncomfortable to make the decisions needed then this podcast is just for you. Listen in as Bella tells you all about how to change your mindset to the one you have been looking for.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss

Do You Work FOR Your business or ON Your Business?

If you are doing things on repeat or spending your time doing simple tasks then you should be able to pass them over to someone else and focus your attention on what your business needs to expand. Look at how you spend your days, how much time do you spend on tasks that someone else could have done?

Are Your Processes Simple and Accessible?

If it is complicated for you then it is complicated for your clients and potential employees. If it is not accessible then how is anyone able to help you? These are so important as thinking this way is taking that shift for your mindset to really scale your pet business.

Think Outside the Box, What If You Wanted To Sell?

You never know when this is going to happen since life is always changing. Even if you are not ready to sell it is all about setting up your business to be able to. Would you buy a business with no employees? What about one that does not have a PnL? Whether you actually sell or not keeping your business at this standard shows you what you need to continue to scale your business.

Show Highlights

  • 3 Major topics to start your mindset shift [7.20]
  • Asking the questions and having the thoughts needed to change your mindset [11:40]
  • Do you know why you are doing this and how to sell it? [16.23]

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