Episode #258: Why Is It So Hard To Say NO In Your Pet Sitting Business

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I asked my Mastermind members, what should I talk about next on the podcast? And an entire conversation was sparked about saying NO. Why is it so hard to say no? To themselves, clients, staff? It is an interesting topic that I have a lot to say about.

There is something interesting that happens when you say no to people. They actually trust you more. They are never left wondering if you really mean something because they know that your yes is a yes and your no is a no. But if you are like many pet sitting and dog walking business owners I encounter, a lot of the times their yes actually means no but they are too afraid to say it.

Also... when you say no, you are setting boundaries in your life and actually building your own self respect. Your own person starts to gain confidence because they feel empowered.

Biggest Takeaways

When to Say No to Clients

Identify what kind of client you are working with. First, Is this an ideal client? Second, what does your policy say, these were made and written down, for this reason, to say no when you need to.

How to Say No to Employees and Applicants

Look at their availability stay strict with it. Set up policies for change but stay strict with those policies. How many times do you hire someone with availability and then it just keeps changing? Protect yourself and prevent this from happening.

What Makes You Not Say No?

Find the source of why you feel like you can’t say no. What thoughts run through your head? Attack the issue at the source not at the symptoms.

Show Highlights

  • Identify Your Clients and Say No to the Wrong Kind [5.45]
  • Your Policies and Prices are There to Support You [8.03]
  • Have Boundaries with Your Applicants and Employees [10.50]
  • Why Don’t You Say No? [14.45]

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