Episode 310: My Funniest Pet Stories And How To Make It Into Social Media Posts

funny pet stories
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In this industry, we all have them. This hysterical, how the heck did this happen to me, funny pet stories. But these stories can be used for much more than a funny, casual conversation. You can be leveraging these funny pet stories.
Yes. Leverage these stories for your social media posts and content.
Take those funny pet stories and show your clients and potential clients your hustle. These stories can show your audience that you can handle the tough things, guarantee your business, and follow their exact direction. Even if it's the funniest thing you have ever done. It is a fun way to show your audience the times you had in your business that made an impact on your or your business.
This week I am bringing you 3 of my own funny pet stories and how they can be used to leverage social media content. So, get ready to laugh a little and learn how to batch a whole lot.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 3:50 Attack Kitty
  • 9:45 Dog that was pushed in the stroller and fed McDonalds
  • 14:15 Pet Sitter locked out


Do you know how you can leverage your funny pet stories for your social media content? Well, in Better Marketing With Bella, we teach you how to be a marketer and ask you to meet us halfway. Of course, the custom content in those 6 months is created for you. However, we teach you how to bring the personality of your everyday social media. Doors are opening for 2023, if you are ready to take your content to the next level as well as learn all the marketing skills you need to excel in your business.

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