Episode 387: 5 High Level Tactics To Increase your Hiring Speed

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Ever thought you could have a team that actually outperforms you? YES, it’s possible, and I’m going to show you how! Dive into this explosive episode of "Bella in Your Business," where I reveal FIVE cutting-edge strategies to boost your hiring process like never before. Ready to make some monumental shifts in your business? Let’s get started!

As pet business owners who are hiring, we're not just filling roles; we're crafting a powerhouse team that mirrors your core values of precision, empathy, and proactive communication.

In this episode, discover the transformative impact of automation tools that minimize errors and streamline operations. Embrace a data-orientated approach that optimizes ad performances and pinpoints top-tier talent with astounding accuracy. Plus, I’ll highlight the strategic advantage of keeping a robust talent pool, ready to spring into action when you need it most.

As I mention in the episode, my collaboration with Jazz HR is more than just support—it's a strategic advantage designed to elevate your recruitment process. With incredibly exclusive offers and powerful tools only accessible through Jazz HR, your hiring process is about to become your biggest asset.

Topics & Key Points

  • Streamlining the hiring process for businesses
  • Automating the hiring process to speed it up and improve quality.
  • Improving the hiring process with JazzHR software


  • Speedy Process [3:34]
  • Aligning your team on interview priorities [6:08]
  • Using the data [7:09]
  • Maintaining a talent pool of previous candidates [10:14]
  • Utilizing social media [11:46]

Notable Quotes

[3:58] “The hiring process also shapes the candidates initial perception of your company. And a negative one could make them kind of come in with a disdain on your company”

[8:41] “But you need to use the data, you need to figure out where things are being bottlenecked, where you’re not getting the right responses. And then”

[10:17] “And this is really important and think something that a lot of people forget about. But if you you need a system in which you can”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. And today, I’m excited to kind of bring this to a very high level for you. We have five high-level tactics to increase your hiring speed, because let’s face it, I want you to picture a world in which you always had the most amazing staff. I’m not talking just that you could always take on as many clients as you possibly could. But you also had a team that represented you, you were so excited for them to wear your T-shirt with your logo, your blood, sweat, and tears, that company that you have built from the ground up, people that you just know, you could hand off clients to and they would do a better job than you Yes, a better job than you. Because you as a business owner have to wear so many hats, and they get to go out there and care for the pets. And just only focus on that one job. Maybe your company culture is something about attention to detail, empathy, great communication, and positivity, and you know that they possess all of these qualities all of the time, a lot of us are running around with chickens with our heads cut off, quiet honestly, going off of our gut, gut response, trying to think that, okay, this person showed up for the interview. And they seem okay, I hope they work out. If you are running interviews and running your company like that, you are living on a prayer, and there is a way better way to do it. And it is exactly how my jumpers who have been able to scale and grow their companies and have that time and financial freedom have been able, to achieve this. And today, I want to break down five high-level concepts for you. In the past, we’ve done so many other episodes about the how-to the nitty gritty, and technical stuff, but I want to inspire you with these ideas today that you can achieve. People are achieving them out there. So why not you? Let’s get into it. I want to also just mention before we start that this is sponsored by Jazz HR, they have been a huge supporter of the pet industry. And by that let me break that down. When I had my jump into paradise retreats here in Arizona before COVID. They were one of the first to say, hey, Bella, how can we help sponsor you? How can we help support you and the pet sitters? They’ve done that during COVID. And when we had those COVID groups, I want you to think about the people you’re hanging out with and how we got you to work. And for two solid weeks, we had all kinds of experts come in, they helped us with that as well. They’ve always been here to help us and not just help support the different things that I do for you guys and help make that possible by monetarily supporting us. But also by doing things like giving us amazing discounts for our industry by giving us 50% off our middle plan when you sign up through me as a jumper at jumped consulting dotnet forward slash jazz HR. They also give us amazing discounts on the add-ons that help automate things. So nowhere else in the industry, will you see that we’ve been working with them since 2018. And myself, it’s kind of like the Rogaine commercials, if you remember that I’m not just a client. I am a user myself. I’ve used HR for hiring people in my team, as well as even things in my personal life like a nanny. So jazz HR is pretty, pretty incredible, and helps you find people. But let’s get into the podcast today. The very first thing I want to remind you about is that you need a speedy process for a couple of different reasons.

So first of all, hiring speed matters for businesses, when you have to stay on top of hiring, to compete with other companies. But also the longer it takes to fill a role, the more stress and strain it puts on you and your team, you know, they’re working overtime, because you can’t get someone to help them out. The hiring process also shapes the candidate’s initial perception of your company. And a negative one could make them kind of come in with a disdain on your company, or they’re just, you know, some stressed out business owner. And that’s kind of what I could expect working for them. Alternatively, wow, they’ve got their act together. And I can’t believe how professional they are. I thought they were just a dog-walking and pet-sitting company. How many times have you felt like that before? And so, if you can’t hire fast enough, it is going to lead to burnout for you or your staff members. And when you can communicate quickly and effectively and impressively with the candidates in a timely and respectful manner. It’s going to make them feel valued and have a very high respect for your company. All right, so just think about that you need a speedy process for your existing staff for you and the candidate. The other thing is, that you want to always be improving the quality automation tools can help you standardize the process, which we’ve talked about in many other podcasts before. But it also provides consistency and reduces the likelihood of manual errors. How many times have you been maybe sitting in the school pickup line, and oh, my gosh, you got a really good applicant? And it came in through your email, and you want to respond to them quickly, to let them know that you’re excited about them. And, and not to give up hope and, and oh, my gosh, like, let’s, let’s get this process going. Right? And so you squirrely with your thumbs on your phone. And thank you, candidate, I was excited to get your application. Could you Oh, shoot, what’s the next part in my hiring process, and you’re going through another email you’re trying to cut, copy-paste something else? And it’s just a big mess when you can automate, automate it, and you already have your next step ready to go and with a click of a button, you can just forward them to the next phase, which is going to help you tremendously. But it’s also going to help with that speedy process, which we just talked about.

Another really big part about automation that’s going to help is that when you’re aligning your team on the interview priorities, and the questions, it can streamline the decision-making process, therefore, resulting in faster, better-informed hires. So like, those those companies that I’ve mentioned before, some of the business owners are not even in the hiring process, because they’ve done these steps. And they figured out what questions and what phases. And they’ve tested all of these processes, a systematic process, essentially, that they don’t even interview people anymore, they’ve been able to hand it off to different parts of their office staff, or people that are on their team. And so, we’ve talked about how we’ve made it a system on other podcast episodes, Episode 348 comes to mind. But paying attention to these details and getting them automated, helps streamline the process and make it a lot faster. Now, part of when you have it automated.

My third tip is to use the data, right? So when you have things like jazz HR, you can find out what hiring ads are performing better than others who are seeing it and applying, you can also see, when you have your phases broken up that oh, people might fall off at a certain phase, I have an interesting story for you. I’ve got one client who has a video, you know, send us back a video in part of it. And I’ve got another client who copied her. At first didn’t understand why she was copying her and got a little discouraged because a lot of people would drop off at that. That video phase. And I’ve heard a lot of other of you guys say that as well. But here’s the thing, that company that does this successfully, understands that a lot of people will drop off. But you know what, she has a whole crew of people who are willing to get on her social media constantly and be on camera and do things. And that’s part of the culture that she’s brought up. These other people that have knocked out this, this and you know, you have specific questions, there’s like a, it does not just send a video back like there’s more to it. But the ones that do not include something like that, because they’re not specifically testing for it, have not had staff on their team that will help out with social media take videos, or be creative. And so it was really important to that first business owner. And then that other business owner caught on and she was like, Okay, so maybe it’s not bad that they drop off in the process. But you need to use the data, you need to figure out where things are being bottlenecked, and where you’re not getting the right responses. And then also, maybe people are dropping off. But just because they’re dropping off, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. So when you identify areas of the hiring process, that create bottlenecks, or slow down your process, it can reveal areas for improvement and also help you make better decisions in the future. It can also help you optimize the application process. So having a user-friendly, a mobile-optimized tracking system can help streamline it, and so that you don’t lose potential hires is a lot of people might be on their phones, you know, and is there a ton of, you know, fill in this box and type in this tiny little, you know, section and, and it just it matters the way that it’s all being presented. And it’s cool because with things like Jaz HR, you know, you can play around with, Okay, I’m going to just email them three questions or I’m going to email them a whole questionnaire, and which performs better, right? Is it the fill-in-the-blank questionnaire and check off these boxes? Or is it when you get to fully hear and understand their thought process on an open-ended question?

There are so many things that you can use the data on that Jazz HR gives you inside of the system. But you also can take data, depending on how you set up your phases. There’s, there’s so many different ways you can do that. Alright, the fourth thing I want to talk to you about is maintaining a talent pool of previous and past candidates. This is important and something that a lot of people forget about. But if you need a system in which you can call back on previous people, and I could see that maybe you might start some emails if you’re dealing with getting applications through email all the time. But that’s a lot to sift through. When you have a system where you can rank everyone, like on a star scale one through five, and you can just go search back for all the five starred people, and then just with a click of a button, get them back in the interview system, that’s gonna save you a lot of time. That’s something that you can do, in addition to posting another hiring ad, right, and maybe someone there got another job didn’t like it, or was still interested in working for your company, for whatever reason. And so having that available to you, I think, is something that a lot of people forget about. Some people have hired recruiters where they don’t have access to this data, and this information and it’s doing you a severe disservice. This is something that can easily happen with Jaz HR and something a lot of my clients have had success with. So I want to bring this to you know, your attention. So it kind of just to like backtrack here, you want a speedy process, you want to improve the quality, you want to use the data, you want to maintain a talent pool. And my very final tip for you guys today is I want you to always think about it, and this is more of a marketing perspective. How many times have you posted something on social media? Or how many times have you maybe taken out an ad in a community newsletter, including a little line, you know, like, always looking for great pet lovers to join our team? So maybe you’re posting a reel about, you know, a day in the life of a pet sitter, or you know, maybe you’re promoting or that someone has their anniversary with you their first anniversary, why not include a small little line there that says, always looking for great pet lovers to join our team or know any pet lovers like Molly, we’d love to talk to her. As you know, we’re always looking for a new great pet sitter or dog walker. So I want you to think about how high-level concepts can help you with hiring, I know that hiring is depressing. I know that it is not the most fun thing to do. It’s also not the most fun thing to do for jobseekers, because they’re wondering if they’re good enough, they’re wondering if you’re going to even respond to them. Okay.

And there’s, if you just keep these high-level things in mind, you really can just keep correcting and continuing. It’s it’s a fluid process. Seldom is the hiring process ever done. And I think a lot of people get stuck thinking that, okay, well, this is my process, and it’s not working, I can’t find anyone to hire. Well, no, that’s not the way it is, you have to have a, it’s figured out double kind of mindset, you have to be around other people that are making it happen, and you have to know that there are others ways to do things out there, you have to know that if it’s not working, you’re the common denominator. And you have to have that mindset that you can do anything. You have to be connected to your why and your business and, and be like, You know what, I need to scale this so that I can spend more time with my husband, my kids, my wife so that they don’t think that I am married to my job and that they’re not important. I need to do this so that I can take that vacation and turn off and recharge my batteries. Because I am burned out and stressed out. This is something that you have to know that, you can figure out a way. And it’s all about testing. It’s all about doing things differently. It’s all about correcting and continuing. And let me tell you, if you haven’t tried Jazz HR, it can help you tremendously if you work it. If you just use it to post a job everywhere. You’re wasting your money, and we need to talk I’m thinking about hosting a group or a workshop. I’m not sure which in the summer, but you guys are the first to hear it, you know that it’s just you and me in the airwaves. And I’ve been thinking about doing that because of hearing a lot of problems. Or, you know, people get they get stuck and they’re not sure where to turn. And I feel like there’s so much good juice that can happen. It’s not the software that doesn’t work. It’s not that no one wants to hire. It’s that for whatever reason, we’re not positioning it correctly, and it’s completely understandable because you are an expert at caring for pets. You are an expert in dealing with pet owners and their homes, you are not an HR expert. So cut yourself some slack. Let me help you. I am like literally here to help you. That’s my sole job. Your success is my success I want to celebrate with you. And I want to do this together.

So head on over to jump consulting.net/jazzhr to sign up with jazz HR, and get one of the only amazing discounts out there. Or DM me, hey, Bella, I have jazz HR, and I have no idea where to even start. They have this great training constantly. I’m gonna put it in the show notes. It’s like every two weeks, they have a training, you can jump on and ask them questions. They also want to see you succeed, okay, their goal is to get you to know and love their system and use it as the backbone. They also have helped set up Oh, I’m sorry, a whole portal of it’s very easy to use. By the way, I love the user interaction, and the interface of it, where you can find articles and how-tos on so many things. You can discover ways to do things you didn’t even know that you can do jazz HR. So let’s get you up and running. Let’s get you past it to review quickly. You want to speed up your process. You want to improve the quality. You want to use the data, you want to maintain a talent pool, and you want to make sure that you are always always including something in your marketing in your advertising. We’re always looking for great pet lovers to join our team and inquire within or head to my pets and company.com forward slash hire. All right, you guys this has been another episode of Bella in your business. Remember, you can always do it. When life gets you down. You always keep jumping when when hiring gets down. You always keep jumping by now

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