Episode 348: 10 Steps To Hiring The Right Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Employee that Most Forget About

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In the competitive and fast-paced world of the pet business, building the perfect team can be a challenging task. With numerous responsibilities to juggle, it's easy for pet business owners to overlook crucial aspects of hiring.


In this episode of Bella in Your Business podcast, we're diving into a topic that's near and dear to every entrepreneur's heart: hiring the right people. It's all about finding those incredible individuals who can help you achieve the coveted time and financial freedom we all dream of. I will share insights on common hiring problems and ten practical steps to improve the process. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the hiring process or simply need a helping hand, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to assist you and offer guidance along the way. Remember, taking action is the first step towards building your dream team and achieving the freedom you deserve. Let's make hiring a breeze and embark on the journey to freedom!


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Topics & Key Points

  • 10 Steps to revolutionize the hiring process and build an exceptional team
  • The importance of hiring the right people
  • The need to invest in training and cultivate a strong company culture to develop a team that’s better than you
  • Why job ads should be like love notes instead of boring corporate jargon
  • The use of  hiring systems like Jazz HR to filter out applicants
  • The need to be  detectives during the interview process
  • How to systemize the hiring process


[02:30] Step 1: Knowing your important qualities
[04:00] Step 2: Creating attention-grabbing hiring ads
[06:03] Step 3: Establishing your non-negotiables
[06:59] Step 4: Create the phases and questions.
[08:46] Step 5: Systemize rating and scoring
[10:34] Step 6: Gathering questions for interviews
[11:46] Step 7: Creating an exciting job offer letter
[13:18] Step 8: Onboarding that inspires the new employee
[14:37] Step 9: A training program that is intentional
[16:38] Step 10: Analyze and tweak

Notable Quotes

[00:18:22′] ‘It is time to accelerate, it is time to evolve, it is time to build the stages out. I promise you if you do the hard work and you figure out these stages now, it is going to enhance your company and decrease your stress level grossly. I vouched my entire career on this.”

[13:52] “The onboarding process does not have to be mundane or boring. A great little tip, if you’re going to do it over Zoom, send them a $10 Starbucks card to their phone, like a couple of hours earlier, and say, Hey, grab a Starbucks on me for our meeting coming up.”

[00:21:21]  “When it feels like you’re lying awake at night thinking, ‘Oh my god, if one person quits my whole organization is going to fall down,’ there is another way to do these things. Always keep jumping, you’ll keep the momentum going and you won’t stay in that rut.”

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Hello everyone on YouTube, I’m about to record the podcast, which is going to be great. Making sure I have the right microphone on. I’m even doing background content or I’m doing a time-lapse behind you that you can’t see right now. But let’s just keep going here.

Okay. Welcome, everybody to another episode of Bella in your business, my name is Bella Vasta, and I’m going to get up all in your business today, because I have been seeing something happen online, that is just like a big red flag to me. And I’m pretty sure that most if not all of you are not doing these 10 things I’m going to talk about today. So clearly, you’re interested in hiring, that’s why you’re looking at this video. And clearly, you’re looking at probably giving yourself more time and financial freedom, right? And the way to do that is to have amazing people around you. I’m not even just talking about employees. But that’s a whole nother conversation for the people that are around you. But today, there are 10 specific things that I want to go through. Because the more and more I go through people’s hiring processes, I see how much the devil is in the details. I did a presentation if any of you guys are listening at the pet boarding Expo in Vegas a couple of months ago. And I thought that I should probably take it here too, as well. So I’m gonna give you a really good overview. I’ve also created graphics for this too so that those who are visually drawn can kind of see those steps. And I’m going to give you a very high view of this. I’m also going to tell you that I know that you need help with this when I see people posting, hey, I’m doing an interview, what’s your favorite interview question? I’m like, Well, what are we hiring for? What are we interviewing for? What is the thing that we’re looking at, right? And without knowing who you are intrinsically, and like what you’re looking for meaning your company, then your picker is always going to be off. So it is my goal, that by the end of this podcast, you are going to be like oh, yeah, that was a good point. And that’s something I definitely can improve on. So without further ado, let’s get started. So the first step is going to be knowing your important qualities, and what are you looking for, because you might not be looking for the same thing someone else is looking for. And most of the time when I talk to people, the thing that they’re most looking for is someone that will show up and do a good job and do it as well as me. Or there are some of you out there who will not hire because you don’t think anyone will do it as well as you something that someone told me a long time ago that I always loved was that you don’t want them to do it as good as you, you want them better than you. And here’s why you are running around with a chicken with your head cut off, if you’ve been too afraid to hire because you didn’t find you don’t think you’re going to find anyone that’s going to be really good. But the fact of the matter is, is that you are taking care of 10 things, they only take care of one thing. And so you have the unique opportunity to pour into them if you have a good onboarding and training and company culture and everything to make them better many needs of you.

Okay, so get that like in your head that you actually can have people that are better than you. That’s exciting if you think about that. So step one is to know the most important qualities you’re seeking. That could be attention to detail. It could be empathy, it could be nurturing, and it could be strategic mapping because they have to do their route. It could be a pet lover, it could be good communication, it could be teamwork, whatever that is. And it doesn’t mean that those are the only things you’re looking for. But we need three things to hone in on. And I want to encourage you to do that.

The second thing is going to be to create attention-grabbing hiring ads. So most of you guys have pretty boring corporate ones out there, or they’re pretty dry. We had a podcast episode with Joey Coleman a few weeks ago, which was spectacular. And he talked all about how the hiring ads. He gave some really good examples, actually in his book that just came out, I highly recommend you get it. But it will get you excited about what a great hiring ad should look like. So definitely take the kind of consider that. Think about the hiring ads like a love note. We could do a whole show on that. And I think we have Jillian, if you’re listening can you put it in the show notes for us? But you know that job ad is going to be pretty important for you. And I don’t want you to just have one. Okay, you got to be able to have a couple out there to see which ones work along with the titles. So if you only have one job ad and you’re only posting it and you’re waiting there for 1415 1617 days to get more applicants, you’re doing it wrong, okay? And that’s the beauty about things like jazz HR, which I know you’ve heard me talk about before. I’ve been working with them since 2018. And they have helped hundreds of pet sitters. Because it works, it works so well that I’ve hired a nanny off of it, okay. But what it does is it allows you to systematize things so that you’re not stealing so much time. And it’s not just time, but it’s also like creative thought in your head, it stops you, you have to, if you don’t have a system set up that you can just think, move people on to the next stage, then you’re wasting a lot of time. And most likely, that’s going to lead to procrastination, and overwhelm of I have so many things to do, it is very important to systematize, your hiring process. Those that have it systematized have a heck of a lot better time finding people. Many of my clients have a waitlist if you can believe it. No, it doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, it matters who you are attracting. It’s just like dating.

Alright, so number three is to establish your non-negotiables. What can you not have the ones that I always see are things like, you need to have a cell phone, you need to have your transportation, you need to live in a certain area where you have clients, those are just some of them. And those you guys do get, but you always put that in the hiring ad like you better, you better, you better and it’s like almost like kind of scolding. And you’re like, Well, I had an ad and they don’t read the ad. You’re right. They don’t read the ad. If you haven’t made your ad, like a love note or love letter or something interesting. There’s skimming. And those are things that they can miss. So again, if you have a hiring system, where you and Jaz HR do this, where you only see the applications that come in that have your nonnegotiables, then you’re already a step ahead of the game, right? It’s so cool. So let’s just review really quick step one is knowing the important qualities you’re seeking. Number two is creating attention-grabbing headlines, and number three is deciding on your non-negotiables. Number four is to create the phases and questions. So we talked about what we thought about in step one, the important qualities. Now how are we going to actually find out if they have them? Well, we have to create some great questions where I see people go sideways on this as they send them an application that has 50,000 questions. And they’re questions that they’re just like, I’m just throwing them out there because I found it on a petsitting group, or someone said I should ask this, but they have no reason or understanding for why they are asking that question or what they’re seeking to get from it. Some people are just seeking, Hey, did you fill it out? Or do you have a pulse? And can you write, and that is why you’re not having success?

Okay, so we want me to build out three phases, that means I’m going to be like, Hi, so and so I’d like to get to know you better? Can you please answer me? These three questions, you send them those questions, and they come back. Thank you so much for answering those questions. I have three more questions. But in this process like the initial email, you’re gonna tell them about your process, or dare I challenge you to do it, Joey Coleman says in Never Lose an employee his book, to put the questions on your website. So when you’re about to start this interview process, you can say, you can review the stages of our process or our interview, and maybe there’s a welcome video from you on there. What this is doing is this whole entire process is establishing the fact that you’re a professional, that you’ve got your stuff together. And that they can like to rely and trust on you. Okay, this is a big deal. Think about it, what it looks like from the applicant’s standpoint, you are not the only job that they’re applying for in town, but you have a unique opportunity to be exciting, and something that they really want to run to.

Okay, step five is systematized. Regarding the rating and scoring, I want you to think about this stage as if you had 20 people, and you already had an internal office staff, or maybe you already do right now. And the thing is, is that if you can then say you move them on to the next phase, or they have completed these three phases. If and then maybe it’s on a scale of one to five, maybe it’s ABCDE. And you tell them like okay, this question, there’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer. But if you explain your thought process, then you automatically move on to the next one. That is for you to figure out. There are hundreds of variations. This is why literally when I do this process with people, it takes eight hours in an air b&b. And we pepper the walls. With all of this stuff. We create the questions. We create the systems, we create all of it. And it is miraculous. Like I have this one client Becky, two years ago, we revamped this whole entire thing. And now she only comes in at step 10 to like I’m sorry, you’re not step 10. But in the last interview where these people were already qualified her whole office staff has done all of the vetting. And these people not only get hired but they stay on with her which is a really big deal. Because I think we also forget that like, right after training after, you know, the firehose of information, we’re just like, okay, and we forget to keep nurturing this relationship. So we want to elevate our thought process, and we want to show up as an amazing leader and professional and, and create this company, team,d culture, that people love us so much that they want to go out and tell their friends that they should work with us. They become advocates for our company. Joey Coleman also talks about that, never losing an employee. Gotta grab that book, you guys, I’m not even kidding. All right, so step five was systemized writing and scoring. Step six is to gather all the questions for all the interviews and the objectives. So oftentimes, people show up business owners show up to interviews, and they’re like, they either talk too much. And that’s bad because they’re explaining everything. And it’s not a chance, this is not the time for you to explain things. This is the time for you to be the detective, it’s the time for you to follow up on other questions, ask them to elaborate, and see if it stays the same. Examine any places that you might have had a question about. And also see how prepared they are. One of my favorite things that I’ve said everywhere, I’ve said it in employee Quickstart. That’s the downloadable program that you can get, you can be ready for employees in 30 days or less through the four different modules in there. And that’s the drink test. So you ask a question, and you take a drink.

Yeah, it’s that simple. It means Be quiet. And, and let them answer. Okay. And so you have to figure out okay, I always recommend two interviews. One is like a short 15-minute Zoom call. And the other one is more of a half-hour half-hour one. And at the end of that first one, I always recommend that you tell them okay, go back and like you know, think about it, talk to whoever you need to talk about if you’re still interested, let me know, tomorrow by noon, there is a reason because this is now like the seventh time that you’ve had like interaction with them, generally speaking. And by this time, they need to want the position. Most of the time you guys don’t even know if someone wants the position until you ask them. And at that point, they’re like, Well, yeah, no one else hired me. So I guess I’ll take this job. Meanwhile, they’re still interviewing, and then all of a sudden you get ghosted, or they don’t show up, or they’re like just getting after you’ve trained them. So it’s really important this stage so that you’re building that, that dual likeability, okay, I want you to think about that. Alright, so that’s step six.

Step seven is something that everybody forgets about. And, again, Joey Coleman kind of like, has some really good ideas on this, we are very much in line with our hiring processes, but he has the most brilliant ideas. But your job offer letter should be so exciting, that they want to, like tell everyone in their household or they want to tell their friends, how are you getting them excited about the fact that you’re like, oh, I want to offer you this job. And I’m so excited. And this is going to be great because of this, this, this and this is what we loved about you validate them, that kind of stuff can go a long way and get people excited, because just like buyer’s remorse, people have a lot of new hire remorse, right? They’re like, Hey, I got a job, but is it going to be the right job, and am I gonna like it? So you need to start taking the lead and making an exciting moment for that. Step eight is onboarding which inspires the new employee. So onboarding, I define onboarding as the boring stuff. So getting all the paperwork in getting direct deposit setup, getting them into time to pet or precise Petcare, or whatever it is that you use, getting all of like the admin stuff done. But this is a great opportunity if you do this face to face or, or on Zoom, for you to get to know them and just like, spend some time with them, or your office manager or the training manager, whoever that that face of the company is going to be. And this onboarding process does not have to be mundane or boring. A great little tip, if you’re going to do it over zoom, send them a $10 Starbucks card to their phone, like a couple hours earlier, and say, Hey, grab a Starbucks on me for our meeting coming up. Like whoa, I love my boss already. You can do different things to make things exciting. Okay, I don’t have time to go into all the details of this. And this is also like I said, why it takes eight hours when I go travel. And I do intensives either in person in your city where I rent an Airbnb and you come to me or you come here to Arizona and I give you an Airbnb for two nights and I come to you for the day. All right, so that’s step eight was the onboarding inspiring the new employees.

Step nine is a training program that is intentional and systematized. Now you all know by now I am the co-founder of pet care team training, Pet Care Team Training.com where you can basicaly give your video training to all of your employees and they can get two certifications in under four hours. That’s two hours each one is pet care First Aid CPR and the other one is a dog walking pet sitting certification. It covers everything you need to know. But of course, you’re gonna have to have an employee handbook and manual which DM me or email me Bella at jump consulting dotnet. If you don’t have one and need one, ours is updated every single year by an HR person. Pretty cool. And it has pictures and it’s expansive. I mean, like, literally, we have all the solutions. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. And then, so you have the handbook and manual, which is kind of boring and overwhelming, right. And then you’ve got the video training, which you can see here. And with pet care team training, you can personalize that training, right? It’s not like you’re sending them to an abyss of 200 videos with a whole bunch of talking heads like these videos are exciting. But whatever you choose to do in your training, you want to do it excitingly. You don’t want to be like, hey, Shadow me for 710 days, I’ve heard of this before. Just keep following me until I think you got it. That is overwhelming. It is not sexy. It does not turn anybody on. It does not make them excited. It makes them wonder, Am I good enough? Am I picking it all up in my missing anything? Everything’s everywhere, there’s no structure, there’s no way that your brain can focus on certain things. So another thing that I always recommend is to the job training days, and you have a theme for each one. Now does that mean that’s the only thing they pick up? No. But what it does is it gives your brain a good track to remember and think about. Alright, let’s move on to step number 10, which is really important. And I will guarantee that 95% of you miss this step that can help you so much. And that is analyze and tweak. All right, let me tell you a story about one of my jump mastermind members. He realized that his application flow had slowed down like it was like yay, boom. And so he knew that because he had this system built out that he could go back and find out where things were dropping off. Lo and behold, there was an algorithm change, he found out what it was he made the tweaks he needed to do and it started flowing again. All right. So what I see people go well, I don’t know, I got applications, I got them on the phone, I talked to him on the phone for a long time, I felt really good about them, I showed them the job, and then I hired them. And I don’t have any confidence that it’s gonna work out. But I’m just praying and crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that it works.

You’re better than that. If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re a jumper. And that means that you do things differently. That means that you don’t go with everybody else. And just keep perpetuating the same bad habits that we see in Facebook groups, at conferences,d online. It means that you’re thinking about this as a systematic business. And I will keep saying forever. If you do not systematically solve how to get more clients and how to get employees you will forever be struggling, you are going to be that person that your 789 10 is still doing the same thing you were doing at years four, five, and six, it is time to accelerate, it is time to evolve. It is time to build the stages out. I promise you, if you do the hard work, and you figure out these stages, now it is going to grossly enhance your company and decrease your stress level. I I vouch my entire career on this, I’m telling you that right now, because I know it works, because I’ve had so many people that it’s worked for. But you’ve got to be bold enough, gutsy enough, strong enough, disciplined enough to do to put out all of these stages. And like I said, I mean, it takes us eight hours to do all of this stuff. And if you want to know how we can do this either virtually or in person, let me know your party sale coming up in July. And just consider that there might be a different way of doing things before you jump to the stage of there’s no one to hire. Nobody wants to work. No one wants to stay hired before you do that. Consider for a minute what I’m saying right now. Does it not work? Or does it not work this way? Does it not work? Or is it not working this way?

Guys, if this is resonating with you, I can never say that word. I want to hear from you. I want you to email me at Bella jump consulting dotnet I want you to DM me on Instagram, Bella vast vistas, or Facebook. I am everywhere and say, Bella, I just listen to this podcast. I need help. Do you know where we can help we can start if we’ve never met each other before we can start on a free complimentary 20-minute call where you can just complain and complain and I’m going to pinpoint exactly what you need to do. Because that’s my gift and talent. That’s my like superpower. I can figure out where it’s broken and What we need to do, I just need you to show up with the determination and discipline to do it with me. So are you ready to get rid of all your hiring problems? Or let’s not say all of them, that’s not accurate.? Let’s say 70 to 80% of them. Are you ready to step it up and do what you need to do? Do these 10 Steps let me review them once before I let you guys go today and then get on to the next episode. Step one know the important qualities. Step two is attention-grabbing, hiring ads. Step three is your non-negotiables. Step four is creating the phases and questions. Step five is systematic, systematizing, rating and scoring. Six is gatheregatheringd the questions for the interviews, seven is creating the most exciting job offer. Step eight is onboarding that inspires new employees that makes them excited. Step nine is also a training program that is intentional and systematized. It’s not overwhelming, all over the place, and not concrete, make it concrete, like, commit to it, guys. And number 10, the biggest one, analyze and tweak. I hope this is like jogged your memory on something at the very least, please comment, and tell me which of these steps you want to improve on. And like I said, there’s the author’s always out there, I want to meet you, I want to help you. This is my life’s work. My life’s work is helping the pet sitting and dog walking industry. And I want to hear from you. So let’s do it together. I want you to remember that hiring does stink. But it doesn’t always have to stink. And I want to encourage you. In closing, as I always say that when it feels like you’re laying awake at night thinking oh my god if one person quits, my whole organization is going to fall. Or if one person gets sick, my whole organization is going to fall. Or how am I going to find that next employee or I can’t even breathe, or I just missed out on Fourth of July or I’m missing out on summer with my kids? There is another way to do these things when you get down. I want to encourage you to always keep jumping, you’ll keep the momentum going and you won’t stay in that rut.

You guys, talk to you next time. Thank you so much, has been another episode of Bella in your business. Thank you for joining me. Okay, um, hi. I get a little preachy, right? Like I get in this like motivation like woo-woo because I feel it. And I do want you guys to understand that a lot of the ways that people are trying to solve things aren’t the ways that are going to solve them. And I know this because I am so uniquely positioned in so many businesses that literally you explained to me what your processes I was like, oh, we need to tweak that we need to do this we need to do this through literally do boom. And it’s worked for so so many people. Okay, I’m gonna stop talking about more things to do today. Thanks for watching on YouTube. Do you guys like this behind-the-scenes thing? Let me know in the comments tag me because we’re doing this I don’t even know if you like okay, bye

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