Episode 343: 4 Systems You Need In Your Hiring Process

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Are you tired of sifting through countless resumes and interviewing candidates who just don't seem to fit the bill? Well, you're not alone. Hiring the right candidate is a crucial task that can make or break the success of your business. It goes beyond simply finding someone to show up for an interview; you need individuals who possess the qualities that align with your company's values and goals.


In today’s episode of the Bella in Your Business podcast! I will be sharing tips and strategies on finding the ideal candidate and developing an efficient recruitment strategy and the four steps in mastering hiring systems. As someone who has experienced the importance of these aspects firsthand, I can't stress enough how crucial it is to have empathetic, nurturing, detail-oriented, trainable, and pet-loving individuals on your team. I invite all of you to join my hiring group and mastermind community, where we delve deeper into these topics and provide ongoing guidance and advice. It's a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from each other's experiences. 


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Topics & Key Points

  • The four steps in mastering hiring systems
  • The value of surprising and delighting employees during the hiring process
  • Importance of Hiring and Employee Engagement 
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hiring
  • Utilizing tools like Jazz HR
  • Employee retention and engagement
  • Encouraging employee advocacy through social media engagement to attract more talent.

Time Stamps

  • [00:05] Introduction to hiring systems
  • [01:48] AI hiring group announcement and discount code
  • [05:22] Your Ideal candidate
  • [07:59] Developing an efficient recruitment strategy 
  • [09:14] Onboarding and training new hires
  • [11:17] Retaining and engaging employees
  • [14:26] Discount code for hiring with AI for your pet business

Notable Quotes

[00:00:56] “ One of the problems a lot of us have is that we think that hiring is simply posting a job ad asking a couple of questions, living on a prayer and offering the job and hoping that they don’t ghost us and that they show up.”

[00:08:59] “One of the cool things about Jaz HR is that it’ll tell you how many people have seen the ad. And then you see how many people applied, therefore you understand your conversion rate.”

 [00:09:58] “You’re not the only cat in town. They’ve been like applying with a bunch of different people. Some of them might not even need the job. You have to really court them and you have to understand how to get them excited how to make them feel really comfy.” 

 [00:13:06] “The businesses I work with that have figured out a way to get their staff to adopt being on Instagram and doing all of the Instagram-like story takeovers are the ones that have employees that are also bringing other people, they have reached that advocate phase of their employees”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella Vasta. And today we’re gonna talk about hiring. Because I know it’s a super hot topic. We just had Joey Coleman come and blow the lid off of it in a special free training we did last Friday. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that people were amazed. And as one person said, I can’t believe we got a private lesson with Joey Coleman and got to brainstorm. One of the questions that came up was pretty unique. And Joey and the whole group started figuring out ways that we could surprise, surprise and delight are employees at a specific stage of the hiring process. And the ideas that came out were like, I’ve never heard of them ever before in the industry like it is genius. And so what we also did is because it was open to the entire industry, actually you can still get in on it. If you wanted to go in order, never lose an employee and send that receipt to jump@jumpconsulting.net We will get you that recording. It’s a one-hour recording. And it is wildly valuable if you’re at the place of life, where you are trying to hire. Or you’re trying to keep your hires and you want to keep them happy. Joey made an incredible point. I think he even said it on the podcast Two episodes ago, he said, You know, some so many people are like, hey, we’ll give you X amount of dollars if you bring in a referral. But what we’ve neglected to understand is that we have not done a good job of making most of our employees advocates for their position or the company. So how can we have someone who’s not an advocate of our company, go out there and bring people in? Right? It was wildly mind-blowing. It was so cool. It was so cool. But today, oh, wait a minute, I have one more announcement, there’s so much stuff going on in jump headquarters, we have decided to leverage the power of artificial intelligence, AI, and hiring and bring you a group for one week, it’s going to be June 19, to the 23rd. It is only going to be $47. But because you listen to this podcast, if you use ai20, you can get $20 off, so then it’s only $27. And that group is going to be cool. It’s going to show you what AI can do with your already existing or the hiring process you’re trying to create. Because here’s the thing, artificial intelligence isn’t going anywhere. It’s getting better and better and better and better. And what’s going to happen is it’s literally like the internet like we are in an industrial revolution or technology revolution, rather. And when other people are starting to use this. It’s mind-blowing. And so we’re breaking down, what is it? Where’s it already in your life? Because I think I don’t think a lot of people understand how much AI is already incorporated into your life. They think it’s like this new thing. And it’s not it’s been around for 10 years, it’s just been getting amazing, amazing, amazing. We’ve been using Jump since December 2022. And it is integrated into my company. I have told people if you don’t understand or learn how to leverage this, and this isn’t an ongoing conversation, there’s not going to be a place for you and my company. Because that’s how powerful it can be if given the right hands and prompts. So when you take that and you couple it with your hiring process, now all of a sudden your challenges of like, how do I write a job post? How do I write an offer letter? How do I do? You know, how do I do open-ended questions about x topic? AI can tremendously help you and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So if you want to join that go to jumpconsulting.net/hiringai , and that’s where you can sign up for like, under $30 for the week. And of course, in true Bella fashion, we’re gonna be giving you lots of extra stuff. And of course, our wonderful partners at Jaz HR are helping to sponsor this. That’s why we’re able to keep the cost so low, as well as the jump mastermind and pet care team training. But more on that in the group. Let’s get into the show today.

So I want to continue with hiring of course, of course, because we can never talk too much about it. I am really, I think, really long and hard about how can I give you guys value on these shows. And so I want to like kind of, you know, sometimes we’re zoomed in into like the woods. Now I want to like zoom us out, not necessarily 30,000 feet, maybe 20,000 feet. And I want you to consider this because I think one of the problems a lot of us have is that we think that hiring is simply posting a job ad asking a couple of questions, living on a prayer and offering the job, and hoping that they don’t show like ghost us and that they show up, am I right? I know I’m talking to some of you out there. And if that’s the way your process is right now, I cannot stress enough how much things need to change. And so I’m gonna give you three things to focus on not the full 10 I’m gonna give you three high level sections almost to focus on. And so or rather four, I guess. And we’re gonna really talk about this because this is something that you really have to hone in on. So the very first one is your ideal candidate, and having a pulse and breathing. And showing up to an interview is not enough. Okay, I know like leave those for like McDonald’s and Wendy’s and Burger King and Taco Bell. Alright, leave those people for them. All right, you are not looking for that kind of person, you are looking for an empathetic person, you are looking for a nurturing person, someone who is a good communicator, detail-oriented, a pet lover, all like trainable a follower, you’re looking for all those kinds of things. And so the best thing you can do is create characters like you are creating a screenplay for a movie, I want to know everything about these people, I want you to tell me who they are, what they like, what they fear what they want, I want all of it. And when you do that, it’s going to help you so much. Because when you start to write that hiring ad, you’re gonna be Well, it’s kind of like writing a love letter to them. And when you post these hiring ads, so many of you that come to me, thankfully, you guys come to me if you have jazz HR, and it’s not working for you. It’s you that’s not working. And I don’t mean that to sound mean. But you got to email me and you got to talk to me about it, because jazz HR has transformed so many of my clients, businesses, even my business, and you just have to know how to finesse it to massage it to your output is going to be determined upon your input. And that same way with artificial intelligence, by the way. So anyways, I want you to know what your ideal client is. And then I want you to be posting a minimum of once a week, probably more like twice a week. And that’s also going to help eliminate when it gets kickback or something and they say, Oh, well is the same job posting, you can’t post the same job posting all the time, yet? Well, you’re not because they’re completely going to be different. All right. So I want you to think about that. And by the way, if you guys are just listening to podcasts for the first time right now, jazz HR is an amazing tool that lets you post once and it syndicates to over 15 different places, not just in deed. And then what you do, if you use it right, is that you’re able to put knockout questions, so you only see the applications that have your qualifications. So it helps save you so much time. And then if you front load everything, which that’s why you use Jaz HR, you can have all of your phases, testing on all the most important things that you’re looking for in your company. And with a click of a button five minutes in the morning, five minutes at night, keep moving people through the cycle so that you can at least get someone hired in three to five days because we don’t get time to sit around. Can I get an Amen? All right. The next one is to develop an efficient recruitment strategy. So if you don’t use Jaz, HR, fine, you have to do a lot more manual work. But you still need a strategy, right? So do you have people in your community that can automatically be reposting your ad? I’m thinking that realtor that has like 20,000 followers in your area, all you know people in your area or PTOs or any other big major connectors in your community, you’re gonna need to figure out how can you help leverage them to recruit for you.

All right, the next thing is going to be when you do okay design an application that’s easy to navigate. So you also don’t want you to want to know the difference between like a questionnaire where you’re trying to like, like interview them, and also an application and a questionnaire What I tend to see is that the barrier of entry is so large, that it’s overwhelming and you don’t get enough people like applying. One of the cool things about Jaz HR is that it’ll tell you how many people have seen the ad. And then you see how many people applied, therefore you understand your conversion rate. That’s major. All right. So when you’re doing that, you want to make sure you have that there. The third step is onboarding and training new hires, you want a well-structured onboarding process that doesn’t overwhelm them. You want these people to come in, and you want them to know what to expect, Joey talked about this Two episodes ago, and it was wildly amazing. I mean, I learned a lot, it was incredible. And there were some great suggestions in there. Because this really, truly is an employee market. It’s not an employee or market. And most of you are still looking at this, like down your nose, your proverbial nose being like, how are you good enough for me, you better prove this to me. And when really, you’re not the only cat in town, they’ve been like applying with a bunch of different people, some of them might not even need the job, you have to count them. And you have to understand how to get them excited and how to make them feel comfortable. And one of the things that Joey said that I loved was, oh my gosh, I forget the person who’s saying it, it’s let’s give him something to talk about that song. And I’m not even gonna try to sing it again, because I already did a couple of episodes ago, and it was terrible. But do you want to give them something to talk about when they go home that day? Or they’re gonna be like, oh, yeah, I don’t know, trading was like, really overwhelming, I’m exhausted, I need to go to bed, are they gonna be like, Oh, my gosh, training was amazing. I cannot wait to like, work with this company. They’re so cool. They’ve thought of everything. I felt so like, supported and so amazing. And then there are other ways to that you can surprise and delight that in, which was just like I said, You need to watch that training. Okay. So if you want that training, and I’m gonna go back to that, again, I’m going to repeat all this at the end, you just need to email usjump@jumpconsulting.net, and that’ll go straight to Jillian, she handles all the details, because if it was left to my own devices, I would lose it, forget it, or mess it up somehow. But she will send you that recording if you email her the receipt of Never Lose an Employee by Joey Coleman.

All right. So that’s the next step. And then, let’s see. So we’ve got to develop, figure out who your ideal candidate is, figure out a good recruitment strategy onboard, and train your new hires. And then the last one is you want to retain and engage those employees. So besides, you know, using pet care team training, which once a month will send you different training ideas to kind of pass along, you could cut copy, and paste into an email if you wanted to. They also give you four blueprints of employee meetings that you can have the first year, and quite honestly do use those blueprints year after year after year. So that’s a really good basis of a foundation because most of you guys have really good intentions, where you’re like, hey, we’re gonna have some employee meetings, but you like announced them maybe a month ahead of time. What this looks like in a perfect world, according to me, is when you sit down for orientation with people and you start telling them what’s coming up, you already have those meetings on your calendar for the whole year. So if you were to get if you were to come on my team right now, June 5 is when I’m recording this, I would tell you that we’re having a meeting in September, and maybe November, it would already be on the calendar. So it’s like, let’s set this aside. It’s called the big rock, we put the big rocks in first and let everything else fall in next to it. So that’s one thing. The other thing about engaging your employees, you got to figure out a way to build a team, it’s very difficult because a lot of our team members are like running around separately, it’s a very individualistic job. But people still need to feel like they’re part of a community, that’s what’s going to help keep them and go and it cannot just be you and them, you and them, you and them. Because you need to be the visionary, you need to be working on the business, you need to be freed up. Okay. So think about recognizing them for their achievements and efforts, think about gamifying the job a little bit. Give performance evaluations and feedback, that is all going to help them. One thing I want to say, and this is so true. And again, this is part of that Joey Coleman talk is that I noticed that the businesses I work with that have figured out a way to get their staff to adopt being on Instagram, and doing all of the Instagram-like story takeovers are the ones that have employees that are also bringing other people, they have reached that advocate phase of their employees. Just because you hire an employee doesn’t mean that you’re, they’re your slave, and they work for you. And they just do what you say. And that’s it. You got to build the culture. And I know culture is such a subjective like pie in sky word. But all of this stuff matters. Hiring is not just done you show up and can you answer some of these questions and I pray to God that you don’t go To me, and you stay with me for a long time, there’s so much more work to be done that I want to see our industry elevate and do.

All right. And I’m not going to be one of those people that are just gonna regurgitate the same old basic information to you. And if you’re a jumper, you already know that about me, because why jumpers jump you guys jumpers jump. So those are the things that I want. Those are the four things I want you to kind of think about. And not kind of, I want you to think about, I want you to think critically, how can I improve this system? If you’re still mind you if your mind is everywhere, the first thing I want you to do is join the hiring AI group. That is again, jumpconsulting.net/hiringai, use the code a 20ai 20. Let me double-check that oh my gosh, I’m so terrible at that. Ai20 for $20 off. Okay. The second thing I want you to do is if you are if you don’t have a group of people around you that are asking really good questions that you aren’t. If you don’t have a group of people around you that aren’t talking about things as we talked about last week, someone said, how do you deal with fear, and a whole bunch of people came in and they talked about how they dealt with fear. And then one of the clients, one of the members went out there and did the thing that she was fearful to do and got amazing results and came back and report it. Why don’t you have a community like that around you? Who are you hanging out with? Because you are who you hang out with? If you’re hanging out with a whole bunch of people who are telling you that you can’t do something, okay, or that that’s not the way it’s done, or they’re not open to new ideas and doing it differently? jumpers do it differently. I want to invite you into the mastermind right now, Jim consulting.net, forward slash mastermind. And the very last thing I’m going to leave you with is if you and I have not met yet today, why not? I want to meet you, I want to meet you for 20 minutes on the phone, go to jumpconsulting.net/20 And let’s get together get on my calendar. Tell me who you are. Tell me what your biggest challenges are. And I will point you in the right direction, I will give you the advice. Most of the time. It’s funny because these calls kind of end like I’m just like, and then they go hey, Bella, how can I work with you? Sometimes the answer is get can’t. Because what you need to do, you need to get this foundation first before you can start jumping. Sometimes they are ready to jump and I tell them you can go this path, this path, or this path. But the thing is, is that I can’t make any recommendations and I can’t guide you. Unless that happens. And fortunately for you, this business is not just starting for me. I say this with love and respect and so much gratitude. I love what I do. And we’ve got such a massive community that these calls, it doesn’t change the roof over my head or the food in my mouth, okay. And I say that lovingly, I am not there to sell you. I am there to help guide you. And possibly if I think it’s a good partnership together, partner with you. If I don’t think it’s a good partnership, I will tell you why. And I will tell you what we need to do to get there if that is the end goal. But truly I am here because I love helping you guys. I could have the worst day ever and I could get on a call. And it becomes the best day ever. Because it’s like it’s it’s my soul. And it’s my passion.

So at that, I want to say thank you so much for either watching this on YouTube, which is probably very exciting isn’t jumping all around, or listening on your favorite podcast episode, please like and subscribe. And if you dare share it on Facebook with any kind of groups that you might be in, or people that might enjoy this. Please, I need to challenge you. If you’re having challenges you need to get out of your head, you need to put your ego aside and you need to start doing things differently. Because the what you’re doing right now ain’t working. And I’m gonna leave you with my final words that I always say because it’s true. When life gets you down. Always keep jumping by now

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