Episode 282: How To Be A Good Business Leader And Juggle Parenting Duties: Spring Break Edition

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Balancing parent life while running a business is super easy.... said no one ever!!
In reality, if you are a parent, you know how HARD it really is and all the struggles you have to go through to make it work. The mom/dad guilt of not spending enough time or attention on your child is apparent when you are giving your business the focus it needs. But the stress of your work to-do list can weigh you down when you are away from your business too.
So how do you find that balance? This week I am rocking the podcast during my daughter's spring break to bring you all my tips on achieving running your business while parenting.

Biggest Takeaways

Running your business is your full-time job, but so are your children. Finding a balance that gives both aspects your full attention is what we, as parents, seek the most. But saying you want that balance seems easier than actually achieving it.  Take some of my tips and help find that balance you are looking for:

  • Schedule. Schedule time each week that is set aside just for your family. Maybe after work, you put your phone away and give your kid your undivided attention to play and spend that time together.
  • Say no. I know, crazy right? But say no to some things! If you do not want to have meetings or calls on certain days, say no, and schedule for a day when you are available. Better yet, have it kicked over to one of your assistants and have them schedule it on a day that works best for you.
  • Turn off. When you have the time for your child, turn business off. This ensures they know they have 100% of your attention. Guys, we only get 18 summers with them, we need to make sure they know how important that time together is.

I have a few more really helpful tips to get you to the work-life balance you are needing in your life right now. Parent to parent, this stuff really works.


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