Episode 302: How To Find and Hire 3 Amazing Employees In 2 Weeks

find and hire employees
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Does the process of finding and hiring new employees leave you feeling defeated? Or maybe you feel like you have done it all when it comes to hiring and it just is not working for you. What if I told you it can be much easier? That you may need to take a different approach you haven't tried when you need to find and hire employees quickly. What if I told you, I have 5 amazing tips to help you find and hire employees that you need for your business... in two weeks? Would you want to change up your process? Give a new way a try and do things differently. Because I truly want you to be in a place of abundance, where you are never "caught with your pants down". This episode is going to help you find and hire employees.. amazing employees, that will help you get to that place.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:34 Jazz HR
  • 2:53 Multiple Hiring Ads/ Talking to multiple different avatars
  • 4:56 Contact connected people
  • 7:10 Leverage the emotional side of the job
  • 9:10 Spend 30 minutes a day working on this
  • 10:23 Go where your avatar hangs out


When people think of marketing, a lot of times they think it is only meant to attract clients. But really, your marketing can help attract the amazing employees you want working for you. Better Marketing With Bella teaches you how to put your best foot forward when showcasing to clients and potential employees. When a business is looking to find and hire employees, seeing how they attract employees is a great start to finding amazing candidates.

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