Episode 369: It Takes a Village, Cultivating Connections on Your Pet Business Journey

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Have you ever felt like you were struggling alone in your pet business? Do you wish you had more of a "village" to rely on? I've been there too. In this week's empowering episode, I share my reflections on the power of community and why having the right support network is critical not just in business but in life.

What if I told you that surrounding yourself with positivity could unlock more success than working alone behind closed doors ever could? I dive into the science and psychology on why community shapes our mindset, performance, and even our brain itself.

You'll hear inspiring research on village living and how our ancestors collaborated within tribal support circles rather than isolating themselves. I share my thoughts on how the physical architecture in modern neighborhoods discourages human connection despite our innate need for community.

Want to know the single most important thing you can do today to grow your pet business? I'll reveal it in this game-changing talk. You won't believe how a simple shift in mindset can attract new opportunities practically overnight.

I'll also get candid on how I personally overcame dark times by tapping into community and why I owe so much to the power of shared experiences. Join me for a thoughtful, uplifting discussion on why we thrive when we support others without losing our sense of self. Make sure you check out this episode of Bella In Your Business!

Topics & Key Points

  • Community impact and building support networks
  • Community support and village living
  • The importance of communities for emotional support
  • The power of community and mindset for success
  • Community support and isolation in modern society



[ 2:06] Support and village living

[3:45] The importance of communities for emotional support

[5:04] The power of community and mindset for success

[6:36] Community support and isolation in modern society

[11:31] Personal growth and transitions in life

[15:26] Building and maintaining a supportive community

Notable Quotes

[2:32] ” The problem is, is that this day and age, we’ve kind of gotten away from that. And, you know, our humanity essentially has been, has been, has been built off of villages off of communities.”

[4:18] “communities provide a critical physical, emotional and psychological support system that helped get us through life’s toughest moments.”

[17:44] “A mistake we often make is waiting until the crisis hits before seeking community. I can’t stress this enough, but you are who you surround yourself with.”


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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. And today, today today, oh my gosh, you guys had such an overwhelming response to all the isolation podcasts, the one that we had on with Tracy and Kathy, the one that I told you and my CEO board and what I did and do to stay out of isolation. That was powerful. And so because of your response, I thought we would end the year with more things about, you know, just impacts of community on people, which is what we’re going to talk about today. And building community within your business, which is what we’re going to talk about lat next week, to round out the final episode of 2023. I struck a nerve. I hear you guys, I see you guys. Thank you so much for reposting and resharing Leia, and Becky, there were a couple of others of you right now. I just really appreciate it. You know, it means a lot to know, that this stuff is striking a chord with you. So I want to keep going with it. I know we talked about hiring last week. But no, we’re going to change the course and listen and give the people what they want.

So I I want to get into it today, um, you hear me speak so much about the importance of who you surround yourself with and to step out from isolation and lean on others. So I want you to like honestly, like think back. And oftentimes when I have like a really big idea or decision or thing that I’m trying to wrap my head around, what I do is I catastrophize it, and I make it like big. And then I also minimalize it to like the most simple, very version of it, that’s what I’m about to do, I want you to think back to like, like caveman days, I want you to think back to the beginning of civilizations, and just, you know, prehistoric stuff. And when people lived in villages, where the entire community helped each other out, you know, one person would have a skill, and that would be what they contributed to the community. Right? Oftentimes, it wasn’t just, you know, these are my children and only my children, it was like the whole village raised the children, which is where that whole saying, you know, it takes a village, right? The problem is, is that in this day and age, we’ve kind of gotten away from that. And, you know, our humanity essentially has been, has been, has been built off of villages off of communities. And I think that after 2020, and even before 2020, honestly. But I think 2020 kind of shifted that balance, I think that it kind of made us aware of how important community work was. But I think it also, you know, made people go into a tailspin and also made us kind of start thinking about what are we looking for? Who do we need to be around, or some of us just got knocked down and never got back up? Or never made the intention to build back up that community.

And you know, in my own micro life, and that would be the CEOs that I was talking to you about two episodes ago. But you know, what if we still lived in villages where the entire community helped raise our children or help support us, or someone went out and hunted all the meat, and someone else made the baskets to carry the meat back? You know, what if we never felt alone, when we are handling hard parts of our business today? What if you did have a group of people to help support you and not make you feel so alone? And it’s not just excuse the French ear muffs if your kids are listening, it’s not just a bitch fest online. It’s not people complaining about stuff. It’s people saying, Hey, I have this challenge. And here’s a couple of ways I think I could do it. How should I do it tagging and knowing what people’s strengths and weaknesses are? Have you ever thought about communities being so important to your business? Well, communities provide a critical physical, emotional, and psychological support system that helps get us through life’s toughest moments. And as business owners, tough moments can come by often. And this doesn’t just have to be in business. This can be a mom’s group or dad’s group. This could be a support group for addiction. This could be a support group for maybe a family member who has Alzheimer’s. There are so many different, there’s a group or community for everything. I used to be a Facebook group expert, where I was on a lot of really big stages talking about this very thing. How there’s a Facebook group for everything. You’d be surprised. You’d be really surprised actually, the Super Bowl um was touting Facebook or Meta take a Superbowl ad out? I think it was in 2020. Actually, or no 2019. It was. And they were talking all about? No, wait, let me say no, it was 2020 because I was on stage at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, in March of 2020. Talking about this, yes, it was, it was February 2020. And, they featured a whole bunch of Facebook groups, and they were the most obscure bizarre Facebook groups ever. It was like, I have a wart on my left arm Facebook group like it was so crazy. But because of the randomness of that all of those people felt supported and seen and heard, and, and they had a common thread, you know. And so I feel like, when you have a community, you don’t feel alone. And the most powerful tool that every single one of us possesses no matter how much money time, or resources we have, we all have the same tool, and it is called your brain, it is called your mind. If we all have it, then it is the power, the most powerful thing ever. It can trick you into 50 ways to Sunday, or you can leverage it and you can grow with it. And you could harness it, and you can understand it and you can be conscious of it. And you can mold and you can create these new neural pathways and be extremely successful. There is a reason why some people are successful, and some people aren’t. There’s a reason why. And I’m not talking about business guys, right now I’m talking about anything, talking about mental strength I’m talking about mental toughness something that I keep reminding myself, of every time I get down about stuff. But let’s bring this back down into our micro group. And that is why pet business owners need their communal quote-unquote villages. In the past tight-knit communities cared for each other during the good and the bad. This village mentality ensured no one suffered alone, especially during vulnerable times.

It wasn’t like they got to go sit in their heart and be alone. Like people were in your business literally and figuratively. community shared joy and milestones and mourned losses, they got together around the fire and, and, and sang songs and beat on the drums and all of that stuff. All right, I’m talking so basic. And I hope I’m not minimalizing it because there are lots of different ways. But for the sake of the podcast, I’m just dumbing it down to the most basic idea of this, I want you to think about it. I mean, and then how support systems have evolved. Like previously, communal support was woven into every day of life and business, right? Like to get stuff to do stuff, you needed to rely on your neighbors and the other people in the village, it wasn’t like you had everything you needed in your home. But this village mentality, I mean, but now most operate as solo entrepreneurs. Without the same safety net. I know in my house in Arizona, we’re known for and this is a lot different than back East. But like, I’m looking out my window right now in my office at a brick wall. We have brick walls between our neighbors. And that’s common. It’s made out of Adobe and its brick walls. And it’s not like so when you’re outside, you have complete privacy in your backyard. You can be naked out there if you want. But on the flip side, you don’t see your neighbors and interact. Unless a ball comes flying over my my thing. My daughter doesn’t see the kids that are next door unless we go out to their front door knock on their door or we happen to see them in the street. It’s like we go into our garages, we close our garage door, we go into our house, we go into our private backyards, there is no need to see or talk to anybody. Even though in Arizona Our houses are like 15 feet apart. And that’s far they’re building new houses. They’re like five feet apart. It’s insane. I don’t I that’s a whole nother story. But it’s so funny because even though you’re packing everyone in, people are still behind these walls, and they’re still isolated. The result is more isolation and a lack of support during life’s difficulties.

And so I want you to think about like like for the longest time even my neighbor is similar situation to mine and I will borrow things from her I will borrow you know or not borrow but take I guess I’m not giving it back to her. I remember like last Christmas we were making sugar cookies and we ran out of butter and didn’t want to go all the way to the store. And I was able to like You know, get that from her or she’s sick, and I’ll bring her over soup. It’s not as common as it used to be, I know, you might be thinking, Hey, I’ve got great neighbors. I do this, I do that. But you know, what are their names? Do we know our neighbors? Do we know what’s going on with them? Do we stay in contact? A lot of us don’t. And I’m not judging. I’m not saying that’s bad. But I’m just saying, our society has come a long way, a long, long way. And we have this false sense, of closeness online. And we have this false sense of closeness with other people, when, you know, we’re seeing their best versions of themselves, we’re not actually understanding and we’re also not being vulnerable with other people. This has a huge impact on the physical and psychological impacts. It breeds depression, fear, and anxiety. I think those top three are the ones I see all the time I hear from you guys all the time. I have you crying with me on your coaching calls because you’re just at a breaking point. And you just need to know that someone is seeing you and hearing you and feeling you, then that’s going to tell you okay, this is how we get through this. And then that sometimes sometimes makes poor business decisions, leading to regret down the road. And uncertainty, the big question mark, uncertainty on the employees you’re hiring, you’re just like, you know, living on a prayer. My gut tells me I should hire them, I’m gonna hire them. Why did you hire them? What do you like about them? I don’t know. I’m just holding my breath, I’m hoping that’s going to happen. So it breeds uncertainty. And then, and then feelings of stress, and overwhelm pneus. And it just snowballs into all these negative things. Because we’re just living in our brains in our minds. And we’re not seeking the support, and the love and getting outside of our minds with a supportive community. We see the same things happen in animals that isolate just as we do.

Research shows social isolation, in all species, affects behavior, psychological physiology, and brain activity. It also affects behavioral social, isolation, animals vocalize more and show local motor syndrome, with increased agitation, vigilance, and movement, right. Then psychologically, it socially socially isolated animals have an increased heart rate, respiration, and sweating, in their brain, and socially isolated animals tend to show impulsive decision-making and abnormal fear memory. So they’re always they’re living in a state of fear, because they just kind of keep remembering this fear, right? It’s like stuck in the front of their brain. And impaired mental flexibility. All of this stuff. That’s why there’s like that, that easy, saying, and I say it all the time, get out of your head, get out of your head. And, I mean, we still need community, even during transitions, a lot of us are in transitions, and I believe personally and energetically in the world right now that we are in a stage of awakening. And I think that there’s, at least personally in my life, there’s a lot of energies and things that are shedding as you kind of move into a new stage and a new season. Overall, as new things are developing, I mean, AI is taking over the world. And I say that not lightly. It’s you guys. That’s a whole nother story. And I’ve done podcasts on it, but you need to understand it. Because it’s just going to become a way of life. And if you don’t understand it, other people are going to and they are going to outperform you. I don’t care that we’re doing dog walking and pet sitting. It is a basic business function. It is like trying to run your business without Google and email. That’s, that’s like, basically the bottom line. I’m not going off that tangent though. I promise myself. Okay. So back to the topic.

Our whole space, I feel like our whole energy right now is shifting, things are emerging, things are growing, things are becoming new, and old things are being left behind. And I say that in general. And I mean, like over not like this today. I don’t mean like this month. I mean, like over a year or span or so. But as that happens, you know, I mean, that could be a divorce. That could be a relationship ending that could be new, new people in your family. That could mean people in your family dying. That could mean a new business that’s being sprouted, it could mean that a job that someone had for the longest time is no longer and they’re embarking on a different season of their life. That could mean that you’re doing a lot of soul-searching and figuring out what is it that you want in your lifetime or this chapter of our season rather than my lifetime. It could look a lot of different ways. Okay. It could be moving, it could be. It could be coming into a different level of wealth in your business, it could be a spiritual awakening, it could be an energetic awakening, there’s so much stuff, okay, it’s gonna look different for everyone. But these are transitions and transitions happen in our life. And depending on what you believe in and what you follow, you know, there’s there’s all different types of like, you know, rhythms and rules and stuff like that. But we’re never going to be the same all the time in our life, ever. I mean, I think that’s one thing we can agree on the why or the how sure, that’s a little different. But we’re always going to be ebbing and flowing and changing, you’re never going to be this, I’m never going to be Bella version 4.1 41 years old, for the rest of my life, no, I’m going to get older, my bones and joints are going to change and my thought process is going to change and my hopefully my self-worth and my self-value and, and my confidence and my, my knowledge and my, I’m always going to be hopefully growing and learning and expanding, and raising my vibration. That’s me personally. But while this happens, you need community. You need people around you, supporting you, you need people around you that have done it before. And you can get lost in these transitions of life. If you don’t have a support system, sharing experiences with other people who may be going through the same thing will give you different perspectives and advice.

Remember the CEO, the CEO board I told you guys about two episodes ago, go listen to it, if you haven’t already, if this is the first time you’re listening to Belur in your business, thank you so much. But go back to episodes and listen to that episode. Sometimes some days, I just need a perception shift. And I’m so far in my head. And I’m so convinced that what I’m thinking is my truth that I have to go reach out to someone and be like, I need a perspective switch. And I do that you can do that. And communities to communities can give you a perspective on things. And it’s really important. But joining a community and reaching for help and seeking help or seeking, you know, just someone else to witness your life, sometimes it feels it feels good for someone else to witness what you’re going through. It doesn’t mean there’s a crisis or you’re broken or you can’t do it on your own, or you’re a victim it doesn’t mean any of that stuff. Well, it’s human nature to want support most desperately during painful life transitions or business transitions. A mistake we often make is waiting until the crisis hits before seeking community. I can’t stress this enough, but you are who you surround yourself with. And it was John Rohr No, gosh, I forget who said it, who said, you know, you are the sum of the five closest people in your life. It’s true. I mean, think about it, like really think about it.

Think of community building as an ongoing lifestyle practice with preventative like just like preventative health benefits, just as eating well and exercising regularly. Arms, your body against illness, regularly engaging with communal ties, arm you to emotionally, you know, stack up for hard times ahead. When you can find your tribe where other business owners hang out and spend their time with no other listening to what they’re reading, and what groups are a part of, that really will make all the difference in the world. I, I when I was when I was doing a presentation in London, is back in 2019. I had this slide. And it’s something that I always say and it’s true. It’s, you know, we’ve all heard the whole birds of a feather flock together, right? Okay, whatever. Well, I add to that, figure out what kind of bird you are. And then you can find your flock. Because I think a lot of times people just start flying with people and they don’t take a deep look inside themselves of where’s their vision, their direction, where do they want to go where they want to get out of it. And so yeah, you can fly with any kind of flock you want. But if you don’t truly know who you are and what you want, it’s gonna be hard to find your flock or you’ll join your flock you’ll join your group, you’ll join your community, and you’ll be like, Yeah, I don’t like this. And Newsflash, whenever you join any kind of community, you’re always going to feel like an outsider until you don’t, you’re always gonna feel a little awkward because you don’t know as much as everyone else and you don’t know as many people as everyone else. But if it’s a group, a good group, they’re going to have ways to make you feel encouraged and a part of it. Alright, guys, I hope that you just start thinking about how can build, and maintain a support community in your life, maybe you don’t need to jump out and get a community, maybe you’re already a part of a community, and you’re holding back for whatever reason. And your stories and experiences and struggles and advice are not blessing the people who are there who need to hear all of it. They need to hear your struggles because when someone dares to talk about something, chances are other people are feeling the same way. I see it all the time, like 10 out of 10 times. Hardly ever does anyone in my community say something and nobody else can relate. Truly.

And so by you holding back by you not showing up by you not participating. That’s taking blessings away from other people. So I just want you to think about what kind of community you have. It could be the mom’s football crew. It could be I mean, it’s not just in business. And you guys know this by now but you know that I’ve got an amazing community of incredible business owners that are just really you know, they’re kicking ass and taking names. Even through the hard times. They’re not all in a perfect position in there. But they all share one common thing and that’s a great mindset. They all show up for one another and they celebrate a love the celebrations that happen in there. If you want to join in, it’s jumpconsulting.net/mastermind. I kind of went back and forth even mentioning it because by now especially if you’re listening to the podcast, you know that we have the mastermind and that jumpers jump and that mindset is everything. And community is everything.

Guys, the holiday season is here. We have one more episode next week. I don’t want you to isolate I want you to reach out. I am always here for you. If you want to jump on a 20-minute complimentary call with me there’s nothing that would make me more happier. I truly love getting to know you guys. jumpconsulting.net/20I do this because I want to all right. I do this because I want to because I care about you. I’ve been doing this since 2007. This is my true passion and my calling is pouring into you helping inspire hope and changing your I can’t into I can. So giddy up. And let’s always keep jumping. I’ll see you next week for our final episode of This Year. Bye now.

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