Episode 380: Because You Get To… Pet Business Lessons and Blessings

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Do you see business challenges as crushing obstacles or opportunities for growth and life lessons? As a scaling entrepreneur, how you answer that question determines your future success.

In this week's episode of Bella in Your Business, I vulnerably share my own journey from fighting daily fires to embracing each problem as a privilege. You’ll hear how I turned the “mom guilt” of teaching my daughter to tie her shoes into an analogy for investing in employees during growing pains.

I used to dread the inevitable hires who didn’t work out or the clients complaining over delayed orders. Now I get excited over these chances to improve. As one listener told me, “Bella taught me that struggles mean you actually have a real business!”

Through candid personal lessons, I explain how my childhood traumas shaped an overwhelming fight-or-flight reaction to upset customers. You’ll learn how I navigated my own therapy and self-work so I could lead my team through challenges with empathy.

Beyond mindset, you’ll hear tangible tips for goal-setting, productivity hacks for overwhelmed entrepreneurs, and my favorite modalities for mental health. I explain the brain science behind how building new neural pathways leads to conflict management breakthroughs.

If you ever feel crushed under the weight of hiring, retention, and service issues, this episode provides an uplifting model for personal lessons and company growth. Tune in to begin transforming problems into progress!

Topics & Key Points

  • Overcome challenges
  • Business problems and personal growth
  • Conflict management
  • Managing business problems


  • [4:17] Employee issues and overcoming challenges
  • [8:44]Business problems and personal growth
  • [13:36] Personal growth and conflict management
  • [17:21] Managing business problems

Notable Quotes

  • [3:01] “The person that is working by themselves, overwhelmed wishing and hoping that they had the courage or the know how to go out there and get employees is wishing that they had your problems? Right? “
  • [9:14] “Stay positive, you get to have these problems. And just because it didn’t work that way, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Okay? Again, going on to all the problems, you get all the problems come to you. “
  • [15:39] “Conflict Management, we will have it in our business no matter what, whether it’s with an employee, it’s with a client, it’s with a service provider. Conflict Management is something that we all need to do. And I think that a lot of the world you know, it’s it’s fight or flight, it’s, it’s we go on attack, or we just avoid it. And long term. It’s not good. It’s not good”


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