Episode 12: Do I Need Non-Owned Car Insurance Coverage In My Small Business?

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Picture this: you're cruising down the road, your pet by your side when suddenly, disaster strikes. A careless driver swerves into your path putting your client's pet in harm's way. Are you prepared for the unexpected? Are you equipped with the ultimate shield to protect yourself and your clients? Have you considered Insurance liability?


As a pet business owner you know the business requires a high level of responsibility and trust. Have you considered the importance of having the right insurance coverage? Or considered Insurance liability?


In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," we are thrilled to welcome back  David Pearsall, Vice President at Business Insurers of the Carolinas. In this episode, he is talking about liability insurance options for pet-sitting businesses. 


We dive into some important topics like non-owned auto insurance, umbrella policies, and business owner policies. It's crucial to understand the coverage provided by each policy and determine if additional coverage is needed based on your specific business circumstances.

Topics & Key Points

Topics Discussed

  • The basics of non-owned auto insurance

  • The importance of non-owned insurance

  • The misunderstood umbrella policies

  • The different insurance options for pet sitters

  • The importance of understanding different liability Insurance policies

  • Advice on handling insurance claims and available discounts.

  • The importance of communicating with an insurance agent to determine the best coverage options for individual businesses.


[01:13] The basics of non-owned auto insurance

[04:02] Liability for accidents involving pet sitters

[07:33] Options for purchasing non-owned auto coverage

[08:44] The umbrella policy

[09:07] Differentiating umbrella and underlying policies

[11:34] Special event policies

[17:54] The importance of pet taxi

[18:30] Different insurance coverage options

[20:14] Comparison of insurance products

[25:53] Business owners’ policies and liability insurance

[26:48] Calling your insurance agent

[28:48] Need for non-owned auto liability coverage

[34:03] Why it’s important not to admit liability at the time of a claim

[34:49] Discounts on additional policies

[35:43] Broadest liability form for pet services professionals

Notable Quotes

[00:01:09] “Usually  non-owned car insurance coverage is a specialty endorsement, either to a business owner policy or a commercial auto policy.”

[00:01:21] “Non-own auto insurance covers basically any vehicle that’s owned by your employees or by other people that it’s not owned by you, but they’re using it in the course of your business.”

[00:05:48] “You really should have a commercial auto policy as opposed to a personal auto policy, because a personal auto policy’s designed for you. Personal is not really designed to pick up.”

[00:07:03] “Even if they don’t have the sticker on their car If they’re using it in their business, it’s not going to get covered into the personal auto policy. “

[00:07:57] “Umbrella policy is the policy that goes over your commercial auto policy, your general liability, and your worker’s comp.”

 [00:09:08] “I do believe that there is some misinformation going on with the umbrellas. And the umbrellas are broader than the underlying policies. “

[00:20:20] “You can buy different policies that will cover a pet sitter for liability. But the primary differences are the kind of claims you want to be paid.”

 [00:25:57] “If you have employees, you know, you may want to consider employment practices, liability insurance. If you have a computer and you’re accepting money online or you’re keeping a database with your clients’ information, you may need cyber liability.”

 [00:29:24] “If you’ve got ten or 15 employees working for you and they’re on the street all the time, then you certainly have a much larger exposure.”

 [00:32:03] “If someone hits you back to your car, their liability will be responsible If they don’t have coverage. There’s another auto coverage called uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist.”

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