Episode 146: All About Lock Boxes For Pet Sitters

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The topic of lock boxes isn't often talked about in blogs or on podcasts, yet it's a question that comes up monthly in every Facebook group that I'm in. Today I'm joined by Natasha O’Banion of Walk with Renzo and Ruby, Dana McKellips of Peaceful Pets, and Tiffany Lewis of Pet and Home Care to talk about how they use lock boxes in their businesses.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

The way you present using lock boxes to your clients matters and can change the conversation. Consider using lock boxes early on in your business or starting out with them from the beginning to avoid push back when switching over. You can give clients options, but only offer the options you’re willing to do.

Show Highlights

  • How do you present lock boxes to clients and how do you get them on board? [3:10]
  • What are some challenges that come along with lock boxes? [7:25]
  • What is some advice for someone considering switching to lock boxes? [9:40]
  • Are there different kinds of lock boxes? [13:30]
  • How do employees feel about using them? [16:40]


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