Episode 360: Ditch Creating in Canva and Create Engagement Instead Like Leia from Wonder Pup’s

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Have you ever scrolled through your social media profiles, basking in the glory of the numerous likes and comments your posts have garnered? It's an exhilarating feeling, isn't it? The digital world showers us with instant gratification, making it easy to assume that we've got this whole social media marketing thing down pat. But, here's a question: Are those likes and comments truly indicative of your marketing prowess, or could they be misleading you into a false sense of accomplishment?

I understand the challenges that pet business owners and marketers face in the digital realm. That's why my program goes beyond vanity metrics and dives deep into the heart of effective social media marketing. Better Marketing with Bella.

In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast,"  I welcome Leia Johnson, owner of Wonder Pup's Pet Care, to discuss her ongoing marketing struggles and journey toward success with Better Marketing With Bella. Leia initially invested significant time in Canva for graphics and believed high social media engagement was vital for marketing. However, she soon realized the need for a better approach.

After listening to one of our podcast episodes, Leia decided to take a recommended class on social media content creation, which is paying off. She's implementing what she learns and witnessing remarkable improvements in her feed. But she doesn't stop there.

Leia decided to give Better Marketing With Bella a shot, and she's glad she did! It not only saves her time but also generates more income for her business. In our conversation, we stressed the importance of building relationships through marketing and emphasized that patience is key.

Listen in to here her real-life success with using the program! Doors to enroll are currently open and will not be open again until March!

Check out her before and after photos from using Better Marketing with Bella



Topics & Key Points

  • The Social Media Myth
  • The Power of Consistency
  • The Need for a Better Approach
  • The Results Speak
  • The Importance of Persistence
  • Leia’s Advice


[01:16] Leia’s marketing challenges

[02:22] Time spent on Canva

[05:58] The tipping point that led Leia to sign up for Bella’s marketing program

[08:00] Leia’s most valuable element of the program

[09:10] The anatomy of a good social post

[09:56] Leia’s reaction after signing up to the  program

[11:44] Results and success with the program

[18:03] The importance of showing up for a strategy

[19:20] The value of trying and not being afraid of failure

[21:06] The benefits of Bella’s marketing program

Notable Quotes

[01:38] ”I was mistaken in the fact that I thought that I had to have all these Instagram likes or Facebook likes in order to be effective, and that wasn’t true.”

[10:29] “The program does it all for you. As long as you remember to put it up there and schedule it, which is important. But it does it all for you.’’

[12:57] “I thought I was busy before, but it was all just busy work. It wasn’t doing the actual job. It was doing things in the hopes that I’d get to do the job at some point and then get paid.”

[13:37] “My clients noticed the different graphics and started commenting privately to me, saying, ‘Hey, that looks really nice. Whatever you’re doing differently is amazing.”

[14:37] “Marketing is about building relationships, not just advertising. It’s not ‘call us, hire us,’ it’s about creating connections.”

[15:58] “I don’t necessarily use the program to its fullest. Sometimes I forget about the emails or I don’t have an active blog.”

[17:23] “Sometimes, if somebody is listening and thinking they don’t have time, you can get results just by doing what I’ve done. But imagine what you can achieve if you use it to its fullest.”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business today I am joined by Leia Johnson, the owner of Wonder Pups, as many of you have heard me talking about the fabulous better marketing with Bella. Last some special insight to it. And she’s just like you. She’s been a listener of the podcast for a very long time, even her kids listen to the podcast, and she was very overwhelmed, trying to do all the things. She had all the self-doubt and the self-talk just like we all do, myself included. But something was special about her. And that’s why I have her on today, she took action, and things started to change. And today she’s here to explain just that, and I hope that you feel inspired to action by the end of this episode. Laya thanks for joining us.

Thank you. So um, take us back to like, BC like before bad marketing with Bella, right? Like, describe to our audience, what was your marketing chores like.

Well, it was a lot of running around and trying to figure out what might get engagement and what might not. And I was mistaken in the fact that I thought that I had to have all these Instagram likes or Facebook likes, to be effective. And that wasn’t true. But I, I was spending a lot of time I hate to admit it, but a lot of time on Canva. And I know you’ve mentioned a whole bunch of times on your podcast just how long I was spending in Canva trying to batch content. It was like an hour a day, my kids are homeschooled, but one of them takes classes at one of the local schools. So I would drop him off for class and he only takes the one. And then I would sit in the parking lot for an hour and play on Canva and try to come up with graphics that hopefully would get a light or something. Just anything.

That sounds stressful. So where did you get your inspiration? How did you know how to do the design? How did you know how to do the copy? How did you know how to plan it out? Or were you just kind of like whatever kind of came to your head that day?

It was whatever came to my head that day, I would Google the pet holidays that were coming up. And I would try to remember those. And when I discovered that you could schedule things on Facebook, that opened the door. And it’s still that door open. I still use that. But then I took your class from listening to your podcast, there was something it was like take this came up on my Facebook feed. And I can’t remember what it was called. But it was about creating social media content. And it was you know, I’m a DIY kind of person. So it was $10 or something like that inexpensive. And I was like, Oh yeah. I’m gonna do this. And that’s when I first started to understand how much went into it, but I still tried it anyway, I was like, Oh, I can recreate that no big deal. And I understood brand colors and having everything the same color on the Facebook feed. So you can scroll back through my Facebook feed and see where I took that class. Sorry, my bird is trying to chime in. I see where I took that class because the colors on the are not Facebook Instagram change, and they get more consistent, and then you can spot exactly where I signed up for better marketing with Bella.

Wow, we should go back Jillian, I’m gonna kind of cue you here on the podcast as I do you guys know Jillian is the the implementer or the one that makes things happen for us over a jump consulting. We should do a screenshot in our show notes for you guys. So head on over to the jump consulting site, and you’ll see a screenshot of the before and after of her feed and what it looks like. But lay out what was that taking away from that was like an hour a day. So like, what? What were you not accomplishing because you were drowning in trying to figure out and that’s just graphics? That’s not stories or videos or emails or strategy or or or so I was not?

Well, first of all, it wasn’t accomplishing anything at all. As far as the marketing went, it wasn’t it. I mean, I was proud of it at the time. Don’t get me wrong. I was like, Look, I did it right. But it wasn’t it wasn’t getting the results that I thought it was getting. And I fooled myself into thinking that that’s all that you could have. Uh-huh. And, you know, I wasn’t I wasn’t doing things like answering email in that hour, I wasn’t finding new places to market service. I wasn’t going like boots on the ground and talking to people in that hour, I could have done that there are tons of businesses right around the school, that I could have gone and knocked on the door and been like, Hey, do you want a business card or talk to them, but I didn’t because I was playing in Canva. And I’m a super introvert and Canvas seemed like the way to go.

And I think you brought up a really good point there because I think a lot of our listeners can also relate and underneath that, it’s, it’s like busy mode, busy mentality, I gotta do this, I gotta, I gotta just, like, obsess over this Canva graphic, let’s say, so that I don’t have to work on building my business or doing something else or being successful or making wins in other areas. Right? It was like, Control Freak so that you didn’t have to do the other stuff. Right? Yeah. And so what was the tipping point? Why did you sign up for better marketing with Bella?
Well, it is another jumper that was in that class that I took was Becky Lee. And I looked up her page kind of trying to understand what you were saying in that class. And she was on that webinar. And I followed her page for quite a while and I was like, see, that’s the way the big businesses do it. That’s the that’s the like grown-up business. And I’m still I’m still a baby business, even though that’s not exactly true. And at some point, I think that you had messaged me on Instagram and started a conversation. Uh-huh.

I told you that I was not big enough for Bella wasn’t Avella’s business yet. But that was my goal. And you proved me wrong. And after that conversation, I think I was like, well, it’s really expensive. And I’m a numbers person. Even though I don’t like numbers, I look at numbers all the time. I’m like, Oh, my gosh, it’s so expensive. It’s so expensive. And it’s not at all. And when you break down the amount of time you’re spending and how much else you could be accomplishing. It’s like pennies. And I looked at my numbers. And I said, Has there ever been a month where I haven’t made at least that much? No. Has there ever been a month that I haven’t made at least twice that much? No. What about triple that much? No. Okay, I can afford it. And that’s how I decided that it was maybe Okay, to give it a try. At the very least give it a try. Right?

And look at you now on the podcast singing the praises. Right, right. So out of all the different elements that you get, you get videos with your branding and logo and font on them, you get graphics, eight to 10. Every month, you get real ideas, you get emails, you get blog outlines, you get the group coaching calls, you get your strategy, coaching call, out of all the elements that you get. And then all the freebies we give. Like, this is how you do outreach. And this is what you can say and all the scripts, out of all of that stuff, what would you say has been the most valuable to you through the whole program?

I would be hard-pressed to pick one. But I would say the scheduling in the copy that because honestly, when you get the graphic, you’re like, oh, graphic, and you think that’s the hardest part. And it turns out that it’s not coming up with what to say, that isn’t gonna get you kicked off of Facebook, because sometimes you’re just having a bad day, or somebody that’s not going to offend someone or like you’re trying to make a joke. And then it wasn’t funny, which is me a lot of the time. Very funny person. And yo, I have an inappropriate sense of humor, I have to dial it back a lot. So you know, now I can take the calendar that you get and all of the website copy or not website copy with the social media copy. And I can adjust that to be on-brand. And it’s usually just a matter of changing a couple of words. Sometimes I’ll add a sentence. And sometimes I don’t have to do any, most of the time, I don’t have to do anything. Yeah. And I think that that is probably what takes up most of the time. And you don’t even realize it because you’re just posting and you’re on your social media, because you do it all the time anyway, right?

And you don’t realize just how much time you’re spending trying to think of what to say, that is such a good point. And it’s a topic we’re gonna talk about this month in the mastermind. And it’s like the anatomy of a good social post, because you need to get a hook and stop the scroll, you need to say something interesting. It needs to sound authentic to your business. So I love that you brought that up because sometimes, um, the evolution of the program, we didn’t always do that. And we were getting people that said Blaeu, like, okay, these graphics are great, but what should I say with them? And when should I post and we’re like, Okay, well, we’ll take care of that for you too. And you’re right, like, I mean, we can give you the generic copy and it’s a good bounce-off. And sometimes you can just post that straight out. But you know, people have different things that they changed like pet parents versus pet parents, or, you know, not pet owners or you know, things like that. So that is a really good point. So, okay, you signed up for the program and did you get what you thought you were gonna get? Or was it different? Or the same? Or what was yours? What was your reaction when you got into the program and started utilizing it all, like living it? So like,

I knew what graphics were gonna look like because I had already stopped other people’s pages that were in the program. So I was not surprised when I got the graphics, but I was surprised at the way everything is put together. And it’s like, post it here. Here’s what you say. And it is copy and paste, plug and play as long as you remember to put it up there and schedule it, which is important. But I mean, it does it does it all for you and that, like realizing that I didn’t have to think about it at all, that was the most surprising part. And I mean, because even though you had said a whole bunch of times, oh, you’re gonna get everything, you’re gonna get everything. I was like, Oh, you’re gonna probably get most things or maybe you’ll get an outline of something. Like, I guess I didn’t believe it until I saw Seeing is believing. Right? Uh-huh. And I was like, oh, oh, this makes a lot of sense. And right, I’ve got it. Got it. And I couldn’t do it by myself. But I’ve got it down. Pat, wait.

I love it. I’m gonna ask you about the results in a second. And before I do that anyone who’s listening maybe it occurs to me sometimes that maybe this is your first time listening to podcasts, and you have no idea what we’re talking about. You can head on over to jump consulting dotnet forward slash marketing, to see the entire program and everything that’s in it. Now lay out what so now you have the program. Now you’re not doing that hour on social media day? What kind of things have you been able to fill your time with? And it’s kind of a two-part question. What kind of results have you seen after being in the program for a little while?

Well, in the early days, I’d say early days of better marketing, I was able to do things like answer emails, or go and talk to people about a growing business because you know, everything was trying to be rebuilt in 2021 and 2022, right, and we have a huge influx of people moving to my area. So getting in front of the people that can tell people about you was important. And so I was able to use the time to do that. And then I was also able to use the time, you know, more for my kids. So like I would, you know, he would come out of his music class and be like, Okay, well, now what I’m like, hey, you know, you want to go have breakfast, we have time. And then he was thrilled about that at the time. And now if he were to come out of this music class and say, Can we go you know, pick up lunch? Because in the afternoon now, I would be like, no, sorry, Mom has to work because Better Marketing did a great job. And now I don’t have a lot of free time. Because I’m in client’s homes. And it put me to work, in other words, so I thought I was going to free up my time. And I just didn’t realize that I was just freeing it up so that I could provide the service and, and generate income, which was that and that. Right? Yeah. I mean, I thought I was busy before, but it was all just what you said busy work, it wasn’t doing the actual job, it was doing things in the hopes that I get to do the job at some point and then get paid. And it opened up a whole new world of busyness. Different kinds of busy, I guess, is what I’m saying?

Yeah. And busy doing the job. It sounds like instead of just yeah, the work just puts it away. That’s fantastic. What any other results that you had, I know, you’ve sent me some screen shares before, or like you’ve done some of the engagement that we’ve said, and like, any other results that come to mind?

Right? Well, I mean, right away my clients noticed different graphics and started commenting, like privately to me, Hey, that looks nice that whatever you’re doing differently is amazing. And they were able to, you know, share it better. Because it’s not just it’s not Picture Pages of just cute pet faces. Yeah. And they were able to share some of the more educational graphics where it’s like, Hey, do this because you can achieve such and such with your dog or your pet or whatever. And so I got that went way up. Social media grew a lot, but it was the right kind of growth. It wasn’t just random likes, it was people that mattered. Yeah, exactly. Sharing that with a friend and going, Hey, look at this and do this. And then that friend follows your page. And then before you know it, that friend is a client. Because there was a whole thing on how to wash your dog bowl or you know, how to how to use a harness on your pet that had nothing to do with really booking petsitting which forget about everything is just sales in your brain. But that isn’t that isn’t how it works. And I didn’t believe you but now I do.

Love that point. And I don’t want to cut you off. But it’s such a good point you’re making and it’s the difference between advertising and marketing and building relationships. You know, marketing is building relationships. It’s not a call us hire us to do that. And the same thing with emails most of us are only emailing when rates go up or how The days are coming up and you want them to board. There’s no relationship-building going on. And I think that’s a really good point, right?

And then just numbers because like I said, I look at numbers anytime I’m feeling like I’m not succeeding, I go open my software. And I look at what the sales are. And those are the screenshots that I’ve been sending to you because I’m like, Oh, wow, I just realized that we doubled our sales from last year in this particular period. And this summer, it was great, because I did the math this morning, actual actually. And I was like, holy cow, we surpassed and just that four Montfort-month or not, a four-month, three-month period of time, we made almost as much money as I made in the entirety of last year, just from May to September. And like looking, looking at where things are going, I’m already almost double what we made last year for the entirety of the year. And it was like rowdy, Wow, that’s incredible. And I don’t even, I mean, you probably don’t want to hear this, but I don’t necessarily use the program to its fullest. Sometimes I forget about the emails, or I don’t have an active blog. Sometimes I forget about the like to try to talk to people who have liked and, or commented on posts, I forget to do those things. And it’s still working, despite me having kind of ADHD and not remembering, not remembering to do all of that,
I would get another.

That’s again, another good point, though, is because I always call it and tell me if you think this is right or wrong. From the experience side, I feel like it’s kind of I give you a Thanksgiving buffet every single month. And you can pick and choose what you want, you can eat the whole meal, which means scheduling all of it and getting it all done, you can you know, okay, you don’t have an active blog. But that’s a great outline. And you could do a real one, or you could do a Facebook Live. Or you could write another email on it like all of this stuff. And in the group and group coaching calls I’m sharing with you, okay, we specifically made this kind of graphics so that you can also reach out to X, Y, and Z that’s in your area, this is what you can say, this is how you can get them to share your stuff. And it’s it’s not it’s multifaceted, multi-use, right? It’s not just a graphic. It’s not just a blog thing. So it’s not about being perfect. It’s just about doing it. Right.

Right. And then sometimes, though, if somebody’s listening and thinking, Oh, well, I don’t have time for all of that. You can get the results that I’ve had just by doing what I’ve done. But also imagine what you can do if you use it to its fullest. And I had that conversation sort of with myself this morning. And I was like, man, okay, so look at these numbers. How much bigger would it be if I was, you know, remembering to do you know, a blog, or if I was if I was tweaking it this way, or using it that way? And really, what was it you said? It’s not that it doesn’t work. It’s that you don’t? And I was like, wow, what would be different if I was working, working it differently than I am? But even without doing that it’s super, I think super successful.

Yep. One, that’s one of my favorite quotes. It’s not that it’s not working. It’s not working this way. So I think sometimes people, you know, throw the baby out with the bathwater, like, I, I don’t, I hope that wasn’t a bad thing. But that’s like, what I grew up here, you know, right? Like, you know it, you have to give it your all and you have to show up for the strategy stuff. The scheduling only takes about an hour if you sit down and do it all, or we have solved that problem too. But having a contract with a fabulous VA that’s been with us for a long time in the program for $47. And so if you’re it’s kind of like the insurance policy because you get these monthly deliveries if you pay month to month, or if you pay in advance, then we give it all to you as soon as we have it. And so sometimes you don’t just have one month ahead of time you get six months. And so how great is that knowing you get the foundation so as we kind of come to a close layup. I want you to share what would be your one thing, if someone’s listening and they’re like, Yeah, but I’m just not big enough or I just I can’t have that expense. That’s so much money or like, what would you say to someone that’s sitting on the fence? maybe speak to yourself, right when you were kind of on the fence? What would be your best advice to them when it comes to better marketing with Bella?

Well, the only time you fail is when you don’t try right so get it out there and do it just give it a try. So you know if it doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure there was some sort of out you can go oh, I don’t want to renew for next semester or next year or whatever. And I don’t honestly I can’t imagine not doing that because then I would be right back where I was with Canva and I’d have to reset that password which I still have not figured out. And but I love it.
She’s told me this on the side just so you caught that she doesn’t remember her Canva password now, and she used to be in it every day. Like right, that says a lot.

I mean I upgraded my phone now can pay. And I know I haven’t logged into Canva in ages, and I was sitting in the parking lot and I had nothing else to do. And I was like, Oh, I could go play on on this just to you know, I was trying to download something off of it that I had. And I could not I could not get into it. And by the time I was done, it was time to go into the school and pick him up. And I was like, Well, never mind, I don’t need that.

Oh, my gosh, you’re so hilarious. Well, I want to thank you so much for your time coming here today. I know that you are busy and you have kids and you have to homeschool and all of that stuff going on. But for now, I just want to invite everyone to take a peek, we have two different programs. The first one, you will get graphics, the copy to also send the graphics, which is like the captions and stuff to emails and the reminder calendar. Now the graphics are unbranded and that’s our cheapest one we call it the Chihuahua. But the one that most people I would say 85% of people are on it’s golden and that’s the one that Les is on.

And it has everything in it just head on over tojumpcxnsulting.net/marketing. You can see everything that it includes you got 10 branded graphics, a branded Facebook cover for branded square videos, a content calendar, a caption list, two emails for real outlines, two blogs, a reminder calendar for group coaching calls, and a one on one session with yours truly. Whew, that was a lot. And so I want to invite you to head on over to jump consulting dotnet forward slash marketing. We are only open this month, the month of October. This is October 2023. We will not be open again until March. So if you’re like wow, I want to get on and I don’t want to wait for this semester to start t January. We could probably slide you in and take care of the holiday season. Because I’m pretty sure you don’t need something extra on your to-do list. Leia, you’re on mute. It looks like you have something to say though. No, you’re good. Okay. So you guys, I just want to invite you to go to jumpconsulting.net/marketing Go ahead and check out Leia it’s Wonder Pups and I thank you so much for listening to this episode.

Remember when life gets down, always keep jumping and get on board with better marketing with Bella. Bye now.

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