Episode 334:The Secret Dozens Of Pet Businesses Use To Attract Employees

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Hey, Jumpers! If you're feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle your business and personal life while struggling to attract new clients, you're not alone. The good news is that there's a solution that can help take your business to the next level! Have you heard of Better Marketing with Bella? A pro at helping businesses like yours grow without sacrificing your personal life and relationships. You can shoot me an email at bella@jumpconsulting.net or schedule a quick 20-minute phone call at jumpconsulting.net/20. Remember, investing in marketing is key to growing your business, and my program can help make it happen. In this podcast episode, Bella Vasta, a business coach and host of the "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast discusses the importance of marketing and how her program, Better Marketing with Bella, can help business owners solve common problems. I emphasize that marketing is not just about getting more clients, but also about building relationships and creating a strategy that works for the long term. I share examples of how her program has helped business owners hire multiple people and even create waitlists due to high demand. I encourage listeners to expand their mindset and consider the power of marketing beyond just graphics. Please tune in for more!

Topics Discussed and Key Points

  • Marketing and business struggles
  • Better Marketing with Bella
  • How marketing is essential for business growth and how it differs from advertising.
  • Why you should not be advertising on social media
  • Challenges of DIY Marketing
  • The importance of using professional graphics on social media to show that a business is responsible and trustworthy.
  • Success strategies from business owners who have used Better Marketing with Bella to attract clients and employees
  • Why you should focus both on employees and clients at the same time
  • The importance of planning for social media
  • Discounts and options for joining
  • Better Marketing with Bella   program, including a small package for $97 and a larger package for $497
  • The importance of social media in marketing
  • Upcoming group coaching calls


[00:11] Introducing today’s show
[03:32] Bella’s credibility as a business coach and social media expert
[05:41] Benefits of Better Marketing with Bella
[08:20] Marketing Program Overview
[11:38] Testimonials
[13:35] Importance of professional graphics
[16:22] Marketing and the importance of focusing on both clients and employees
[18:37] Creating a social media plan for the Future
[19:36] Discounts and options for joining Better Marketing with Bella
[21:22] The success story of Better Marketing with Bella
[24:56] Partnership with clients

Notable Quotes

[00:02:54] “Marketing is something that you do now for the next 3 to 6 months. So if you’re ever behind in April and trying to catch up all the time, it’s simply because you market when you need it. Not realizing that marketing is something that builds up over time 3 to 6 months, advertising is something different.” [00:03:18]
[00:05:18] “Creative energy is something that it’s really hard to have if you’re one of those business owners right now that are in survival mode.” [00:05:26]
[00:09:22] “We’ve been doing this since January 2017, and I started it because I missed doing marketing for my own business. And you can only imagine the leaps and bounds that social media has changed over the past five years.” [00:09:38]
[00:11:46] “We’ve got 200. Stories of all kinds of testimonies. They are videos from people, they are written, they are screenshotted, and they are in the DMS. They are all very authentic. Things like this program work to get you employees and clients.” [00:12:05]
[00:16:11] “We teach you strategies that help you attract people so that you don’t even have to go to Indeed, imagine that.” [00:16:19]
[00:22:54] “Your website probably sells the industry. If you’re like the general public, it doesn’t necessarily do your unique value proposition and why you’re special. So your website doesn’t impress people.” [00:23:06]
[00:23:25] “You’re not selling dog walking and cat sitting and pet sitting and all that stuff. You’re selling peace of mind, trust and security and if you are not doing that on social media, you’re missing the point.” [00:23:39]
[00:24:06] “People are crying that they can’t get their posts posted on Facebook and no one is interacting. Well, it’s because what you’re putting out there doesn’t matter. There’s no strategy.” [00:24:17]

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella Vasta. Today I am here I’m going to go completely off-script. My team does not even know that I am like throwing out the window, the show notes that I’m supposed to be recording for today. Because you know, I just really needed to talk to you guys. I’ve been talking to a lot of you on DMS and in emails, and even on those 20-minute complimentary calls that we do, just to get to know you and get to, you know, connect. And I’m seeing something that needs to be addressed. I want you to imagine that you are a business owner who has a steady flow of clients or is happy with what you’ve got going on. But you’re breaking your back and blowing up your life and ruining relationships. Or don’t even have many left. Because you’re a slave to your business. You are working on the weekends, you’re working early in the mornings you’re working at night, you are a when you’re not working, you’re a complete stress ball. Because you’re wondering, oh my gosh, if I lose just one more person, the whole thing is going to come crumbling down, I’m going to be a big failure, and my business is going to go under. Does it sound familiar? For some of you, it might not be a stretch. I can say that so perfectly because I was there in the early 2000s Before I hired or knew how to hire properly. But I hear this from a lot of you. And I’m talking to a lot of you right now because better marketing with Bella doors is open, but they’re closing soon. And I want to let you know that I stay with me here. Better marketing with Bella can help you solve this problem. And I think a lot of people think about marketing and they think, Oh, well, it’s just a bunch of generic stuff. And I don’t need any more clients. That marketing equals more of a problem. If you’re one of those people that are looking for more people to work for you, right? You’re like I don’t need marketing? Well, you kind of do. And I’m gonna give you some examples and stories of people that have been able to use better marketing with Bella to hire multiple people at the same time. I’m going to talk about people who have them on a waitlist right now because they don’t have enough clients. And I’m also going to tell you about how marketing works. Marketing is something that you do now for the next three to six months. So if you’re ever behind the eight ball and trying to catch up all the time, it’s simply because you mark it when you need it not realizing that marketing is something that builds up over time three to six months.
Advertising is something different. And we don’t advertise on social media at least you should not be advertising on social media, because it is about relationship marketing. So let’s get into this. First of all, if you are just joining us on the podcast What’s Up my name is Bella Vasta. I have been a business coach since 2002. I have been nationally and locally award-winning I’ve been on some of the largest stages talking social media, teaching 1000s of people how to do it. I’ve been hired personally by big companies, both in our industry and outside of our industry to help a revamped strategize their social media and for some companies teach their people how to be better sales reps online and build their social media. I know what I’m talking about. More so and I will stand on this I will die on this on this platform here. More so than anyone else right now in the industry. I do Not only have I done it for myself, but I’ve also done it for hundreds of companies, whether it’s personal side-by-side and better marketing with Bella or helping them. So I want you to take all of this to heart today. Because I want you to open up your mind you know the mindset switch the mindset change, you can sit here and fight me the entire episode in your head and that’s okay. I want you to email me all of the things that your yeah buts. Okay. And if I haven’t properly addressed something, it is your job to call me out on that. All right, and I want you to call me out on that. But I do need to tell you this stuff. So I’ve got notes I’ve got if you’re watching Seeing on YouTube right now, I’m not going to necessarily be looking at the camera the entire time. I’ve got so many notes for you. But I do need to talk about a lot of stuff. So people that are I’m so worn down, I don’t have a creative bone in my body to write, I get it. Creative energy is something that it’s really hard to have. If you’re one of those business owners right now they’re in survival mode. If you guys remember my divorce podcast, I was in survival mode for quite a while. And I know what it’s like to be trying just to survive in your life for whatever reason, and then also have to show up with creative energy no longer time for that you are not a Canva expert, you are not a marketing or a design expert. That takes knowledge. And when you try to do it yourself, I see sinners out there trying to do stuff. Oh, gosh, I saw one for for for St. Patrick’s Day, and it looked like someone threw up on it. It was disgusting. There was so many words everywhere, everything was so cluttered that rather than invite people to this event they had, it stressed the viewer out because there was so much to look at, and there was no call to action, there was nothing more important on the design than anything else, it was just a big mess. And that talks about your brand you guys never think feel again, like I don’t have any time for my family, let alone write extra emails to clients. Maybe you feel like I don’t have any time for my family. Or I don’t even know where to start with a marketing plan. I wish I had a plan. I wish I didn’t feel like I was spinning my wheels. Or I don’t have the time to find people to help me the patience to manage them and the desire to do anything with what they give you guys, you could turn around and you could instantly be someone that says something like, I like all the marketing that’s prepared for me. So I don’t have to think about it. Or many of our clients have mentioned how much they love the new marketing. I’ve even received phone calls about it. There are so many things or there’s like direct, examples from when we had our coaching calls. And I’ve told them to do specific things. And they do. And then all of a sudden, guess what? They get clients from it.
Okay, yes, I’ll book the consultation. What guys, this marketing plan is more than just graphics. And so if you think that I want to encourage you to expand your mind here, it’s not just about graphics, it is literally about the one-on-one groups, the one on one calls that we have is your time to plan a strategy with me. My calls usually go for $997 an hour, and you get one for free. And then you get group sessions. Those group sessions are wildly powerful because you get to see what your peers are doing with the same assets that we give them that we give to you. But the only difference is they have got your color, your branding, and your logo and your font on it, okay? But you get to see what they’re doing. And you get to see how they’re using and leveraging it. Just it’s like this bee hive mind thing that happens where it’s amazing. And so you don’t just get graphics, you get emails to send twice a month because if you’re only sending emails that say, Yo, we’re raising your price, you’re missing the boat like people don’t want that your emails should be valuable. There should be stuff around your town, and they should happen regularly. We give blog outlines because y’all know you need blogs, and you need to be adding to your website, right? Real outlines videos. Now it’s so interesting because our program is always changed almost every single semester. And we added videos when Instagram was like we’re going heavy on videos. Did you know that Instagram said in February, Adam, the CEO, we talked about this in our group calls? He said, oops, we went a little too far with videos. No, you probably don’t. Because you’re not involved in social media. You are a pet expert. That’s where I come in guys. We give you captions. So okay, you’ve got this graphic. What do I post with it? That was one of our first questions during the first year of the program. We’ve been doing this since January 2017. And I started it because I missed doing marketing for my own business. And you can only imagine the leaps and bounds that social media has changed over the past five years. Guys, if you’re doing Monday motivation or tongue out Tuesdays, or you’re doing like, oh, did you know that a bird has 56 feathers? Or I don’t know something silly like that. That doesn’t mean anything that is throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks one of these days. I’m going to do a video where you get to see that all right And, then we also this year, this semester, we have a content calendar. It was just static, but it’s something you can add to your calendar now, which is cool. We have a VA, that will post it for you for under $50. That’s kind of our insurance policy because we had people that were like, Oh, my gosh, got all this content, but I just keep forgetting to post it. And I’m like, Cool. Well, I’ve got a VA that I can vouch for. Who said she would do it for $47 for you, and we hook you up with them. We are in the business of trying to solve all of your problems. But let’s talk more about the results. Okay? Because if you don’t have time, you’re overwhelmed.
Do you think it’s too much money? It starts at $97. Why did it take me that long to mention this? We also opened up a $97 plan, guys, you’re gonna want to see this, go to junk consulting.net forward slash marketing. If you’re like, Oh, well, I already have a social media manager. Really? Did you know that we train social media managers this, your social media manager probably is making under $20 an hour, which means they’re probably a button pusher, and they’re not sure what they do. We have trained three or four social media managers to the fact that they’re not even in the better marketing DEVELOP program anymore. Do you know why? Because we taught them how to be successful in these businesses. And now these businesses have this social media manager, getting new clients and new employees on a funnel flow. Guys, don’t take my word for it. I want you to go to jumpconsulting.net/marketing. I want you to read the testimonies. I want you to go to my Instagram account, Bella Vasta, I want you to look at the highlights. We’ve got two highlight reels. Do you know how many stories you can fit in a highlight reel 100 We’ve got 200 stories of all kinds of testimonies. They are videos from people they are written there screenshotted they are in the DMS, they are all very authentic like things like this program work to get you employees and clients. Okay, I can go into how it works if you want. If you don’t understand, email me, if you want to get on my calendar, and you just want to talk, go tojumpconsulting.net/20 And let’s talk about this. I’m gonna, I want to tell you, I have a whole bunch of like stories I want to tell you about. We’ve got this one business owner who has for businesses, she started just dog walking. So they’re well over a million dollars. And she’s stayed in the program since January 2017. She laughs at us when we’re like you’re renewing, right? And she’s like, Yeah, just keep renewing me until I sell my business. And that’s not the only person that said that to us. Okay.
One girl was an hour a day in Canva. Like, she was like, I am breaking my bones, trying to figure out what I need to post and then trying to, you know, create it. Another one thought about it and hesitated for so long. And when she got it, and she wondered why she hadn’t done it sooner. Someone else knew nothing about Instagram, and we showed them. And then we help train their staff, they leveled out of the program, and they have no problem finding clients and staff anymore. They get people DMing them and saying can I work for you? Because we built up her social media in such a way that it highlights the people that work for them with the pets. See, most of you are doing this wrong. Your whole Instagram, your Facebook, all you’re doing is posting pictures of pets like it’s a photo album and it’s not a photo album. You’re doing it wrong. Some of you aren’t even posting graphics to show that you are responsible and don’t get mad at me here. But to the untrained eye to someone that’s wondering, can I trust you? You show up with professional graphics, it looks like you have an in-house graphic designer, like your business is well enough that you can afford a professional look. It’s not just a bunch of pictures. Okay? Then when you take it a step further and you understand how to work down all the buckets and stuff. It’s It’s magical. Another one did it scared she wasn’t afraid of perfection. And she attracts all sorts of employees now and has her employees taking it over a gallon Chicago has a waitlist for employees because of her social media. And she’s been able to do many collaborations with other businesses, therefore exposing her to even more. You guys. I have a podcast episode on this. It’s the one about Stephanie in Chicago. All right, and that was right after Becky. Those two episodes that came out maybe two months ago in January I think are worth going back and listening to we’ll link them in the show notes. What these ladies say about how they have been so successful is nothing short of amazing. One company used a technique that I showed in our group called a coaching call that landed a $500. Booking that day. That day, guys, that means if you decide to go on the higher price plan, which is 497, okay, or there’s a lower price plan at $97. What that means is that, that 497 She just earned that back in one coaching call. And that was just one day out of 30 days of the month. Okay, she just 29 in other days to make more anything I do. The Mastermind this podcast, the better marketing with Bella, you guys. I am dedicated to rolling up my sleeves and getting down and dirty with you and making sure that you make back your investment times that multiple back on your investment. All you got to do is show up and work with me. The testimonies are honestly endless. Here’s another one, we had great luck with the video Bella sent with a $200 boost I hired 10 people in a week. Because we give you videos and graphics that talk about what we’re hiring. But not just where hiring, anyone could do that. Right? We do it from a relationship-based angle. We teach you strategies that help you attract people so that you don’t even have to go to Indeed, imagine that.
Oh, Bella, you’re just crazy. I’m not I triple-double dog dare you to come on board. Come see what it’s about. Many of our clients have mentioned how they love our new marketing and even received phone calls about I think I already said that one, guys, there’s so much going on in this program that I just don’t want you to miss out. Because of the newest thing right now some people say they can’t afford it. And I’m saying you cannot afford it. If you are on a track right now, where you are trying to find employees, you can’t let your marketing slip. I’ve said this so many times. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can see I’m going to describe it for the people that are on the podcast. My left and right hand are up right now like a stop sign. My left hand represents clients, and my right hand represents employees. So if you’re looking for clients, and let’s say that hand starts going into circular motion, and these two things are connected, like it’s like on an axle, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna start going around in circles, because the only wheel that you’re spinning is the client one and the employee one is just gonna go along for the ride. Alternatively, if you were to be like focusing on employees, right, and then you took your focus off of clients, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna have more employees, and not enough clients. You guys, I know, this is a problem that a lot of you have. The reason why you have this problem is that you’re not focusing on both employees and clients at the same time. And I get this lump in my throat when I talk to you guys. And you go, Oh, Bella, I don’t need more clients. I’m trying to work on employees. So I can’t focus on marketing right now. It’s just not a priority. Ah, no, because you know what’s going to happen, mark my words in three to six months, you’re gonna say, Oh, my God, I have so many employees, I don’t have enough clients. Now, guys, this is a problem that is never going to go away unless you solve it systematically. And at the same time, what’s going to happen with these hand signals, if they’re both going in a circle, guess what? They’re both going forward together. No one is spinning around each other anymore. So think about it better marketing with Bella, you get all of these amazing assets. You get them delivered on the 15th of the month before when they come out. We’re going into I mean, I know it’s only March right now or April, forgive me. It’s April. I’m recording this on April 3, this is going to come out on the third, fourth, fifth sixth April 6, okay? Again, my team does not know this is going to happen. They’re going to scramble, and they’re going to probably hate me for this but I needed to talk to you guys. So please forgive me, team. But guys, okay, we’re in April. What’s your social media plan for the summer? What’s your social media plan for December for November? You know those busy times when you want to go to parties and hang out with your friends and family? We are creating all of that right now. For you. They are even them out well, more dogs than cats. They’re for pet sitters and dog walkers, or any pet business that deals with dogs and cats. And guys, we are here for you.
We see your challenges and we solve them every semester. You have a group one on one, you have the group calls, you have the one on one calls and it works. And if you just want to get started, you want to get your toes wet $97 will get you 10 graphics to emails and captions. They are not branded, but it’s no different than you guys sharing pet sitters internationally all the time. By the way, no offense. to them is the weirdest branding. It’s like, cartoony, and it’s not even neutral. It’s obvious when you’re sharing someone else’s stuff, which also kind of means that you don’t have the budget to do it yourself. National dog walker day, or national puppy how your puppy day? I mean, are you one of the ones that are finding out about all this stuff last minute and then feeling guilty that you didn’t know and you didn’t plan? This is where Betta marketing and Bella come in. So if you want to get in on the small one, you can the 97. Or if you want to get up onto the 497 one and get all of that stuff every month you can, if you tell me you listen to the podcast, and you shoot me an email at Bella@jumpconsulting.net guess what, I will give you a discount. But you got to do it today. Like get out your phone as you’re listening or pause this podcast and email me and be like Bella What’s up, like, let’s break it down, or go straight to jumpconisulting.net/20. And let’s talk on the phone or if you’re ready to jump, which honestly, I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to, you should go to jumpconsulting.net/marketing. We only open up these doors twice a year. And the reason is, is that it takes a lot of time for us to do this. And there’s a lot of people on our team do you know, I mean, like this whole thing as we start with, we have we create the concepts, I approve the concepts. And then it goes to our designer, and she creates the design, writes the visuals for it, and then I approve those. And then it goes to a copywriter. And then it goes to our project manager and then she makes puts it all on the calendar and then she would get some replicated, right, then we replicate them for all the businesses like the 50 businesses that are in there. That is this program works. I would not sit here and stake my reputation on it. You meet us halfway, you show up to the program, you post the stuff you do, the strategies that we talked about in the coaching calls, and YouTube will be my next success. The next time I’m talking about this.
Jumpconsulting.net/marketing. I want you guys to be able to get a grasp on getting employees and getting clients at the same time. Your social media is the best thing for this. As I close, I’m going to leave you with a story. We replicated this program in the housekeeping industry. And I want to tell you a story about this gal because I hadn’t heard this one before. And it was really powerful. If any of you guys out there are doing Google ads, Google AdWords, right? What’s happening is people are googling you know, petsitter near me or whatever it might be they find your website, and your website is static. Every website static was the last time you updated it like and your website probably sells the industry. If you’re like the general public, it doesn’t necessarily do your unique value proposition and why you’re special. So your website doesn’t impress people. What do we do these days, we go straight to the socials, show me what you’re doing. I want to see you, I want to feel you. I want to know what kind of experience I can get with you. I want to know what your staff looks like, I want to know what the pets look like. I want to know what it sees looks and feels like you’ve heard me say if you guys follow me, you’re not selling dog walking and cat sitting and pet sitting and all that stuff. You’re selling peace of mind, trust, and security. And if you are not doing that on social media, you’re missing the point. If you’re posting pictures of pets’ faces the whole time, you’re missing the point. Nobody cares about pictures of other pets that aren’t theirs. There’s got to be a strategy behind it. And you will see things automatically change. We’ve got people that started in our program, and all of a sudden increased their reach to 800%. That means how many people are seeing your stuff 800%. Meanwhile, people are crying that they can’t get their posts seen on Facebook and no one’s interacting. Well, it’s because what you’re putting out there doesn’t matter. There’s no strategy. We’ve got another gal who had a 300% engagement increase because of the stuff we’re giving her. Please try it out. Show up, work with me, and try it out. You got two options. And because you’re listening to this podcast, I’ll even drop down the 497 if you want to pay in full, I’ll drop it down even more. Let’s talk. You can do a multitude of ways email me Bella at jump consulting dotnet probably the fastest way honestly. The second one is jumpconsulting.net/20 and getting on my calendar for a 20-minute phone call where you can just ask me whatever questions you want. And here’s something else. I’m gonna be upfront if I don’t Thank you right for the program. I’ve done this. So many times, I will tell you, I will tell you what you need to do to go get ready for the program. And we can talk about it next semester. Because I am not having people in the program that have no potential because your success is my success. I am not selling something to you and saying, Hey, go off, go figure it out. I am partnering with you so that we can do this together. That is important. I wish I said that at the beginning of this podcast. So if you’re still listening, thank you. That’s a really important point. I am not selling you anything I am partnering with you, I am taking on the responsibility of making sure that we can get your stuff poppin’. And we can start getting things flowing the way that you want so that you can achieve all of your business goals and desires and dreams. Because your business should work for you. You should not work for your business. It’s been a little bit of a longer episode. And if you’re still listening, I love it.
Give me a shout-out on social media, please. If you are someone who already is in the program, it would be awesome if you just wrote in the description where you saw the posting for this episode. And just you know, told people like if, if, if they were on the fence, what would you say to them? What are your suggestions, at this point, this program has grown so much bigger than just little old me, we got it almost like an entire business inside of a business. That’s how big this is. It’s how many businesses we’ve helped affect. We have a lot of people helping us with this. But we have a lot of businesses we’re supporting with this. And we take your success as seriously as an arm. So I hope to see you in the program. I hope this has been helpful. I have so much to say I could probably talk about this for three hours between all of the testimonies and the amazing stories that we’ve had where we’ve taken people from crickets to like a jungle party, that kind of sounds funny. But it works. works. We have a coaching call a group coaching call tomorrow, I can’t wait for it. Our ama asked me anything. We have the notes and show notes going for it. And there’s a couple of things that have already changed in social media this past month, that you know, our members get to know so that they can stay on top of the trends and know what’s working and what’s not working. So they’re not spending time trying to do things that aren’t they’re not getting a return. I mean, you know, if you’re Gosh, See, I told you I keep going. If you think that cost is an objective for this program, I encourage you to take it to a 30,000-foot view. Because you are already spending hours of your own time at whatever dollar amount you value an hour of your time at. And you are not getting results from it. As it is. If you’re not getting employees right now, from your social media. There’s room for improvement. And I welcome you into the program. If you’re not getting clients from your social media, I welcome you into the program. Oh my gosh, I went off on the side. So this person in the housekeeping industry had Google AdWords The only thing different she did was about a marketing Bella Program. Do you know that her leads increased by five to 10 a week? And her monthly revenue got as high as $10,000. Additional? Additional. She attributes it to better marketing with Bella because what was happening is her Google AdWords were working before they were going to our website and that was kind of it. But what we did is we got them from her website over to her social so they can know like and trust her. They can see her they could feel her they could come into her guys, that’s where the real magic is.
That’s where it happens. So join us for jumpconsulting.net/marketing. Email me bella@jumpconsulting.net or get on a phone call with me at jump consulting.net forward slash 20 I cannot wait to work with you in the program and make you my next success story. Make you that next testimonial that I am talking about six months from now when our doors open again, don’t miss out. The second half of the year is not something that you’re going to want to do your marketing for yourself. Trust me. There’s the summer coming up. The holidays are coming up. It is busy. And we will work to make you back your investment. You have my promise. Have a great day.

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