Episode 379: Discovering the Secret to Getting Lots of Employees and Clients with Angela Watts

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.Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed trying to market your growing pet care business? My amazing guest Angela Watts shares her story of nearly drowning before discovering my marketing program that helped her thrive.

Angela started Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting in 2012 and soon found herself solely responsible for the fledgling company when her husband fell ill. Juggling caretaking, a full-time teaching job, and running a pet service pushed Angela to the brink of total burnout. She even lost 95% of her business at one point!

Yet Angela persisted and has grown Positive Paws into a 20-person operation through perseverance and nurturing leadership. Still, she struggled mightily with marketing and outsourcing tasks that stole her energy and creativity.

Angela admits feeling continually overwhelmed trying to run social media, create content calendars, blog, and keep up with 10 marketing channels while also managing employees and dozens of client pets daily. She thought about closing up shop many times.

Then Angela discovered my Done-For-You marketing program. She went from completely overwhelmed and ready to quit to having her inquiries triple in just two months!

Hear Angela explain in her own words how following the program’s customized content calendar, leveraging done-for-you graphics, and receiving 1-on-1 coaching helped her finally gain control of marketing. So she could focus on growing her business and caring for pets.

If you feel utterly overwhelmed trying to market your own successful pet care operation, you need to hear Angela's story. Her story of finding the support and systems to master marketing so she could get her life and business back. The lessons from this incredible conversation apply to any pet business owner struggling under the weight of scaling. Don't miss out on this episode of Bella In Your Business! If you are ready to chat, I would love for you to get on my calendar for a free 20 minute call!

Topics & Key Points

  • Starting a dog walking business, overcoming challenges, and growing a successful company.
  • Overcoming burnout and finding support in the industry
  • Business goals and marketing strategies for a dog walking and training service
  • Outsourcing social media marketing for a pet care business
  • Business growth through improved marketing strategies
  • Marketing program


[1:02] Starting a dog-walking business

[5:33] Finding support in the industry

[9:29]Business goals and marketing strategies

[13:51] Social media marketing for a pet care business

[18:36] Business growth

[22:43] Marketing strategies and personal growth

[27:30] Marketing program

Notable Quotes

[17:20] ” And then people employees are going to see all these graphics on my website and or my social media and say, Wow, I really want to work for that company”

[21:17] “They’re checking out your Google reviews, they’re checking out your website, they’re checking out your about us page, because they want to be able to see you and get a feel for you.”

[26:08] “So now I have the space to actually breathe and like, plan where I want to take this business, I actually have time to take care of myself do some self-care, things like work out or, you know, relax, if I want to. It just has changed my life, honestly”

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Welcome, everybody to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. I am joined by a special guest today, I’m excited to share her with you because, in the middle of one of our coaching calls, she said some pretty amazing things that I just really wanted to amplify in hopes that it gives you hope that you know if you’re struggling out there that there are ways and people are being successful, that are struggling with the same things that you are struggling with and figuring out how to overachieve it. So without further ado, this podcast today is all about inspiration. And I can’t wait to share it with you today. Angela Watts from Positive Dog is joining us. And she’s gonna tell you a cool story today. And I can’t wait. So Angela, welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be here. Absolutely.

Um, for those who do not know you, why don’t you give us a brief background? Tell us about you how you started and where you’re located. Give us the origin story here.

Oh, goodness. So it is a long story. But I’ll try to make it as short as possible. So I was married in 2004. And I had a couple of dogs. And there weren’t any dog-walking companies back then. And there was one boarding facility that was near us. And we lived about an hour and a half away from Boston. And we worked in the Boston area. So we had to commute. And our poor dogs were left alone for like 10 hours a day, sometimes 12 hours a day. And things just got a little bit hectic with work and having the dog so we ended up moving back to our hometown of Waltham in Massachusetts. And I got a job closer to home and my husband at the time got a job closer to home. And he started working at a doggy daycare. So then our dog started going to daycare and we started to explore the pet industry. He did so well in the daycare that they wanted him to start walking dogs. And then they missed him in the daycare and wanted him back in the daycare. But he didn’t want to go back. And so he wanted to continue walking dogs. So one day he came home and said I quit my job. And I said oh goodness, he You can’t quit your job and me living on one income here in this area. So what are we going to do? He’s like, I want to start a dog walking company. And I was like, Okay, I don’t know how that’s gonna work. But let’s try it. So we moved back with my parents, unfortunately. But thankfully, they took us back and started the dog walking company in 2000 in 2012. And so I was a special ed teacher at the time. And so I do cat sitting and pet sitting in the evenings, weekends, school, vacation, and summer vacations, and he did the dog walking. It took a little over a year and a half to build a clientele for him. And then he ended up getting sick. And then he could no longer work. But he had, you know, 12 to 15 dogs a day. And we didn’t want to give up those clients. So I started hiring. And it was very stressful, trying to take care of him trying to work full time as a teacher and manage the business. So something had to give in I decided in 2015 to take a leave of absence from teaching, and I have never looked back. So I did try to go back to teaching part-time in 2017 for half a year, but it was just too much. And you know, this is my passion. This is my love. And I’m using teaching, you know, with my staff and my clients and things like that. So I am following my passion at this point.

That is incredible. Go on. Are you gonna say something to say and now I have a team of 20 people. I love that.

Originally, we were not supposed to have any employees. It was supposed to be my husband and I forever just the two of us walking dogs, you know, taking care of but life just changes. You know, we ended up getting divorced in 2018. So you know it, I went through a little funk in 2018 2019 COVID hit 2020 and I you know, I almost gave up my business. I reached out to some of my colleagues in the area and I was like, I don’t know what to do. I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t want to go back to working crazy hours again. And you know I thought about working with I’m like, giving up all my clientele and becoming an employee of somebody else. But they kind of inspired me to keep going, because they knew I was going through a divorce. And it did like, and then, you know, I just worked through everything. And then 2022 came, was a great year 2023 was a fantastic year. And now, I started working with you in 2024. And my business has exploded even more. So I’m so excited about that.

That is amazing. And I think all of that is so important because I think what people are realizing now that the industry is you know, getting to be a lot of people are now you know, a decade in, and they’re like, they’re reevaluating Angela, just like you did you know, in those multiple different types of years, it’s, you know, life hits us. And when we’re doing something for a decade, life is going to hit us divorces, depression, medical issues with people that we love or ourselves, you know, our business just naturally is going to ebb and flow according to our personal, our own life. And I don’t think that it is feasible to think that you can be a worker and a business person. decades upon decades, would you agree?

Yeah, no, I couldn’t do it. I mean, I, I ground, you know, from 2015. Until 2020, COVID ahead. But you know, I still went through my funk. When I was trying to when I was going through my divorce in 2018 2019, it took a while, we finally got divorced in 2022. But, you know, it just it, I couldn’t sustain what I was doing. I was working, you know, 7080 hours a week. And I just couldn’t do it anymore, you know, and then I had nothing, I lost 95% of my business. I was like, I don’t know if I can go back to that again.

Right. Right. And what happened? How did you bounce back? I think that’s a really, we should probably start a whole series on this. How did you bounce back? From you know, that 2020 to 2021 2022? What kind of like, gave you that? Um, what Where did you find that I know that you said, the community was a really big, important part of that. Just being able to talk to your colleagues and get, you know, their inspiration for you. I don’t think anything can be done without community, tell me more about just the emotions that went through you, and that decision that you eventually had to make, whether it was overnight, or gradually of you not knowing what we’re gonna, we’re gonna kick this, we’re gonna be amazing. And in a couple of years, now, we’re gonna sit in at 25 employees being interviewed on a podcast.

It’s amazing to think about that, like, where I was, like, I almost gave up my business because I was so burnt and stressed, and, but it’s my passion. Like, I didn’t want to leave the industry, you know, I think, honestly, it was finding community, I wasn’t part of the Facebook groups at all, I didn’t even know that they existed. And I think I want to say like, I probably reached out to you at one point, and about your marketing. And then I was like, Well, I don’t want to market because I don’t have the staff I gotta get, I gotta get the staff. And like, I kept going back to you. Yours, you know. And I became part of your, one of your Facebook groups, and then just, I think I’m part of like five, or six, or maybe even seven of them. And like, you just learned so much from those and just reading people’s stories. And I have always had such an amazing team that I was like, I can’t give up on them. Like, just because I’m going through a funk. I have to like to push through this. I know I can push through this, you know like I love being able to employ a team of people, you know, and being that like role model and inspiration for them. So they kind of pushed me and then I had this amazing employee who mentioned possibly taking on some management roles. And that was the game changer. And I currently have four managers now. So if I didn’t have them, like I’m at the point now that I have a dream team and I can I feel like I can do anything now and move forward.

Right? I love that so much. So, you, you, you I what I hear is grit determination. You decided to be a leader. Figure it out as you go. So surround yourself with supportive people, who are doing what you’re doing and who are also just supporting your vision and your goals. So that brings me to so so now you’re sitting here sitting pretty it sounds like what are your goals? What’s your vision this year? Where do you see positive dog being in 2024 You know, like, let’s say this is December 2024, what does it look like?

So I’m still in the field. And I still want to be in the field. I love working with dogs, I love working with cats. But I want to step back a little bit and not work as much. So one of the goals is to have, an awesome management team at this point. So ideally, I would love to be able to not work weekends, and, you know, not be on call as much. So we’ve we’ve set up, an awesome schedule. So hopefully, that can be achieved. And I have had four weekends off in a row, which has never happened. We are in the talks of hopefully Hiring a certified dog trainer I have one with them tomorrow, and offering a lot of different dog walking training services, that hopefully can kind of fill a gap in our industry that we don’t have for people that for the dogs that can’t go to doggy daycare, you know that the reactive ones, we specialize in working with reactive and shy and fearful dogs. So hopefully we’ll be able to, you know, provide some more full-time employment with working with those types of dogs and offering them different types of solutions. But at the end of this year, like I said, my goal is to hopefully have weekends off. But I would love to be able to take a two-week, maybe even three-week vacation, not this year, but I’m definitely planning for it for next year and traveling internationally where I can turn my phone off.

I love that vision, I love those goals, and I would encourage you that that absolutely could happen in 2024. It’s only, you know, march right now. And you’ve got so much time in front of us to do. Sounds like you are someone who puts things into action, which I love. That’s why you’re a jumper, right? So let’s kind of think about it, you had said something earlier. And I think a lot of people say that about, you know, the marketing program that we have, oh my gosh, I already don’t know what to do with the people I have. I don’t want any more business, which is a good problem to have, right? But I always say there’s two problems that you’re solving. And I’d love to see if you agree with this, I think there’s everything can be put into two buckets, one is getting more clients and one is getting more employees. And if you have both of those buckets full and constant, then your business is going to be moving forward. It’s like they’re both like a wheel. And if you only focus on one of those wheels, what happens when you have one wheel and one dead wheel, Do you spin in a circle? But if both of those wheels are wheeling forward together, then the whole thing goes forward. Right. And what I think people don’t realize is that, you know, the better marketing DEVELOP program also helps you get employees, there are those moments where people look at it, and they go, Oh my gosh, like this looks like such a legit business. I want to work for them. And all the graphics that say we’re hiring, but before I get ahead of myself there, what were you, you know, so you’re coming out of this divorce, which I also have had experience with that myself a year later than you. And that was about a two-year funk that I’ve talked about on the podcast for myself. So I feel your girl and then you throw 20 into that. And then you got the 2022 and 2023 What were you doing in terms of marketing and social media and outreach? And just you know, looking looking professional, your storefront, your virtual storefront? How were you holding that together? What kind of things were you doing before entering better marketing with Bella,
it was like, so piecemeal, I was kind of embarrassed.

Um, it was like, whenever I had time, I would post things. My brother helps me with social media and mobile like posting pictures. And I started to get him to like, work once a week and post out, like schedule out for the entire week for me, and it was just pictures of cute dogs, cute cats. Nothing fancy, you know, and it was just like, whenever I had time, I may post something we did a monthly Pet of the Month Contest, which got a lot of traction, you know, once a month here and there, but honestly, I did nothing because I was like, I don’t have time to even think about what I want to plan how I want to plan it. I don’t have time to create things, you know, I would go on Canva it would take me like an hour and a half to create one graphic, and like, Oh, this is just not worth my time. So I gave up. You know, and I would always look at you know, like people’s posts on Facebook about what are they doing for marketing and things like that? And I was like, Yeah, I’ll get there. I’ll get to that. I’ll get to that. And then finally, I had a little extra funds. You know, I finally got out of debt this year from my divorce and all of that and I had some extra ones and I was like, Bala, I think I’m ready.

The best part about that is that you said your thing, you’re ready, right? And because that’s, that’s the number one thing like the program it, I don’t want anyone to do anything unless they’re ready, right? And because then it’s just it’s throwing spaghetti against the wall, seeing what sticks. And if you’re not committed to the things that you’re doing, then you’re not going to get you’re not going to be set up for results. Right. So I love that, you know, it was on your radar, you decided you were ready. But what I’m more concerned with, and I’ve heard so many people say this layup from wonder pups comes to mind. She used to be in Canva for an hour a day. And just like, you know, and then let’s just talk about all the self-loathing thoughts that you have to I’m not creative. I don’t know what to post. Does this look okay? Is it look like you know, all of these things go through your head? Did you experience that as well?

Oh, my God, yes. It was such that I was like, Oh, this is such a waste of time. And then I would do it. And I’m like, Oh, I don’t like it, whatever. I’m gonna post it anyway. And then I would delete it. And yeah, it was, it was awful. And I was like, there has to be something better. It sounds like a hot mess. I mean, and here’s the thing, like, we absolutely can, you know, do it. You know, we all are capable of, you know, you could sit there and watch videos on how to become a designer, right? Or how to know how to balance a photo, what makes photos too busy, or what will stop the scroll. And that’s just the visual. That’s not even the captions and the descriptions and, and, and thinking ahead to, you know, tug of war day or National petsitter week or anything like that, right? Yeah,
no, I just couldn’t do it. It was for me. I love working with the animals. So I’m like, if I’m going to spend time I’d rather be working with the animals than doing this stuff. This is Yeah, marketing is something I need to outsource.
Yeah, absolutely. And so So ultimately, why did you sign up? It sounded like because you now had the funds. It was already on your radar, it was something that you wanted to do. Is there anything to add to that?

Well, and then I was like, you know how people always say, if you put something out there in the universe, it’ll come back to you, oh, man. I know, I don’t have a problem getting new clients, but I’m going to put it out there. I’m going to get all the new clients I can get. And then people employees are going to see all these graphics on my website and or my social media and say, Wow, I want to work for that company. And I just had an interview before this podcast. And that’s what she said. She said, your website and your social media are like, amazing. And I wanted to work with you. And because I asked her, I said, why did you want to come to work for a pet care company? And she said, she’s like, I’m so amazed with how professional you are. And I was like, Oh, thank you.
Right. So first of all, that feels so good, right? Let’s just Let’s just Let’s just start there. But that is something that I think a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s not just clients looking at you. It’s also the employees because I think a lot of people still think that this is just a rinky-dink Mom and Pop, I’ll help you on the side. Oh, it’s a cute job, not thinking that it’s a professional business. And so when they are checking you out, they’re checking to see if, oh, can I trust this person to pay me a paycheck, a real paycheck? You know, they’re looking at what you’ve already invested in your company and how you’re presenting yourself to your community. And when they see things that are, you know, just picture after picture of a cute pet. That’s great. But, but where’s the professionalism? Right. So I love that. That’s so cool. And what did you think you were gonna get when you signed up? Like for better marketing with Bella?

I didn’t know honestly, I was like, well, if anything, I’m gonna get more clients or I’m just gonna get more experience of how to do things. And you know, when you sent me the material, I was blown away. I was like, This is so professional, it’s so easy to read. I mean, I have a content calendar of like, when to post things what to post you know, and a lot of the things I put my flair in, and obviously but it just made it so easy for me and I don’t know I just feel like better about my business. You know, already I’m like, I’ve been doing this for 12 years at this point, but I feel like I have a brand new business. I’m so looking forward to like what this year is going to bring and I didn’t expect the number of clients to increase as much as they have. So we’re gonna get into that I love what you’re describing feels to me like when you get a brand new outfit and you get to show up in the world in like this like, you know, great outfit or you feel awesome and you look your best and you and you just have this good image. I love. That’s what that’s what came to my mind when you said that. And so what does it tell us about the results that you got and how you were surprised by them? Because I remember I remember this conversation with you. Yeah. So
January 1, when I was like when I talked with you, it tripled my inquiries. And then same with February, I was like, Oh, my goodness, like, This is crazy. Like, we’ve gotten so many more inquiries. And, and I was like, I don’t know, you know, before we got more inquiries, because we got a new website, that was like in October, but then I didn’t do anything different in November, December, and then come January, our inquiries tripled. And then February, I was like, Oh, my gosh, so you know, it’s making a huge difference.

Good, good. And that is something you know, we’ve talked about this on the podcast before I’ve had a gal on and Savannah, Georgia. And she experienced the same thing it was, they did nothing else. But just add better marketing, literally. And I’m not even trying to be funny about that. They just added better marketing, because of what happens with social media, and I think a lot of us lose sight of this because we’re so involved with our business that people are checking us out multiple different ways. They’re checking out your Google reviews, they’re checking out your website, they’re checking out your about us page, because they want to be able to see you and get a feel for you. Right, I love that you have put your spin on the program because that’s important. Because there’s no way we could make the voice for everyone. And so you must put your spin on it. But what I think is also really cool is that people go to your social media to check you out, they want to see how they can feel about you and what you’re doing. And part of that feeling isn’t just Oh, great. They just put in a cute picture of a pet, I don’t care unless it’s my dog, or it looks like my dog. That’s really what a lot of people are great, you can post pictures, you know. But when you add value about like ways to celebrate a holiday with your dog, or our hacks to keep the cat off the counter or the sofa, or you know, you commiserate with their misery of getting the dog in the bathtub to take a bath because it’s too cold outside, you know, things like that. They’re like, Oh, yeah, she gets it. And that’s, that’s a lot of creativity that you know all of this, but your brain doesn’t allow you to be creative when you’re also operating in so many other areas of your business. And so tell us more about the results that you said tripled, and what have you learned just in the short time being in the program, that it makes a difference to mark it like, I mean like I said, I was like going on marketing, I’ll just post pictures and but like, you have to, like speak to the people. And you know, have them experience you and develop feelings and things like that. So now when I look at my Social, I’m like, Oh, I get this like warm, fuzzy like trustful feeling, you know. And it’s just fun. It’s fun to, you know, actually see people interacting, or even if they’re not interacting with the post, necessarily. They might give me like, private messages. Or they’ll send me an email saying like, Hey, I saw your post on this, like, I’m interested in learning more. So it’s, it’s been amazing.

That’s fantastic. And what about the coaching calls that we’ve had when it comes to marketing and how you’ve been able to take it and adapt it to your own? Like, I know, you and I have talked about outreach or doing events, and like what does that all mean? So can you expand a little bit more about how it’s not just getting, you know, something to post, but it’s more it’s strategy involved to like, what kind of strategy Have you been able to understand on a bigger level, and then take to your, um, your managers that you have, so I’m not there yet. Like, I know, I know. So it’s only been a couple of months and I know that I need to reach out to people so I reached out to a couple of trainers. So I have you know, had coffee with about three trainers since then. And network with them hopefully I’m going to bring one of the trainers onto our team to help but in terms of going marketing into apartment complexes, I’m not there yet. But it’s it’s definitely on my to-do list of of setting up connections with their leasing managers or, you know, hosting events there and all that good stuff. Not there yet.

Well, it’s on your radar and you’ve got us for support to help you break that all down and we’ll be we have only had one group coaching call so far. We got three more. And so those coaching calls are everyone’s chance to ask their questions and sometimes you don’t even know what questions you have. And so You get to learn from other people’s questions and the discussions that we have anything from how to do outreach. We had another success story. Last week I posted about someone had had done a video reply on a Facebook group where people were like, hey, I need a pet sitter. And they got five leads and turned, I think two or three of them into actual clients, because people were reaching out to them, you know, we show you when we tell you like, this is what you can say, you’ve got to be a little bit disruptive, because people end up with another problem when they post Hey, do you know a pet sitter? And then they get like, 20 answers, and they’re like, Okay, well, now I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know how to pick. And so when there’s like a video, you know, these are all like, fun tactics that we teach in the program. So, um, Angela, as we kind of come to a close, uh, what does it allow you to do now, that you don’t have to do anymore, like, you know, as you have these four managers, and you have all this, this big vision, and you want to take all this time off, not having to deal with the marketing, what’s that allowed you to do? Either mentally in your brain or physically with your time?

Oh, so much. So now I have the space to breathe and like, plan where I want to take this business, I have time to take care of myself do some self-care, things like work out or, you know, relax, if I want to. It just has changed my life, honestly, you know, just in a couple of months, and I’m like, I can’t imagine like, going back to where I was, you know, I started blogging, like, I didn’t have time to do that, because you provide me with some content and like, you know, giving me ideas of what to write and, and I love to write so you know, that’s helped me, I just feel like I can manage my team, I can be there for my employees a little bit more I can, you know, build more connections with them build more time with, you know, my clients, my family, I can spend more time with my family.

That is very huge. It’s huge. And I honor you for that. I think that’s amazing. Final question, anyone who is listening, or maybe I should just kind of give an overview. I just, feel like I talk about this stuff all the time so that everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. So let me just back up quickly and give you guys an overview. If this is your first time hearing about better marketing with Bella, that is exactly what Angela had joined and has been talking about. It’s where every single month for a six-month or 12-month period, we give you 10 branded graphics, which means your logo, your fonts, and your colors are all on there. We give you a branded Facebook cover every month for branded square videos and a content calendar, so it tells you when to post things caption list, and rough captions for you to do some people post just the caption some people tweak them as Angela was talking about, to emails that you can stay on top of with your clients and hey, what’s going on and you can add your stuff to them too. For outlines for reels, a lot of people hate reels or think that they’re hard to do and we show you easy reels that the members are doing and also give you ideas for them. We give you two blog outlines that Angela was just talking about as well. So topic talking points. And you know, you don’t have to sit there and think about what should I blog about you now have an outline to just build out and then also a reminder calendar, and then you also get a one-on-one call with me. So that we can strategize your on and off-pavement marketing. And then also for one-hour group calls. Wow, that was a lot. I try not to go through that list all the time. But with that, that’s what you guys get and you could check it out at jump consulting dotnet forward slash marketing let’s consulting dotnet forward slash marketing so Angela as we close what would be your advice to people who are unsure about the program and how it could help them you know, whether it’s employees or clients or both.

So my thing was I was unsure so I was like asking other people I asked you for some examples of companies that use your services so I could see like what they were doing and yeah, some of the stuff you know if they’re branded but if they’re so different so some of the pictures are the same but like you can make it your own by changing the caption and the colors and I just love the way our colors like make the graphics pop and I would say just do your research and you know look at other people but I highly recommend your program and I’m so glad that I ended up doing the six months and I wish I had done the 12 so I’m gonna do I’m gonna do the, the six for the next one and then moving forward do the 12

I love it. I love it. I love it. Well, we can get you hooked up with that girlfriend. You guys, I just I want you to know, whether it’s marketing, whether it’s hiring, whether it’s internal SOPs, whether whatever it is in your business, there are problems that need to be solved. And they need to be solved once and for all, you can’t keep solving the same problem over and over and over and over again, because that’s called spinning your wheels. It’s called insanity, doing the same thing over expecting a different result. So I do encourage you and I invite you, let’s have a conversation. If you want to talk about it, you can get on my calendar at jump consulting dotnet, forward slash 20. If you would like to just know, do it, Angela did email me, Bella@jumpconsulting.net. And I’ll show you a whole bunch of different clients, and how the program shows up differently on everyone. We even have clients to your point, Angela, in the same markets using the same material, but because of the way that they tweak it and put their special sauce on it, it doesn’t feel or look the same. So yeah, you guys, we are here to help you stop being insane, insane. But do it when it’s right it has to be right for you. And so if you’re ready to start getting that funnel for employees and clients, and I think something else, I’m sorry, now I’m just like flowing here. Angela, you said something earlier that I wanted to touch on, you were like the influx of clients, and I think it’s putting your business at a big advantage. Because if you even do have the quote-unquote problem of having too many people, two things can happen. One, you can get picky about the clients that you choose to take on, or two, you can even up your prices because of the little theory called supply and demand. So, you know, having I want everyone to reframe the whole oh my gosh, I’ll have too many clients into Wait a minute. This is what it looks like to be an advocate of my business. And this is what it looks like to have options, right?

Yeah, always good to have options for sure. Yep.

So I think I’m gonna leave everyone with that thought and go check out Angela it’s a positive dog walking, that’s a W s. I t I ve dog da w g walking.com. You can go check out that awesome website she was talking about. And from there, you can find her socials. And just like, I encourage you to go check her out. Check her out and think about how I feel when I’m looking at Angela’s business. And then ask yourself, Is this something that people feel about me or that they want that I want them to feel about me? And let’s keep the conversation going you guys I want you to remember that when life gets you down. Always keep jumping. Thanks so much for being here today. Angela. I appreciate your time.

Thank you for having me. I love chatting with you. Awesome.
I know. Bye

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