Episode 362: The Importance of Consistency in Your Pet Business Brand

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Imagine this: a pet owner is searching for a reliable service for their beloved canine companion, and they stumble upon your business's website, social media, or storefront. What sets your brand apart? What impression do you leave on their minds? Are you tired of feeling like your pet business is just blending in with the crowd? Do you want to stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers? If so, then consistency in branding is the key!

In this episode of "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," I want to talk about something super important for all you pet business owners out there: consistency in branding. Trust me, it's a game-changer!

Doors  for Better Marketing With Bella are currently open if you're looking for more guidance and support in your marketing journey.

And remember, consistency is key! So, let's get out there and make our pet businesses shine.

Topics & Key Points

  • The importance of consistency in branding.
  • Consistency in tone and voice.
  • Consistency in online presence.
  • Testimonials and results from the “Better Marketing with Bella” program.
  • Examples of consistent branding from Starbucks and McDonald’s.
  • Dangers of using AI for marketing and its impact on consistency.
  • Guidance and support available through the “Better Marketing with Bella” program.
  • Building relationships with your community.
  • Showcasing your personality and uniqueness.
  • Having a schedule for posting and creating content
  • Working smarter, not harder.


[00:01] The importance of consistency in your pet business brand

[01:45] Creating a professional brand with consistent elements

[05:48] Consistency in tone, voice, and online presence

[08:58] Consistently showing up in emails

[09:59] Building personal relationships in the community

[11:58] The power of brand consistency

Notable Quotes

[02:31] “Consistency is key when you are creating a brand for your business. Consistency, it matters how you look”
[02:11] ”What are your colors? Are you using your actual color numbers when creating or someone else is creating designs for you? Not just that, but you also use the same font.”
[05:15] “When you’re sharing blogs or social media posts, emails, any marketing consistency in your tone, in your voice is imperative.”
[07:27] “Just as brand consistency creates trust, it can also create distrust.”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella vasta. And today we’re going to talk about the importance of consistency in your pet business brand. Yes, I know this might automatically give you a little bit of an anxiety but I’m here to walk you through it and give you some actual act, things to think about, and some action items to take away.

But before we do that, I want to let you know that the entire month in the mastermind is devoted to marketing because guess what the doors for better marketing with Bella are open. If you seen my Instagram feed instagram.com forward slash Bella vasta. Or you’ve seen our jump consulting Facebook page Facebook.com/jumpconsulting, you will have seen all of the testimonials and the feedback and the results that people are getting this program you guys is on fire. I know you have a lot of options when it comes to marketing, you could do it yourself, you could hire someone who does not necessarily have a proven track record in the pet industry. But we’re here to take care of it all for you to figure out what the creative is because at the end of the day, let’s let’s admit that most of us are stressed out overworked, overextended, and you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

Let us take care of that. And then let us show you how to use it and get it really out in your community and be partnering and connecting with other thought leaders, that’s only going to help get your brand out there. Now when we’re getting our brand out there, we don’t want just pictures of dogs, we want someone to understand when they see it come through, it’s your voice. It’s your logo, it’s your colors, it’s your style. And they automatically know before they even read anything by the look of it that it is you. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today. So if you’re interested in better marketing and Bella, you want to find out the two different levels that we have, we have a very small level where we just give you basic stuff that you can add your own logo to that is called the Chihuahua plan. Or we have the golden plan where we give you the full monty. And that is everything taken care of for you. All you have to do is schedule it to go out and then continue doing the stuff that you’re doing. But what we do is make you look like a professional brand. And not just some random person posting pictures of a dog hoping that it sticks.

So let’s get into it. Today we’re going to talk about first the consistency. When it comes to your brand. The look of it is highly important. What are your colors? Are you using your actual color numbers when creating or someone else is creating designs for you? Not just that, but are you also using the same font? And what are your signature fonts? Do you have a primary and a secondary? Are we keeping consistent with that? Is your logo consistent everywhere you see it? Consistency is key. When you are creating a brand for your business consistency. It depends. It matters how you look for example, without even seeing the name, you know the Starbucks logo, and you know the colors and you know immediately what it’s all about or how it feels. Same thing for the Golden Arches. Those are extreme examples. But you can be just like that, anywhere they advertise its consistency down to every single detail. That’s what I want you to start thinking about am I consistent with my brand. When deciding on your brand, make sure the logo, your fonts, your colors are what you use every single time. I want you to think about a local company that you absolutely love and why there is a local Italian restaurant called oregano is here in the Phoenix area. And they have the funniest sayings and slogans they’re very punny, if you will, and that’s their brand. And it always emotes this emotion of like internal giggling, which automatically makes you feel good about their brand. When people see your feed. Do they just see dog pictures? Or do they know it’s your brand and interested about reading or hearing more about what you have to say?

What some examples I got two really great ones, dog dogs who originally joined better marketing with Bella and stayed for a few years. They learned so much they were able to start doing this internally with their staff. And now they are there kicking it. They are so good to go look up dog dogs. That is one prime example of a great unbranded company. Another fabulous company is Becky from paws around Motown. You want to go look her up too. And she has been doing an amazing job again at I mean, when I first met her, she didn’t even know how to do an Instagram story. And a couple episodes ago, we had her on the podcast. So you might want to go back and listen to that. And it was absolutely amazing. So I even had this rebrand that I did and I know a lot of you guys are doing a rebrand or a few of you have been doing rebrands and it’s really important to think about your font, your color, your consistency. For those of you who remember, jump used to be red and black and red was a pretty bold in your face, like color. And let’s face it, I’m pretty bold. And so the while that reflected me I also wanted to soften up the brand a little bit and that’s when we change to blue and and yellow as a primary with the accent of that hot pink that you see. And so these were like really specific things that we talked about and And then also brought in different elements that we use, we use the same swish mark or the same checkmark or the same arrows so that we have consistency throughout the brand. It’s not just the colors, it can also be the elements and the embellishment.

Let’s talk next about tone and voice. When you’re sharing blogs, or social media posts, emails, any marketing consistency in your tone in your voice is imperative. If you come across as upbeat and bubbly 50% of the time, and then put out ads that are blunt, direct and sound completely different from the previous ones. Your brand will literally become inconsistent, people won’t know what to expect, there is something to be said for when you know a brand and you see a brand and you see consistency through it that all of a sudden, you start to to subconsciously start trusting them. This type of inconsistency creates distrust, and distrust from no new clients read or listen less revenue. And so last week on Episode 361, we discussed the dangers of using AI to market your pet business. This is an example of what I meant. If you don’t know how to train your AI correctly with the tone in the voice might come off different with each output and creating inconsistencies across the brand. You create your tone in your voice for your brand that you’d like to represent who you are, and make sure it stays consistent. So listen, I did an actual training in the mastermind on how to get your AI to reflect this. When we give out all of the captions, the emails, for better marketing with Bella to our clients, I always encourage people, this is a good basis for you take it and make it your own voice. So that might be changing something like pet owners to PA parents. Or, you know, we would never say animals like your animals at home. We’d always say your pets, your fur babies, something like that. And you all call it differently. So that kind of voice and tone also goes into like, what is your vocab? What kind of phrases do you use?

Now, the next thing I want to talk about is how often are you showing up online? And what are you showing up with? How consistent Are you showing up online? Do you have a schedule for when you post? Or is it whenever you’re able to find the time to create? Now I know a lot of you guys have a lot of guilt over this because you feel like oh my gosh, you know what, like, I’m just so far behind. I’m not gonna post and you haven’t posted since like, July, guys, we can’t do that. Because just as brand consistency creates trust, it can also create distrust, when people are looking at you to see if they’re going to hire you and they go to your feeds, they’re going to feel like oh, well, they’re so busy or they don’t have time to or money to invest back into their brand. They don’t look professional. Truly, this is the psychology of marketing. So are you spending too much time trying to figure out what to post? Are you missing the most important aspect of online relations, which is engagement. And there’s a whole there could be a whole that I’ve actually done podcasts on this and challenged you to do engagement certain kinds of ways. And people have landed clients, we had a story about Connie landing this German Shepherd client merely because of the tactics that we gave her for engagement. So are you flying by the seat of your pants? Is your social media scheduled? Or do you have a basic foundation scheduled and then everything else is gravy, what you are showing up with matters. And like for example with better marketing we’ve got give you four videos a month six graphics? Are you doing polls? Or are you just like completely inconsistent? Your target audience will grow on social media with a consistent routine when it comes to your posting. And again, like you know if you have emails going out emails are something I love talking about because chewy, chewy and rover if anyone has ever signed up for chewy and rover and they’ve never pressed subscribe, unsubscribe, like many people don’t. They’re clicking Delete in their inbox. But that is a subconscious advertisement that just came and now they have thought for one second about rover or about chewy every single time that email comes through. How many times are they thinking about you? How many times are you showing up in their email with value? Not Hey, prices are increased? Hey, you need to book Hey, all of this like asking, how are you showing up with value?

The next thing I want to talk about is are you consistently building relationships with your community. Because your brand can be consistent with relationships. You can be an expert you can be a connector, you can be partnering with other people. Now you might try to partner with 10 vets and you only really click or create a relationship to expand on with one or two. That’s fine because those one or two could be really really helpful if you leverage it correctly. 92% of consumers trust recommendations of word of mouth from friends and family over advertisements. Consistency shows is up and building personal relations in your community. And it gives you more potential clients to come into your your ecosystem. I used to do meetings, networking meetings. At one point I even ran a local networking meeting. Now I know everyone has different personalities, not everyone’s going to do that. But showing up in and connecting with big connectors in your community are huge. I connected with a real estate agent and was in their, their magazine that they publish every two months, I’m not talking about end to publishing or like one of those little rinky dink ones, I’m talking about an actual person who lives in the area who produced a really cool thing. And everyone might not have access to this. But this is just an example of what could happen. It was called McDowell Mountain Ranch. And they had this beautiful, thick thing that came out told like you know what’s going on in this vacant store what’s being built on this, this vacant lot. And of course, they had home prices. And so I said, Hey, I want to have the top right corner of this publication. And I want my ad to be upside down. And what I did is I had a picture of my dog when he was a puppy, I used a lot of whitespace. Because this, this magazine was very, like there was a lot going on. And so I wanted to quiet the noise and draw the eye up there. And the only thing I said on that advertisement was we do it differently. They’re not just your pets, they’re your kids with her. And you literally had to take that. To read it, you had to flip the magazine upside down. Do you know that that advertisement over a year span I was able to equate now I’m sure there was more. Because you know, sometimes you miss it $40,000 of revenue in one year. Because of that, the reason why I was able to get that awesome spot in the magazine was through my relationship with them. And then of course, we did all of the community events. And that was part of the networking group that I was a part of as well. So the consistency in your in your brand really matters. You know, like that Italian restaurant I told you know, that was my inspiration. I wanted to be really different. I didn’t want to just be like Bella’s house and pet sitting dog walking, pet sitting pet taxi, here’s my phone number. Here’s my email, like yawn that’s boring. Like, let’s show our personality through it. We do it differently, you do it differently. You’re the most professional, how are you going to show that in your branding?

So you guys, I hope this has given you a lot of things to kind of think about, I want you to pick one thing that I talked about. And I want you to DM me on Instagram, Facebook, send me an email Bella@jumpconsulting.net
Tell me one of these things that you want to do. And let’s let’s help you do that. Or better yet, if you don’t have the creative bone in your body, because you’re trying to plan for the holidays, and you’re trying to plan for your business next year. And all these multiple hats that you have to do, please consider joining us for better marketing with Bella, I literally partner with every single one of you. We check up on you every single week. It is literally like having Bella in your back pocket. And you guys I know how to do this. I’ve been doing this online since 2002. I was talking about Facebook Lives before that was cool. I was teaching Facebook pages before anybody understood what they were. And I have been hanging around with people and keep myself up to date and constantly in our monthly calls with the program helping expand other people’s businesses through this. So I want you to think about one thing that you can try to up your game on the consistency in your business. If you really enjoy doing your social media, I want you to think about how effective is it? Are people paying attention? Is it interesting enough? Are you taking what you’re putting on social media, adding it to your monthly emails that you’re sending out? Are you taking your blogs or your Facebook Lives or your posts and then regurgitating them into other lives, blogs, stories, other posts, all of this is possible. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Stop being busy, like Leia was in our last episode. And if you didn’t catch it, you definitely want to hear it because I think you all can really relate with her. If you love this episode and want to stay up to date on Bella and your business, make sure that you subscribe, share it with a friend word of mouth. And give me a like wherever you get to listen. It has been awesome being here with you today.

And I want to encourage you to do not isolate. I’ve talked to a few of you lately that have been isolating. And the minute that you got out of that isolation. Oh yeah, Bella, you’re right. Yes, isolation is the death of a business. You need to get around other people that are doing what you want to do, that are struggling with the same thing that you’re struggling with. Community is everything. So stay close. Let’s do this together. Help is here, my dear. And remember when life gets you down to always keep jumping by now.

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