Episode 216: What You Need To Get Your Pet Business Out Of The Covid Crisis

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Pet Business Covid Crisis Survive and Thrive Mastermnd

The Pet Business Covid Crisis isn't going away anytime soon. Things aren't going back to normal. They will never be the same again. Consumer spending online is through the roof. Pivots are being made. Businesses are closing while others are soaring. If you want a fighting chance, then this episode is for you. If you have decided you will "wait it out" or keep your business at the low numbers and hunker down, then this episode isn't

My Jumpers are do'ers. When the world says they can't, Jumpers say I CAN. I have watched too many of you fight through this Pet Business Covid Crisis to come back stronger than ever and from that you have inspired this episode. Listen in to learn:

  • How times are changing
  • How society will never be the same
  • How COVID will revolutionize the way you do business.
  • Examples of companies who have failed during times of change.
  • The effects of the revolution.
  • How to revolutionize the way you do business.
  • Examples of others doing a great job.
  • 5  areas you need to focus on to survive.
  • The future is actually very bright!

If you are ready to Jump and work through things, consider joining me Monday through Friday in the Mastermind. It is where you can have access to me, the group, and all the resources that come along with it. It is the winner's circle of the pet industry and a lot of fun!

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