Episode 336: Trends I Am Seeing In The Pet Business Industry

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In this episode of " Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast," I discuss three pet business trends I see right now that you should be jumping on. As a former pet business owner myself, I can recognize pet business trends such as: Standing in your own power when communicating price increases to clients, and considering virtual consultations as a way to streamline your processes and save time. Lastly, take note of the increasing number of pet walking and sitting companies also offering dog training services.

What pet business trends have you been seeing lately in business? Does anything big stand out to you? Let me know! Also, if you're thinking about numbers in your business, I will be discussing crucial numbers that are essential for every pet business owner to be aware of. Don't forget to tune in to stay updated with the latest developments in the ever-changing landscape of the pet business. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it!

Topics Discussed and Key Points

  • Three noteworthy trends currently shaping the pet industry.
  • Unique value proposition and why it is important to always look at the bottom line
  •  The trend of virtual consultations especially for well-behaved dogs
  • The adverse behaviors caused by the co-dependency of dogs and humans in 2020 during the pandemic


[00:13] Introducing today’s show about pet business trends
[01:08] Price increases
[03:24] Virtual consultations
[05:47] Pet walking and sitting companies becoming dog training companies
[07:31] Numbers you need to know in your business /next episode
[08:45] Meet Bella and share your business

Notable Quotes

[00:01:15] “People are increasing prices because their profit margins are shrinking because inflation and employee wages are going up.” [00:01:23]
[00:02:16] “When it comes to reducing your costs, a lot of people need to look at their bottom line, they need to look at things like where are you spending money, where are you not getting your return on investment? You should get a return on investment on everything.” [00:02:29]
[00:02:56] “I do not want you paying someone to do something for 10 hours that could be really done in 2 hours. Stop complicating it.” [00:03:04]
[00:04:40] “If you have the right systems and processes and the right questions and the right onboarding for clients, you don’t necessarily even need a consultation, but let alone you could do a virtual consultation, you actually could be pretty effective.” [00:04:58]
[00:06:44] “2020 changed you know us all and the dogs and the humans started really spending a lot of time together and they the humans kind of became codependent on the dogs to the point they don’t ever want to leave them alone. And it has caused these adverse behaviors that almost need to be untied.” [00:07:01][17.0]

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella vasta. And today we are going to get into it, I had a really good question that was asked inside of one of my communities. And it was what are the trends that I’m seeing in the industry. And I came up with two and one of my members came up with one that I completely agree with. And we’re going to dive into it today. But before I begin, I want to encourage you to like, and share comment on this podcast, if you have not already, we would love that we love getting new viewers. And I also want to, if we’ve never met each other, I would love to meet you. So shoot me an email at bella@jumpconsulting.net We can get on a 20-minute call, and just get to know each other, I always like to solve one problem for you during that time. Also, it seemed as though you guys loved the last episode, even though it was nine minutes, you loved it. I got a lot of emails last week, and I appreciate it. So keep them coming. Because I love hearing back from you guys.
Alright, so the very first one that we’re going to talk about is price increases. And I’m sure that makes sense to you. You’ve probably seen it happening around a lot. But the thing is, is that people are increasing prices because their profit margins shrinking because simply put inflation and employee wages are going up. Okay. And so that is something that’s happening, but I see it happening in a lot of different ways. I want to remind you to stand in your power as it talks about your unique value proposition and why it’s a great thing that your prices are increasing. Yeah, I do mean it, there are ways to position yourself on this ways not to position yourself on this is a long, boring, fluffy email that does not include the so what factor and that basically is begging people to permit you to increase your rates and then overwhelm them with a long menu of all the different rates. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. I would argue that you don’t need to send anything at all. Yeah, I mean it, I can show you what I mean, if we work together or like you’re in the community, and I can go into it, but it’s too much to go into the podcast here. The other thing is that, um, when it comes to, you know, reducing your costs, a lot of people need to look at their bottom line, they need to look at like, where are you spending money, where you’re not getting your return on investment, you should get a return on investment on everything. I had one girl that just joined better marketing, and she was spending almost $1,000 on her Google ads, and she has no idea if she was making that money back. Ouch. As we that you that’s something you deserve to know, as a business owner. So I want to encourage you to be empowered with that information. Okay. Ask for it. The other thing too, that kind of parlays into this price increase thing is making sure that you’re doing things as swiftly and smoothly as possible. I do not want you paying someone to do something for 10 hours that can be done in two hours. Stop complicating it. I see I just literally got off a coaching call where someone was overcomplicating a system. And she was like, That’s it. I’m like, yeah, it’s dog walking and pet sitting. It does not need to be that complicated. So think about that. And I want you to think about how does that affect you? And do you feel like that trend is happening with you?
The next trend that I see is virtual consultations. Now, I am so proud to say that back in April of 2020, April 2020, Marcus Sheridan, one of the leading sales coaches in the world came in and broke it down and showed us all how to do virtual consultations. Now would you believe it? If I told you I actually had a lot of clients that are doing virtual consultations, and some are not even doing consultations? Oh, the blasphemy of that. I know don’t get scared, stay with me here. Before you completely reject it, I am going to challenge your thinking like I do all the time. If you are one of those companies that do not pride yourself on the special need cases or the fear cases or, or the heavy medication cases, right, you’re just a dog walker, and you do not want and I mean that lovingly and you do not want to try to save the world, right? If you want to walk nice dogs that are well-behaved and won’t rip your dog walker’s shoulder out of the socket, then you can create a system where you almost don’t even need it or you charge a lot for it if the client wants it. Yeah. And you can also set it up so that the first visit is almost like a consultation, but not really. But if you have the right systems and processes and the right questions and the right onboarding for clients, you don’t necessarily even need a consultation. But let alone you could do a virtual consultation you actually could be pretty effective. Okay, that’s one Mmm, the good thing that came out in 2020 is that everybody is very fluent doing this now, whereas before they were like, I don’t want to be on camera, everyone’s on camera now. It’s just a way of life. Okay? So I want you to consider doing virtual consultations, if you are in our community, just go to the guides, and you can see that entire breakdown, and the teaching on how to do virtual consultations in your dog walking or pet sitting business. It’s phenomenal. And as I said, there’s a lot of people in our community that are already done that they’ve been doing it, but it’s kind of cool to start seeing the rest of the industry catch up, which is typically what happens we kind of do things and then it kind of starts gaining momentum.
Now the last thing I’m going to say is that Becky and Stephanie brought this up in our community, and they said they’re seeing a lot of pet-sitting dog walking company has also become dog training companies. And this is very true. It’s something I deeply believe in. We’ve got let’s see, we’ve got Jessica from RCO pet care in. In Connecticut that just got certified is now a dog trainer as well. We’ve got Jenny COEs in peaceful paws pet care who also has a dog ology universe. No, wiggle, but University dog Ology is Matt, Matt, but he’s not I think just a dog. trainer, I don’t think he’s also dog walking. And then we’ve also got Randa who has a couple of businesses, but one of them is also training. She did that a couple of years ago. And so I am seeing that. And the reason and Becky put this so eloquently, so I’m not going to take credit for this. But you know, 2020 changed a lot of dogs. And a lot of the better marketing and Bella members are talking about this now on their reels, which is cool to see. But 2020 has changed, you know us all. And the dogs and humans started spending a lot of time together. And they, the humans kind of became codependent on the dogs to the point, they don’t ever want to leave them alone. And it has caused these adverse side behaviors that almost need to be untaught. And so it’s kind of cool to see, these trainers come in, and they get established with these pet parents and these dogs, but then they’re able to continue their relationship for the duration of the dog’s life by being their dog walker as well.
And so those are the three trends that I’ve been seeing and that my community has been seeing. I’m curious if you’ve been seeing any trends and what they’ve been. And let me know I’ll shout it out on the next episode, just email me Bella at jump consulting.net. Next week, we’re gonna go into numbers, numbers that you need to know in your business. And I want you to stay tuned for this. Or if this isn’t the most recent episode that’s paused, I encourage you to listen to the next episode. There are a lot of numbers that a lot of people just don’t know in their business and they get it like I had to take college algebra three times to pass it guys. I hate numbers. But when it comes to a profit and loss statement, I know those numbers I do. And I have people that helped me with them. But the reason why we’re talking about this is that in our community, this is the month of numbers. April, you guys have probably just submitted your taxes and before that your corporate taxes. And you know, it’s the month the numbers where we’re all kind of thinking about it. And there are certain numbers that I want to make sure that you know in your business because these numbers should be driving all of your decisions. Not your gut, not what your competitors are doing, not what your mama thinks not what like your your your staff thinks it needs to be what, what the numbers say, okay, and when we make no bait numbers, I’m sorry when we make decisions based off of numbers. The possibilities are endless. And so stay tuned for that next up next, next episode. In the meantime, if we have not met yet, I want to meet you. Email me at bella@jumpconsulting.net let’s do a 20-minute call. I’ve heard from so many of you lately that you’ve been listening for a long time. And I love that. But don’t listen in silence. Let’s meet I want to hear from you. I want to learn about your business. I want to know what you lay awake at night thinking about please email me and let’s meet bella@jumpconsulting.net until the next episode, I want you to remember that when life gets down, always keep jumping by now

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