Episode 298: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Pet Sitting Software

Pet sitting software
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Pet sitting software is a crucial aspect of running an efficient business. Many business owners find themselves either without software or paying for one they aren't even using to its fullest potential.
And as a business owner, you want to do everything that helps move your business forward by thinking smarter, not working harder. There are common mistakes I see business owners make when utilizing or choosing the correct pet sitting software.
Is your client communication in multiple areas?
How do you prefer your clients to book? Where do they go?
How do you schedule and how is it communicated with your sitters?
We are seeing many business owners use software for one spect instead of utilizing it to the fullest, costing them time, money, and sanity in the long run. Today I am talking about the 5 important points to look at when choosing or using pet sitting software and how you can avoid some common mistakes.
I am also so excited to reveal a 6-month-long project I have been working on in this episode that I think will be so helpful when it comes to pet sitting software.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:52 Software will help you
  • 2:15 time spending
  • 3:30 What is your booking process?
  • 4:35 Client information
  • 7:05 How do you schedule?
  • 7:31 primary & secondary sitters
  • 8:20 Your Communication
  • 9:55 Something big I have been working on!
  • 10:40 jumpconsulting.net/software


When it comes to choosing your pet sitting software, there are many different things that may be important to you and your business. You want to find software that helps you think smarter rather than work harder. Whether it is scheduling, booking or financials, using software to its full potential to benefit your business is a priority. Head over to jumpconsulting.net/software and see what we recommend we use based on your needs!

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