Episode 316: 4 More Ways To Practice Self-Care During The Holiday Rush

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What if there was a way to prioritize self-care during the holidays but not jeopardize business? Would you be willing to make small (but important) changes that would allow you to ensure self-care is a priority but kept business booming?
Many business owners today sacrifice their own self-care for the name of their business. Saying "yes" to everyone else except the most important person, you. You are the glue of your life, holding together family and business aspects, balancing everything else thrown your way.
If you have heard the statement, "you can't pour from an empty cup" it is completely valid. Today I am going over 4 things you can do to make sure you prioritize self-care (read: boundaries) and make the holidays a time for family and friends. Most importantly, I want you to remember why you got into this in the first place and how important YOU are to your business.
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Biggest Takeaways

  • 5:25 Big rocks first
  • 8:10 Don’t overbook yourself. Consider supply and demand
  • 13:20 Hire extra now. Including calling back college kids
  • 15:50 Make time to celebrate for you and your loved ones


When it comes to prioritizing self-care, being apart of a community that supports you is an important aspect. The Mastermind Group, is a group of like-minded business owners who lift up, support and network with one another. This is a place of growth and learning, getting all your HR questions answered and having full 24/7 support from experts and business owners alike. If self-care is a priority for you in your business, the Mastermind is worth checking out.

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