Episode 333: 3 Reasons to Jump on Reels If You Haven’t Already (+ 3 Easy Reel Ideas)

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Hey, jumpers! Have you heard about Reels? They're the talk of the town in the social media world these days. If you run a pet care business, you might be curious about what all the fuss is about and how it could benefit you. Well, no need to worry because we've got you covered - we'll fill you in on everything you need to know! In this episode of the  Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast, we discuss the benefits of using  Reels for pet business owners. We learn about the importance of showcasing personality through reels, as it allows for a behind-the-scenes look at the business and can connect with potential clients on a deeper level. Bella provides practical tips for creating effective reels, including recording funny and adorable interactions with animals and collaborating with other businesses. You simply can’t afford to miss this episode! Let’s dive in!


Topics Discussed and Key Points

  • Three reasons to jump on reels
  • The meaningful relationships and the meaningful changes
  • In-Person intensive and why they are powerful
  • Better Marketing with Bella
  • Benefits of having a thriving social media content
  • The importance of personality in pet business reels
  • Creating effective pet business reels
  • 15  reel ideas
  • Using Instagram reels for pet business owners


[00:36] Introducing today’s show
[02:50] In-Person Intensive
[05:36] Reason One: showcasing personality
[07:23] Reason two: reels are highly shareable and can help to reach a wider audience
[08:42] Reason 3: standing out from the competition
[10:23] Three quick reel ideas
[11:29] Better Marketing with Bella Program

Notable Quotes

[00:01:09] “What if I told you if you only spent 10 minutes a week on marketing, you could bring in at least three new leads a week?” [00:01:20]
[00:04:48] “I want you to understand that this is not a popularity contest. This isn’t about, Oh, I got 45 likes. Who cares if that does not transfer into actual paying clients?” [00:04:59]
[00:05:41] “As a Tedster dog walker, you are the face of your business. Your clients want to know who they’re trusting with their furry family members. Reels allow you to showcase this, and your personality gives your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business.” [00:05:56]
[00:06:03] “Don’t be afraid to show your silly side to your followers as they will love to see your fun and playful side impact. They will connect with you even more when creating a reel. It’s important to keep in mind that your target audience wants to see more of who you are and what you do.” [00:06:19]
[00:07:26] “When you post a reel, it’s more likely to show to a wider audience. And if that reel is full of content that the audience is craving, you’re going to get more followers.”  [00:07:36]
[00:09:07] “Prospective clients might resonate with your care approach and be much more likely to think of you when they need support or their own pet reels can also be a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the pet care industry.” [00:09:19]
[00:09:57] “Reels can also help engage with the audience and build a community around your business. Use reels to ask questions, run polls, create fun challenges, and lastly, really can help you create consistent brands across all your social media platforms.” [00:10:11]

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Welcome, everybody to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella vasta. And today we’re going to talk about three reasons to jump on reels. If you haven’t already, I’m going to give you some good ideas and examples of things that some of our community is already doing. And especially right now, in the mastermind, we’re talking all about video this month, and even have special guests coming in to teach us the best chances at going viral. So you’re not gonna want to miss this episode. But first, I would love to tell you, to make sure you subscribe rate and review the podcast, it’s a really easy way to help other people find us and join in on these conversations we’re having about helping your business thrive. So what if I told you, if you only spent 10 minutes a week on marketing, you could bring in at least three new leads a week? Well, that’s what some of our clients are experiencing right now. And you know what it’s through? It’s actually through reels. But for most of us, that would be a heck yes. Like, yeah, I would want to know how to do that. But wait, what would I have to do? And because if you’re like most business owners out there, you know that you should be leaning into reels, you’ve heard about them reels, tiktoks like videos, right? On social media, but it irritates you. Because I hear this all the time.
Because you already feel like you have too much to do. And you don’t want to show up on camera. And for some reason, people think that reels are equal to your face on camera, and I get it. Like I have just now started recording my podcast and no longer can I do it with the hair on top of my head, makeup dripping down my face and imagery. champs I got ready to like do this for you, right? And so I get that, but that’s why batching helps. But so far. Um, I want you guys to have an open mind today, because in this episode, I’m going to give you three reasons why you should start using Rails today and share three easy real ideas to get you started. So I’m not just going to be talking about the concept. I constantly fight with my coach on this because I give away so much free information to you guys all the time. I am telling you the how instead of the what or why. And usually, the how in most consulting firms is reserved for paid gigs. But you know what, like, I just want to help you guys so much. And then the ones I want to work with one-on-one other ones that are already trying to do stuff. Shout out to my big intensive last week, I flew to Seattle, which was so much fun. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just like San Francisco with all the hills, amazing food, went to you know, the tours place the pike market and that was neat. I just love the feeling of community. But I met with Tamra and she’s with batch pet care. She’s been with them for a very long time like 15 years. And last year she just took her business from 400,000 to 800,000 which is amazing. And so naturally a lot of systems and processes needed to be changed. She took her dog with her I got an Airbnb she came we spent the day ordering lunch and we just had the best time ever. And so those are the connections and the meaningful relationships and the meaningful changes that I love. There are certain communication or like things that we can have you know on this podcast is a one-way or in the mastermind, we can type or if you do intensives with me the six packs The 45-minute sessions that I do, those are great when we have pointed things, but the in-person intensives are massively powerful and move the needle because we’re able to sit there and laugh and cry and get frustrated. Honestly, we go through the gauntlet of emotions and work through things. So all of your Yeah, but are all of those things that prevent you from creating action in your business, because you’re not sure of all these things, we can hash those out. So we had a fantastic time, as I always do in the intensives. And it was amazing.
So alright, I’m getting back to this, though, that was a little bit of a tangent. But it was important to tell you guys, I want you to picture this, you are completely booked full of clients who love what you do, and who are paying you top dollar for it. You have a host of fans on Facebook and Instagram, where they’re connecting with you and liking and share your content. You’re constantly getting fat followers each week because of how many people are sharing and engaging with your content. Now, guys, I want you to understand that this is not a popularity contest. This isn’t about oh, I got 45 likes, who cares if that does not transfer into actual paying clients? Let me say that again. Who cares unless it translates to actual paying clients? Now in the better marketing developer program, we teach you how to translate that. And so does that all sound too good to be true? Because it’s not. And I know it because I’ve watched a lot of you use these tips. I have so many examples in my Instagram highlights of you guys taking exactly what I say to do and immediately having results. I do not talk of my own volition I talk to help you.
Alright, so having thriving social media content will help you and your business and your bottom line. So let’s talk about the details. Reason number one reels are a great way to show off your personality. As a pet sitter and dog walker, you are the face of your business. Your clients want to know who they’re trusting with their furry family members. reels allow you to showcase this, okay, and your personality and give your followers the scene look at your business. Share a reel of you and your furry client on a walker at the park or show off your grooming skills. Don’t be afraid to show your silly side to your followers will love to see your fun and playful side. They will connect with you even more. When creating a reel. It’s important to keep in mind that your target audience wants to see more of who you are and what you do. For example, if you specialize in caring for senior dogs, then create reels on it. Wow, yes, I mean it. By showcasing your personality, your audience will become more invested in your business. Think about those TV stars or those people that you feel like you know, but you don’t. Maybe it’s even me. And I’m not a star but like, you know, you have me in your ear and you feel like you understand me and you know me, but unless we’ve talked we don’t know each other. You could be emulating that same thing to potential clients, potential employees, and people that are out there. So reels are a powerful tool for pet sitters and dog walkers to connect with their followers. And I want you to check out paws Oasis Chela, who’s a mastermind member and also better marketing with Bella. She just did a fabulous real it was awesome. Check it out. And it was three unique scenarios where In Home Pet Care saved the day. All right. And it’s her and she’s talking because it’s the way she chose to do it. You could like Flash pictures if you wanted to put words on the screen if you were absolutely like No, I’m not appearing on camera, but it was great. Now Reason number two reels are highly shareable. When you post a reel it’s more likely to show to a wider audience and if that reel is chock full of content that the audience is craving you’re gonna get more followers. So think about maybe there was a Susan G Komen three-day breast cancer walk and you did it with your dog or you had a cheering station. Why? Because partially these reels are so highly shareable your followers can easily share your reel with their followers. This also works when you make a real about their actual dog. So that would be cool. It’s called Social Media for a reason people want to see you the real behind-the-scenes funny, and amazing. You are the perfect way to showcase who you are and the adorable animals that you get to interact with. walk a dog with a funny bark, record it, and post it pets it for a cat that’s the messiest eater you’ve ever seen. Record it and post it. People love seeing cute and funny animal videos and they’re more likely to share them with their followers.
If you need more real ideas and are just struggling in general make sure you stick around to the end because well I’ll just tell you now better marketing Bell is open and people take the real ideas we do we say use this video I’m sorry to use this video for inspiration use this. Use this audio to say this. Here’s the script put this in the caption like we take all the creative away from Like, like away from you, you don’t have to figure it out. Anyways, the reason number three reels can help you stand out from the competition, is they can help you highlight the unique services that you offer that your competitors may not just this weekend, I had a cool, or last week at the intensive, Tamra has a very unique value proposition, something that none of her competitors do. And like reels would be a great way to showcase all of that I was trying to tell her that and, and, and it just really makes your message so different than everybody else’s part of me. So, respect prospective clients who might designate with your care approach, and be much more likely or think of you when they need support for their own pet. Real estate can also be a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the pet care industry. Use reels and show tips on the advice of topics like pet nutrition, and training behavior, this can all help position you as a thought leader in the pet care industry, but also in your community, depending on who you collaborate with another way to stand out from your competition, collaborate with other businesses. Yes, get in line with them. Becky Lee is up at PAWS around Motown. She does this a lot. And it’s great. And you know who else is doing this is Stephanie with Chicago urban pet care cup. And she’s doing this a lot, too. In fact, she’s doing it all year long. We created a whole marketing plan for her this year to do just that. And she’s seeing great results from it. reels can also help engage with your audience and build a community around your business. Use reels to ask questions, run polls, and create fun challenges.
And lastly, reels can help you create consistent brands across all your social media platforms. You record it once you have someone edit it, or you edit it yourself, and you post it everywhere. And guess what else here’s a bonus, you can repost ones that did well before. That’s a really good strategy to do. So now here are three quick real ideas one a day in the life, those are just a really a lot of quick splices of before and after, before a walk after a walk the dog like jumping up and down crazy, the dog panting on the floor passed out and meet the team. Those are three real ideas that you could do five different ways, which potentially could be 15 real ideas I just gave you. So who’s gonna do it, who’s gonna be the first one to take me up on this podcast? tag me on Instagram at Bella vista. And let me know. And I also want to know which one of these people wants which, which one of you listeners who are listening to the podcast right now are going to come out from behind just listening and take an action step. Who is going to say enough is enough with social, I understand Bella that not only do you know what you’re talking about, but you have results, and I want to be your next unicorn, I want to be your next winning case. I don’t want to struggle with social media anymore. I don’t want to feel guilty over social media any more than I’m not doing enough that they don’t have the creative energy because I am just so underwater in every other area. When am I going to be able to help you with better marketing with Bella, you have a social media manager fantastic. I love when you have a social media manager because they get to do all of these fun, personal things for your business. And I get to bring the professionalism because it is not okay for your thing to only have a hole, what am I trying to say it’s not okay for your Instagram, or your Facebook, or your social media to only have you focused on it, okay, it needs to show a plethora of everybody or everything in your business. You can not only have pictures of dogs, on your Instagram, but it also doesn’t tell me anything about you or your company. If your Instagram is full of a whole bunch of dog or cat faces, you’re missing the mark terribly. And there is a lot of room for improvement. Again, I said this at the beginning I don’t care if you get 45 likes what I care about is how does that translate into relationships and clients?
So let’s have a talk. I will flat out tell you and my clients will tell you this, I will flat out tell you if you’re not ready for the program. But why don’t you jump on a call with me jumpconsulting.net/20 right then in there, we can get on a call and just talk about where you’re at. I will tell you if you’re good for the program or not. Because your success is my success. And if you are not set up for success, I will tell you that because I don’t want you in the program. So let’s talk jumpconsulting.net/20 You guys do not forget to Like share, subscribe, and give us reviews of this podcast. I would love it tremendously if you do not do anything else. And remember when life gets you down, always keep jumping by now

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