Episode 359: Bouncing Back Unleashing the Power of Resilience

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Hey Jumpers! Have you ever wondered what sets apart those who crumble under life's pressures from those who seem to effortlessly bounce back, stronger than ever? In a world filled with unpredictable twists and turns, where challenges and setbacks often seem to be lurking around every corner, one thing becomes abundantly clear: resilience is the secret sauce to success.

In today’s episode of  "Bella in Your Business: Pet Industry Business Podcast,"  we will discuss the importance of resilience. Life throws tough challenges, but resilience is about bouncing back. Surrounding yourself with positive influences and a support system can make all the difference. Facing fears head-on and taking responsibility for your actions are crucial. Conquering fears is empowering, and personal growth comes from owning up to mistakes.

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Always remember that resilience is key. Surround yourself with positivity, confront your fears, take responsibility, and make small changes for big transformations. You've got this!

Topics & Key Points

  • Understanding resilience
  • The entrepreneur’s journey: Loneliness and challenges
  • Harnessing your inner resilience
  • The power of positive influence
  • Small changes, big transformations
  • Better marketing with Bella


[00:00:59] Resilience: definition and importance

[00:02:00] Finding resilience: Mel Robbins’ five-second rule

[00:03:50] Choosing resilience and bouncing back

[00:09:02] Resilience and self-control

[00:09:58] Feeding your mind with positive content

[00:10:51] Habit stacking and influences

Notable Quotes

[00:01:39]” Resilience is the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. Toughness, the remarkable resilience of so many institutions or to the ability of a substance or an object to spring back into shape.”

[00:04:08] “If you always keep jumping, you’re never going to stay down. If you always keep jumping, you’re going to be resilient.”

[00:06:47] “Those little fall downs, those falling off the wagons, those failures. There are great lessons in those.”

[00:09:02] “When you realize that you can only control yourself and you’re not responsible for other people’s emotions or actions, it’s very freeing’

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. And wow, you guys really loved the episode last week all about fear. I got a lot of emails from you. And a lot of them are pretty personal. But I just want to say I see you, I feel you. And I’m proud of you. Because a lot of times, a lot of you guys have been hit with some pretty heavy stuff we all have. But sometimes some of the messages I got, like y’all have been hit with pretty hard stuff, all at the same time. And that does, you know, make you want to be paralyzed in fear. So, my friends, I want to say if you’ve not listened to the last episode, go ahead and listen to that, because it really, truly was remarkable. And I am excited today to talk about something that kind of, you know, goes hand in hand with fear. And that’s resilience.

Today, we’re going to talk all about resilience, because I think that it’s kind of a really big thing in my life. And in my story, if you know my story, and it’s also something that is the signature in everything I do always keep jumping, and I’m gonna get into that today. But let’s first start, we’re gonna go to like Webster’s Dictionary here. Resilience is the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties, toughness, the remarkable resilience of so many institutions, or to the ability of a substance or an object to spring back into shape. elasticity, like nylon is excellent in wearable and resilience. That’s kind of a weird example. But thank you, Webster. So it’s about springing back, it’s about always keep jumping, it’s about I always say, always keep jumping, because if you keep that momentum going, then you’re never gonna be able to stay down, you’re gonna have that momentum and momentum breeds, like history, essentially, like, you know, you keep the momentum going, you’re gonna keep going and going and going and going, right? And you’re never going to be staying down. So how do you find resilience? Because, again, like, we have a fear that helps prevent us from not moving forward things. But what about, you know, okay, if we get a good handle on the fear, which is why I want you to listen to the last episode first, and use some of the tactics that I mentioned, like finding out facts, facts will kill fear. Now, how do we be resilient? And I think a lot of it, I mean, what comes to my mind is the Mel Robbins 54321, where you just like literally count down 54321, and then you do something. Now it can be tiny little ones, and you keep 5432. And one yourself, and you guys have seen this if you’re on my Instagram, Bella Vasta. But once you get over that fear, or you make that decision that you’re not going to be like, you know, held down by fear, then you can push past it, you can push past it by doing that 54321 By taking that first step forward. And how do you always keep up, get back up? It’s a choice. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s a choice, are you going to stay down? Or are you going to be elastic? Are you going to snap back into who you are? Or where? Or what place the life you believe in before? Is it a choice to be resilient? It is? It’s are you going to keep working on it? Are you going to be able to surround yourself with the people that you need? And the encouragement and the influence that you need? Or are you going to just stay down? Is 100% a choice? How do you get back up other than like I mean, and that’s why I always say keep jumping. That’s why it’s like the moment that that happened. I don’t even know how many years ago, maybe nine years ago, it was like, yep, that’s my motto. That’s what I’m putting on everything, put it on T shirt T-shirts, put it on necklaces, put it on bracelets, it’s everywhere. Because it’s true. Because if you always keep jumping, you’re never going to stay down. If you always keep jumping, you’re going to be resilient. And what happens when you’re resilient? It means that you’re never stuck in the rut. It means that you’re always transforming back to the status quo. It means that you’re never pushed down and you stay down. And I know there’s a lot of you right now hurting and agonizing and depressed and feeling alone. I’ll tell you being a business owner is one of the loneliest jobs out there. Unless you’re around other business owners on a daily, nobody understands what you go through. Nobody understands how you work so much, but sometimes it doesn’t look like you do or you lay awake at night worrying about things.

Being a business owner being an entrepreneur is a lonely job. So like what do you do when you do fall off the wagon? It’s like when you are knocked down right? Maybe you were doing daily affirmations and just stopped or maybe you were like, I’m gonna eat good. But yesterday you had Burger King and Chipotle, because you were busy. And truth be told you did not plan and take food in the car with you. Maybe you said you were going to work on your business one hour a week, Monday through Friday for a month, to see how far you actually could get on it with no distractions, but you haven’t had the discipline to do that. So now you start beating yourself up in your head. Or maybe you just wanted to start saving money in the business or personally or both. And instead of saving that money, it just feels like you can’t get to that point. And saving $5 a week just feels so tiny. So you’re not going to do it. Not understanding that it’s about the discipline of it, and the habit of it, and not necessarily the monetary amount right now. Or maybe you fell off the wagon by you weren’t going to smoke anymore, or you weren’t going to drink anymore, and you just you know, gave in and did it because, you know, football Sunday was here and other people were doing it and you’re like, Oh, what the heck, I’ll just do it today. And you broke a streak, you broke your promise to it to yourself, you fell, you fell off the wagon. Or maybe you wanted to journal more, instead of flipping out or lashing out or dancing more or some sort of a strs relief to help you manage your stress or your grief or your sorrows in your life. Or maybe you didn’t want to yell at your kids and you just lost it. It could I could go on and on. It doesn’t matter how you fell off the wagon. It’s gonna be different for everybody. But why do you snap back? What about falling off the wagon and getting yourself back up is the thing that makes you want to be resilient, that makes you want to snap back into the shape that you were before all. It’s learning those little fall downs, those falling off the wagons, those failures, there are great lessons in those.

And I will also tell you something else, most of the time, it’s not about the action of what you did, like maybe not eating well, or drinking or smoking or not saving money or affirmations, or journaling or yelling at the kids. It’s not about the actual behavior. It’s about what’s inside of you that’s causing you to do it, what kind of tapes are playing that’s pulling you out of that. And it’s the resilience that’s gonna get you back up on the top of it. It’s the resilience that’s going to be that reset button that you know that you can do. A lot of you guys are very resilient. You guys, a lot of you guys aren’t survivors, even surviving through difficult times in your life and seasons. And you’re resilient. But once you get past those tough times, it’s amazing to use that survival method that you had in your life. As of resilience kind of thing when you realize, and you can take that deep breath, and realize that you’re not in survival mode anymore. You’re not having to survive that relationship, or that situation o,r that business, or like insert anything here. When you realize that you are a survivor, you’re already resilient you guys, you already have it in you, we are made to be resilient, we get a cut on our hands. And guess what our bodies instantly make a scab to start mending it back to be resilient. Your body wants to be copacetic. But what’s gonna matter? And the best way and the easiest way that you’re going to be able to continuously snap back is literally by the community around you, your friends, you’re irrigate in your eye gates. Who are you hanging out with? Where are you spending your time? Are you scrolling on your phone all day? Or are you meeting up with people that force you to look inward at yourself and reflect on why you’re making the habits behaviors and choices that you are? We also did a really good podcast on habits and behaviors.

Well, maybe four episodes ago? I’d also check that one out too.
Who are your friends? Are your friends the ones that are going to call you out? Or they’re your friends? The ones that are going to call themselves out? Are you going to be able to be like, Oh my god, I can’t believe it? Or are you going to be like, Oh wow, it has nothing to do with any of these external forces? And it has to do with myself and how much I allow in my life or allowed to be put up with or I think that I can control everyone else when all I can do is control myself. When you realize that you can only control yourself and you’re not responsible for other people’s emotions or, or actions. It’s very freeing. It’s not like from a defensive Lace, it’s not from a negative space. It’s not from I’ll show you. It’s literally from the most peaceful place ever. And through that, it helps you be resilient. Because you realize that it’s not about the external forces or people, it’s all about yourself, your ears, what are you listening to? We have so much time during the day, I don’t care who you are or what you do. Right now you’re choosing to listen to this podcast, which makes me so happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I want to encourage you to keep listening to other good stuff as well. Good positive music, good positive talk shows or podcasts, and books that are going to feed your ears. And I say books because I listen to books, maybe you read books, but it’s kind of difficult to read books. Unless it’s part of your daily routine or habit. I’ve been getting through a lot of books lately, I used to do two books a month. And I’ve kind of not done that as much lately. But I’ve had a couple of people, you know, really feeding me some good books, some good things to listen to. And what I do is after the gym, I go into the steam room. And I put my earbuds in and I listen to my book. That’s part of it. Like it’s habit stacking. And it’s been realreallyy amazing for me, but it’s because of the people, the company that I keep, I’ve been influenced in ways like that. And then I’ve been able to fill my ears, which only helps prepare my brain to be more resilient. To think about things outside of the proverbial box. I was just saying yesterday, I hate don’t put me in a box, I make the motherfucker Oh, sorry, I made the box. I want you to think about that. I want you to think about if you feel like you need to be more resilient in your life. What are your influences? What are you watching? Are you love is blind? I mean, and listen, I love a good trashy reality show. I love my housewives. But you know, there’s also right now on Netflix, there’s this documentary called the BluThee Zones. And it’s this guy who’s like two decades’s worth of research talking about where all the centurions people have lived to 100 Live, and, and what has contributed to that. I’m only on my set on the second episode. But it’s, it’s fascinating. And it kind of makes you stop and think about it made me stop and think about my habits and behaviors. And where I’m spending time because you aren’t you’re spending time and you want to get that time back. Which is why I tried to give you so much value in every one of these episodes. So where can you be more resilient in your life? Where is a place that, you know, I also want you to remember that like tiny, small changes over a length of time, create monumental changes. It doesn’t have to be like you. And I’m using this as a silly example. But you go to the gym and you can just instantly lift 50 pounds, maybe you start with half a pound. And maybe every single day you go and you lift that half a pound till that half a pound doesn’t feel heavy at all, and you move up to a pound. And maybe you go that incremental. It’s okay. It’s about being resilient. The funny thing actually, as I’m saying is working out is tearing your muscles. And then your muscles are growing back together or like you know, healing themselves right? When you when you do that. Your body’s resilient. Let’s make our minds resilient. I want to finish this, I want to continue this conversation with you guys. So I hope that you continue to email me I love hearing from you, or responding wherever it is that you heard about this episode, whether it was Instagram, or whether it was Facebook or YouTube, or in the email. And I want you to think about how can you be more resilient in your life.

Now, this is the end of September as this comes out. And next month, next week, we are going to start inviting people to better marketing with Bella. So if you’ve been on the outskirts watching and waiting since January of 2018 When we started this program five years ago, five years ago, Hmm, oh my god, it’s changed so much every semester because social media changes. There’s like 10 to 12 changes on Facebook and Instagram a month. Did you know that? Did you know that what you were doing like five months ago is not going to be the same as what you’re doing right now? Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. And do you know how many success stories I’ve had with better marketing? It’s incredible. Incredible.

But I do want to put that little thought in your head right now. If you have been wanting to get into better marketing with Bella, you can find out all about the program at jumpconsulting.net/marketing. That’s jumpconsulting.net/marketing and because You listen to this podcast, if you send me a DM or an email, I will give you a special discount just for being a podcast listener. We only have a couple of spots left because our re-sign-up rate is very high. And so it’s going to be a first come first serve this year. But if you are interested, you heard it here first on the podcast. How can you be more resilient? I’m going to tell you, it’s not going to be getting up and doing Canva every day. I had a client who used to spend an hour hour and a half every morning on Canva trying to create things for her social media that day, can you imagine? And she just messaged me because she’s been in the program for two semesters now. And she said, Bella, I don’t even remember my password for Canva anymore. I thought that was amazing. Because of t one and a half hours of her doing something inside of her company, she has now been able to work on her company. Instead of being the minion or the worker bee, she can be the actual business owner and the strategist. And so what in your life in marketing Do you need help with? And can I help you with it? Can I help you be more resilient in that area? You guys this has been another episode of Bella in your business, I would be remiss to also remind you if you wanted to pick my brain for 20 minutes that we’ve never met before, head on over to jump consulting dotnet to zero that’s jumped consulting dotnet forward slash two zero to get on my calendar for a 20-minute call. I hope you guys have an amazing day. And as always, always keep jumping. Because you’ll keep the momentum going and you’ll be resilient by now

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