Episode 325: Retention Revolution: How To Decrease High Turn Over Rates

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Are you tired of constantly having to replace employees and going through the hiring process over and over again? Imagine having a team that stays with you for the long haul! Imagine never having to worry about the retention of your staff. What would that look like to your business?
I've got the secret to reducing turnover rates and keeping your employees happy, engaged, and committed. In this episode, I'm going to reveal the retention revolution and share with you the key steps to creating a positive and thriving company culture.
And if you missed my BIG announcement on social, we are gearing up to start a new hiring group, Destination Hire. A two-week group jam-packed with everything you need to know about hiring, templates, sample schedules and a free 20-page download PDF. Listen for a special code in this episode for $20 off! Then head over to jumpconsulting.net/destinationhire

Biggest Takeaways

  • 5:21 Destination Hire
  • 12:27 Hire the right people
  • 13:07 Foster a positive work culture
  • 15:08 Address any conflicts or issues


Hiring is the forefront of your business and the first step in good employee retention. But if your hiring starts off on the wrong foot, your retention of said employee will be less likely. That is why I created Destination Hire, a two-week group designed with YOUR hiring needs in mind. From hiring to onboarding/training, retention, employee letters, sample job duties, templates to utilize, a 20 page free download and a plethora of resources. This group has everything you will need to kick your hirin gear up. In this episode I give you a code to receive $20 off, head over to jumpconsulting.net/destinationhire and sign up today, the group begins February 6th!


Welcome to Bella in your business. Today is February 2, 2023. I believe when this is posted, which is also Groundhog Day.
Does your life feel like Groundhog Day?
Does your business feel like Groundhog Day where you get up and you do the same thing every single day and you’re not moving forward?
If you answered yes to that, chances are that it’s because you have a hiring problem. And as always, I want to come in and help you save the day. But first, I want to actually play something for you.
This was from one of our listeners back on episode number 321. It was called four easy steps to ask for testimony. And while you absolutely should, I also included a downloadable script for you for free. But I got this voice note from someone and I want you to hear it.
Oh my god, Bella. I’m listening to of course spelling your business and my car. And I’m listening to the testimonial episode. And I flipping love it. I can’t wait to execute all the steps. When I’m done driving, I’m gonna listen again. And write down all the nose. You are amazing. I love that in your business.

Isn’t that great? That is actually from Becky Lee, who was just on the podcast back on episode 222. And she talked all about how she was kicking butt with hiring, and marketing, and all of that stuff, you guys, it should not go unnoticed that the people that listen to the podcast and then implement things from the podcast, the mastermind better marketing, they see results.

You heard from Connie, probably 20 or 30 episodes ago, where I had told you guys and taught you how to respond to people who are DMing you in a way that like stands out and lands you the sale. And you heard from Connie like 20 episodes ago on how she like literally landed the sale and gained hundreds of dollars. So you guys, the doers, see the results. And I promise I don’t just talk out here for like an experiment like stuff works.

And it’s super exciting. When I see your success, I get really energized by it. It helps me live my purpose. But listen, if you are one of those people out there today who feel like it is Groundhog Day, because guess what it is at the time of this posting. And you’re just going through the same thing over and over and over again. It’s also sometimes the definition of insanity. A lot of you I’ve been asking and talking with you on Instagram right now.

And a lot of you have said that, you know, yeah, I want to hire but there’s no one to hire or I get ghosted, or I just can’t find anyone or they just don’t work out or they quit, or, or or and I get it because the whole hiring process is it’s very discouraging. It’s very depressing as a business owner, right? You understand deep down whether you’re conscious of it or not, that your net worth is your net work, okay, which in this case is the employees or your internal staff, your operations, whoever you have around you. And if we can’t get great people on our team, then we can not move our business forward, which means we can not live out our vision or accomplish goals or have that quality of life that so many people blindly started a business because they wanted to work-life balance. They wanted to be their boss. But then somewhere along the line, you became a hostage to your company. Somewhere along the line, you became the backup if someone was sick. Somewhere along the line, if someone wanted to take off, you became that person that needed to do it or you’re just so darn busy that you have no time to hire, let alone do everything that you need to do to prepare to hire, which would be SOPs, handbooks, manuals, figure out what kind of questions to ask them to figure out how to front load the whole thing. So you’re just flying by the seat of your pants. Because that’s what you do. You’re a hustler. You figure it out. And it might not be great but you have hope for a better future. That’s why you keep going every day. But guys, I’m here to tell you today about how to decrease high turnover rates. But before I get into that, I do want to make an announcement. And this is a really big announcement. I do this only like once a year. This year. We have gone bigger than we have ever gone in as long as I’ve been doing this. You might have joined me for the bosses in charge group. That’s actually how I met Becky. It was like a year or two ago. And she found me through that. And she went in and just joined the mastermind, and she joined better marketing and Bella. And now like, the rest is history, like literally, and she’s taking vacations and doing all kinds of amazing things. But I’m doing another hiring group. It’s called destination hire. And the reason why it’s called destination here is because I believe that your hiring ad should be the destination that that applicant keeps going back to, they are applying for multiple jobs, it’s not just your job, but they keep going back to your job hopefully because they want to work for you. And they’re really, really excited to work for you. And so Listen, guys, this is what I’m going to do from February 6 to February 17. That’s two weeks, it’s a Monday through Friday kind of group. And what I’ve done is, it’s already scheduled, I have a minimum of two posts every single day. And these are teaching posts. This is like a high-paced class, okay? You don’t have to do anything per se, there’s no homework unless you choose to take action on the things that I’m teaching you. But every single day, there are a minimum of two posts, sometimes three, and these are long posts. The total post when I wrote this all out was 13,000 words. To give you an idea, my book was only 10,000 words. There’s a lot of content in here. And as I was writing all this content, and again, this was actually over Christmas break, I was writing it, because I got that excited. And that fired up. I also decided to give you over 20 pages of a free PDF download that has tons of things, you guys, literally I wrote hiring ads for you. I wrote a sample job duties. I wrote a job offer email, I wrote a job rejection letter, and I wrote 10 engaging text messages. I wrote sample training schedules, like three-day training schedules. And like what you do on each one, I did interview questions, I did a knockout question, I did employee assessments, I gave you a standardized ranking system, I gave you a 30-day employee check-in checklist. And then we also correlated all of the Bella in your business hiring podcasts that like you can go back and listen to because you know we have over 330 episodes, that’s a lot. And you can find them all. So I put them in a nice list for you. Also all the hiring blogs, basically anything I’ve ever written. And then, of course, all the mastermind resources. And this is basically like going to my intention is to literally like Firehose you full of so much information. So whether you think you’re ready to do it now, or you will be ready in the future. This is a group you’re not gonna want to miss out on, it’s being offered at $47. But because you’re listening right now, I want to reward you I love my podcast listeners a view go to jump consulting dotnet forward slash destination higher. That’s junk consulting dotnet forward slash destination hire, you’re gonna see it being offered $47. That’s it. But wait, there’s more. If you type in 20 Bala, I’ll give you $20 off of that. I’m not looking to make money off of this, you guys, I’m not. I’m looking to pay my designers and pay my community manager and pay all the people that have had to put the tech together and all just basically bare minimum cover the costs. I’m not looking to make money off of this. I am looking to inspire and motivate you with honest-to-God hopes that you will take advantage of our sponsors. I’m going to be so completely clear about this our sponsors, there are three sponsors, one guess what jumped mastermind, but you couldn’t, I bet you couldn’t predict that. Because of the job mastermind. That’s where everyone’s hiring this is people doing it differently. Also pet care team training, Pet Care Team training.com. I am the co founder, where you can get all of your staff trained on training videos, which is exciting and fun. And under two hours and get them pet sitting and dog-walking CPR certified. That’s two certifications, none of your competition can say that like it is Marketing Gold, let alone everything else. And the third sponsor is, of course, Jaz HR, who has been helping out hundreds of pet sitters since 2018. And you can get your half off discount code by going through me, which is jump consulting dotnet forward slash jazz HR. So I know that was a lot. I hope you guys are still with me. I’m having these self-doubts in my head right now. Oh my gosh, it’s nine and a half minutes into this podcast episode. I have not even gotten into the crux of what I want to share with you today. But guys, if you are listening right now, you need to be in this group. I cannot say it enough, okay? Even if you take everything I put in there, and copy and paste it into your own Google doc so that you can look at it when you’re ready. I cannot even begin to tell you I have it out into three phases. I call it like phase one, phase two, and phase three. And these phases are first it’s like everything the beginning like really helping you figure out what important qualities you’re looking for. What are your hiring ads going to be like? What are nonnegotiables who are you looking for it? And then the second phase like I go deep on our questions and how to rank people and how to do interviews and how to do a job offer and all of the nitty gritty of that. And then the third phase is all about how you onboard and train them. And then how do you what we’re about to talk about today is retain them the retention, because I think when people talk about hiring, they only talk about, oh, what are some good hiring questions? Good, that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. That is like the tree that’s on the tip of the iceberg. Or actually, that’s a leaf that’s on the tree that’s on the tip of the iceberg. And the reason why so many people are failing at hiring is because they’re not looking at the entire process. And that’s why I have overwhelmed this group with so many nitty-gritty details and listen, do this, then do this, then do this. I mean, guys, it really should not even be in a group, it should be like a downloadable something for over $1,000 Because of all the resources that are in it. So please join, jump consulting dotnet forward slash destination higher today. Because it starts next week like you’re listening to this, and it is Thursday. I’m putting people in the group tomorrow Friday. And then all the content starts on Monday, the sixth, February 6, 2023. If you’re listening to this in the future, go ahead and send me an email and I’ll see what I can do for you. Okay, we’re gonna get into the podcast episode. Now now that we’re 11 minutes into it. Gosh, darn it, should I just save this for next time? I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a high view of this. So I wanted to talk about the retention revolution, and how to decrease high turnover rates. Because imagine this if you never had to hire anyone, again, if people just stayed with you, alright. And this, of course, is negating the fact of like, people moving getting sick, maybe they graduated college, and they’re going on to a quote-unquote, like a real job, right? But like, imagine if you picked people that could just be with you forever, like their position of life isn’t changing, nothing’s happening, you wouldn’t have to hire so often, right? And so I’m gonna fly through this today. But I might talk about this, I’ll probably talk more this about this in the mastermind, or, actually the destination hire group, right? So the first thing I want you to think about is improve the hiring process. One of the key ways to reduce turnover is to hire the right people in the first place, right. And so to do that, you need to know who you’re looking for, so that when they’re in front of you, you know, to grab them or you know, to reject them, it’s really that simple. Know, what you’re looking for. Sometimes personality tests also really help with this. And I’m giving you like six steps, six or seven different ones that you can use in your interview process to get under the hood and understand who these people are. It’s the difference between someone giving lip service and you not knowing if you should trust them, or if they even trust themselves, and they know themselves enough to speak their truth. And then there are the cool personality tests. So the next one that I want to tell you about is foster a positive company culture. So a positive work culture can go a long way in retaining employees, I remember, I used to have pet sitters that I used to have to like yell at and like almost right up because they would work for free. They loved the job so much, or they felt so bad for fluffy the kitty, that they would go back over to the house when they were not scheduled. And granted, I sold my company in 2016. So this was before, like, every single door was hooked up to like Bluetooth, and you know, they got a message every single time a door opened. But like, I would find out that they would go back or they would either stay extra time or they would go back. And I’m like you’re not getting paid for this. And I don’t want to set this precedent with the client. But those kinds of people you can reel them in, but that kind of like I’ll I do this for free, it’s just a bonus that I get paid. Those are the kinds of people you want to find. Those are people that don’t need the money, but are doing this because this job gives them a satisfaction that they get to be nurturing, and get to make a positive difference in these pets’ lives. And that is so intrinsically important to them. Empaths I’m sure you’re one of them. That’s why you started this company. And so we need to find those emotional people that want to do it and do the job for the pets, but also that you’re able to foster and flourish a beautiful relationship with them. It has been proven over and over and over again, I don’t care if you’re a small business listening to this now or you’re like Amazon, people will leave the manager the person the answer to not the company. And so what are we doing to be a great leader that’s going to help you decrease high turnover rates. You know, are you passing along all of your stress and your theory to them? Oh my god. I don’t know what to do. I don’t like this client.
Or Hey, guys, I’m thinking about doing this. What do you think they’re not your business partners, either your mama bear or papa bear, and you need to act as the leader. Okay. Now, the other thing is you got to address any issues or concerns promptly. I know there are a lot of avoidant people out there, and avoiding problems and conflicts is never going to help. So if you’re one of those people, I highly suggest just doing some self-development on what healthy communication and healthy conflict looks like. Because when you can be a really good leader and face issues and problems head-on, and make everybody feel like they win at the end, it bonds you more conflict can be an incredibly beautiful bonding thing. But if you’re not a good enough leader, or your leaders aren’t good enough leaders, that conflict is like, Oh, well, I just didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to get you mad, or Oh, I didn’t want to tell you because you’re already so stressed out. It does not create a good working environment. So let me just recap this really quick, because I told you to keep these podcasts short. And I know you’re probably if you’re driving at the next house, or if you’re walking a dog, you’re probably towards the end of a walk. So I want you to think about first improving the hiring process. Who are you looking for use personality tests, I want you to foster a positive company culture, where they just love being with you. This also, by the way, could be creating career tracks for management, or maybe a social media position or community outreach, or hiring and training. Everybody has different skill sets that they’re bringing to your company. And it’s your job to know what that is. And kind of cast a vision of what it looks like in a year or two, working for your company. What are your plans for them? Do people love that that’ll keep them entertained? And then the last one that I talked about was discussing issues or concerns promptly. All right. So guys, all of this stuff contributes to a good working environment. And it does not always come down to money. It doesn’t. And just like clients and how we don’t chase after the cheapest client, if your workers chasing after a high dollar amount, I got news for you. Your wages are right in line with so many others. Why do they want to work for you instead of going and working at McDonald’s or Wendy’s? What is it that your position that your company that your job provides? These are all kinds of things we’re going to be diving into next week in destination hire. And I can’t wait to have these discussions. Because I want you guys to start thinking outside the box. Hiring is only as hard as you make it. Most people think it’s hard and it gets a bad rap. Because most people are not giving it the time and attention that it deserves. I promise you that if you front load it, that if you do the hard work, and you put it all first, you’re gonna have a way better success rate because I see it not only in my own company, but I see it with like dozens of pet sitting and dog walking business owners. You guys it’s been another episode of Bella in your business. I want to see you inside that destination hire group. So get your booty over to jump consulting dotnet forward slash destination hire us 20 Bella the number two the number zero Bella for $20 off. This group is only $27 For you guys come on that’s like what, like a lunch like Chipotle for two. That’s like maybe like three Starbucks runs, depending on what you get at Starbucks, y’all. There’s no reason for you not to soak up this information. And at least if you can’t handle it right now, or you’re too busy, don’t be like, Oh, I’ll wait for your next one. Because I don’t have an excellent plan. And I only do this once a year. And there’s so many of you out there right now that are like how can I work with you, Bella, I want to work with you. This is a really good way to get to know me and find out if you do want to work with me because I’m not playing. I do not play around. And I’m looking for more winners and ambitious people to put in our posse in our jumper network that want to work that want to be like the Becky and the Stephanies of the world. If you listen to the last two podcasts. I’m looking for people that want to be like them. Is it you go to jump consulting dotnet forward slash destination higher and use 20 Bella for $20 Off you guys has been another episode of Bella in your business. I am so excited. Seriously, you get me so excited. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Thank you for allowing me to do this today and sit here because now I am so energized for the rest of the day. Look out world it’s only 1030 What else am I going to do? Remember when life gets you down? Always keep jumping by now. So what did you think? Did you love this episode? I sure hope you did. Because I put a lot of love into this for you. The best way you can show me that is by going to iTunes stitcher Google Play or wherever you listen to your podcast and going ahead and leaving a review. I just might read it in the next episode. I also want to remind you that when life gets down, remember to always keep jumping. Thanks, Thanks for listening

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