Episode 385: Are the People You Surround Yourself with Hurting Your Business?

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Have you ever felt like the weight of your business is resting solely on your shoulders? Do you find yourself wondering why some ventures soar while others struggle to take off? Join me for this week's episode of Bella in Your Business!  We will uncover the secret to scaling your pet business: surrounding yourself with the right people.

In the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, let's the critical role that your team plays in shaping the destiny of your business. From spotting common pitfalls in scaling to navigating the intricate world of social media marketing. I share personal advice and invaluable insights.

What solutions can you take to move your business in the direction you want to go? From mastering DIY social media content creation to deciphering the mysteries of inconsistent branding, this episode is jam-packed with actionable advice.

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to business coaching, marketing, and branding? I emphasize the transformative power of surrounding yourself with the right people. Plus, I share insights on attracting clients and staff through strategic marketing.

So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just dipping your toes into the pet business world, this episode serves as your roadmap to success.

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Topics & Key Points

  • Social media marketing challenges and solutions
  • Business coaching, marketing, and branding
  • Surrounding oneself with supportive people


  • [3:29] Social media marketing challenges and solutions for small business owners
  • [10:47] Business coaching, marketing, and branding
  • [14:41] Supportive people for business success

Notable Quotes

  • [1:37] “keeping the wrong people in your life could truly hurt your business. And I don’t think that you understand how much of an effect this can happen have. “
  • [4:58] “as a coach as someone who sees 30,000 foot view, I see exactly what you gotta do. But sometimes you gotta get out of your throat out of your own way. So I want you to think about like”
  • [12:25] “you need a strategy, you need direction, you need a compass, you need like, check ins, like we can do this. But as, as a coach, I also need to wonder, like, do you want to do this?”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. Today we’re gonna do a Bella Butt Kick. Yep, I’ve warned you. So if you’re not ready for it, or if you want a teaching episode, this is not going to be the episode for you. But oh my gosh, I who there’s always something with spring where I do a lot of 20-minute coaching calls. And so I get to talk to a lot of you. And while a lot of people are now starting to ramp up and gear up in their business, they’re starting to hire more. They’re starting to scale and expand. There are some problems that I see happening, that I wanted to talk about today. You may or may not know, every single week This podcast is something that I literally kind of sit and get quiet and think, what do I want to talk about what is weighing on my heart? What do my jumpers need to know, this podcast every single week is literally like a love letter from me to you. And there’s a lot of you that download it every single month. And although or every single week. And although I might not be able to hear back from every one of you, despite my begging of you to email me,bella@jumpconsulting.net I just kind of try to keep my pulse on what is going on. And today, I wanted to talk to a talk about a really serious issue that I see. And it’s it’s it’s keeping the wrong people in your life that could truly hurt your business. And I don’t think that you understand how much of an effect this can have. And at the same time, keeping the right people in your business can drastically help your business. But I’m going to talk about the right at the end. And I’m gonna give you some examples of the wrong right now because I’ve had some conversations that have just hurt my heart. If these people had other better people surrounding them, or if they were jumpers, right, a lot of this could have been avoided. And as a coach as a mama bear as someone who wants to go to battle for you, who wants to stand next to you in the trenches, and fight the big bad wolf or, you know, give you that the five fingers up and over to help you up and over your challenges. It just breaks my heart, it breaks my heart. So I take a drink of water.

Um, there is one business owner, I’m going to give you a couple of examples that I know of. And she is I think the thing is a Jill of all trades jack of none, or Master of None, which means she was trying to do a little bit of everything. And, she, along with some other people that I’ve experienced, whether it’s been online or on these calls, or just reading stuff from other people have used COVID as an example, or as an excuse. And like I said, this might piss some of you off. And I’m sorry, not sorry, I’m here to give you the honest to God’s truth. COVID was in 2020 building back was 2021 be 2022. It is now 2024. And so if we haven’t recovered from that, then we’re doing it wrong. And so one of her things was you know, COVID took her business. But her prices, stink, she has no logo, and she DIY her website. And her messaging is all over the place. And it’s like, there’s all of these, these other problems that that need to be fixed. And there’s no one in her life telling her that her website looks like it’s, it’s, you know, not up to date or that her prices are not even livable wage. They’re not even what I was charging when I sold my company in 2016. Okay. And that was eight years ago. Oh my gosh, that feels like so long ago. So again, it’s like what problem are you struggling with? Have you just tried to put out fires because the fires are going to keep popping up? Or we’re going to systematically solve these right? And it just again, it breaks my heart, you know, they got another job, and they don’t want to do the other job. They want to make their business work, which I’m all for, like, let’s make your business work, but like they’re just stuck in such a conundrum right now that there’s no plan to get out of it. And, yeah, like as a coach as someone who sees a 30,000-foot view, I see exactly what you gotta do. But sometimes you gotta get out of your throat out of your way. So I want you to think about like, what’s the real problem that you’re struggling with? What’s the real challenge and take inventory of who feeds you? Who are you learning from? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Have you surrounded yourself by a bunch of people that are talking about? Oh, yeah, COVID took my business or something, you know, like victim mentality? Or are you surrounded yourself by people who are trying to figure it out, and they are pushing forward? Because that makes a big difference.

I talk to another business owner, who’s trying to piece social together or hire out of the country. But she doesn’t know the first thing about it. And she’s like, Hey, Bella, should I hire someone overseas? And I was like, Well, I don’t know, you know, and it was sprouted from our last week’s podcast. And the question is, I don’t know, I can’t tell you if you should, or shouldn’t hire someone just because of where they’re located. But I can tell you a couple of things. One, do you know what the scope is that you’re hiring for? Ergo, last week’s episode? What are the KPIs, the key performance indicators? How do you know if they’re doing a good job or a bad job? Do you even know what you need to do on your social media? If the answer is no, and you have no idea, then you have no business hiring someone to do it. How do you know if they do a good job or not? I mean, it’s literally like, the math ain’t math in. And so I told her, I was like, Well if you hire overseas, you know, you are gonna have timezone issues. What’s the scope? Are they just posting what you give them? Or are they creating the stuff? Because that’s gonna like, really vary the hours. There’s so much that goes into that, right? But I think the real question, the real challenge, and this gets to the root of the problem, and this is what my point is today what is the real problem? The problem isn’t, should I hire someone overseas? The real question is, do I know enough to hire someone to do a good job overseas? You know what I mean? And so we had a long conversation about that. And it was, it was, you know, hopefully, I helped change the trajectory of what she was thinking. Because, quite honestly, if you don’t know social and you’re hiring someone to do your social, and they’re not taking you along the journey, then you’re not learning anything. And you’re just like, Okay, well, at least it’s posted on social again, listen to last week’s episode.

Now, I have one more example that I want to talk about. And then I want to kind of give you a way to kind of get out of this. That same business owner also was thinking about trying to piece because she didn’t know it was either hire overseas, or, Oh, I have one girl who loves Tik Tok. So she can make tic-tock videos. Okay, what are the TIC tock videos? Like? How long are they going to be? What is the call to action? What is the vernacular? Does she know your fonts logos and colors? How often is she going to be posting? Are we going to download it or get it out like natively? So that doesn’t have the TIC tock logo, and we’re going to also repurpose it for Facebook reels and Instagram reels, you know, we, it was like, you know, all these questions. And then she had someone else on her team who liked to just like, you know, post things as she’s inspired. So she had this other person, but she knew that she also needed to get graphics. And so it was very disjointed. And so now she’s like, not even, like managing her dog walkers. But now she’s managing like, a whole makeshift social media team. That’s not even on the same page that doesn’t have the same goal direction, because it needs leadership. It needs leadership. And this is no knock to her because God bless her. She’s just trying to, you know, hold it all together and do the best that she knows. But I was like, girl, you are creating more work than needs to be. And it’s understandable. You know, like, you want to show up, you hear me, you know, say you got to show up and social media got to be consistent. Okay, I’m gonna let the people who liked to do it on my team, do it. But if it lacks leadership, and it lacks strategy, then it’s gonna cause you more time, effort, and energy and who knows if it’s going to have results. And then okay, so that last one that I was telling you about, it just breaks my heart.

I know a business owner who is paying another coach monthly and also has a CPA who last year looked at her like she wasn’t that big of a business so he wasn’t going to spend a lot of time on her And a bookkeeper who doesn’t get into the book, so she spends time creating her own, you know, that is not, you know, in-depth as it needs to be, and is piecing together what she her bank, you know, deposits or talks to QuickBooks with combined with time to pet. And I’m just like, go fine, you need better books you need better decision making. And, you know, It’s tax time, and she has a major life event happening. And she has decided that she’s gonna close her business. And it breaks my heart because she doesn’t even have the numbers to know, the only numbers she knows is that she doesn’t have as much money in her bank account right now as she would like. And just because that’s the case doesn’t mean that your business is not doing well. We all know that a CPA can only do as well as the information that we give him. And if the information that we’re giving him we don’t even know or our bookkeeper isn’t even doing their job, or our business coach is taking our money and has no idea what situation we’re in, then we need to take a hard look at the people that are surrounding us, and the type of relationships that we have with them. And so I told her, and you know, it’s ongoing. I told her, I told her, I said, I don’t care like I want to help you through this, like, if you’re gonna shut this down, either A, you’re gonna know, without a doubt that you’re doing the right thing, and you’re gonna know the numbers. Or be we’re gonna, despite what a business broker told you, because a business broker, of course, is going to say, Oh, your business isn’t worth anything, because you don’t have the numbers. But, uh huh. Who do you surround yourself with? I’m Bella. And I know a lot of investors who are buying up businesses all around the country and at all different types of stages and levels and things. So you can have your traditional selling or buying situation, which by the way, if you’re interested, head on over to jumpcosnulting.net because I have a whole class on buying and selling businesses. There’s a lot of that happening right now, a lot, a lot of business owners are just like, tired and wiped out after COVID. And after trying to build a backup, and all that stuff. And they just realized that it’s just, you know, owning your own business is not their cup of tea anymore.

So anyways, I’ve got all these people in these like, or I’ve known of all these situations. And as a coach, I’m like, okay, we can fix this, you need a strategy, you need direction, you need a compass, you need like, check-ins like we can do this. But, as a coach, I also need to wonder, like, do you want to do this? Because I can bet you lots of money, that my way out is going to work because I’ve done it hundreds of times, right? But at the end of the day, I also can’t save the world. And that’s difficult for me because I do this because I want to do this, I do this because I want to help people and save people. So I want to talk to you and transition just a little bit here. Today’s Thursday. And today, we made a really big announcement. And it was all about better marketing with Bella. Because we have kind of switched it up. It’s a little bit different than it’s been in the past couple of years. And I want everyone to know about it. It’s, you know, we saw we had two different levels before the first level was Chihuahua. And it was just very basic. And we just gave you graphics. I thought, hey, everyone else reposts stuff from naps and psi all the time. It doesn’t have their branding on it. We could do that too. And then we could get you guys graphics, but we can’t brand them, you know. And as that that part of the program went on, I was just feeling crappy, honestly, because it goes against everything that I preach. I always tell you guys, like make sure everything’s branded. And it wasn’t and it isn’t. And it’s not. It’s It’s It’s good because it’s getting posted, but it’s not reflecting who you are. And ultimately I want it to reflect who you are. So we kind of shook it up a little bit. So we still have our golden retriever package. And I’m going to tie this all in because the whole battle marketing and Bella program teaches you how to do social media, right? It empowers you to empower your staff. Heck, we even manage your staff, managing your social media, right? And so the Golden Retriever plan does that with 10 grand branded graphics for branded videos 14 captions, one Facebook-branded cover, blog outlines to cut and paste emails on-one coaching with Bella, and for group coaching sessions, except for the coaching staff all that other the deliverables are every single month. For six months, and it’s pretty, it’s pretty amazing. I mean, that package starts at 497. Depending on how long you want to sign up for it goes down to 397 a month, you could not get that for under eight or $900 a month, the deliverables, okay, a regular one-hour coaching session with me is almost $1,000. Unless you buy him in a package, it’s a lot cheaper. And so what we also did is we took the Chihuahua, and we changed it to the Yorkie. We decided to do the 10 graphics, and the four videos, but we added captions, and we made the graphics and videos branded. And what we did there is, so if you just want bare bones, and you want to show up 10 times a month, 14 times a month, essentially, then we could do that for you for 300 A month or as low as 247. It depends on how you sign up for it. And then we also realize that some of you do want to DIY it. And so in which case, we opened up this new middle package called the Dalmatian. And that’s only 247 wouldn’t go down to 197 a month if you want to pay in full for six months or 12 months, but that is 10 Canva, graphic templates, four Canva video templates, and then how-to videos on how-to do it. So we’ll deliver you, the templates, and then you can adjust them. So there’s only a $50 difference between the lowest plan and the middle plan. But it’s kind of like do you want to do it yourself? Or do you want to do it on the other side? So I’m what I’m, what I’m saying is that the better marketing Bella Bella program completely teaches you exactly what you need to do to be successful on social. And here’s the thing, it’s like, I don’t want to just, you know, I want to teach you how to fish, I don’t want to fish for you. And because of that I’ve had numerous businesses as it works, I’ve had numerous businesses, literally, like age themselves out of the program.

Because either A, they have been able to keep it in-house and attract clients, and staff and accountable or not accountability partners, but like partners in their community, because of what they’ve learned. And because of what we’ve taught them, which I guess is the ultimate, you know, compliment any coach in any program, right? But before that all, we’re there to help teach you, we’re there to help guide you through those coaching calls. So I just want to let you encourage you to take a look at it and go to Jump Consulting dotnet forward slash marketing, we are only actually accepting people into the program until the beginning of May May 1, because we have to start replicating all this content, honestly. But the program works. If you’re looking for more clients, it works. If you’re looking for more staff, it works. If you’re looking to connect with more people online and know the tactics to stand out from the rest of the crowd. When someone says Hi, I’m looking for a dog walker, they end up with 20 people responding. It works. Like we’ve been doing it since January of 2018 improving and tweaking and twisting and turning as social media changes, which by the way, there are at least 10 updates every single month. It’s insane. And there are different features and different things at work. And it’s so cheap, guys, you can’t get a package like this anywhere. You can’t unless you want to do it all yourself and do all that work, which I know none of you have the time to do. Or you want to hire another professional, someone who can create a strategy for you. That’ll be 1500 to 3000 a month easily with what we give you easily. And you can get it for under $500 between basically 200 to $500. Like it’s a no-brainer. Like, let us help you and then show up and let me help you let me support you, honestly. Okay. I want you to think in conclusion, who do you have surrounding yourself with surrounding you in your business and your life? Who is around you that is helping lift you? Who was helping you give you those five fingers and you up over that challenge? Or do people just like sitting in the trenches kicking their feet and stomping pounding their fists and just crying about it? Because I believe that anything is possible. I believe that anyone can do anything. I believe that we can change your I can’t into I can. But I need willing participants. And I hope you have thought about where you see yourself in this podcast episode and take inventory of who you can adjourn. Just in your life, business, and professional to help catapult you we are the product of the five closest people in our life, no doubt about it. And we all go through different stages as well. So really think about who you have in your life. I hope this has been helpful. I feel like this has been a little bit more of a heart-to-heart kind of just chatting with you. Not necessarily a strong strict outline. But really, the people that you surround yourself with can either drastically help you or drastically hold you down. Think about it. This has been another episode of Bella in your business. Thank you for listening and remember when life gets down, always keep jumping

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