Episode 372: Dangers of Hiring an SEO Company For Your Pet Business

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, are you positioning your pet business not just to compete, but to lead the pack? Dive into this episode of "Bella in Your Business," where we explore the intricacies of SEO for pet businesses and the potential pitfalls of hiring an SEO company without a leash on reality.

This week, I’m back with Bobby, CEO and head strategist at Signa Marketing. Together, we’re setting the record straight: Can SEO companies truly deliver on their promises, or are they leading business owners on a wild goose chase? We tackle the tough questions, debunking myths about guaranteed first-page rankings and spotlighting the red flags you should be sniffing out.

Are you missing out on the bountiful leads a fine-tuned website can offer? It's time to uncover if your website is a hidden gem awaiting discovery. Bobby shares insights on establishing a comprehensive keyword strategy that aligns with your business goals, ensuring search engines and potential clients can find you easily.

Visit signamarketing.com for a complementary strategy meeting to align your SEO efforts with your business aspirations. Arm yourself with the knowledge to lead your business forward, starting with this episode of Bella in Your Business!

Topics & Key Points

  • Inbound lead generation and SEO for businesses.
  • SEO optimization for businesses with a focus on keyword strategy
  • SEO strategies and red flags in the industry
  • Local SEO audits and their benefits for pet sitting and dog walking businesses


[2:05] Inbound lead generation

[3:54] SEO optimization

[6:09] SEO strategies

[7:41] Red flags in the industry

[10:24] Local SEO audits

Notable Quotes

[2:47] “it really comes down to do you have a service or a product that users are searching for on Google or other search engines. If the answer is yes to that, then you should be doing SEO”

[4:29] “Now, from the techy standpoint, what we end up doing is at a fundamental level, we want to make sure that each page on your website, especially the service pages, which are the important ones, has a dedicated keyword strategy applied to each page”

[7:47] “Hey, we guarantee first-page results, that’s the immediate red flag, because the reason being is because they don’t control the algorithms.”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. And we had a great response. We had some DMs last week from you guys about Bobby. And we were already planning on having him back. But I’m so glad that he is back again. For those of you who did not listen to the last episode, go ahead and put that on your playlist. Bobby is here with me. He’s currently a CEO and lead strategist with Cigna marketing and a CEO at Sector Seven apps. He is an analytical and creative type, which makes him the greatest to be at the helm of Cigna marketing. What that means is guys, when you get help for your website, usually you’re talking to a geek, or you’re talking to a marketer. And a lot of times they don’t talk to each other. And then you have to talk between them. And that’s what I love about Cigna marketing and working with them for the past year or so Bobby came in at a pivotal time, he was a recommendation from another very well-established business owner I know here locally in Phoenix, and I couldn’t have been happier. And so as we’ve been going on, and he’s been in the mastermind, and he started helping some of my clients. I said, Bobby, you need to get on this podcast and you need to help my guest members do. And so we came up with some cool topics for you. Last week, we talked all about the two inbound lead generation channels your website can’t live without today, we’re going to talk about the dangers of hiring an SEO company for your pet business. But first, before we get into that, welcome to the show, Bobby, thanks for being here.

Absolutely. No, it’s always a pleasure. Bella, thank you so much for having me back.

My pleasure. So let’s get right into it. How do we even know if SEO is right for us? Because I think a lot of us have information paralysis or decision paralysis, where we’re just like, hey, yeah, that three letter word SEO, SEO, I know I got Yoast Yoast helps me or, oh, yeah, I listened to Amy, who’s an SEO expert in our industry, or I’ve got Eric as websites and you know, I’ve got this stuff. But like, what does it mean? To know, if you need an SEO company to like, really boost it? I mean, to me, it kind of sounds like you have a car. And now you need to learn how to drive it or it needs to be driven to the optimal potential. Bobby, how much truth is that?

So at the end of the day, it comes down to do you have a service or a product that users are searching for on Google or other search engines. If the answer is yes to that, then you should be doing SEO, it’s as straightforward as that. So in this context, as a pet, sitting company, a cat sitting company, etc, you know that for sure there are potential customers on search engines searching for your service in your local area. And just by those conditions being met at that point, you know, from a business perspective, okay, SEO is for me, I need SEO because that’s going to bring me inbound leads, as you mentioned, with the reference on the website, almost being like a vehicle, it’s very true. A lot of times we get a website, its design is built, it goes live, and then we get crickets from it. And the reason is because it is a car, but it’s not moving. And so traffic is what gets it moving. And now the website at that point becomes a lead generation tool for the business, which is really what it should be.

I love it. That makes so much sense. So how do you determine if your website’s been properly optimized for search engines based on our business plan types of services?

Yeah, great question. So I’ll give you just one quick, practical way for business owners to do it. And I’ll do it the techie way, a practical business owner, if you go to Google, and you type in cat sitter in Phoenix, and that’s what you offer, and that’s the area you serve, and you don’t show up, then that’s an opportunity cost at that point, you say, Okay, there’s a gap here on my website, for some reason, which I’ll uncover right now. Google is not ranking me for these important keywords. And so that’s when we say okay, we know that an SEO strategy needs to be revised and implemented on the website. Now, from the techy standpoint, what we end up doing is at a fundamental level, we want to make sure that each page on your website, especially the service pages, which are the important ones, has a dedicated keyword strategy applied to each page to where a search engine can clearly understand what each page is about who you are, what you do, who you do it for if there’s a study’s if there is a way to call, is there a way to submit a form search engines read every line of code and A website, so they get a really good idea of the user experience of what each page is offering to the end user. And so if there are gaps there that a search engine cannot understand what a page is about, or if a page is about a lot of different things where the search engine is not confident about what direction the page is going to be about, well, then naturally, it’s going to rank it very low, because the search engines not confident. And so if it’s not confident, it’s not going to share with its users. On the contrary, a page that is properly optimized is going to have a dedicated keyword strategy for each important page, the search engines can crawl it and clearly understand what each page is about who you searched for how to take action, etc. Those pages provide a very high-quality experience to the end user. And the search engine can be very confident about what each page is about. So, therefore, it will rank higher on the search engine results page. So that’s a very high-level, outcome-based explanation. But that’s the essence of SEO, and identifying whether you need it if there are gaps in your SEO strategy.

I love it. That makes so much sense. So like, what does an SEO company do?

Their primary focus is, of course, to get your website ranking for the right keywords at the top of search engines that’s what’s going to be critical for the business. When it comes to the mechanics of what an SEO agency does. At a high level, what they’re going to do is they’re going to make sure that each important page of their website is properly optimized with the right keyword strategy. That is, the first primary item that we need to make sure is that each page has a dedicated keyword strategy. And then it’s a domino effect from there. So as an SEO agency, what they’ll do is once they have defined the keyword strategy for each important page, they are going to integrate it in various aspects of your website. Firstly, starting with your title tags, then your meta descriptions, then your h1 tags, which are your headings, maybe your h2 tags, they’ll make sure that the content of the page carries that target keyword naturally throughout the page, at least at a certain what we call a keyword density. We want that keyword to show up quite a few times, not overly, but we want to make sure that it shows up quite a few times so that the search engine understands what this page is about and what target keyword we’re looking to rank for. There’s a bunch of other boring SEO stuff that a business owner would not be interested in. But from my point, guys,
I’m gonna save you tell us what to look for, though, like, what are the bad things we should look for? Because I’m sure a lot of my listeners are just like me, where we get inundated with offers and emails and all this stuff. And oh, all these like crazy promises.

So like, what are some like red flags, bad agencies?

So what SEO is this, when you get an SEO agency that reaches out to you and says, Hey, we guarantee first page results, that’s the immediate red flag, because the reason is because they don’t control the algorithms. They don’t control search engines, no one’s gonna control Google. And so if they get you ranking at the very top of Google, a lot of times what happens is this, they’re doing black hat tactics, a Blackhat tactic would mean something that Google does not like, and they will catch it at some point. So you might start ranking for, you know, maybe one, two months, 30 days, 15 days, who knows. And then your tank, you’ll lose all your rankings all over again, because the search engine found out that you were doing spammy tactics to get up there. And then the next year. So what you want to look for is an agency that does white hat SEO, that’s the correct way to do it. That’s one red flag when there are guarantees of results, you can’t get guaranteed results because you can’t control the search engine. What you want to be looking for in an SEO agency is an SEO agency that pays attention to Google’s algorithm and understands the Google updates that Google is applying to its core algorithm in the form of core updates and stuff like that. I’m not going to go into that stuff, because that’s super geeky. But you want to make sure that the SEO agency is really on top of what’s going on in the search engine world, you know, you want to make sure that they’re not doing old black hat tactics that a search engine like Google will penalize your website for the last thing you want to do is work with someone that does some spammy tactics, and then you pay the price as a business owner, six months down, the road got penalized. So you want to make sure that you’re hiring an agency that is at the forefront of the industry. And that does things ethically because they’re going to be looking at things from a long-term standpoint, to keep you super safe. I mean, in essence, that’s what you’re looking for an SEO agency is a partner that understands the long-term haul, in terms of where you want to be as a business, what types of keywords you want to be ranking for, etc. And if you get someone that’s, you know, pitching you SEO services, and they can rank you tomorrow on page one, well, you know, there’s going to be spammy stuff and there’s going to be consequences later on for

And I like what you said about they’re going to be in a long term and getting back to something I said in the previous episode. You know what I enjoyed hearing back from the feedback of the clients that you’ve already worked with, you know when you were in the mastermind of some work is that you guys do get under the hood. And you do understand what the business’s goals are, what they’re looking to do. And to create an actual strategy. It’s not just, you know, pressing buttons and trying to make things happen. So if any of our listeners want to work with you, I know that we’ve got a local SEO audit for $150. For a limited time only. What does that include? Exactly?

Yeah, so a local SEO audit, what that’s going to do is we’re going to uncover specifically, in your website, in your specific situation, where are you currently ranking for your target keywords? Are you ranking for your target keywords? If you are then great, we want to see what positions and when we start to get a baseline like that, we can produce a report of action items that should be taken to uplift those rankings. So as a hypothetical example, say, for example, you’re not ranking for a specific service that you do want to be ranking for. And it turns out, say that you don’t have a page on your site for that service. Well, that will end up outlining that action item of like, this is the type of page that needs to be built, the types of keywords strategy, and it needs to be integrated, etc. So that you can start to see results in terms of rankings, which always then leads to inbound leads. So it’s a gap analysis, and one that is very easy just to consume, understand, and then decide how to take action on it.

Right. So what I love about that you guys just kind of wrap that up in a nutshell, is that for $150, his team will come in, understand what exactly it is that you want to do create the strategy for you. Which is I mean, yeah, you can go online and have you know, some random website, run a report and give you information that you have no idea what to do with, with no strategy, you know, and so you get this human element. And I think, at the very least, this is amazing, guys, definitely check it out. But then he also has ongoing monthly services, which at first, you know, for most people, it’s normally $2,000. But if you listen to the episode last week, we understand that pet-sitting and dog-walking companies are not those huge companies that Bobby used to work with. And because of our relationship, he has agreed to cut that monthly $2,000 down to just 1000 with a minimum of a six-month commitment, because that’s how long it takes to get everything going and tweaked and stuff. And so you guys, I want you to go to Cigna, marketing.com. That’signamarketing.com. And this is where you can sign up for it right, Bobby?

Yeah, absolutely. When you land on there, you’ll even see that you can schedule a free strategy meeting with us. So we need to do a free strategy meeting upfront and get to know your business objectives. Even what are the goals in three, or four years? Where do you want the business? Do you want to exit eight years from now? Like, what do we need to do to get revenues up top of a deal? So we talk shop. And then from there, we’re able to start to provide recommendations for the proper SEO strategy. If we do a local SEO audit to how the one you mentioned right there, Bella doubt allows us to do a deep dive so that you can have a plan in place. It’s a blueprint at that point. And just as you mentioned, you know, with our six-month agreements, the reason being is this, because ethically that’s what it takes to do local SEO. I always tell people, you know, if they say, Hey, can you do SEO for two months? I always say keep your money. It’s not right for me to take that, to be honest. It’s not ethical. Only when you’re ready to do it so that we get real results for the business. Should we then execute the plan? And so that’s how we work. Fantastic.

Well, Bobby, thank you so much for being on the show. We’re gonna have you back again next week, where we talk about the four myths about what blogging will do for your pet company. I can’t wait to get into that. You guys. I hope you have enjoyed the show again, go check out Bobby at signamarketing.com. And remember when life gets down always keep jumping,

So what did you think? Did you love this episode? I sure hope you did. Because I put a lot of love into this for you. The best way you can show me that is by going to iTunes, Stitcher Google Play, or wherever you listen to your podcast and going ahead and leaving a review. I just might read it on the next episode. I also want to remind you that when life gets down remember to always keep jumping. Thanks for listening

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