Episode 286: The Biggest Part Of Social Media That Everyone Is Missing

The biggest part of social media that everyone is missing
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Social media has become an important part of marketing, but many people are missing the biggest part: outreach
98% of people are neglecting this element of their social media strategy and then are surprised when they are not finding success in growing their business. Outreach is key to a successful social media marketing strategy, and yet, so many people are missing out on this vital piece.
It all starts with outreach. Outreach social media marketing is the process of connecting with potential customers and followers who are not already familiar with your brand or business. It is actively reaching out to your target audience and engaging with them in a way that builds relationships.
On this week's podcast, I answer the question "Why is engagement so important to your business" and how you should be utilizing this strategy every day to increase your business.

Biggest Takeaway

When it comes to social media marketing, people seem to be lacking the social part of it. Without reaching outside of your immediate followers, businesses will not be able to reach their full potential on social media.
Outreach is all about connecting with other people and businesses in (and out of) your industry. It’s a way to build relationships, expand your reach, and get more eyes on your brand. Outreach is often overlooked as a key component of social media marketing, but it can be the difference between success and failure. If you’re not reaching out to new people, you’re missing out on potential customers and followers.
If you want to see success in social media marketing this is where you begin.


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