Episode 313: The Top 5 Most Effective Social Media Tips For Dog Walking Business Owners

social media tips
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There is a plethora of dog-walking businesses displayed in the digital world. But why does your social media stand out from the rest? You don’t want to be just every other dog walking page, but rather stand out by showcasing unique and different content. Your social media page is most likely the first thing potential clients are going to see about you, do you think it is enough to make them hire you?Maybe you don't know what to post, and I understand it, there are no changes almost daily in the digital world and it can be hard to keep up on. Or maybe you are spending too much time reposting other companies' content.
Whether you have no clue where to begin or are stuck somewhere in the middle, I want to help you move your social media marketing to where it needs to be.
This week I am giving you tips on how to achieve uniqueness that sets your business apart from the rest.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 8:15 Plan out your buckets
  • 9:35 What are their pain points?
  • 11:50 Focus on one thing
  • 13:15 Do not put all social pages on website
  • 16:40 Consider investing in equipment


Don’t fall victim of the times and let your social pages become outdated. Doors for Better Marketing With Bella are open, and only for a short time. Twice a year doors open to the program to enroll new and existing members to the next semester. Social media is always changing, and we are keeping up on the changes to help you and your business succeed. Choose from two different programs to fit the needs you are looking for.

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