Episode 344: 3 software applications to help you with creating your systems and processes

systems and processes
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Are you ready to take your business to new heights of productivity and efficiency? In today's fast-paced world, staying on top of tasks and managing communication can be a daunting challenge. But fear not, because there's a trio of software solutions that can revolutionize the way you run your business: ChatGPT, ClickUp, and Slack. These powerful tools are designed to simplify your workflow, streamline communication, and bring a newfound sense of order to the chaos of systems and processes.

In today’s episode of the Bella in Your Business podcast, I invite you to explore the significance of establishing effective systems and processes within your business. Join me as we delve into three remarkable software tools that can assist you in creating and implementing these essential frameworks. Additionally, I highly recommend joining my Facebook group and participating in a mastermind program specifically designed to leverage the power of AI in business. Consolidating all your team's communications in a single platform is crucial for maintaining order and clarity, avoiding chaos and confusion. It's worth taking a moment to contemplate the benefits of investing in these software tools and the positive impact they can have on your business operations.


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Topics & Key Points

  • Three software to help with your systems and processes
  • How you can use A.I. to help with hiring in business 
  • Systems and processes are the backbone of your business. 
  • Why you should join the Mastermind
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hiring.
  • Why you should have everything in one place for seamless communication and efficiency.


[01:30] AI hiring group announcement  [01:48] ChatGPT  [07:29] ClickUp [09:32] Slack  [12:34] What we are talking about in the Mastermind [13:21] Discount code for hiring with AI for your pet business 

Notable Quotes

[00:03:44] “Systems and processes are the backbone of your business, right? It should run like a well-oiled machine to make sure everything moves smoothly, that everyone knows what they need to do, and that they have step by step. [00:03:55]   [00:11:17] “When you have problems or breakdowns in your company, I want you to think about it like, is it a people problem? Is it a process problem? And if you kind of consider those that will really help you figure out what you need, but you definitely need everything all in one place. [00:11:32]   [00:02:52] “If you don't understand how to leverage it and it's a mindset shift, then you're going to be terrible at it. And if you don't incorporate it into your business now, I'm telling you, in a year or two from now, you're going to be left behind because your competition will and you just have to learn how to leverage it.” [00:03:08]

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in your business. My name is Bella Vasta. And I got some really fun stuff planned for you today, I'm going to give you something that is going to be very easy to take away and start running with whether you're already doing it or you've been thinking about doing it, it's going to help you because it's stuff that I have used in my own business, as well as many of my clients, it's going to be three software's it's going to help you with soft systems and processes. I'm talking a lot about systems and processes right now because that's what we're talking about the mastermind. And I want to open your mind to kind of be thinking about this topic because I don't think it's a topic that most people focus on a lot. When things go bad, or their guilt goes awry. They're like, Oh, my gosh, why are things happening? And sometimes the reason is, because of the systems, the system stunk. Or the systems need better work or your staff or whoever you delegated to, needed to have better systems to follow, and it falls back on you. But that's why we're talking a lot about this today. And our very first software that I'm gonna talk about is chat GPT. And before we get into that, I want to like tell you like, Have you signed up for our awesome, one-week course it starts like this weekend, this weekend, I'm gonna kind of start getting people into it. And then it's gonna be five days next week, Monday through Friday, the 19th to the 23rd of June, we are in 2023 if you're listening to us in the future, Hello, future. And guys, I'm starting this pop-up group. It's called hiring with AI. And it's a five-day pop-up Facebook group that's filled with extensive information on how you can use AI to help with hiring in your business. Guys, if you've ever sat there and wondered like, what do I write for a job post? What do I write for a question? Like a question in my phases to test for organization or communication? If you've ever asked like thought about what should I say in this rejection letter, what should I say in this, I'm offering you the job letter. These are all ways that AI Artificial Intelligence can help you with Now it's really important. And I want to make it clear this group is all going to be about what you can do. And then next in July, in the mastermind, we're making that month all AI. And I've got some pretty heavy-hitter experts coming in for my members. And I'm so excited because we're going to teach them how to leverage it. So it's not just a matter of, you know, typing it in, and then seeing what it spits back out. And that's it, it's a matter of learning how to finesse it. And it's not just chatting GPT. So chat, GBT is a very free open thing. You can Google it right now, and you can use it. But the problem is, is that garbage in equals garbage out. And if you don't understand how to leverage it, and it's a mindset shift, then you're going to be terrible at it. And if you don't incorporate it into your business, now, I'm telling you in a year or two from now, you're gonna be left behind because your competition will. And you just got to learn how to leverage it, you got to learn how to understand it so that you can bring other people in, and it's gonna be so great. So I encourage you to join this group, it's $47. Or you could use the coupon code ai 20. For $20 off for listening to this podcast, just go tojumpcxnsulting.net/hiringai. Okay, so we're, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, scratch that jumpconsulting.net/hiringai. Okay. And then use the code ai 20 for $20 off. So let's get into it the three software's that can help you create your systems and processes, because we kind of discussed this before, like systems and processes are the backbone for your business, right? It should run like a well-oiled machine to make sure everything moves smoothly, and that everyone knows what they need to do. And they have a step-by-step I kinda put on my IG last week. It's called the mom test if you gave it to your mom, which you know how to do it. And so, let's talk about how the first software pick is chat GPT. So you may have heard it before you may not have heard of before chat. GPT is the AI language. So like, Russian, Spanish, you know, and what happens is it can come out with better versions of versions in December it was 3.5. Right now at the time of the recording, it's 4.0, and 4.5 is on the horizon. But you don't just have chat GPT, because chat GPT is open to almost everyone or you can get a paid version, but it's very, very slow. You can, you can do other things like this other awesome software called Maggi ma G AI. If you want to jump consulting.net forward slash ma G AI, you can go through my partner link, but they use some other models that make it so fast. It is literally in my business, it is the difference between Chachi BT image is like remember, when we used to do dial-up, then we used to have to wait for a very long time for it to do it. Well, that's what kind of chat GPT is becoming. And it's like magic is like the high-speed internet. But regardless of how we're going to use it, I want you to know that it's an interchangeable chat. GPT is a great entry-level. Let's get our feet wet. Let's play with this. I've never done like, I've never used this before kind of thing. So with chat GPT, you could ask for prompts that will help you write your systems and processes. So let's say you needed a standard email response for common customer inquiries, simply chat asked to chat GPT to generate a well-crafted personal template. You can also rely on it to create social media posts or product descriptions, saving you time and effort. Or maybe even redesign the FAQ page for your site. Maybe you want to have an FAQ page, but you're not sure how you should say it in a fun, friendly pet loving tone. You can put in a prompt like chat, GPT, I need help creating a standard email response from common question customer increase like, and then you put it in, and it will give you some feedback, then that's where the finessing starts back and forth. So like I said, in the mastermind in July, we are going to be teaching this, we're not going to be showing you what you can do, we're going to tell you and show you how you can do all of this stuff, I am going to do screen recordings, I'm going to like let it literally if you consider yourself a leader in this industry, then you need to join us in the mastermind in July. Because it's the only place in this industry where you can learn about artificial intelligence and leverage it in your business right now. Because I'm not docking it. But like the national organizations and the other coaches are usually six months to 12 months behind COVID hit, we were boom, we had a group up loaded with experts to help keep you motivated and keep you going. And to help support you through COVID immediately. Okay, it was the end of March, we had that up. And so with jump jumpers, we like to jump jumpers jump, that's what I do. And I like to be on the cutting edge and I am in no way shape or form an expert on this stuff. I've been using it since December. And my team has been using it in so many different ways. And we're going to show you but I'm also bringing in people that are literally developers, but that speak regular terms. So you're not going to want to miss that head-on over tojumpcxnsulting.net/mastermind. Alright, the second software that I want to tell you that's going to help you with your systems and processes is clickup. Now my team and I have been using clickup for about two years, one of my clients started using it, Britain, and it got me to kind of turn onto it at first. And truth be told, you know, our company is massive. It's basically like half a million-dollar company. And we are very expensive and extensive. It's almost like we have like three little businesses inside one big business. And so I had to hire a consultant to kind of get us set up on click-up. But you have the beauty of like, it's dog walking, it's petsitting. Okay, and although it might seem like a lot, it is one business, and a click-up is going to be amazing for you guys. Because you can build it out any way you want. And one of the cool things about clickup is that you can see it in different forms. So if you're visual and you like to see a mind map, you can do that. If you'd like to see lists or you like Asana or Trello, you can see it like that. There you can see a timeline you can there are so many things that you can do and click up. It has fantastic. So you can do centralized task management. So something that you would do normally on like Trello or Asana, you could customize workflows, right? So you can say, this is step one, step two, step three, step four, and it just kind of like all lays it out, like almost even in a template. And so that's how you can help make sure that your systems are on point. You can also have collaborative communication, because each one of the tasks or however you set it up, you can kind of talk back and forth to people. You can also have management of your documents. So there's also like a file management system in it. And then it integrates with so many third-party apps like Slack, and Google, Google Docs, and all that stuff. So if you're interested in getting started up again, we have an affiliate link for you, but it jumpconsulting.net/clickup And that would be a really fun way to say thanks for telling me about There's Bella. Or you could just go to click up yourself and skip my affiliate link if you want your choice. And so that's the second one. So first we got a chat, GPT, then we've got click. Now the last one we have, I've already mentioned it on this episode. And it's Slack. And slack is the backbone of my communications with my team. It's not email, it's Slack. And so we have all these different Slack channels that we go back and forth. And you know, we have a general channel, we have individual chat channels, we have it by project, you know, whoever's on that project. The great thing about Slack too, is kind of like AOL Messenger, if you remember that. You can put yourself away or, or active, you can put up away messages, you can send messages, and then schedule them to send like, let's say, It's one o'clock in the morning. And I'm like remembering something. And I want to tell Heather, well, I can write that right then and there. But when I press send, I can make it send the next morning at 7 am. So that's also really cool, too. But Slack is a very popular collaboration tool that can transform the way that you do business. So like I was saying, there's team communication and messages. So those messages that go back and forth, file sharing, again, it integrates with Google Docs, productivity tools. And so like Google Drive, Trello, and Asana integrates with all of them. So if you're already using them, it's perfect. It's basically like, you know, you're talking in Slack, and you're like, oh, we need to make a Trello card out, we need to make an Asana card for that, we need to make a click card for that. It integrates very easily. And then let's say you read something, but you want to come back to it, you can set reminders for yourself. And then you can always search. I love the search feature. I searched everything I searched my Google Drive. I searched click I searched Slack to just try to find like, oh, what do we say about that? Or what was the conclusion? And it helps so much, you guys, this software you do have to kind of think about like, do I need them? And when you have problems or breakdowns in your company, I want you to think about like, is it a people problem? Is it a process problem? And if you kind of consider those that will help you figure out what you need, but you need everything all in one place. You can't have like five different ways of communicating with people, five different ways, of getting information to people like it's just, it's overwhelming. And at the end of the day, we want to kind of like what Joey Coleman was saying a couple of times ago, we want to make our workers, the people that are part of our company advocates for us. We want them to advocate and be bringing in their friends and family to work for us. Because working for us is so fun, right? And it's so seamless, and it's easy. And we know what's expected, and there's no stress. But if you're sitting there still saying hey, on client X, you need to make sure that you give them two bottles of water instead of one, your systems broke, okay, you you're spending time doing that, and it adds up. And if it's not you, then it's going to be your office manager that you're going to be paying them to do it. And I don't want you to do that. So, guys, my purpose of this episode is to give you three different software's that can help you with your processes and systems. However, if you want to know how to dig down deep into it right now, right now in the mastermind, we are talking about how to, okay, we are showing you all that stuff, we are giving you checklists, we are giving you areas of your business to consider going through and looking at it. And we also have five months' worth of previous teachings to also go to it too. So if you're interested in really learning more about this, get your handheld having a personal coach having access to an HR person, and a bunch of community of doers, people that are doing this stuff. Join us at jumpconsulting.net/mastermind. And you can use Bella 25 for $25 off a month just for listening to this podcast. All right at the conclusion I'm going to also remind you to come join our hiring group. I cannot wait to have you guys in here. Next episode, it's going to be too late. It's only one week this group is only going to be for one week from the 19 to the 23rd of June. Go head on over to jumpconsulting.net/hiringai and use AI 20 for $20 off. I hope you guys have enjoyed this episode. Give me some feedback. Go ahead and rate the episode. Subscribe and Share. I can't help myself but keep giving you guys all the tips and tools and tactics that have like literally worked for my business and my client's businesses. Okay, it works. And it's amazing and it's something for you to consider. Get out of your head get out of that forest view come up to the 30,000-foot view and see this beautiful vision for me. This vision made you want to start your company because you loved animals and you wanted time freedom and you wanted financial freedom. If you have not obtained that yet or gotten that yet. Please let's work together. Let's talk let's just talk for 20 minutes jumpconsulting.net/20 That's how you can get on my calendar. We can have a conversation. I can give you the best guy items if this is what you need to focus on. I love these calls because people are always like really surprised. Because in the end, I tell them all this stuff they need to consider. They're like, Okay, well how do we work together? I'm like we don't need to figure out x, y, and z first or I will tell them if there are ways that make sense but truly, I just I love talking to you guys. All right, you guys, this has been another episode of Bella in your business. Thank you so much for joining us. And I will see you again next time. But remember when life gets you down, remember to always keep jumping by now

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