Episode 382: How To Have Great Staff Meetings Your Employees Will Be Begging To Attend

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Inn this week's episode of  Bella in your Business, I’m sharing transformative business strategies with pet industry expert Liz Illig to catalyze scaling. If you lead a 6-7 figure pet company but dread lackluster staff meetings, this discussion will resonate.

Like many founders directing rapid growth, I struggled to make mandatory meetings engaging despite understanding their profit potential. After too many dull sessions met with indifference, I realized I needed a better approach.

In this episode, I will share my methodology to channel spectacular staff engagement into unbreakable client loyalty, outstanding care consistency, and perpetual revenue growth into the mid 6 and 7-figures. Because once your team wholeheartedly embraces the collective vision, that ownership drives accountability and quality that retains clients.

Join me in unlocking this retention model as Liz unveils her secrets to inspiring true staff excitement. Let’s maximize staff meeting ROI together and elevate our women-led companies with vibrant cultures focused on sustainable processes. By prioritizing employee enthusiasm and constructive collaboration, we can realize improved performance that takes our enterprises to unprecedented heights.

I'm confident you'll discover several "aha" ideas to eliminate staff meeting dread and turn obligation into motivation. Your bottom line will capture that compounded enthusiasm. Tune in now to realize seven figures sustainably as an uplifted team propels your women-owned juggernaut.

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Topics & Key Points

  • Staff meetings and team-building activities
  • Planning and conducting effective employee meeting
  • Company culture, employee engagement, and retention
  • Creating a company culture through training and team building


  • [6:46] Planning and conducting employee meetings
  • [10:29] Company culture, employee engagement, and retention
  • [13:45] Creating a company culture

Notable Quotes

  • [4:26] “So to continue on that so it also will help with employee retention, right? Because they feel connected to your whole company. It also provides an opportunity for them to have some positive interactions”
  • [10:32] “when you’re bringing people together, it’s good to have an agenda”
  • [13:24] “And if they’re not having regular meetings, where you guys can all come together, where they can get some face time with you. And it’s, it’s, it’s very easy to be very isolated in this job. It’s very easy to just like formulate your own thoughts and opinions. So like, what thoughts and opinions are your employees forming of you other than text message, which can often be misconstrued?”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. And today I’m joined by Liz Illig. Liz, how are you? I’m good, how
are you?
I’m amazing.

And you know, Liz, we had on our last podcast, we had Maris, Michelle, and Leia all here to talk about how they changed their hiring all around how they went from trying to create their own Google Forms and, and gonna sift through emails and ask friends and family and post on on Facebook endlessly and have no results to Systemizing their hiring process and having weightless now. Excuse me. So I thought it was only fair and awesome to have you on this time to kind of let our listeners hear a cool training that you and I did for pet care team training. Admittedly, you and I are the co-founders of pet care team training. Do you want to just briefly explain to our audience what that is in case they it’s their first time listening?

All right, so pet care team training is a simplified training method for your dog walkers and pet sitters. Basically, Bill and I took our expertise over many, many years, and put it together in a training where you can train people in less than two hours keeping your costs down, we thought of everything. And even once we created it, we were like, how can we enhance this and we kept kind of just like adding layers and tears to it. And I couldn’t be more proud of the platform and the training and how we can get people certified fast.

Right, so a lot of like Leia, Maris, and Michelle, all have used it too so they get to have certified trainers or certified pet sitters in their area as well, in a combination of using it with JazzHR. So it’s pretty cool. Both of those things, you guys can go check out, jump consulting.net/jazzhr, the only place in the industry where you can get 50% off the middle tier and a whole bunch of extra free stuff. It’s like the only place you get the hookup that I get for you. And then also Pet Care Team training.com. That’s where you can check out the solo or double certification for your staff in under two or four hours. And mad-libs did style to where you can customize it, which is cool. But part of that your team training was and I have made a dedication this month this year to doing four trainings free to the industry because we want so badly to help support you guys, we do not want you to struggle through hiring, there are so many tips and tricks and awesome things that you can do that really can help expand on what you’re doing. So today, we wanted to kind of talk about how to have great staff meetings, that your employees will be begging to attend. And we wanted to kind of give you a look-see into this now.

Now, Liz, don’t you agree that when someone comes on board, one of the first things that we should do and plan for is that 30-day review right then and there on the spot so that they know it’s coming? And it’s scheduled, but also, every year plan out our meetings and we suggest quarterly meetings why is that? Can you tell people why we suggest quarterly meetings, quarterly meetings, it’s not overkill, and it’s not asking too much. But it’s a good touch point. And especially in this industry, seasons change.

So it’s a good time to kind of put things together and say hey, we’re moving into winter season, here’s some different protocols, here’s some different procedures, here’s some things that we need to be looking out for, it’s gonna start getting caught here are the things we need to do. And so it fires me up because it is an amazing touch point that we can have with our staff. It’s also you know, you can start creating a list in January for your, your March or April meeting of like things that have come up in the business, and like it just is a good touch point for keeping people engaged retaining people, and giving people knowledge and information because that is one thing a lot of companies do not do is give people knowledge and information so that they can be successful at their job.

Absolutely. So to continue on that it also will help with employee retention, right? Because they feel connected to your whole company. It also provides an opportunity for them to have some positive interactions it’s not just always you you know Don’t you forget or Don’t you know you did this wrong or something like that. It provides a moment that you can just really bond with people and you can see the quirks or there you know things maybe someone loves Star Wars you know it. It allows us opportunities to just grow and bond also I think that when you do that, it’s really important to have some cool team-building activities. And some things that we like that we always like to, you know, share and things that I did. And I know that Liz has done one thing I learned it was from improv. And we had Chris True on the on the podcast a while ago. And this one was his, it’s like, We’re going camping, and I’m taking an apple, and it’s alphabet game with camping. And so you go around, and so then Liz might go and she goes, I’m going camping, and I’m taking an apple and a banana, you know, and so you just kind of keep going down the line. And it’s funny because you have to think on your feet. And you have to, like, you know, just think of something. And sometimes the things that come out are funny. And when we have laughter when we have emotional opportunities, that is bonding, okay, oxytocin happens and, and we bond and that’s, that’s always a great thing. The other fun things and ways to learn about people are two truths and a lie. And so sometimes, you know, I mean, I always, you know, use the whole, I had a 12-ounce baby and that mix, and people always think like, That is weird. Like, there’s no way you could do that. Like, that was the truth. And then what does that do? It sparks conversation. So that’s a really interesting and easy thing that you could do with the team, as well as just a cool icebreaker. And then there are so many games that you can come up with online, that you can Google, you can do scavenger hunts even, which are also fun because those are team building. So, um, what?

Let’s move into tips for like, where should we have these meetings. Because I know a lot of our listeners, you know, they’re either just starting out and like their home is their home office. And it’s like, do I have them at my home or not? Or, you know, maybe outside the home? So what are some ideas that you might have for different meeting locations?

Yeah, and I think this is, this is a good thing to note here because you want to pick a good location. After all, you also, we don’t necessarily work in offices, we, you know, like, you have a home office. So it’s like bringing people together. And that’s another reason why it’s good to have these icebreakers. Because, you know, Sally may not know Kelly, and now Kelly knows, Sally, and may be able to reach out to Sally if she has an issue, or vice versa, right? Like, right, it just brings people together. So you know, a local library, you could rent a room from there, you could have it, you know, at a park, you could have like, a picnic of some sort, you know, a barbecue, maybe you supply the main item, and then everybody else brings like food if that’s something you know, that you’d want to do. And then you know, just a fun activity, like putt golf, or you know, anything like that just brings people together in a place that people feel safe. And also, like at this meeting, make sure to like, be welcoming, and make sure that like, you know, people aren’t standing over in the corner. And that’s why these activities also can be good because they allow people to engage where they almost have to, which is good. After all, that brings company culture and displays how you all are a team and you work together.

And there’s such a great pointless, honestly, because I mean, if you think about it, a lot of these people that have worked for us and even us, right? Admittedly, I hear all the time, Listen, I’m not a people person, I’m a dog person, right? So when you can help create these bonds or these sparks of an engagement or by by by these, these, these icebreakers or by the setting in which it’s in, that’s always a great thing. So I want to kind of move on to something we touched on at the beginning, Liz, and that was how to plan these meetings. Listen, there’s a really big quote out there that if you plan, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. And so that’s why I want to encourage you, it’s not too late. It’s the end of March right now, you can do it for the next three quarters, you know, this year if you want to get them on the calendar. So that it is something that everyone knows is not something that you’re doing last minute you’re trying to squeeze in. Because when you do that, what happens is that you’re not consistent. And when you haven’t consistently that also shows respect for the professionalism of your business, within your culture. Oh, wow, we have these every single month or every single quarter, and we’re expected to come or maybe you want to do it three times. Or maybe you want to do it two times a year. It’s completely up to you for the sake of this and what we do in pet care team training and what we suggest we suggest quarterly. And so definitely plan. But if you are a pet care team training member, we give you four blueprints, give you a blueprint and say do this activity, talk about this, and remind them about that. And so then you’re not even having to sit there and figure out what do I do? The only thing you have to figure out is where are you going to have it right. I used to love back rooms of cafes or shops and stuff or sometimes back rooms at restaurants. Libraries always are a great place to start. That’s where I first started having mine. I always lived in a condo when I had my place. So that wasn’t an option unless it was the clubhouse. So you want to plan, plan, please. And then while we’re actually on the meeting list, what kind of elements make it good? We’ve got that icebreaker and we’ve got Okay, hang on pretty regularly. Can you give us some tips on presenting good employee meetings?


Yeah, um, so here’s the thing, when you’re bringing people together, it’s good to have an agenda. Like, if I’m going to come to accompany that activity, I want to know, like, what I’m going to do what’s going to be expected of me, you know, also, like, Bella was saying, like, you also don’t want to just like say, like, hey, it’s not next week, people have kids, people have families, people have like, things that they need to do other jobs. Yeah, jobs and all these things. That’s why like, once again, playing a pet. But also like they making it interactive, maybe bringing in a guest speaker to talk about, you know, the, the current season, or if there’s like a virus going on, or you know, like, once again, knowledge and information is so powerful. And once you can give people something maybe they didn’t know, or maybe even a refresher, that’s going to be beneficial to their growth in your company. And, you know, this retention, this culture, this environment aspects, but like, also to make it interactive, making it fun, and displaying what your company is all about.

I love that so much. And I assume that kind of leads into the company culture too, right? Because when you’re telling what you’re about, and you’re showing up a certain kind of way, that’s giving people a certain feeling, which essentially, is a company culture, right?

Yeah, completely well, and I also like, brings in a different element of you, because maybe you’re at a place in your company, you don’t see these people, you maybe don’t do all the hiring, it allows these people to be in your orbit, know, you’re a real human, you know, not everybody may be there. But at least it starts bringing this engagement culture in, like Sally and Kelly being able to call in one another, maybe they could swap out a job or, you know, it just provides this overall good culture that we’re trying to be able to build. Because when you do that, you will retain people.

Pretty much. You know, I mean, it’s such a good point, because like, right now, the job market is a lot very, very emphasis on, you know, people making a difference and being valued and cared for, and people are bouncing from jobs at a more rapid rate than ever, you know, and it’s not just those professional jobs. I mean, granted, some people are bouncing from those corporate jobs and coming to pet sitting and dog walking for a little bit, and taking taking a beat of their life. So don’t be afraid to carve out what you stand for, you know, we were always really excited and really happy and loving, but also very professional, it was basically like, take care of business. And then we can like, have fun. And that’s a lot of how our meetings went, you know, and I wanted people to feel comfortable and be, be happy with us, right? Because if you keep them happy, your employees are your biggest asset. And if they’re not having regular meetings, where you guys can all come together, where they can get some face time with you. And it’s, it’s, it’s very easy to be very isolated in this job. It’s very easy to just like formulate your thoughts and opinions. So like, what thoughts and opinions are your employees forming of you other than text messages, which can often be misconstrued? When was the last time you hugged him or had you know, had a giggle with them? So you guys, I hope this has helped you get those juices flowing, and think, oh, shoot, maybe I do need more staff meetings. And when you have those staff meetings, put them on social media, please. Like, please show them this amazing content for Facebook and Instagram and your stories. And, and put it up there and show and get that team photo, even if it’s just the three of you. Or if it’s 30 of you, it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is that have them wear their T-shirts, this is a great time to get some quick videos of everyone. Maybe you want to do a 10-second video of everyone why I like working for this job, and you can trickle them out. This is a great content opportunity as well as, you know, loving the job.

So you guys like I think that’s a good point. Because like, once again, in this industry, we’re all not together. So it’s like, is it to your benefit as a business owner like content, you know, giving people knowledge and information and making it fun, you know, showing what you stand for as a company? Like, there’s a whole range of things and when you’re creating the agenda, maybe you send the agenda out and say like, Hey, we’re gonna have a 30-minute meeting or a 15-minute meeting. We’re gonna do first we’re doing icebreaker, like, kind of, you know, I mean, especially if somebody’s like an introvert, they may be like, I don’t know what to expect. So like giving them a little bit of knowledge and information ahead of time, they can kind of prepare for like, what they’re going to be up against.

Right? Absolutely. Liz, we didn’t talk about this, but I know that you and I work so well as a partnership that I don’t think you’re gonna mind. But I am kind of putting you on the spot. So, guys, sorry. Um, I know that we give away four blueprints as a bonus when you sign up for pet care team training. But I’m so proud of these. What do you think if we just give my listeners one of the four, if they email Jillian at Hello at Pet Care Team training.com? And they can at least get one. So at the very least, they can have one and maybe they can build it and build their own off of that if they wanted to. Or if they are, or they become a member of pet care team training, they can get the rest of them. Of course, with all the other bonuses that come with pet care team training.

I’m down down. I usually I always feel, follow the rules, but you sprung them on me. I gotta say,
you are a rule follower. So you guys, if you want to get one of those blueprints, you can head on over or shoot an email over to Jillian at hello@petcareteamtraining.com  And she’ll send you over one so you can see what we mean. Because I know this can be pretty daunting if you’ve never done one before. That’s one of the freebies that we give away and pet care team training. I’m thinking so much about those. Do you remember all the other’s lives right now? And I am putting you on the spot right now. What else do we give on graphics? So when people sign up, you’re able to shout from the rooftops that your people are certified and we give you emblems for your actual website, which is pretty cool.

And then we do the newsletters for the news. That’s right.

Yes, we do newsletters that these newsletters go from our clients to their staff. Because one of the problems that Liz and I saw was that you, not you but like, sometimes we only email our whole staff when someone messes up, right? And so even though we’re not trying to single them out, it’s kind of obvious what we’re talking about. It’s kind of passive-aggressive. No, it’s pretty passive-aggressive. So what we do is we supply everyone with a training reminder email once a month. So these things are going to come out once a month no matter what. And you can always add to them whenever you want. But they’re they’re supplied to all of our members. Because again, we want you to keep this company culture going. We want you to keep this training going. So if you want one of those blueprints, head on over or send Jillian an email hello@petcareteamtraining.com. To check out the program go to  petcareteamtrainingtraining.com. And of course, you can also check out our sponsor by going to jump consulting.net/jazzhr if you need help getting those employees that you need to train.

Liz, thank you so much for being here for an episode of Bella and your business. I appreciate your time.

Thanks for inviting me.

Absolutely. You guys. Remember, just when life gets down, always keep jumping by now

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