Episode 309: 3 Ways To Beat The Competition At Their Own Game

stand out from the competition
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You might be looking to increase your business, or take on more clients. Maybe trying to grow your business and increase your revenue. Whatever it is you are looking to do, you need to stand out from the competition.
What are you doing differently that will stand out from your competition? What if I told you there are things you can be doing right now that will make sure you are the one to stand out from the competition and take on the clients?
Today I am giving you three tips to start doing today, that will make all the difference. 80-90% of people are not doing the first tip, so it is up to you to stand out from the competition. Solidify the business you want for the holiday season now so you can enjoy your time with family and friends.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 3:10 answer emails and phone calls immediately
  • 6:10 Always Be Closing
  • 8:35 Anticipate client’s questions


As a business owner, there are many HR situations and questions you run into. In my Mastermind group, there are over four years of HR questions answered and monthly calls where an HR expert comes in to answer all your questions. It is a community of business owners keeping each other accountable for goals and leaning in for help when it is needed. If you feel like you might be alone in your business, the Mastermind group is something to explore. They know how to set and crush goals and stand out from the competition. Don’t be shy, I am always a reply away to answer any questions you might have!

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