Episode 305: 8 Ways To Stand Out From Your Pet Sitting Competition  

Stand out from the competition
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Your hope as a business owner is to stand out from the competition and entice clients to choose you to work with, right? But you need to do just that, stand out! When there is a plethora of pet sitting or dog walking businesses to choose from, what sets yours apart from the rest?
But do you know the right things you should be doing to stand out from the competition? Do you know what your website should look like and include? Or how about the type of relationships you should build that your competition probably isn't doing.
When you know the right things to do to stand out from the competition, business will grow and succeed. This week I fill you in on 7 ways to stand out from your pet competition, with a bonus tip!

Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:58 Beautiful Website
  • 3:58 Show and Tell website
  • 5:35 Anticipate questions
  • 7:07 Do as you say and say what you mean
  • 9:52 Genuinely figure out how to follow up
  • 11:56 Be real on social media
  • 13:17 Real face-to-face relationships with community leaders
  • 13:56 Bonus! Veterinarian endorsements
  • 16:45 Doors opening up soon..


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