Episode 291: The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff

The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff
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Take a moment with me if you will and think about your staff.
Do you have a rockstar staff member? Someone who is your number one, most reliable member? And what would your business look like if everyone on the team was just like this rockstar?
What about your staff workload? Is it spread equally across the board, or do some members receive more work than others because of their ability?
Evaluating your staff members are an important aspect of moving your business forward. If you are done being a helicopter CEO and ready to step out of the business, there is one very important question you need to be asking yourself about your staff.
And this week, I am here to ask that question.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Are you having trouble of letting go “bad seeds” out of fear of not having enough staff?
  • You only want to hire when you have the work
  • You are having trouble getting out of the field and focusing on business rather than the work
  • The fear of too many employees holds you hostage to mediocre relationships with your staff members

Evaluating your staff and asking the important questions can and will get you to a place of abundance that allows you to become the CEO you desire.


It is not too late to jump into my FREE hiring group that has been going on this week. Yes, it started Monday, but all the good information is there for you to get caught up on. The live events are recorded and will be there to watch until Friday, May 20th. I filled the group with the most useful information you will need when it comes to hiring and building up your team members, answering probably all the questions you were thinking.


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