Episode 383: Quick Tips for Your Social Media with Easy Video Ideas (Freebie Inside!)

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Do your social media posts fall flat? Do potential clients scroll by without a second glance? Video content is today's crucial key for captivating audiences and converting followers into loyal clients.

Join me as I unlock the secrets of social media video magic with two innovative petpreneurs. Discover fresh reel ideas and editing tricks tailored for professional pet sitters and dog walkers like you.

I'm also offering a special free download - "7 Real Video Ideas to Wow Pet Owners" -packed with clever concepts for showcasing your services while engaging fans. But this exclusive freebie vanishes Monday, so be sure to tune in!

Give your pet care brand a video vitamin boost! Learn how to blend personalities and pet appeal into share-worthy reels and posts. Let's make 2023 the year your content leaps off screens and into pet parents' hearts.

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Topics & Key Points

  • Using video and reels for social media success.
  • The growing popularity of short-form video content (Reels) on Instagram
  • Using video content for social media success in pet sitting businesses.
  • Creating engaging videos for pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses
  • Using Instagram reels for pet-sitting businesses.


  • [ 2:24] Short-form video content (Reels) on Instagram
  • [6:13] Video content for social media success
  • [9:32] Creating engaging videos
  • [13:49] Using Instagram reels

Notable Quotes

  • [3:23] “But more and more people all they’re doing is just scrolling videos, video, video, video, video video. And because video is a lot more entertaining than just scrolling a feed. So I want you to think about that. And then…”
  • [8:43] “And it has made results in the way that they literally have people contacting them on social media wanting to work for their company, because they have made it look so appealing on their social media.”
  • [14:14] “you’re gonna be able to leverage them in any of your sales, or DMS and when you’re trying to, you know, have objection or rebuttals, to people’s objections, and you’re definitely gonna get a lot more views and eyeballs on your content when you just simply post a real slash video”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. My name is Bella Vasta. And today, we are going to be talking about video and reels. Because this is important I think a lot of you guys are missing out on it. And that’s why I wanted to dedicate this next episode to it. But first, I want to say thank you so much for all of your listens, you guys have been popping off and responding a lot and giving me so much feedback. And this is one of the things that I’ve been having a lot of conversations with you, I wanted to discuss a lot about, you know how everyone’s looking to get more impressions on social media, right, and not just like come up in the feed, because that’s so like elementary, you’re not going to ever beat the feed unless you pay for it. But what I want to remind you guys about and I’ve said this so many times is that social media is a secondary source for people to know, like, and trust you. And if the only thing that you are posting on your social media platforms are just pictures of pets and their faces, you’re not doing anything to help your brand.

Okay, so you need to show up a lot of different ways you need to show up as a professional who looks like they are investing in their company and you know, a professional brand. But you also need to show your personality. And I know a lot of you guys want to turn off automatically because you don’t like putting your faces on there. And while that is the number one way to get out there, it is not the only way. And so today, I want to help inspire you to realize that it’s not as hard as you keep thinking it is. So stop stinking thinking. I want to, like encourage you to understand that the power of reels is so important. And when I say reels, I’m also talking videos. I mean, anytime you post a video, Facebook and Instagram, which are the two main platforms we’re going to talk about today for just you know, ease of sense because I know that’s where most of you guys are at. Is it automatic, you post a video it says turn it into a reel, you post video pictures, it says turn it into a reel. And so for lack of better terms, or whatever, I’m just gonna call everything reels today. But understand that any video is essentially a reel, and they want to make it a reel for you. And so they’re growing in popularity. reels are short-form video content, typically lasting from 15 seconds to a minute, sometimes it’s even less than 15 seconds. And you can enhance it with music filters, and creative video editing, like in the app, you don’t need to go do it someplace else. Captions are a must all the time you guys always put captions on things because everyone is not always listening in a place where they can hear it. They’re in meetings, they’re in public, they’re getting their nails done, they’re doing a whole bunch of things that when you can read the captions and listen to things on silent, that’s also very important. And so it’s, it’s something that’s really, like really popular some people I want you to think even of your habits and behaviors, you might not like necessarily scroll, a Facebook feed, or scroll and an Instagram feed. But more and more people all they’re doing is just scrolling videos, video, video, video, video video. And because the video is a lot more entertaining than just scrolling a feed. So I want you to think about that. And then, you know, there are reasons that it is growing in popularity, things become viral reels have a higher likelihood of going viral compared to a traditional host format. And not even viral because I know that the majority of us are not going to be going necessarily viral. But just in terms of impressions interaction and engagement. The video is so much more interesting. And they’re short length, it’s like someone can consume it visually and auditorily rather than having to read through something, okay. And then the logarithm that the logarithm favors video, even though Instagram has come out and said that carousels currently right now as of April 2024

Are you know, gaining in popularity and weight video is still going to say it better than anything else. And I always say short-form video no one wants to sit there and listen to you talk on a video truly. And we have pets to you know talk about to showcase and we can make it interesting you know you can be on a walk there are so many different ideas and I’m staying tuned because I’m going to give you eight real topics, you know video topics that you can do. I’m gonna give you a free download at the end of this episode, but it’s only good for a couple of days. So anyway, the logarithm reverses it. And then typically younger audiences. And so when I say younger audiences, I mean Gen, Gen Z, and millennials, which let’s face it, that’s up to like about 50 years old. So unless you guys are targeting the boomers, the people that are 60s and 70s, or whatever, this is going to be a great avenue for you.

The other thing about reels and videos is that visual and auditory will appeal to a wider audience. So it’s visually appealing because reels can create a canvas for creativity through dynamic visuals. I mean, if you’re scrolling in your feed, and you see a dog pooping, you’re gonna get your attention. Or you see something interesting like about what we do, you know, maybe you’re wiping out a bowl, and talking about why you’re, we’re showing the slime on a bowl. It’s engaging, and fast edits or eye-catching edits, you know things where you, you just do those quick jump edits, and you make it interesting, it’s going to have more of an appeal than just a static post of a dog’s face. Also, the auditory appeal, it’s very easy to save audio. And the one that I use very easily on here all the time with you guys is I think it was Adriana, who did, it was the first time I saw this one. And it was great. She put a NASCAR sound on a video of a dog doing zoomies in the backyard. And it was like a mirror. And it was just hilarious. And then you pair some, some interesting caption on there, or some interesting words and Bada bing, bada boom, you got it amazing. And so the ways that you can appeal is through education and entertainment. So tutorials are educational content, presented in fun, visual, and stimulating ways. And, and, like behind-the-scenes kind of glimpses that you might get. And so video is going to always be a lot better when it comes to your social media. And you guys I understand you are, you’re very limited time, right? And social media probably feels like this annoying task that you’re feeling bad about because oh shoot, when when did I post? Oh, I gotta post something on there. Oh, I’m gonna post but no one’s gonna care about it. Oh, nobody, you know, interacts or cares, you know, comments or shares or likes anything? Well, yeah, because again, if you’re just posting pictures of dogs, the only person that cares is the pet parent for that dog or cat, I’m telling you. So if you’re doing it, great job for doing it. But all you’re doing is a photo album. And what it reminds me of is the old days when we used to make websites off of Yahoo. And we used to have a page that was a photo album. Nobody cares about the photo album, unless that photo is telling a story, a very engaging story, and has an awesome hook to it. And it’s talking all about, you know, this is a client that I saved because of XYZ and blah, blah, blah, it’s, I don’t want to say that it’s a waste of time. But there are so much better ways that you can spend your time and I’m all about trying to show you exactly how to hit that bullseye.

So please, listen, I am here for you, and I want you to be successful. This is not just me regurgitating information either. These are exactly the things that I do in my business. These are things that I have trained so many sitting companies and dog walking companies on what to do to be successful. It has resulted in the way that they have people contacting them on social media wanting to work for their company because they have made it look so appealing on their social media. And I have people who have gained clients because they’ve been perusing or looking for a pet sitter or dog walker, and what happens, is they go to Google, then Google takes them to a website. And then from the website, they go and they check out your social media because they want to see the 3d version of you, they want to feel something from you. Okay. So when you have video, it is going to give you higher engagement rates. it because it’s just more interesting, whether that’s the length of time that they watch, whether you have a really good call to action and they are doing something it’s also going to be discovered better. And a lot of videos and posts if you don’t understand this or know this, please understand this. Now this is very important. Most videos and posts on Facebook or Instagram, think of it like microblogs so make sure you’re using your keywords and all of them as well. And then extended time views. You know, you could do the trick like you do a really short video that just kind of starts like replaying again and again again, five or Seven seconds. Or you can do something that’s like really engaging. And that has a really good script to it. There are a lot of different apps that you can use to do that.

Now, I understand that you might feel like, Oh, I’m too busy to create reels. Well, the best thing that I suggest you do is when you’re feeling yourself that day, or are you having a good hair day? And I’m speaking from personal experience, get up there and just record a bunch of videos, save, when you’re, when you’re scrolling in your own time, get a saved library on whatever platform you’re on, and be like, like, copy this, you know. And so when you see other people doing stuff, and you’re like, Oh, that’s easy, I could do that. That’s a good idea. When you are actually in your creative mode, or your recording mode, you just pull that up, and you can start recording stuff based on what you’ve been inspired by other people. Now, reels are something that I want to encourage you to do. No pun intended, I want to encourage you to do reels. I’ve seen it guys. I’ve seen the experience common. And there’s so many ways like, like, what is the holdup? I want to know, I truly want to know, what’s the holdup. I’m telling you on a silver platter, this is going to be the thing that’s gonna get you a lot more engagement and favor in the algorithm. It’s going to be more exciting because we’re not talking about widgets. We’re not talking about mass. We’re not talking about software, we’re talking about dogs and cats. And we can be so creative, we can be so emotional, we can be so loving, we can be so funny. We can be so inspiring. We could pull up people’s heartstrings all day long. Because we’ve got this beautiful thing that we do we care for pets all day long. What is an interesting point of view that you can do? Can you put a camera underneath the bed showing a cat trying to come out? I did that on my YouTube videos 10 years ago, and it got great views. And can you create these videos in a way that you get to show people when they’re like, oh, but you don’t understand, you know, my cat doesn’t like to come out for anybody? Oh, yes, I do. In fact, what’s your email, or maybe you’re talking to them in the DMS? And you can go grab the URL of that video and send them that video. And now they’re like, oh my gosh, she gets me, she understands exactly what it is. Guys, these videos aren’t just for social media, these videos can be used as sales weapons, they can be used to refute every single objection, or fear that a potential new client or new hire might have for you.

Now guys, I told you, I was gonna give you something free. What we’ve been doing, and we’ve been working on this for you guys, is I’ve got this really beautiful download and have it in my hand right now. And it’s pretty cool because it has an I’m gonna kind of like read a little bit to you. I’m giving you and we created this beautiful thing. It’s called Seven real ideas for pet sitting and dog walkers. And it is things like it has like short kind of captions. But 123456 Yes. And I don’t want to give them all out to you right now. But seriously, you’re not going to want to miss this, all you have to do is go to jump consulting dotnet forward slash real ideas. And that’s exactly where you can get them.

Now I’m going to take a really quick break before I come back to you with a message from our sponsor.

Okay, so I want you to use reels. And here’s the thing, I mean, we already know so you’re gonna get higher engagement rates, you’re gonna have an increased discovery, you’re gonna be able to leverage them in any of your sales, or DMS, and when you’re trying to, you know, have objection or rebuttals, to people’s objections, and you’re gonna get a lot more views and eyeballs on your content when you just simply post a real slash video. Now, I know you guys have also a lot of time constraints that you feel like but I just don’t want to sit down and do it. Well, there are lots of times when you have downtime. I want you to start to think about taking a mental inventory of how often you spend just scrolling on your feeds aimlessly, alright? Or how much are you Netflix and chilling? Or how long are you sitting in the school pickup line? Alright, there are five little five-minute increments throughout your day. I know there are where you can just quickly grab a couple of pictures or videos and create a reel on the fly inside the Instagram app, or the TIC tock app, or Facebook, it’s very, they make it so easy for you to do. Like I said, every single time you post a video, even if you wanted to start just because of the time constraints, instead of posting a picture, challenge yourself to start posting videos, and then in the caption, tell a beautiful story about it. Now, if you’re not sure what those stories are, that’s where that download is going to help you. The seventh real idea for pet sitters and dog walkers is to jump consulting dotnet forward slash real ideas, and you can get it right now. But it’s going to help you. And that’s why we’ve got it there for you. And I can’t stress enough, that it is only going to be available until Monday, April 8. So you’re listening to this when it comes out on Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday. And I know it’s a very short time. But next week, I have another free download for you because you know what, I just decided to start. It’s my way of saying thank you for listening to all of these episodes. And so this is my way of virtually giving you guys a gift. And all of these real ideas are going to be great because it’s either going to be something that you’re going to be planting in your head and be like, oh, yeah, that’s what Bella was saying, I can make this into a real. And now you’re aware of it, right? It’s the way manifestation works. When our brain is aware of something, we start seeing it more often. But also, it’s something that, like I said earlier, you could take a topic of each one of those seven real ideas that I’m giving you. And you can challenge your team every single week. Or if you don’t have a team, you can challenge yourself, or you could be looking for those instances so that you can do it, guys, things do not have to be as difficult as possible. I know personally, sometimes I get so inside my head and I complicate things more than they need to be. And then I get paralyzed. And I’m just encouraging you. This is why I’m giving you these real ideas. So that you do not have to paralyze this is the the one thing that is going to help you get seen so much more. Either on the feed or if someone were to go to your feed, like I was saying they’re going to be more interested in clicking on when they see that video link to see Ooh, what’s in that video? It’s going to be a lot more exciting.

So without further ado, please jump on over to jumpconsulting.net/rellideas and get your free copy now. You guys this has been another episode of Bella in your business. Thank you so much for being here with me. And we’re gonna be back again next week. I can’t tell you quite yet but it’s gonna be awesome and I can’t wait for you to hear it. I hope you guys have an amazing day. And remember when life gets you down, always keep jumping by now

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