Episode 374: Why Blogging Isn’t as Important As You Think It Is & What You Can Do For Results

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Are you effectively leveraging the power of SEO for your pet business, or is it an untapped goldmine waiting for your attention? Is Blogging as important as you think when it comes to SEO?

This week on 'Bella in Your Business', we bring back the digital marketing maven, Bobby Machado from Sign Marketing, for a riveting fourth round of insights. Dive into the depths of digital marketing where Bobby discusses why knowledge of analytics isn't just important – it's crucial. Especially given his track record of handling over $300K in Google ad spend.

Unravel the mystery of blogging as we tackle the big question. Is it a mere online diary or a powerhouse for lead generation and establishing authority? Bobby breaks down the mixed signals in the blogging realm, cutting through the noise to reveal how the strategic use of transactional keywords can transform your visibility and drive incoming leads.

We're also revisiting a classic success story. Marcus Sheridan's blogging prowess that saved his company during the 2008 financial crisis — reinforces why hitting the digital books can mean serious business growth. Plus, get an exclusive scoop on local SEO audits tailored to your pet business for a strategy that barks up the right tree.

If you're eager to see your business unleashed on the first page of Google and master SEO to provide unmatched value, you won't want to miss this episode of Bella in Your Business!

Topics & Key Points

  • Blogging importance and SEO for pet businesses
  • Blogging for lead generation and authority building
  • Local SEO audits and monthly campaigns
  • Providing value in business with a focus on SEO


[3:33] Blogging importance and SEO

[6:00] Blogging for lead generation

[8:48] Local SEO audits

[13:54] Focus on SEO

Notable Quotes

[4:11] “And really, we have to peel back the onion and kind of like, see the truth of why we should be blogging. There are reasons to do it, but not for the reasons that we’re told to a lot of times. So what’s the reality of it? Reality is that blogging has its place and digital marketing at absolutely has its place.”

[6:01] “So at the end of the day, the forms of traffic that actually carry buying intent is going to be users that are going to a search engine that are typing in a keyword that is transactional, just a define that a transactional keyword is going to be someone that’s typing in”

[7:22] “blog posts are to provide value to the end user to position ourselves as an authority, apart from making sure that they’re properly optimized, so that they do rank in search engines and so forth, is finding ways to integrate it into your email list.”

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Welcome to another episode of Bella in Your Business. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s the beginning of February already. That is insane. I feel like it was just yesterday that it was 2023. You guys, we are back with the final episode of our series with Bobby Machado, who is the founder of Signa Marketing. And he’s been teaching us a lot of amazing stuff. Last week, we talked about the four myths about what blogging will do for your pet company. Before that, we talked about the dangers of hiring an SEO company for your pet business. We started by talking about the two inbound lead generation channels your website can’t live without. And today he’s back to talk about why blogging isn’t as important as you think it is, and what you can do for results. And stay tuned to the end for an exclusive offer that Bobby has agreed to do with us mostly because you guys are awesome. And because Bobby and I have been working together for almost a year now. And you’ve helped a lot of my clients out. And I just want to be here to help connect you to the good people of the world, the good people who truly want to see you succeed and not just take your money and run people who can help your business. So you’re gonna want to stay tuned to the end. But without further ado, Bobby is currently the CEO and lead strategist at Signa Marketing and the CEO at Sector Seven Apps. He is a digital digital King, let’s just call you that. He’s analytical and creative and developed a passion for digital marketing and data, which is interesting and unique. And I can’t stress enough to you guys how important it is to have someone on your team who gets the analytics and the marketing side together at once because usually those are two separate people. And so Bobby used to work for big companies managing over $300 a month and Google ad spend. And now he helps businesses just like yours. And so without further ado, Bobby, welcome back to the show. For the fourth time. I think this is a record, my friend.

Thank you so much. Well, I appreciate it. I think gonna steal that digital King thing there.

Well, it seems like every time I have to email you or your team, someone knows what they’re doing. I remember a time like, you know, back at the end of 2023. I had no idea. My website, I felt like it was just like fritzing. And one of the guys in your team was like, Oh, it’s right here. I got the letter. And I was like you, you’re kidding me. You’re kidding me. And you guys were all so nice. That’s one of the most beautiful things about you guys are just nice and responsive, which let’s face it, when our website’s doing something it shouldn’t be, we need a response because we start freaking out.

So why have we been told that blogging is so important for our websites? Because it’s almost like everywhere you look in the groups in the forums, people are like, Oh, you need to blog, you need to blog, you need to blog, but it’s like, yeah, you need to go to the gym, but then you have to work out properly to get the results, just going to the gym isn’t gonna help. Is that that right?

Yeah, I mean, a lot of times we’ve been Yeah, preached about creating a lot of blogs, because it’s about creating new content, creating fresh content on the website that Google likes this, you know, etc. But it’s funny because you’ll see this in small and medium-sized organizations, this blogging effort being undertaken takes resources, time, strategy, you know, etc. But no one’s asking, Okay, how many leads do I get from my blog posts? And so I’ve seen that with both small and medium-sized businesses there’s these ideas that we should be blogging because there’s an indirect result that we get that it helps us start to rank our transactional pages that Google likes, etc. And really, we have to peel back the onion and kind of like, see the truth of why we should be blogging. There are reasons to do it, but not for the reasons that we’re told to a lot of times. So what’s the reality of it? The reality is that blogging has its place and digital marketing has its place. Its places this plugin is great for educating the end user and positioning ourselves as an authority to deliver the answer. That’s really what blogging is about top funnel content, top funnel, we mean people that maybe don’t need your service at this moment. But they have a question that is related to that subject matter that you as an expert can answer. The great thing is that when you answer that question, psychologically, in the end user’s mind you have become an authority figure, because they had a pain point in a question, and you answered it. And so you get brownie points for that. And it’s a rinse and repeat. But you can see the expectations are completely different. I expect to provide value to the end user not to get them as a lead today, they might become a lead, you know, a week from now or a month from now, now, because they’ve learned about my business. And they’ve seen me as an authority figure because I provided value in the form of an answer to their pain point. And then when they do need a need for my service later on down the road, they’re going to think of me because now they know that I exist and that we are in authority in that space. And so that’s what blogging is about. And you can see the difference of why blogging, when people have the idea of like, Oh, I’m gonna get leads from a blog, you can see there’s a big gap there. It is about to what we’re sometimes sold as the idea of what blogging can do for us.

Right? Right. I love it. So what are the most important forms of online traffic that have buying intent?

So at the end of the day, the forms of traffic that carry buying intent are going to be users that are going to a search engine that are typing in a transactional keyword, just a define that a transactional keyword is going to be someone that’s typing in, for example, pet sitting service in Seattle. That’s a transactional keyword, meaning a person who is specifically searching for that service in that geographic area. They have buying intent, they’re just trying to find the right service provider for them. But they have that need. So that’s critical is to show up for those types of transactional keywords. So that’s why we say that transactional traffic in the form of search engine traffic on Google ads, or your organic search listings is critical for inbound and those are going to be important channels for inbound leads.

That makes so much sense. Like it’s so simple and the way you put it, and how should we integrate blogging into our online marketing strategy? How should we think about all of that, like in better marketing with Bella, let’s say, we give our clients blog outlines? So we’re like, here’s a good title or topic, here are some talking points, write it out so that they always have ideas, how should we integrate it to all of it.

So the way we like to approach it is knowing that these blog posts are to provide value to the end user to position ourselves as an authority, apart from making sure that they’re properly optimized, so that they do rank in search engines and so forth, is finding ways to integrate it into your email list. Of course, to get it distributed, they’re sharing it on your social media profiles, etc. Because, blog posts, what they are, is to always position your brand as an authority in the space, the more that you build that brand awareness and that authority in the eyes of your prospects, actually makes the sales cycle much easier. Once you get on the horn with them, once they are ready to buy, it’s not like they’re interacting with your brand for the first time at that point is like they know your brand, they read your content, they see you as an authority figure. And so it makes the sales process a lot easier on that front end when you’re say pitching the actual pet sit-in service to them. At that point, they’re not going to have so many questions of like, Hey, can I trust you, of course, they can trust you, they’ve been consuming your content for a couple of months now. Or you know, and so it’s different. But those are some ways to think about how to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy that it’s not necessarily to get a direct lead out of it. It’s to support all your other efforts, whether it’s on the sales front, whether it’s even on the inbound side of getting someone just to convert and inquire about your service. It’s going to help all those types of efforts and help increase conversion rates and stuff like that because they see you as an authority figure. And it’s not their first time around interacting with your brand.

I love that so much and a company that I’m sure you’re very familiar with HubSpot. There’s this gentleman by the name of Marcus Sheridan. And he was in the sales line for a long time. And then he formed another company. And he talks about blogging all the time, and I’ll never forget, it back in 2012. He originally had a pool company, and it was on the brink of extinction and 2008. That wonderful year. And blogging saved him. And he always talks about how when he got HubSpot connected, he would go out for these pool appointments. You know, pools aren’t cheap. But he would be able to tell on the website and these sales calls, how many blogs these people have consumed. And there was a tipping point that after they’ve consumed like 12, the deal was done. He didn’t have to sell anything, because they had already convinced themselves due to all of the literature that they were reading online. And so I think the power of persuasion with blogging when done right, is fantastic and it’s something that I used in my previous petsitting company and my existing coaching company. And there’s so much truth to all of that. So I love
the fact that using a platform like HubSpot is great where you saw you know how he mentioned he saw those interactions, yes, it inside, because a lot of times we may even give up, we say, Hey, I’ve done three, four blog posts, and I’m not getting anything out of it. But it goes to show that, he saw that there’s a tipping point after 12. It
was incredible. It was. And when people would call for these appointments, I mean, this is a little bit more expensive than most of what the pet industry would be investing in. But there are some, and it’s, you know, going from the lead form, and you get the lead form, and you’re like, okay, yeah, Bobby, Bobby’s been all over your website, and Bobby consumed these blogs. And he’s already known this. And so when you get on the phone with Bobby, you already know, Bobby already looked at fiberglass versus whatever other kind of pool there is right? And it was wild, it was wild. But when you have this content on your site, people want to consume it. Alternatively, I always tell the funny story that Bobby before he knew what I was doing. I was just like, oh, answer every question. Okay, is tuna safe for my dog? And I wrote a blog on that. And it was the highest-ranked blog on my site. And it was because no one else answered it in the world.

See, that’s an excellent opportunity right there that you want to find those content gaps all day long.
Pretty funny. Anyways, Bobby, this is our very last time with you today, I want to make sure that we get this offer very clearly across to our listeners, you have been working with some of my clients already. You’ve worked with me since about a year ago now since February of 2023, after my website was hijacked. And if you want to hear that story, you can go listen to episode 330. And learn more about that. But I digress. Bobby, can you tell us more about this local SEO audit, as well as the local SEO working with you monthly?

Absolutely. So our local SEO audit, we’re offering that at a $150 price point, typically, it’s triple the price to be honest, because it’s an in-depth strategy, meaning that we do with you to understand this subject, etc. But then we do a complete local SEO audit on your website, considering all the objectives that you shared with us. And so we essentially ended up producing a report that outlines what are the things that need to be done, what are the action items, etc, from an SEO perspective, to meet the business objectives that you’ve shared with us, a lot of times, we find just gaps that, you know, the business owner wants to do XYZ. But that doesn’t exist on the website. And Google’s not understanding those details. And so we want to uncover those gaps and give you an action item list. At that point, you can handle that action item list in-house, or we’re more than happy to help implement and tackle those action items, too. So that’s the first item there. Now for anyone who has been considering search engine optimization in the past, because they want to be ranking at the top of search engines like Google for their main target keywords, and they want those inbound leads coming in. I know that typically, our price points for local SEO are two grand a month, I was able to find a way with valid where we can still efficiently do what we need to do to do on the local SEO end, but at half the cost. So we cut the cost in half, and are still able to produce the results that are needed for business to be successful with local SEO. So only for jump consulting members, do we make this happen? Bella put me to the fire and I was finally able to make it happen. And so you know, in terms of the next steps there, we’re always just happy to just jump on a strategy call and learn about your business, what are your objectives? Where do you want to be a couple of years from now from a business standpoint, and find the alignment there? And then at that point, we’re always able to execute either the local SEO audit first or if you have already, you know, been contemplating SEO for a while and you kind of already know what needs to be done from a GAAP standpoint that you know that you’re not ranking for certain keywords, then we could always discuss a local SEO campaign and what that strategy looks like,

awesome, awesome, awesome. Well, I can’t stress it enough that you guys Bobby’s proven. He’s had clients for years and years and years, just like a lot of you, you know, he cares about what he does, which is why I have offered him the microphone for the past four episodes. So I hope that does say a lot. And he’s also helped me out with my sight for so long. So if any of that sounds interesting to you, you want to just learn maybe you already have it, but you wanted to I’ve had some clients that already have SEO people but they wanted to kind of just get an outside perspective and have outside eyes on it and say, Hey, this is what you can go back and ask them about this is also a great opportunity for that too. So don’t fret and check it out. Definitely. It is only a limited-time offer. So you’re going to want to get on it now. And not wait. This has been another episode of Bella in Your Business. Bobby, thank you so much for all of your time, my friend. I’ve appreciated such great content, and just thank you for your time.

Oh, absolutely. No, it’s a pleasure. As always. I know thank you so much. My aim as always, is to provide as much value as I can. I think I told you a long time ago In this industry, it’s about 17 years ago, back in the day helping small businesses that were on Craigslist trying to find website developers that want to rip them off. And so my intent has always been just to provide value. And so I love doing these things. Because the thing is like, even if some don’t work with us, at least they have this value in this knowledge to utilize for the future. So that’s what’s reported for us.

Awesome. Well, you come a long way, Bobby. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you for listening. If you liked this episode, go ahead and share it. Send it to your friends. Let us know what stood out to you or contact Bobby with any questions you have or to you know, get on a schedule. That’s Cigna. marketing.com, si G ma marketing.com. Thanks so much. And remember, when life gets down, always keep jumping by now.


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