5 Ways Power Pet Sitter Can Give You Back LOTS of Time!

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Time management is one of the toughest things for business owners to grasp. Without proper systems and processes a business owner can end up spending double or triple the amount of time in the office.
Power Pet Sitter is HERE to help you make your business run smoother. Help you schedule clients, your sitters time off, let clients update all those tiny details they call and email you about….
But it is all useless unless you let the Power Pet Sitter system, that you have chosen to spend your hard earned money on each month, work for you! Instead, I see a lot of pet sitters not use it to the fullest of its capabilities.

That was a very informative webinar you did! It even gave me some ideas to implement!
– Jan Brown  Jan’s Pet Sitting

The Call:

On Thursday March 14th Jump Consulting kicked off the Inaugural Power Pet Sitter Speaker Series. 
On this call we talked about how Power Pet Sitter can HELP your business if you let it! We discussed:

1 – Have A Sign Up On Your Website For New Clients.
2 – Purchase QB Online so you never have to enter in invoices manually.
3 – Get on a schedule. Every Sunday email confirmations for the week and then send that list to a staff member to write thank you notes.
4 – Create a Guide and Invite Clients To Call You to Schedule Appointments.
5 – Consider separating the services so you know which are your money makers and where you need to focus more marketing efforts.
BONUS: Did you know about the mobile website?

How Can You Listen?

Best part about this is you can listen to this on your phone, at your computer, while you are making dinner, doing laundry…

Enjoy and post any follow up questions in the Power Pet Sitter Facebook group

The facebook groups mentioned were:
I Own A Pet Sitting Company With Staff
I Own A Pet Sitting Company Without Staff

Please ONLY join the appropriate ones. These are my private coaching groups and you do have to participate! 🙂

Listen NOW:

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