Pricing Strategy & Formula: A Teleconference for Pet Sitters With Worksheet Included

Pet Sitting Business Price

Do you know that the most asked question I get is “How much should I charge for….?”  You would be surprised if you saw how many times this question comes across my computer! Pet sitters are constantly looking outward for the answers they should be looking inward.

If you don’t charge the right price, you won’t be able to have the life that you want to live.


“At the end of the day, we are in business to make money!”


We are in business to see our business be sustainable for years to come and afford us to do what we love in life. Whether that be work ourselves to the grave, or work when we want to and spend the rest of our time with friends and family, it is a choice that every single of one you have as a business owner.

best price pet sitting business

If you feel like you don’t have a choice at this point in your business, then you are doing something wrong and you CAN fix it. You just need a little guidance.

When I hear that pet sitters are basing their price off  what “other pet sitters charging”   The answer to that question matters just as much as what type of underwear are they wearing! WHO CARES! I want to show you what does matter in this decision. They do not have your mortgage, car payment, expenses, or financial goals.


Here Is What Pet Sitters Are Already Asking:

pricing pet sitting

pricing pet sitting

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Who Is This Course For?

This course, is for any pet sitter who has been in business for a long time, short time, just starting out, or who has ever raised their prices.

This course, is for YOU!  


Over the years, this course has evolved to what it is today. I started out just talking about a formula. Then it evolved into a presentation, and now… it is a force to be reckoned with. You can take this course knowing that it isn’t just the first version. I have tweaked and perfected it over the years, anticipating just about every question you may have all the while forcing you to get out of your own stinking thinking and get that lightbulb to turn ON!

Although, I strongly believe we can’t talk about the right price, without talking about the strategy and structure of the cost of your services too.

What Can I Learn If I Get This Course?

Sign up for this live call and leave being so confident in your decisions on pricing that you are never asking questions like the above again. During this class, I promise to teach you:


  • How your strategy or lack there of can help or hurt your business.
  • How pricing applies to businesses with and without staff.
  • How your perceived value or lack there of increases or decrease the price clients will pay.
  • Where pricing absolutely does NOT come from.
  • What impact supply and demand has on your services.
  • The actual mathematical formula that you can use for every single service you provide to keep you floating! (not just your head above water)

Still Not Sure About This Course?

That’s ok. With all these “secret sauces” out there I would be a little weary too. That’s why I want to prove it to you.

The proof lays in the numbers. I had one coaching client who emailed me and said the following after one year sticking to the pricing strategy we put in place:


What a year! It’s been an adjustment watching my volume SHRINK this year!!! One of the hardest things to ever watch. My staff has shrunk by ONE HALF! However, let me just tell you, that after a few sessions with Bella Vasta, our amazing pack leader, I made some adjustments to my business that would change my thinking about how I do business FOREVER! Not trying to toot my horn, but to TOOT a really loud horn for Bella!!!

Take a look at the Scenario if I had stayed business as usual:
-If I had left prices the same
-and the payment to employees the same
-slightly leveraged my fixed costs as planned
-and still had 11% growth, profit would have only been up 28%.

However, after sessions with Bella,
-I had 11% growth in revenue (due to increase in prices, not in volume, as stated, my volume shrunk drastically)
-I decreased payout to walkers
-I slightly leveraged fixed costs
-Profits increased 105%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO MY POCKET!

All I have to say is INVEST IN YOURSELF. Don’t be afraid of asking for help! And certainly don’t be afraid of hiring someone to give you and objective opinion on things! Best Money I ever spent on my business and myself was with Bella Vasta. No other business coach has EVER shown me such return on my investment!!!!
– Heather, Trusty Tails

…this is just one coaching client. There are numerous more!

How About You?

If any of this sounded interesting to you, please sign up for this course. It will be a teleconference and at the end, I will open it up for questions. It will be recorded so you can listen to it again and again. Although, in order to really get the most bang for your buck, I strongly encourage you to be on the call.

Just click the buy now link below and you will be off and running with access to this life changing course!


Only $59  for LIFETIME access

to the “Bella-inar” and worksheet!

Pet Sitting Business Price

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