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Are You Using The Wrong Font In Your Pet Business Graphics?


When I created my first flier back in 2003 for my former company “Bella’s House & Pet Sitting” it was a wreck. I think I used clip art for Microsoft word. I used ariel font and I hadn’t a clue what font my logo was at the time.

Everything I created looked so homemade, and although we didn’t have all the amazing image creating programs we have these days, like Easil, I still had no excuse.

But they don’t tell you to “know your fonts” or have a brand guide when you start out. Heck, you are lucky if you have a logo that isn’t created from clip art!

It wasn’t until I was ten years in business that I even knew what a brand guide was and that is why I am typing this to you today.

What Does A Font Say?

Take a look at the above fonts. What do they feel to you? Each one is very different, right? Imagine your brand sporting each one of those fonts. Let me note that each of those fonts are all in the same exact font size so you can see how some are larger and smaller than others.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Are – Pretty run of the mill. Standard. Believable. Professional even.
  • You – Same as above, although it is a little larger.
  • Using – Hard to read. Maybe even midevil? It makes me have to think about what it is saying.
  • The – Looks like a magic marker? Little more authentic. Like someone wrote it. Personable?
  • Wrong – That is pretty in your face. Sorta playful.
  • Font – Little kid handwriting. Not professional. Almost childish and not instilling a lot of trust.
  • In – Too scrolly. Also pretty large
  • Your – I think it is fun and playful. I dig it. Although it is a bit small.
  • Business – Juvenile. Like I would see it at a preschool or something like that? Also very large… perhaps hard from a design perspective?

There are thousands of fonts out there! It sure can get overwhelming to decide what you want for your brand. But a decision must be made.

Think for a minute.

Can you picture the font for Disney?

Now imagine that font on McDonald’s. Whaaaaat? That wouldn’t look right!?!

You would see the McDonald’s sign and see the font and immediately THINK of Disney… even though that isn’t what it is representing.

Your Font Can Evoke Emotion or Non Emotion

This is where using two fonts in your branding can be beneficial. The main font can be bold, attention-grabbing, emotional, while the second font should be more run of the mill. Or at least that is what I believe!

Your main font should be something that reflects your brand. Are you professional? Serious? Playful? Loving? Don’t be afraid to use two fonts.

How Are You Using Your Fonts?

Your fonts are things you should know the name of. You should own a license to it, if it is not free already. You should have it on your website, logo, all marketing materials, brochures, apparel, everything! It is what helps you be noticed for “Oh that is so and so company.” The problem is I don’t see many pet companies following through with this.

It is a factor that we have always tried to acknowledge with our Better Marketing with Bella program. It is where we provide emails, graphics, videos, captions, gifs, and more to our members every single month. Not only is their logo and colors used, but also their fonts. We believe that it is important to keep the cohesiveness of your brand. You can get on the waitlist for this program if you are interested!

How A Font Can Help You In A Rebrand.

If you want to give your company a facelift, sometimes all it takes is a font change. Take for example when I did this to Jump Consulting. I felt like it was too corporate and I went on a mission to change it. It was a slight change but I feel made a big difference.

We went from this Times New Roman type font:
jump consulting old logo

to the logo you see at the top of this page. The Font is less structured and a little more playful to me. So two years ago I changed it. I also changed from red and white to blue and white but that is an entirely different blog *wink*

What Does Your Font Say About Your Company?

So how did you pick your font? Were you the one that picked your font? Did a designer do it? Was it picked based on a bunch shown to you? WHY did you pick that font? What do you think your font(s) say about your company? Tell me below in the comments. I want to know!

Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

instagram secrets

Episode 158: BEST OF BELLA: Instagram Secrets For Your Pet Business With Jenn Herman

Today we are replaying Episode 116 with Jenn Herman as part of the Best of Bella series. Jenn literally wrote the book “Instagram For Business for Dummies” and she is a wealth of knowledge. She is incredibly insightful, she talks fast, drops lots of value bombs, and you are sure to learn stuff from her.

instagram secrets

Show Highlights

  • Who Is Jenn Herman? [2:25]
  • Why Do I Need Instagram In MY Business? [4:30]
  • What Are The Different Ways Consumers Can Use Instagram? [6:55]
  • How Do We Figure Out HOW Our Audience Consumes Instagram? [10:25]
  • What Tactics On Instagram Can We Use To Build Our Local Following? [13:10]
  • Should You Always Use A Location Tag? [17:25]
  • What Kind Of Strategies Can I Use For Hashtags? [18:25]
  • How Often Should You Post On Instagram? [26:20]
  • Why Should I Have A Kick-Butt Instagram Page? [29:20]


Original Show Notes

It’s no secret that Instagram can be a powerhouse social media platform for your business – but I see so many business owners that are just NOT using it to its fullest potential. If you’ve been wanting to dive deep into the inner working of Instagram and learn useful Instagram secrets, then today is your day!

Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. She is the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing and her blog, Jenn’s Trends, has won the title of a Top 10 Social Media Blog in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Through her blog, consulting, and speaking Jenn provides tips, resources, and training for small to medium-sized businesses that need to structure their social media strategies. Her business background includes Administration, Sales, Human Resources, and Marketing and she enjoys bringing all these skills together to help you grow your business. Jenn has been featured in Inc., Fox News, Yahoo Finance, HuffPost, The Verge, CBS Radio LA, and numerous other podcasts and publications. She is the author of “Instagram for Business for Dummies”, “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Instagram” and “Stop Guessing: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy”. Learn more about Jenn on her website http://jennstrends.com.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

  • Above all, you have to have a consistent strategy. Being active and taking the time to implement the strategy you develop is key.  Your processes will drive the results that get you clients, regardless if you have 50 followers or 50,000 followers. What matters is who’s going to find you and bring you business. Build an amazing community of the followers you have and use strategic efforts (i.e. hashtags, stories, following events) to turn that into business.


instagram secrets


Special Offer

  • Pick up a copy of Jenn’s book, Instagram For Business For Dummies, on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/IGBizDummies


instagram secrets


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Lain Ehmann

Episode 156: BEST OF BELLA: Defining Your Brand With Lain Ehmann

Bella chose episode 56 with Lain Ehmann to be part of the Best of Bella series because it was one of the most downloaded episodes of Bella in Your Business. Bella and Lain dive in deep on branding and how to make your website stand out. They talk about figuring out who you are as a brand and a business, Lain even offers a free download to help you!


Show Highlights

  • Who is Lain? [3:25]
  • What mistakes do small businesses make on their website? [4:30]
  • How can you correct the issues? [7:00]
  • What is messaging? [9:50]
  • Should all businesses be concerned about branding? [18:00]
  • How do you share your marketing across different platforms? [20:40]
  • What is something businesses shouldn’t do in messaging? [23:50]
  • Where can you find out more about Lain? [27:20]

Original Show Notes

On this episode, Bella spends time with Lain Ehmann, Marketing Strategist at #FastLain.

You will learn how to make that message different between the mediums. In particular, be conscious of the frame of mind people are in when they are reaching out to you vs. when you are reaching out to them. Give them something they wouldn’t expect. Don’t sell them. Listen in as they talk about the mistakes small businesses make on their websites, including telling a story that your audience wants to hear vs. telling the story you want the audience to hear. Be mindful of your audience.

Messaging, which is “communications branding”, is critical to success. It is the message you are going to consistently send out to your audience that also helps you distinguish yourself from others in your niche. As a bonus, doing so may even allow you to charge more.

“Messaging is a tool to do that by defining who you are, what the value is that you provide, and the audience you provide that to.” – Lain Ehmann

The next logical step in the process is helping customers see that you can solve the problems they have.  You can drive customer motivation by tapping into their “pain points”. Bella recommends that you include the benefits of your online scheduling as part of your messaging.  Lain says that playing up your “secret sauce”, that unique niche that you have identified, will help you reach those who need that service and even build your standing among those who don’t because they see how much you care.

They also recommend doubling up on your marketing. For instance, doing a Facebook live with tips about dog walking and then putting a link to that under your services page.

Another common mistake Lain points out is that often business owners speak from their point of view and assume that the audience knows everything that they know. In fact, educating the audience should be an important part of your efforts. Make sure they understand the terminology and services you are offering. Lead them through your site to the call to action.

About Lain

Lain is a bestselling author and communications strategist, who specializes in helping six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs uncover hidden profits and potential – FAST.  Her superpower is saying what your customers and clients really need to hear, to get the results you want as quickly as possible.

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