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Episode 159: BEST OF BELLA: Relationship Marketing & Buyer Personas With Jessika Phillips

Today for the Best of Bella series we are replaying Episode 120 with Jessika Phillips. She runs a multi-million dollar marketing firm where her major platform is relationship marketing and at the end of the day as small service providing businesses in our communities it’s all about the relationship. Jessika really leaves you with a lot of nuggets to think about that you can use in your business today, you don’t want to miss this one.


relationship marketing

Show Highlights

  • Who Is Jessika Phillips? [3:00]
  • How do I get started with relationship marketing? [7:30]
  • How do we tie in relationship marketing with buyer personas? [15:30]
  • What does a relationship marketing plan look like and how do I know if it’s working? [20:00]
  • What should we be doing on social media to start implementing relationship marketing? [26:00]
  • Describe your FREE social media toolkit? [27:15]

Original Show Notes

Jessika Phillips helps people master Relationship Marketing and as a relationship marketing evangelist she is often sought after for her approach to marketing. She’s the passionate Founder of NOW Marketing Group and host of the largest social media marketing conference in Ohio, Social Media Week Lima as well as the host of a weekly live video show called Magnet Marketers.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

  • When it comes to marketing, the first step is to think about how you are capturing attention. How are you standing out? Attention is the game when it comes to marketing. Usually somebody will take notice of you because you’re helping them in some way. Articulate your message in a way that’s clear and concise. Create micro-moments that will build the relationship. Make them feel excited to do business with you by creating a unique and enjoyable experience.relationship marketing


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buyer personas

Episode 111: How To Use Buyer Personas To Reach The Right People

It’s difficult to start marketing for your business if you don’t know who you’re selling to. This is where buyer personas come in, a.k.a your “dream client.” In this episode, Erika & I sit down to discuss all things buyer personas such as what they are, how to make them, and how you can use them for your business advantage!


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss


buyer personas



What Are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers within your target audience. Think of it like a sketch of a key segment of your target audience. BUT, be sure to keep it realistic. Buyer personas can be used to help you understand your customers, prospects, and who you should be focusing your time on targeting. They can help you tailor content to fill the needs, behaviors, concerns, and triggers of different target audience groups.


How Do You Make A Buyer Persona?

First, you’ll have to do some market research and gain insights from your current customer base. Start small. The number of personas you have should depend on the size of your business. Specific targeting allows you to target to get more out of your marketing efforts. You can do research, send out surveys, and interview your target audience. Remember to define from your client’s perspective when creating buyer personas.


What Are Negative Personas?

Negative personas are fictional, generalized representations of individuals that you DON’T want as customers. This will help you “get over” people who don’t fit so you can move on. They allow you to not beat yourself up when you pass on a potential client and when new clients try and bargain your rates. In other words, negative personas will save you time! Knowing the type of person you don’t want as a customer is sometimes more important than knowing your customer.


How Can You Use A Persona?

Personas allow you to personalize and target your marketing to better relate to segments. For best results, use your buyer personas to create content for your prospective clients to hit them at different stops along their buyer’s journey. For example, you won’t want to use the same messaging to a persona who is in the awareness stage and another who is in the decision stage. Other things to try are:

  • Try segmenting your email marketing. Create campaigns targeted at different personas at each stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Make a newsletter for each persona.
  • Create Ads and create audiences on Facebook and boost the ads to the appropriate
  • Use negative personas to filter out those who are a bad fit to lower your clicks from ‘bad leads’


buyer personas


To Set Up Your Persona…

You’ll need to give them a:

  • Name & Photo.
  • Background
  • “A Day In The Life” Story
  • Goals, Hopes, & Dreams
  • Challenges, Worries, & Fears
  • Digital/Online Habits
  • Biggest Influencers
  • How Your Company Can Help Your Persona
  • Common Objections
  • Real Quotes
  • Marketing Messaging & Elevator Pitch

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