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Episode 166: How To Use Email Marketing In Your Pet Sitting Business

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Email marketing is something that a lot of business owners have an adverse reaction to. They think they’re bothering people, no one opens them, and they don’t know what to say. Despite being able to batch them and schedule emails, not many choose this path. But why?

In a world where Rover is killing it in the inbox by sending emails to the people on their list at least once a week, why can’t professional pet sitters who can surely be even more effective, intimate, and relevant do this? Today, I want to break it down to show you how I use email marketing and how you can, too.

Email marketing

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

Email marketing is a great way to keep your audience up to date with what’s going on in your business and humanize your business. Send weekly updates and use the P.S. section to ask them to respond, opening up the line of communication. Your emails don’t need to belong and drawn out, they should simply add value to your reader’s life. With each email, you’re able to show a bit of your personality, this is what people connect with, so be as personal as you can. Specifically, videos are a great way to show your personality and personalize your emails. And remember, on social media, you don’t own your audience, But with your email list, you do!

If you’re still not sure what to write or really don’t have the time to focus on email marketing, I get it. That is why we provide you with two short and fun emails to send to your clients each month in the Better Marketing with Bella program.

Show Highlights

  • How can you recap your week in an email? [3:20]
  • What should you put in the P.S. section? [4:30]
  • How do you segment your audience for better email marketing? [5:35]
  • How can you add value? [6:30]
  • What can you do to build a bond with your audience? [7:00]
  • What’s one of the best ways to share current sales you have? [7:40]
  • How can you personalize your email marketing with videos? [8:05]
  • What does it mean to “own” your audience? [8:30]


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Social Media

Episode 164: What To Post On Social Media When You Don’t Know What To Say

People come to me all the time saying that they have no idea what to post on social media. They are staring at the cursor and have no idea what to say. All this pressure is mounting to try and be witty, to be different. If you’ve ever felt this way, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m sharing seven things you can do when you’re lost on what to share on your social media.

Social Media

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

Be inspiring to your community and think local. Are there events in your community that you can get involved with? Or another local business or person you can shout out on social media? Highlight your community and connections. You are the expert. You have put in all the time and have learned a lot. Share the knowledge you have. Also, tell stories to draw out the emotions of your viewer. People remember how you made them feel, not what you said. If you don’t have the time to prepare your posts or think of ideas, Better Marketing With Bella can help by providing graphics, videos, captions, hashtags, Instagram stories, and more. Everything you need to stay active on social media with your branding to market your business.

Show Highlights

  • How can you inspire others? [1:10]
  • How do you keep track of everything? [3:00]
  • What are some ways to be funny on social media? [4:55]
  • How can you leverage local events in your community? [5:55]
  • What are tips that you can share with your audience? [7:50]
  • Who can you feature or shout out on your social media? [9:40]
  • How can you tell a story on social media? [12:20]
  • What if you don’t have the time to do these things? [13:50]


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Episode 163: How To Get Your Community To Know About Your Pet Sitting Business

Picture this… there’s a huge gala going on in your community. Everyone is dressed to the nines and it’s a very high ticket event. There are local celebrities there and while at dinner they’re talking about their pets, imagine if your company’s name came up.

Here’s another example, you’re in a local Facebook group and someone is about to go on vacation, but they forgot to book a pet sitter until the last minute. They were so focused on creating a great trip and their normal pet sitter isn’t available. They ask the group who they use for pet care, wouldn’t it be amazing if your company came up overwhelmingly in the comments?

What would you do if your entire community knew about your pet sitting or dog walking services? How would that change the face of your business? Today, I want to talk to you all about how to get your community to know about your business.


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

Getting known has to do with getting clear on what you want to be known for. Often times this isn’t the facts or what you do, but it is how you do it that matters. There is no doubting the fact that our clients are on Facebook. Instagram is close behind. You want to be the thought leader or expert in your community, but if you have no unique presence online it’s going to be hard to accomplish. Each month you should be writing blogs, creating graphics and videos, sending emails, sharing IG stories, and more. That might seem overwhelming, but Better Marketing With Bella can actually provide those things for your business with your branding, ready to post each month.

Show Highlights

  • What is one of the biggest challenges for you and your business? [4:40]
  • What sets you apart from your competitors? [6:15]
  • How can you stand out on social media? [8:30]
  • What should you be posting each month? [11:40]
  • How can you use Better Marketing With Bella to help? [17:20]


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Bella in your business pet sitting podcast

Episode 39: Vision Is Victory With Carey Conley

On this episode, Bella talks with Carey Conley, speaker and Co-Creator of Infinite Nation; a community created for skill building, mentorship, and community for aspiring leaders and business owners.

business coaching

Carey Conley

Bella and Carey talk about:

  • Why “Vision is Victory”….especially for entrepreneurs
  • The biggest stumbling  blocks for people to actually put a vision down on paper and follow through with it
  • What happens when people try to run a business without a clear, concise vision
  • Community and accountability

You can find out more about Carey Conley and the services she offers on her website at InfiniteNation.com.  You can email her directly at carey@careyconley.com

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pet sitting companies fail

Reasons Why Most Pet Sitting Companies FAIL In Their Community

In the pet sitting industry, building community is extremely important. It’s up to YOU as a business owner to connect with your community and build meaningful relationships. Doing so will make your business relevant and well known. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of pet sitting companies and am well versed in the most commonly made mistakes. So today I’m going to share what I’ve learned about why most pet sitting companies FAIL in their community.


Reasons Why Most Pet Sitting Companies FAIL In Their Community


They DON’T Do Events

Events are no-doubt extremely important – whether your participating or organizing in a small dog walking club of 5 people or a massive Pet-A-Palooza that attracts thousands of people. The purpose of events isn’t to get clients,  but it’s to build relationships. Not only with potential clients, but more importantly – strategic networking alliances.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”_29Io” via=”no” ]”I never did events to get clients, I always did events to meet other business owners that could help me somehow” -Bella[/ctt]

Pet sitting companies fail when they don’t do events because they’re missing a key component of putting themselves OUT THERE. And it’s not enough just to do an event – it has to be done well. I have a number of resources on how to do this here:

9 Must Have Elements To Create A Howling Event In Your Community!
What You Need To Have A Successful Pet Sitting Booth At An Event
How To Have The Worst Pet Sitting Booth At A Local Event


They DON’T Do Raffles

When I talk about raffles I’m NOT talking about holding a raffle to gain potential client information. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – consumers are way too smart for this kind of gimmick. The raffles I’m describing are ones held by other organizations.

For example, reach out to various organizations or even a local school’s PTO and say you’re willing to put up the money to have a raffle. How annoying is it to be apart of a committee trying to raise money to hold a silent auction? Be that person that just goes out and DOES it!

Everyone will respect you for it, and you’ll get to not only promote your business for being a sponsor but you’ll build a great business partnership.


They Isolate Themselves

Being a pet sitter or a pet business owner can be very lonesome and isolating. More often then not, you’re not headed off to an office every day to interact with others. So, it’s important that you work extra hard to put yourself out there and connect with others. Not just for your own health, but to help your business!

The bottom line is that you need to be out there promoting. Not necessarily your own business, but other’s people’s businesses and products. By sharing events online taking people out to lunch/coffee, and getting to know them – you are building community.

You want to know them enough that you naturally promote them. So, make it a goal to reach out and have coffee with one new business owner a month. Ask them questions:

  • Where did they start?
  • How do they advertise?
  • What’s their secret weapon?
  • Who’s their best contact?
  • What kind of contact are they looking for?

See where you can meet their common ground.

Pet businesses fail when they isolate themselves and don’t build up a strong foundation with a strong team. You can’t do it alone – so don’t be afraid to use other businesses to your advantage! It will be mutually beneficial and may even help you form some new friendships.


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pet sitter networking

build pet sitting community

4 Ways To Quickly And Easily Build Your Pet Sitting Community Online

Being a pet sitting business owner can undoubtedly be lonely and isolating. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be? In fact, it shouldn’t be! It’s important that you are continually working to build your pet sitting community as often as possible. Not only will it allow you to make some great business partnerships, but it’s a way for you to put yourself out there and show the world who you are!

Today we’re going to talk about some key ways that you can build your pet sitting community online that are fun and easy.

4 Ways To Quickly And Easily Build Your Pet Sitting Community Online

build pet sitting community


Mom’s Blogs

Have you heard of these yet? I hope so – they have a HUGE following of your target audience, which presents a great opportunity for your business. The first step is to find statistics on what are the largest mom’s blogs in your area. Then, reach out to them and ask for a quote about how they connect with the community and how that impacts their online presence.

You could also ask them to be a guest blogger. For example: “Back To School Time! Bus Stop Etiquette When You Have The Dog”. Don’t be afraid to pitch them. They are always looking for content and their reach is massive. Plus, you can extend your reach further by cross-posting when they post your blog on social media.

Try to be consistent in pitching them and share their stuff when applicable. Develop a relationship with some of these blogs and you’ll quickly build your pet sitting community!

A popular one in many cities is www.citymomsblog.com   Check them out!


Rescue Groups

Obviously, rescue groups are going to have your target audience – animals lovers! So, step one here is to get a point of contact. Then, ask them to let you know when silent auctions are coming up so you can give a certificate or put together a basket. This not only strengthens your relationship with the group, but as a sponsor you’ll definitely get some recognition!

You can also ask them to tell you about their MAJOR events coming up that you can help promote or bring people to. Ask them if you can include a gift certificate (not coupon) in their new adoption packets.

Keep in mind when promoting events that you shouldn’t just post pictures of dogs because people are numb to that. Just simply let people know that we are here to promote their events. If you want, every month you can highlight a different rescue group with a “who/what/when/where/why” segment. As a business owner you have a platform – so use it! Use it to publicize these groups, and hopefully they’ll share that publication that you wrote about them.


Community Pages

Another way to build your pet sitting community online is to look for and connect with local pages. Maybe it’s a dog park, lake, or an area in your community that’s dialed in to what you’re doing at a local level.

Step two is to share their stuff, but talk to them as your business page to their business page and comment. They’ll see that you’re engaging so that when the time comes that you want them to promote something of yours, you have that established relationship and they’re happy to do it.

Plus, community residents that follow the page will see you come up again and again. You’re getting your name is OUT THERE which can sometimes be the hardest part about running a business. But by extending your reach to local outlets and pages, you can successfully build your pet sitting community.

Another thing to think about is if there’s a town newspaper or magazine that goes out. Maybe they would love to have a pet tips column. You never know unless you ask. Maybe they have a pet spot already and you can offer a gift certificate to the winner if they run a contest with or without pets? Just some food for thought to get your creative juices flowing!


Get Out Of Your Own Way

It’s really important that you don’t isolate yourself by not reaching out to people. Not everyone will be responsive but you need to try to find some connectors in your community. As I’ve said before, learn to love the word “no,” and you’ll be an unstoppable force!

For more ways on building your pet sitting community and network, be sure to check out the following blogs:

How To Build Your Pet Sitting Network Locally
How To Have A Successful Business Partnership With Your Community
How To Become An Expert In Your Community

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