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Episode 180: How The 90/10 Rule Can Get Your Dog Walking Business Back On Track

How the 90/10 Rule Can Get Your Dog Walking Business Back On Track

Do you feel like content marketing is taking over your business? Like you have to consistently be posting on every social media platform possible and creating all the content you can in order to properly market and grow your business?

Don’t stress!

Today, I brought on Andrew and Pete to tell you how the 90/10 rule can get your dog walking business back on track!

Dog Walking Business

Andrew and Pete, international keynote speakers, authors and YouTubers, are the multi award winning fun business duo who help small business owners scale their business so they can stop swapping time for money.

Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

If you try to post on all aspects of content marketing then you are doing none of them remarkably well. Instead, pick one aspect of marketing and do that one thing remarkably well. In doing so, you will be known for that aspect and will no longer be wasting your time on the other platforms that aren’t performing well for you. Follow your data, find out what works best for you and your business and spend 90% of your time there and 10% experimenting elsewhere.

In following the 90/10 rule, you are guaranteed to get your dog walking business back on track.

Show Highlights

  • About Atomic [4:23]
  • What is the 90/10 rule? [7:20]
  • How do you figure out the one thing for you business? [10:40]
  • Conclusion [18:22]


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Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Episode 152: BEST OF BELLA: They Ask, You Answer with Marcus Sheridan

This episode is part of the “Best of Bella” series. Bella chose this episode with Marcus Sheridan as one of the best for many reasons. Marcus is one of her favorite human beings, they go on a deep dive of content marketing and his book “They Ask, You Answer”. She doesn’t want you to be making the mistake that she sees others doing when blogging, even if you’ve listened to this episode before you’ll want to give it another listen.

business coaching

Show Highlights

  • How did Bella and Marcus meet? [2:50]
  • Who is Marcus Sheridan? [3:55]
  • How did Marcus realize he needed to slow down and start answering questions? [8:45]
  • What are the five subjects that move the economy? [12:05]
  • What is “Ostrich Marketing”? [13:35]
  • How important is video to the marketing process? [15:20]
  • What is assignment selling? [20:05]
  • How are face-to-face sales changing? [23:20]

They Ask, You Answer

Original Show Notes

On this episode Bella speaks with Marcus Sheridan, a former pool guy turned digital sales and marketing expert. He is the President of The Sales Lion and a Partner at River Pools and Spas.

Bella and Marcus discuss:

  • The philosophy of “They ask, you answer”
  • Why business owners are afraid of just giving honest answers to potential customers
  • The five subjects that move the economy.
  • The dangers of “Ostrich marketing”
  • How important video is becoming to the marketing process
  • Assignment selling
  • Face-to-face sales appointments without you being there.

Marcus Sheridan’s book: They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer (available on Amazon)

You can find out more about Marcus at https://www.thesaleslion.com.

content marketing

Episode 94: Creativity & Content Marketing With Chris Marr

We are honored to be talking to the multi-award winning entrepreneur, Chris Marr. He believes content marketing is the only way to set business leaders free from the world of mediocre interruption marketing.  Chris is the Founder and driving force behind CMA, the UK’s largest membership organization of its time. He is raising the bar for talent curation, leadership, personal development, and community building. His pioneering work has changed the lives of hundreds of businesses, all through the power of Content Marketing. So, if you’re wanting to learn all about content marketing then make sure to tun into to this special episode of Bella in Your Business. 

                                                                                                                   content marketing                                                                                                                                           

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:


Always be learning and always be growing.

Life is a journey of growth; figuring out who you are and becoming stronger and better. You can’t stop trying to develop your skills or philosophies and beliefs, you have to evolve.

What is content marketing?

Basically, it is a deep understanding of your prospective customers and how they find and use the information to make a buying decision.  When you learn about content marketing, you are learning about how you have to market a business today. It is a set of techniques, skills and understanding of how to attract customers to your business in the new age of technology. Using all your resources available to access consumer behavior. You have to help people find you.

Develop your unique voice and challenge your own education about your own business.

Growth is important, you need to learn more and become an expert. And content marketing has a huge impact on your personal growth. It can be philosophical, strategic and also, very commercial. You have to learn how to implement it correctly to impact you and your business in a positive way.

Is content marketing social media?

No, it is not. Social media can come out after you have your website and business model set up. Create content that you own on your website that generates leads and sales first, then worry about social media marketing. They are not one in the same.

How do you integrate content into the sales process?

It’s being proactive and intentional with your content. Always be listening to what your customers are saying or asking you when you talk with them. Then when someone new contacts you, you can predict what they will say and you can have your answers ready. Or you can send them content as they go through their consideration stage to the purchase stage. It helps customers feel that they are doing it on their own time, but you are still helping to direct them through that journey a little faster.

content marketing

Show Highlights:


  • Who was Chris before he started CMA? He has always been a very real and down to earth guy. But if you go back 10 years ago, he started as a manager at University of St. Andrews in Scotland as a straight-laced business-type manager for about a decade. Slowly, he branched out as he discovered himself as a square peg in a round hole. [2:00]


  • In order to figure out what your voice is as a business owner, you have to figure out who you are. What do you and your business stand for? This voice connects with your content marketing. [6:00]


  • How do different industries use what they have learned about content marketing to find their customer base? It boils down to sales in all industries. And you have to feel confident that it will drive your business forward. [12:00]


  • Audio, Video, Written are your three major rich sources of content that will help buyers purchase your products faster. [15:15]


  • What is the buyer’s journey? It includes being a stranger contacting, considering and purchasing your product. [18:40]


  • Examples of content marketing with videos and emails and how they have been working for Chris and Bella. [22:00]


content marketing


  • Learn all about the CMA Live Conference with tons of amazing speakers that will help you learn more about content marketing at https://cmalive.co.uk/
  • Find out more about Chris and CMA at http://www.cmauk.co.uk
  • Looking to contact Chris directly? He’d love to hear from you! Connect with him on Twitter – @ChrisMarr101 or email him at chris@cmauk.co.uk

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