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Episode 321: 4 Easy Steps to Asking for a Testimonial – and Why You Absolutely Should

Hey there! Are you ready to learn the secret to making it rain with testimonials? Look no further, because on this episode, we’ll be sharing all of our best tips and tricks for collecting and using client feedback to boost your business. We also have a freebie download for you as well! 

In this episode, we’ll be discussing how to make it rain testimonials and how they can help build trust and credibility with clients. 

Asking for testimonials can also serve as social proof, showing others that your services are reliable and effective. 

Additionally, sharing testimonials can help foster a sense of community and connection with clients, which can improve customer loyalty and retention. It’s important to highlight the most important parts of a testimonial, rather than posting long paragraphs that may not get read. 

Testimonials can be used in various ways, such as on social media, on your website, or in email marketing campaigns. When asking for testimonials, be sure to make it easy for clients to leave a review and to thank them for their feedback. 

Remember to also follow up with clients who have had a negative experience and see if there’s anything you can do to improve their satisfaction. By following these tips, you can effectively use testimonials to market your business and build strong relationships with clients.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 8:10 Steps for asking for testimonials 
  • 8:16 Send a message or email to your client 
  • 10:45 Ask for testimony once feedback is received 
  • 12:50 Post testimonials to social media 
  • 14:50 Ask if they will share on their socials

Grab Your Freebie!


Testimonials are the proof behind the work. It shows potential clients how satisfied current and past clients are with you and your company. A freebie like I am giving to you today is like the freebies and challenges our members regularly see in our Mastermind group. This group is not only filled with like-minded business owners who are making huge strides in their businesses. But it is filled with HR advice, group coaching, freebies, challenges and so much more that helps push them to the next level. If you haven’t checked it out yet, this is your sign to see what we are all about.

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Welcome back to another episode of Bella in your business Happy New Year. It is now 2023. My goodness, I’m so excited to be here with you, we have so much in store for you this year that you, you’re gonna be blown away, I have kind of personally sat down, and I’m going to be going in pretty heavy on hiring and hiring methods. I’ve learned a lot over the past two years working with all of you guys. And I’ve really understood how proper phases and hiring, interviewing, onboarding, and training how that entire process is so sorely neglected. And it is the root cause for a lot of the reasons why people are not having success in hiring. And not just in the pet industry. So I’m letting the cat out of the bag here a little bit.

Before we get into today’s topic about getting testimonies from your clients, and I have something free for you. But this year, I’m going to be focusing a lot on that. And you are going to be getting the fruits of that labor over and over again, I have so much written I have like over 10,000 words, written so far, all broken up into tiny sections and details and nitty gritty. And I’m going to be showing you a lot of that starting in February here on the podcast. So you’re definitely not going to want to miss that.

This month, we also have a really cool interview coming up with two of them, we’re going to change the cadence of me sitting here talking with you. And we’re going to be bringing on Becky Lee, and Stephanie Sargent from that they’re in the mastermind and better marketing, but you’re gonna hear their unique individual stories, and how they’ve gone about the kind of coming through COVID and dominating their markets, it’s definitely going to be inspirational, and really motivating. I got motivated, just by talking to them and recording the interviews. So those are also coming up this month. So the best thing that you could do for me right now would be to like, subscribe, and share.

And if you’re really daring, I love for you to drop a review. Anywhere that you listen to this podcast, that would really help us we’re really focused on growing our listeners, our weekly listener numbers. Because you know, this is really the intimate spot. This is where I get to talk to you guys every single week. And it’s just you and me. Kind of, and I just really enjoy this time with you. So I hope that I’m asking for your help if you could go ahead and do that.

Now something that has happened time and time again, as I’ve been talking to people, they’re all but Bella, they care so much about price. But Bella, I can’t charge that much. And there’s a tool that I don’t think is used enough. And I’m not just talking about in the singular way in which people do it. And that is testimonials. Now, when you think about testimonies, you pretty much probably think of like Google reviews, Facebook reviews, maybe some emails, that kind of thing.

Well, I’m gonna, in true form and fashion, try to expand your brain a little bit more about that. First of all, I’m gonna help show you how to make it rain testimonials today. And I’m also going to give you the script for it. But you have to stay tuned to the end of the show, to get the special URL so that you can download it. But I’ve literally written out scripts for you. So when I’m teaching you this stuff, and I’m saying oh, just send a text message or send an email, I’m gonna give you the script for it because life’s too short, right? You got other things to do. And so that’s also something that I hope to do maybe once a month be able to give you a free download, just to say thank you for spending some time here with me on the podcast.

So let’s get into it. Asking for testimonials from clients. It’s super important because it provides valuable feedback on your services. And it helps build trust and credibility with potential clients. Now, guys, this also works for employees. So if potential employees see testimonies about how much your staff loves working for you, you know, they’re like on your IG stories. They’re on your grid. They’re doing videos for you that just like also add to all of this. So anytime we talk about any kind of marketing, it’s not just for clients, it’s also to help build your team.

So the other thing is, is that whether or not we’re in a recession right now, or we’re headed to a recession, the fact of the matter is, is that it is your number one job as a marketer, to break down the wall of fear. People are going to be fearful and more fearful this year to spend money. And so what you need to do is you need to expect and deliver their objections, their concerns, you need to build a rapport and have an experience and that’s more company culture, then it, you’ll blow the competition out of the water, it is the difference between us spending extra money on something when you could have spent a lesser dollar on something, but you were happy to spend more money because you knew that you were gonna get great customer service, you’re gonna be well taken care of you are going to be heard, and the product was going to be full of a quality product. Okay? Now I know every single one of you out there is thinking I’m the best pet sitter dog walker out there, we have the best business we care the most about our clients.

Well, nobody gives a damn about that right now until they know like and trust you. And so one of the best and most beautiful ways of doing this is going to be getting testimonies, but then using them in such a way that it’s lethal. All right, I’m totally going off-script already. One thing I see people do is get a paragraph of a testimony. And then they put it on a graphic, and it’s so much to read and no one’s going to read it. What you got to do is you got to cut out and use the dot, dot, dot and show and highlight the most important part. And I would bold, the words like I can trust would be in bold that company or they give me so much bold peace of mind unbolt right, are you with me. Alright, let’s get back to the show notes because I just get too excited with you guys. So testimonials from satisfied clients can serve also as social proof, showing others that your services are reliable and effective.

Additionally, asking for and sharing testimonies can help foster a sense of community and connection with your clients. Because now they feel like they’re helping you. The people that know like and trust and love your services are falling over themselves because most of them probably would do anything to help you because you have filled such a beautiful need in their life. So allow them that opportunity to foster that sense of community. And it’s only going to improve your customer loyalty and retention. Because what happens when we actually do a testimony of someone, or we actually like pledge our love for a company like online, your kindness, like sealing that bond. So the testimony isn’t just important for you to be able to use. But it’s also important that actual action that’s happening, you’re bonding with them.

So how do you get more testimonies?

Well, you ask, and I’m gonna give you a couple of steps here. Four to be exact. And here’s how we’re going to do it, the very first thing that you’re going to do is, step one is going to be you’re going to send an email or text message to your clients, asking them if they’re satisfied with their experience working for you. Now, you can send this to all your, active clients right now. Or you can put it in your customer experience process, where they come home, from maybe from a trip if it’s petsitting. And maybe three days later, because it’s always like crazy, like the day off, right? And usually, you’re getting hit from the hotel companies from the car rental companies and for whatever else you were getting customer service experience satisfaction stuff, but they don’t have a bond with those people you were in their home with their pet. So maybe like three days later, I would send something an email or a text, basically being like, hey, client, hope this message finds you? Well, we just wanted to check in and see if you’re happy with the experience of working with us. We value your feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts. So I’d we do it if you’re satisfied. Were you satisfied with the services? We want to make sure that we’re meeting your expectations, and I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer. Thanks for choosing to work with us. And we hope to continue to provide you with top-notch services in the future. And however you sign off, right?

Or you could be like if it was a text message. Hey, just wanted to check in and see if you’re satisfied with your experience of working with us or satisfied with Fidos care. Always great if you can add personalization to it. We value your feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for choosing us. Or you could keep it even shorter and just say Hey, just wanted to check in on you to make sure everything’s your satisfaction. That’s it. And it’s short, it’s sweet. It’s to the point. Nobody wants to read any of the fluff. So I would really encourage you to keep it away.

The shorter to emails or text messages, the better they feel more like, hey, a matter of fact, you know. So think about doing that, that’s your step one, you got to ask for it. Now, if this is a daily dog walking, maybe you do this every single week or they pay you every month. Obviously, you’re not going to do this every day or every week. So maybe you want to check in with them every quarter, and you want to send a message to all of your regular dog-walking clients. Same thing. Hey, just wanted to check in on you, Molly, is everything to satisfaction with Rover’s walks? Perfect. That’s it. All right. Now you’re gonna step two? Are you ready?

This is the part a lot of people forget about. So once you’ve received their reply, obviously address any concerns they may have raised, and ask if they’d be willing to provide a brief testimony of their service of their experience, rather. And so this is how I would say, hi, client. Thanks so much for letting us know you’re happy with your experience of working with us. Really appreciate your feedback. And we’re always here for looking for ways to improve. We’re wondering if you might be able to provide a brief testimony of your experience with us, it would be super helpful to us and also could serve as reference for other potential clients. If you’re up for it, you can either write out a statement or record a quick video. And if your Instagram friends with them, you could say or you could record us a quick voice message. That’s really powerful. And send it to us like on our Instagram, DMS. Thanks again for your feedback and choosing to work with us. We really appreciate your support. Now, if they say yes, it’s always really cool to reply back and say give them boundaries. Because it like most people are like, Oh, my God, I don’t want to go on camera. Oh, my God, I don’t know what to say. And they’re like, where do I start. So you want to kind of take that away from them.

Again, this is anticipating their needs, even when we’re doing this. And you want to say, oh my gosh, I’m so excited, Molly, that you want to do this. If you could just jot a few ideas down or say or speak or whatever it is about what you were feeling before you had our service, what you experienced with our service. And now what you would say to your former self, you know about our service or to the public, you know, to someone considering using us. So it’s before, middle and after. And that’s how they’ll basically tell a story. And then you can say, and don’t worry, you could just do you know the video, say just 30 seconds because what’s going to happen is they’re going to never two minutes. And when you tell them, it’s only 30 seconds, they’re like, Oh, that’s great. Like, it doesn’t feel like a big task anymore.

Alright, step three, because we’re going to move on here. I like to still keep these podcasts short for you. Because I know you’re driving between houses or you know, you’re active, you’re doing things. So step three is once you have their testimony, obviously, you want us to post it on your social media channels, along with the message of thanking them for their feedback and inviting others to check out their testimony. And then here’s what you could write, Hey, everyone, we just wanted to share a testimonial from one of our happy clients, check it out and see what they had to say about the experience of working with us. Thanks for your support, insert the link to the testimony, some hashtags if it’s on Instagram, whatever. Add the testimony to your social media highlights. So you can be easily accessible for other clients potential clients to see.

So what I mean is by on Instagram, when you post this on your grid, you’re obviously going to take whatever you post on your grid all the time this is you do this all the time. If you don’t, you’re on notice, you need to do this all the time. Anytime you post anything to your grid, you always share it to your Instagram story. In the Instagram story, something like this, this is evergreen, you can create a highlight reel of testimonies. And that’s what I want you to do. And so we’re going to add this to the testimony highlight reel. Because when you’re talking to potential clients, you can literally send them a link to that testimony, highlight reel, and now they’re gonna have a plethora of testimonies. That’s insane. And it’s powerful. So this testimony that you post, it might be a screenshot of an email on your phone, right? Make sure that it’s a square dimension one by one. So sometimes, instead of taking the screenshot on my computer, I’ll do it on my phone, because the dimensions are better. That’s a pro tip. But definitely, you’re going to post it on your social media, and you’re going to put it out there for everyone to see.

But then step four, and this is something people always forget about. And I noticed that kind of sounds like duh, but like, literally, guys, each of these steps are so important. You’re going to ask the clients if they’d be willing to share the testimony on their own social media channels, and provide them with the direct link to the post so they can easily share it. This will help spread the word and it’ll help encourage more clients to consider working with you. So here’s what you could say in that email. And we do this you guys if you’ve ever been mentioned, Yes, you’ve gotten one of these emails for me. And it’s like, hey, we just want to let you know, we featured your testimony on our social media channels. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about your experience working with us. We’re wondering if you’d be willing to share that the testimony on your social media channels as well, this would help us hugely and could potentially reach out to even more potential clients. Thanks again for your support. And we hope you have a great day. And obviously, you include those links.

Now, you guys, drumroll, please, I told you, I had a freebie for you. And I literally have a freebie download. And this is the kind of download that I typically give almost once a month in the mastermind. So if you’re a mastermind member, you already know like, the quality of these downloads, but this is basically like something that someone would sell you and I’m giving it to you for free because I can. And I love to, I love giving gifts. So if you just go to jumpconsulting.net/scripts, you can download this beautiful PDF, that’s going to give you all of those scripts. So you can take those scripts, and you can put them straight into your email. And you can, you know, save them as a template. So they’re right there for you. You could copy and paste those and you can create an SOP directly from it. And there you go. You didn’t have to sit there and think about what do you have to say, You’re welcome. And that is my gift to you for saying thank you for listening. And thank you for sharing this episode. And thank you for rating the episode wherever you wherever you’re listening to it too. It just kind of seemed really easy, or, you know, obvious to do this for you guys, because I’m talking so much about scripts and how to do this. But these testimonies, you guys, if you put this into your, your process of the customer experience, you’re going to end up with a ton of testimonies that you can pick and choose like it’s like an arsenal and you’re like, oh, I want this testimony today.

Because this is what the objection is. I don’t know if I can trust you. Or I don’t know if you know the last pets that are canceled on me all the time. Now you have a testimony that says you guys show up all the time, or I can call you last minute. Or or or or or do you see the possibilities? What a great way to start off 2023 Huh. I’m so excited. You guys gotta stay tuned. And next week, we’re gonna have Becky Lee here on the podcast. You’re not gonna want to miss it. You will not believe what permanent, permanent thing she did to her body as a way to celebrate a goal that she had.

You got to stay tuned. I will see you on the next episode. But in the meantime, remember that when life gets you down to always keep jumping bye now

business rut

Episode 320: Feeling Stuck? This Is The #1 Thing You Need To Hear

business rut

Have you found yourself in a rut lately? Like a place where you just feel stuck. There are many reasons why business owners find themselves stuck in a rut, but not many know what to do next.

The good news is you are not alone, we have all been there before. In this week’s episode, we are breaking through that business rut and discussing ways to overcome the feeling of being stuck! I am diving deep into the strategies and tactics that you can use to break free from a this rut and get back on track toward success and growth.

Follow along to find the common causes, tips to overcome feeling stuck, and how to maintain your momentum.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 5:33 Common reason why business owners feel like their stuck in a rut
  • 6:57 identifying the root cause of business rut
  • 8:26 Strategies for breaking free from rut 
  • 10:21 Maintaining momentum 


A business rut can leave any business owner feeling stuck, depressed and on the verge of wanting to give up. Sometimes it takes a different perspective or a different voice of reason you can lean on to help you through these painful ruts. The Mastermind group is a community of like-mined business owners who have all been in the business rut before! This community learns on each other and grows together with monthly HR questions answered live, 1:1 coaching with Bella, and a plethora of support. This is a community unlike any other in the industry and knows the pains of being stuck. But they also know the success of getting out!

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Episode 319: Want More Profits? Here Is What You Need To Do

Have you had time lately to be intentional about your self-development? As a leader, because that is what you are, you need to continue to grow and develop. And when we are not intentional about it, influences come in and alter our ways of thinking.

Today I want you to think about the things that influence your life. What are you reading, who are you spending time with, and how are you developing in a way that will benefit you and your business?

If you knew it was as simple as doing this during brushing your teeth or getting ready in the morning, would it be something you prioritize? Because today I am telling you it is not about having enough time, but prioritizing self-development to help you and your business grow.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 2:37 Understand how you are feeling/ why you feel the way you feel
  • 8:49 Don’t react, respond 
  • 9:12 Does misery love company? 
  • 10:15 What type of support are you surrounding yourself with? 
  • 12:51 What can you do about this? Are you intentional about self-development


Self-development begins by being intentional about what we are doing and who we are surrounding ourselves with. As a business owner, it is imperative to be surrounded by people who are helping you grow, develop and accomplish your biggest goals. In the Mastermind Group, you will find a community of like-minded owners who are ready to grow and scale their businesses. They prioritize self-development and lean on one another for support and encouragement. With years of HR questions answered, 1:1 support with Bella, guest speakers, and a plethora of support, the Mastermind group focuses on self-development and growth.

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Episode 139: The Scientific Way You Can Increase Your Productivity 39%


market your business

Episode 315: Book More, Work Less, How To Use These Little-Known Social Media Tools To Market Your Business

If you are a business owner, I am pretty sure you already know your social media is the biggest flex you have to market your business. And before you dismiss this topic, “yea Bella, I know, I use my social media every day” just hear me out. Because, while you might feel like you are constantly using your social media, are you utilizing it to its’ fullest potential?

You may be up with all the social media trends, prepared as they come, and know what to expect out of your social media platforms. But, I can almost guarantee you might be missing these hidden tools that will help market your business. I have a plethora of client success stories out of my Mastermind group and Better Marking With Bella that can attest, these tools can and will help market your business if you are willing to give it a try,

This week I am bringing your five social media tools, that will help up your social media game. I want to hear from you this week, have you tried these tools to market your business? Or are you willing to give it a try now?

Subscribe to Bella In Your Business on your favorite streaming platform today!

Biggest Takeaways

  • 2:10 Meta Business Suite
  • 4:02 Video replies 
  • 5:40 Agorapulse 
  • 7:27 Jazz HR 
  • 10:12 GIPHY


Tomorrow, the doors for Better Marketing With Bella are closing! This is your opportunity to grow and market your business like the professional you are. With six months of content created for you, bonuses and guidance, it is no wonder there are so many success stories from this program. There are two different options to fit your budget and lifestyle centered around what works for you. Mention you are a podcast listener and I may have a special deal for you!

Episode 277: Making Money Off The Podcast: Real Life Stories Of Clients Increasing Their Bank Accounts

Jazz Hr

Agorapulse- 2 Months Free

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funny pet stories

Episode 310: My Funniest Pet Stories And How To Make It Into Social Media Posts

funny pet stories

In this industry, we all have them. This hysterical, how the heck did this happen to me, funny pet stories. But these stories can be used for much more than a funny, casual conversation. You can be leveraging these funny pet stories.

Yes. Leverage these stories for your social media posts and content.

Take those funny pet stories and show your clients and potential clients your hustle. These stories can show your audience that you can handle the tough things, guarantee your business, and follow their exact direction. Even if it’s the funniest thing you have ever done. It is a fun way to show your audience the times you had in your business that made an impact on your or your business.

This week I am bringing you 3 of my own funny pet stories and how they can be used to leverage social media content. So, get ready to laugh a little and learn how to batch a whole lot.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 3:50 Attack Kitty 
  • 9:45 Dog that was pushed in the stroller and fed McDonalds
  • 14:15 Pet Sitter locked out 


Do you know how you can leverage your funny pet stories for your social media content? Well, in Better Marketing With Bella, we teach you how to be a marketer and ask you to meet us halfway. Of course, the custom content in those 6 months is created for you. However, we teach you how to bring the personality of your everyday social media. Doors are opening for 2023, if you are ready to take your content to the next level as well as learn all the marketing skills you need to excel in your business.

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Plan for the holidays

Episode 308: What Every Dog Sitter Needs To Know For The Holidays

plan for the holidays

It may be September, but the best thing you can do to save yourself time (and sanity) is to plan ahead for the holidays.

Plan what business will look like, and how much or how little you are wanting to take on. Then prioritize everything. Right now you may be so swamped that the thought of planning for the holidays sends you into overdrive, but stick with me.

Are you wanting to take a holiday trip to the cabin? Maybe a tropical vacation to the Bahamas. Spend more time with those who are most important. Prioritize what is important first and plan accordingly.

This week I am breaking it down for you, giving you the exact tips you will need to plan for the holidays . After all, it is the season to be jolly, not stressed.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:22 Big rocks first 
  • 2:20 Batch social media content 
  • 4:10 Set goals 
  • 6:30 Down time for yourself 


Are you stuck in your marketing? Tripping up on the newest changes and trends? Maybe doing better in marketing is one of your goals. While you plan for the holidays, plan that your content will be the driving force of your business. And potential clients will want to see trendy, professional, content that stands out from the others. Doors are opening for Better Marketing With Bella, where we have professional content branded for you and your business for 6 months. You can’t afford to miss out on great marketing.

A Valuable Lesson For A Happier Life

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a successful business

Episode 307: Want To Drive Your Business Into The Ground? Do These 3 Things Every Day

A successful business

Sometimes we think we know all the right things to do to have a successful business.

But the truth is, we are not always at our best. Certain things we think or do are causing us to drive our businesses into the ground.

This week I want to make you aware of these things. Because if you are aware, you then can see what you are doing wrong and adjust correctly to get your business where you want to be.

All the stress you feel and hold from your business will show in your business and attribute to a downfall. This week I give you 3 things you may be doing every day that is running your business into the ground. And how to change it to have a successful business.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:54 Generic website 
  • 3:45 If you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself
  • 5:08 DIY everything 
  • 6:22 Place of scarceness


Can you remember the 5 year goals you set for yourself back in 2017? What about even the 1 year go you set this time last year? Chances are, you may not even remember what they are, let alone if you obtained them! 90 days goals are what we practice in the Mastermind group. It allows you to fully emerge yourself in your goal and visualize yourself there. Thinking about where you will be in December versus 3 Septembers’ from now, gives you a realistic timeline to achieve t successful business Join a community of doers ready to help you achieve the goals you are working so hard towards!

Better Marketing With Bella

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build a thriving business

Episode 306: I Have 20 Years Experience In The Pet Industry. Here Are 3 Ways To Cultivate A Thriving Business

20 years of experience in the industry comes with a whole bunch of advice and some ideas of what not to do. If you are looking to build a thriving business you not only need to know the correct steps but the right mindset to get you there. Today, I hope you don’t take this lightly, and learn from my mistakes and triumphs. Building a thriving business begins and ends with you, your mindset, and your willingness to make it happen.

Today I am bringing to you 3 ways you can build a thriving business that you may not have thought of, or may be afraid to try. Either way, if this episode resonates with you, it was meant for you. I thrive from seeing my clients thrive in their business and today I am sharing with you how I achieved the success I have today, so you can too.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 4:13 Become best friends with fear
  • 7:15 Build your team 
  • 10:05 Surround yourself with good people 
  • 16:36 DM Me! 


Negative energy surrounding you and your business will only hold you back from being able to build a thriving business. There are people right now in the Mastermind group that are doing the things you are truly dreaming of. If you feel alone in your business, I urge you to check it out and find the positivity that you have been missing. Years of questions answered a community of strength and positivity and a place where you are always surrounded by good like-minded people. To build a thriving business, you need to surround yourself with an energy that matches that.

Better Marketing With Bella

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Stand out from the competition

Episode 305: 8 Ways To Stand Out From Your Pet Sitting Competition  

Stand out from the competition

Your hope as a business owner is to stand out from the competition and entice clients to choose you to work with, right? But you need to do just that, stand out! When there is a plethora of pet sitting or dog walking businesses to choose from, what sets yours apart from the rest?

But do you know the right things you should be doing to stand out from the competition? Do you know what your website should look like and include? Or how about the type of relationships you should build that your competition probably isn’t doing.

When you know the right things to do to stand out from the competition, business will grow and succeed. This week I fill you in on 7 ways to stand out from your pet competition, with a bonus tip!

Biggest Takeaways

  • 1:58 Beautiful Website 
  • 3:58 Show and Tell website 
  • 5:35 Anticipate questions
  • 7:07 Do as you say and say what you mean
  • 9:52 Genuinely figure out how to follow up
  • 11:56 Be real on social media 
  • 13:17 Real face-to-face relationships with community leaders
  • 13:56 Bonus! Veterinarian endorsements 
  • 16:45 Doors opening up soon.. 


Planning ahead is the biggest strength when it comes to running a successful business. In Better Marketing With Bella, planning ahead has never been easier. With 6 months’ worth of marketing content created for you, you get to focus on growing and scaling your business. Better Marketing With Bella stands out from the competition while keeping you on track with your marketing needs. Doors are opening soon for 2023!!

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Think about this before your next price increase!

Episode 296: Think About This Before Your Next Price Increase!

Increasing your pet sitting prices

Have you been thinking about increasing your pet sitting prices this year? Or have you recently increased your dog walking prices, and now you’re thinking it may not be enough…

Charging the wrong amount can be the difference between a thriving business and going out of business. Ouch

There is so much to consider before increasing your prices, so that you don’t find yourself sinking six months later.

Today, I am going to tell you everything you need to know, before increasing your pet sitting prices.

Biggest Takeaways

Before increasing your pet sitting prices, it is important to have a sound pricing structure and strategy in place. This is your time to rectify any mistakes you might have made with your old pricing structure, and apply new found knowledge to your future prices.  Creating a pricing strategy that works best for your business requires consideration and time.

  • What should you be researching?
  • Have you thought about your competition? Should you?
  • Is the value you provide worth the increase?
  • What about staff wages?

Considering important aspects and knowing how to navigate them is some of the first steps in creating a sound pricing structure for your pet sitting business.


  • The value you provide shines through your website and social media. Now is the time to make sure your social media and website are up to par when clients and future clients are looking for pet sitting and dog walking companies. Better Marketing With Bella provides 6 months worth of content for your pet sitting business to stand out above the rest. If you are interested in having the rest of the years content covered, we can provide that for you.
  • In the Mastermind group we talk a lot about pricing structures. Members have the chance to bounce ideas and experience off of each other when they need some help. This group is filled with HR answers, member accountability and like minded business owners achieving all their business goals.
  • Looking for website hosting or new site you need to check out Barketing

Better Marketing With Bella


Gingr Pet-Care Software

Barketing Blog

Pricing Guide Structure and Strategy

Episode 292: Staff Members Leaves The Manager, Not The Job

Episode 292: Staff Members Leave The Manager, Not The Job

Episode 292: Staff Members Leaves The Manager, Not The Job

Do you feel like you have a high turnover? Have you ever thought about why you have turnover? Do you know? Is it because of seasonal employees? young staff members moving on? or even life situations? Maybe so! But what if I were to blow your mind and have you consider something you might not have considered, but really can make a huge difference in whether employees stay or go?

It could be your management style, you as an owner, or your manager!

Bad management can turn even some of the best, most reliable staff members on your team away. And if nothing is done about the management, it will continue to happen. Because when the wrong person is named a manager, nothing can entice good employees to stay.

Statistics show, that more than half of employees with bad management are thinking about changing careers, and that half of them will quit because of this bad manager.

As the owner, you want the ability to step away from your business so you can focus on all the aspects that help you and your business grow. When you are bogged down with the everyday task of your employees, growth is put on the back burner.

This week I am giving you four things to consider in order to be a better business manager.

Biggest Takeaways

Employees are not solemnly enticed by just money. They want to feel valued, important, and needed. Having good management will ensure the longevity of your staff and keep the morale of the business high. It might be time to evaluate your management team and see if turnover could be due to their lack of good management

  • Do your managers know the staff members why?
  • How does their tone affect the staff?
  • What does the work environment look like?
  • What is their leadership type?
  • How do their expectations impact the staff?

It is important to know how your management is affecting business before staff members walk out the door.


  • If you’re looking for a community that is going to uplift you, challenge you, and help you grow I encourage you to look at the Mastermind group. You will find all the HR answers, business tips, and support you need to help run your business.
  • While you are looking to continue and hire your employees, do not take your eye off marketing. Because marketing is for employees too. Better Marketing With Bella helps you with all your marketing needs to ensure you are getting not only enough clients but the right employees too

Better Marketing With Bella


Gingr Pet-Care Software

The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff

Episode 291: The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff

The Single Most Important Question You Need To Ask Yourself About Your Staff

Take a moment with me if you will and think about your staff.

Do you have a rockstar staff member? Someone who is your number one, most reliable member? And what would your business look like if everyone on the team was just like this rockstar?

What about your staff workload? Is it spread equally across the board, or do some members receive more work than others because of their ability?

Evaluating your staff members are an important aspect of moving your business forward. If you are done being a helicopter CEO and ready to step out of the business, there is one very important question you need to be asking yourself about your staff.

And this week, I am here to ask that question.

Biggest Takeaways

The old saying goes “You are only as strong as your weakest link” but I see more often than not, putting up with the weakest link of your company because the abundance of staff is not there. Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you having trouble of letting go “bad seeds” out of fear of not having enough staff?
  • You only want to hire when you have the work
  • You are having trouble getting out of the field and focusing on business rather than the work
  • The fear of too many employees holds you hostage to mediocre relationships with your staff members

Evaluating your staff and asking the important questions can and will get you to a place of abundance that allows you to become the CEO you desire.


It is not too late to jump into my FREE hiring group that has been going on this week. Yes, it started Monday, but all the good information is there for you to get caught up on. The live events are recorded and will be there to watch until Friday, May 20th. I filled the group with the most useful information you will need when it comes to hiring and building up your team members, answering probably all the questions you were thinking.

Gingr Pet-Care Software

Are you in a toxic relatioship with your business?

Episode 281: Are You in A Toxic Relationship With Your Business?

Are you in a toxic relatioship with your business?


If someone were to ask you today “Have you ever been in a toxic relationship?” what would be the first thing to come to mind?

When we think of a toxic relationship, we often think of it as either a romantic relationship or even a friendship. More times than not, you wouldn’t think of the relationship you have with your business.

But the truth is, you and your business can be in a toxic relationship right now. 

This week I dive into the red flags that stand out when it comes to a toxic relationship with your business and what you can do to ensure it gets to a healthy place.

Biggest Takeaways

We’ve previously talked about how to grow your business, how to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table and how to keep a positive mindset to move you forward. But this week I want to talk to you about the relationship you have with your business and if there may be some red flags that are occurring.

You might notice

  • Clients that always nitpick
  • Employees holding you hostage
  • Boundaries with time that don’t exist
  • Worry taking over your sleep

And at least 8 more serious red flags you need to be watching out for as well as ways to turn it around into a healthy place.


  • Look into help from  Better Marketing With Bella for all your business content needs. If that is something you are interested in, jump on the waitlist today. Next week we are gearing up to get commitments from existing customers for their renewals (which was over 80% last semester!) before welcoming our new members, so now is the time to get on the list.
  • Shoot me an email and let’s chat! Bella@jumpconsulting.net, I want to hear from you and how I can help YOU move your business forward in a healthy direction.

Better Marketing With Bella

Better Marketing With Bella Waitlist 

Episode 225: Running A Bussiness Through Divorce Or Major Life Changes

Episode 3: Who Am I? Getting Real Personally and Professionally 

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Stop Being Offended

Episode 270: Stop Being Offended

Stop Being Offended


How often do you get offended? How do you feel when someone turns away when they hear your prices? Or how about when someone is always asking for a discount? Have you ever said or thought “read my website”? Business has been booming and we have learned to become pickier… however as they have many times before they will again. Things are changing. Business will slow down and we need to know exactly how to keep jumping.



Biggest Takeaways

Stop being offended by people turning away at your services, or prices, have confidence in your business. Educate them about your business and learn how you can work with new clients and prospects as the market changes.


Stop Being Offended, Be Educated

The market is changing and so it is time we learn what we need to do to keep jumping. Stop being offended, set it aside, and educate yourself and your clients. If they hesitate at your prices talk to them and connect with them about how your services are worth it. When someone reaches out it is because they have a problem that needs to be solved. This is an opportunity to help them and teach them why you are the right one to solve their problem.


How Do You Have Confidence?

How do you sell? Do you direct them to exactly what they need? How about talk about them and connect about the problem? Do you ask them how you can follow up with them? Or tell them you will follow up and when? Look at how you have confidence and show you are confident in your business and your services.



Show Highlights

  • This is an opportunity to educate not be offended [6:55]
  • Do you have confidence? [10:40]
  • What is your follow-up process? [16:53}



Want Some Free Sales Training?

I did a 3 part training series with a 20-year veteran sales master and provided you with some training experience that is out of this world! If you enjoyed this podcast and want to continue your sales training, check out this three-part series with Aaron Miller.







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Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare, or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Get Light Years Ahead in Your Pet Business

Use This Tactic To Get Light Years Ahead In Your Pet Business!

Have you ever wanted to just get down and dirty with your business? But you simply don’t have the time?

Or, are you are just so overwhelmed with supporting everyone who works for you that you don’t even have a minute to breathe? Let alone think about what you need to do as the visionary to grow the business?

Are you living in day to day survival mode where each day you just feel more and more defeated? You might start out the day with great intentions and then…. LIFE happens.

Maybe you wake up at night with worry and can’t go back to sleep. Or your daydream while driving wondering how you got from point A to point B. You get the best ideas… in the shower, but when the time comes to actually execute them – you are BLANK. Then the self-doubt creeps in and you wonder if it is even really a good idea to begin with?

Or maybe you start implementation, but then you just feel like you are doing busy work and worry – will this effort actually make me money in my business or is this just keeping me from being the visionary and growing the business? Or maybe you don’t even get to that stage because there always seems to be some fire you are obsessing over and trying to put out?

Who is supporting you?  Who is getting YOU outside of your own head and pushing you through your challenges? Who is rooting you on, lighting the way and showing you that you can actually do what you originally set out to do?


In this article I am going to show you:

  • Why you can’t keep going at this pace.
  • How a 1:1 Intensive can do this.
  • How do I know it will help me?
  • How do I know if I am ready or if it is the right option?
  • What you can expect when you are done.
  • Why are they are so cheap?
  • The only way to get the last spots of 2021.

Pet Business Intensives with Bella

You Can’t Keep Going At This Pace!

Whatever the case…. things NEED to change. You need the space to get out of your own head and be guided down a path to dream. To create a solid plan that is realistic, and strategize once again. Otherwise, you are going to keep digging a deeper and deeper hole.

What would it be like to know what realistic goals you could set and achieve? What would it feel like to have an entire system laid out for you, that you actually believed in, have already hashed out the doubt, and are committed and excited to see it through? What would it feel like to know that what you are planning, and how you are planning, is actually proven to work by those who have done it before you?

How would it feel to know that you could go on a real vacation where you reset and recharge? All of this is 100% possible and honestly, the way that you could be living in your business every quarter.

Remember, when we started this business we did it for freedom and opportunity in life? Somehow that balance has gotten out of wack and it needs to get back on track. What you are doing right now isn’t working and you need a redirection on your business GPS!

In-Person Intensives with Bella Can Set You On This Path.

The one-on-one zoom sessions are great… when you have one specific challenge to solve. But when you need an entire overhaul… an entire strategy drawn out specifically for you and your goals, then you need to do it all in person.

The summer of 2020 was the first time I did an intensive. It was in Dallas, TX and they went on hiatus for a while because, well, pandemic.

Bella Intensive Inquiry

and another one….

Bella intensive Inquiry

But in 2021, with conferences barely coming back and people wanting more intimate 1:1 encounters, people have been sliding into my DMs (above) asking me for them. They have been so popular that I have been to four states this summer and served many clients already. I have people asking me about them throughout the end of this year and in all honestly, there is only so many weeks left and only one of me!

A few weeks ago, I published a podcast telling you all about the ins and outs and what really happens when I fly to meet with these incredible business owners. Here it is for your reference to listen to if you are curious 🙂

How Do I Know It Will Help ME and Be About What I Specifically Need?

Prior to my taking off and flying to your city… we have a 30 min discussion and I find out things like what your most pressing challenges are and where would you like to be in your business in six months from now. I create an itinerary of the day that we loosely use to keep us on track (at the end it is all always addressed). I also find out what food you would like to eat and drink so I can have it on hand. We have a long 8 hour day and our energy levels go up and down throughout. It’s important to refuel. We also order in lunch! 🙂

intensive itenerary

How Do I Know If I Am Ready Or If It Is The Right Time?

If you even have to ponder that – then you are ready. Here’s why…

Generally, there is something floating around in your head that you have been stuck on.

Trying to figure out. Or… trying to do and getting caught up in challenges that are popping up along the way.

You don’t have the time to complete it – or so you think because you are procrastinating it because your stuck.

Don’t worry – you are not alone. People get “stuck” a myriad of ways. They don’t know the answer, they are confused about the answer, or they don’t have confidence in their own answer.

I have said it many times, and I will say it again… it isn’t about the HOW to do it. It is all about the MINDSET and quite honestly that is the number one thing that these intensives do for my clients. It breaks them through their stinkin’ thinkin’ They need ME to pull them outside of their own mind so they can start painting the bigger picture.

It happens every time.

People come to me with:

  • I don’t know how to manage the staff I have.
  • I don’t know how to hire good people.
  • I don’t know how to take back control of my life because my business is ruining it.
  • I have no idea how to get this thing to run on systems and processes.
  • We are growing faster than we can keep up with!

And we work hard to solve how they can:

  • Have a complete managing system that doesn’t take a lot of their time or office managers’ time.
  • Complete the 5 stages of the Employee Echosystem
  • Set boundaries with systems that support and help flow your business.
  • Stop the madness of not using our tools to their fullest AND get things documented in a streamlined and super easy way.
  • Prune parts of the business so they can focus on a little and grow stronger in the areas they want.

What You Can Expect When We Are Done.

I clearly can’t come into your business on the daily and do everything for you so you will have a bit of work to do or delegate. However, you will now have a clear direction of exactly what you need to:

  1. Start doing
  2. Stop doing
  3. And handoff doing.

You will have marching orders! And I always check in with you a week later and a month later… I deeply care about you and your business. That is why I leave my home and fly to another state to meet with you.

  • I am going to give you the resources you need from people I know.
  • I am going to save you MONTHS worth of time and mistakes doing the wrong thing so that you can hit the bullseye the first time.

Take a look at Clarie… she was my most recent one in Milwaukee, WI. She was so much fun to work with and really had some amazing breakthroughs. Then, soon after I left she started making changes and implementing all the things we made decisions on and it was just incredible! This woman has already grown her business so fast in just a short time and I am really excited to see where the next year is going to take her. She is so eager and takes immediate action!

What Can You Expect?

You can expect me to care about your business as if it is my own.

You can expect that I won’t sugarcoat things, but that YOUR desires is what is going to be the compass to get us there.

You can expect a honest, real, and raw environment.

Wear your comfy clothes, bring the fuzzy socks, we will be chilling in the living room of an AirBnB or VRBO and plastering the walls with the Big Sticky notes. My clients go home with 10-15 of them on average. Which is a great artifact of the “holy shit that did that just happen?” after effect. But you now can put them on YOUR walls to follow along with…

Why Are They So Cheap?

Normally, to coach with me per hour it is $995 an hour. Then, for me to fly to you, rent a place, and all the expenses that come with it, normally coaches charge upwards of $10K for the day of this magnitude. But I know that is VERY expensive, and I truly want to help you… I am also completely confident that if you implement what I guide you with, you will make that money back very soon. So despite what I “should” charge, this is also a labor of love for me. Currently, they are $6797 for the call before, my flying there, the place I rent for the day, the 8 hours of coaching, lunch, snacks, drinks, and follow-up afterward.

Oh, and of course, there are always a few “Bella surprises” in there too 🙂

Intensive with Bella Testimony

How Can You Get An Intensive With Bella?

As you can imagine, the intensives are in high demand and I am only able to do them once a month. They do book out so letting me know that you want one will be crucial to getting in line. You can sign up here and then email Bella directly at bella at jumpconsulting dot net to schedule a date and time that works for you!

Episode 251: How To Decrease Turnover and Create Raving Employees

Imagine starting a new job, feeling welcomed, and having all the resources you need to succeed, compared to feeling lost and unsupported. Bella will share some relatable examples and personal experiences to help you understand why onboarding is crucial for employee retention and company success. In this week’s Podcast, Bella is going to take you on a journey of understanding the importance of a smooth and effective onboarding process.

Biggest Takeaways 

  • Real-Life Examples of Things Pet Based Business Owners Say and Do When It Comes to Employees [7:28]
  • Why you’ll be needing to onboard employees in record time very soon and how you can be ready [10:10]
  • Exactly what NOT to do in the onboarding process [10:45]
  • Defining Onboarding and what it means [11:45]
  • Studies pertaining to high employee turnover [13:00]
  • Why employees leave companies [13:30]
  • Standardization of onboarding process [13:05]
  • Importance of schedule for onboarding [18:30]
  • Why pet care team training videos can give you a headstart [21:45]
  • What is an employee’s worth vs a client’s worth? [23:35]
  • Types of employee learning and training styles for employees [26:30]


Pet Care Team Training

Jump Mastermind

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Episode #249: Get Inspired, Then Take Action


In this week’s podcast, we are going to get MOTIVED and TAKE ACTION. I am so thrilled all of you get so inspired but it is time to do something with that inspiration

I am going to tell you how you can motivate yourself to take action and what to analyze to make sure you continue to take action.



Inspiration and Results

Many people get inspired but no one really does anything about it. We are going to jump in and get motivated. It is time to take action!

Actions to Take

Just trying to figure it out… that is the worst thing you can do. There are so many positive actions you can take from your inspiration. Think about them all and use your resources.

Get Motivated and Get Uncomfortable

Taking the proper steps to get motivated and actually do something with your inspiration can be challenging. But what happens when you get challenged? You get uncomfortable? Then what… you do something about it. Recognize the time you stepped out of your comfort zone and think about what happened when you did.


Show Highlights

  • What is Being Done with Your Inspiration? (3:30)
  • Actions that can be taken from Your Inspiration (5.30)
  • How to Get Motivated and Take Action (9.20)
  • Acknowledge the Challenges You Overcome (10.55)
  • What do You do When You Get Inspired? (12.40)



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Episode 247: How To Hire An Office Manager For Your Pet Sitting Business

Finding the right office manager for a pet-sitting business can be a challenging task, as it requires someone who is organized, detail-oriented, and has a passion for animals. An office manager will handle the day-to-day operations of the business, such as scheduling, bookkeeping, and customer service. They will also be responsible for managing the staff and ensuring that the business runs smoothly. In this week’s podcast, we are talking about how to find and hire the RIGHT office manager successfully.


  • How Set Yourself Up for Success to Hire an Office Manager (10.00)
  • Determining the Foundation to Have an Office Manager (20.00)
  • Knowing Who You are Hiring and Different Personalities (27.50)


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Secret Elements To Having A Kick Ass Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Interview Process

When most people think about marketing, they think about getting new clients. However, 50% of your marketing efforts should also be on getting the right people to work for your company. But finding the right dog walking or pet sitting candidate isn’t just looking for a needle in a haystack. It is the entire pet sitting and dog walking interview process that needs to be shaped to appear attractive to your prospective new employee.

It is all about courting them, attracting them, exciting them, and keeping them engaged.

When you can accomplish this, people will be banging down your door to work for you. They will be excited and eager and your ghosting at face to face interviews will go way down or be eliminated.

We talk a lot about what you should look for in a candidate and in the past we have already walked you through:


So that should definitely get you started with the nitty-gritty. But now I actually want to break this down to show you what both sides can experience during the hiring process. It isn’t all about the business and what the business wants. You have to appear “sexy” to the applicant too. You have to make them want the job and the very first impression they have of you is the hiring process.

So let’s make this interesting…

In a volatile job market

it can be difficult and time consuming for businesses to have the perfect hiring process. BUT a standardized hiring system is crucial to fairly screen and interview candidates. Your hiring process says so much about your company before introductions are even thought of.  Applicants are not just applying for your job but many others as well. They are getting responses from different companies and they are all making them feel a certain way.

Stand out in your business! Make them feel connected and excited about their application with you. I am going to break down a few ways you can accomplish this so hopefully, you can take your process from drab to exciting.


Advertising & Creating Interest In Your Dog Walking Interview Process

Once you create an ad, you have all the ability to play with where it shows up and test the different titles and descriptions. How do you know which ad copy performs best if you don’t test it? How do you know if you post a link on Facebook, send it out in an email, or post it on a job board – which actually performs? With this data you can start honing in on what works and stop wasting your time on what doesn’t work.

I always suggest to play around with the tones of your ad. Create an ad like you are talking to your best friend, create a corporate one, and then create one with the fun pet lingo that you use in your daily adventures with your clients. Which will get the most interest? Which will draw out the best applicants?


See how many jobs you have “open” and how they are performing


The only way you can tell is if you test all of this and track the conversion rates. JazzHR lets you post as many hiring ads as you want

…and posts them on over 20 job boards

…it also tells you how many eyeballs see it

…finally how many actually apply.

This info alone is so super valuable, if used.

You can also import them easily to your website to see if that has any effect as well. How professional does it look when you have a formal job application on your website? The applicant is coming to your virtual house and knows exactly what kind of company you are.

The dashboard will show you all the important info you need in one place. Know what works to get the right people excited.


How Sexy Are Your Basic Information & Screening Questions?

The next most important thing when creating the best dog walking interview process is to not get bogged down with all the “unsexy”  typical questions that everyone asks. Here, you actually have the ability to insert your company culture or witty nature through collecting their basic info and screening questions.

How about asking some exciting WHY questions to your applicant? Things that show that you actually care about their opinions and their desire to apply for the job. Tailoring these questions can attract or detract your applicant to the job so think hard and long about what the right questions can be. Don’t be afraid to make it about them. Like, “Describe your dream job?” or “Describe two things about this job that appeals to you” or “Tell me one thing that could be a downside to this job?”

Seeing how much thought they put into this can really save time in the hiring process to weed out applicants who aren’t meeting the basic job requirements or applying just to apply.

In this stage, you can hear their heart – and hopefully, if you word it properly, they can hear yours too.


Stop Looking At The Duds! You Are Wasting Your Time.

I have been in your sneakers… I know what you are looking for when you are setting up your pet sitting and dog walking interview process.

You want:

  • someone in your service area
  • a candidate available the hours you need
  • an applicant who is physically able to complete the job
  • someone who has a smartphone
  • plus insurance
  • and a car.

Am I right? (I got you boo!)

It is exactly why I included those questions and more on the knockout questions that you get, complimentary when you sign up with JazzHr.

But more so, these questions – are so important because why would you want to waste your time with someone who doesn’t even meet your basic criteria?

And one step further, what are your knockout questions saying to your applicant? How about going one step further and slip in something like, Do you mind ending your shift with slobber and dog/cat hair on your clothes? Give them a win when they are filling out this online application. Make them chuckle, smile, or get to know your brand through what you ask them.

They will see that you are looking for the necessities but also have enough of a personality that you just perked their interest to work for you!

Wowzas! Interested?!?!

and the best part?

You get to determine what is an acceptable or unacceptable answer and can set up this process so you don’t even see the unqualified applicants. Imagine that… less toads you have to kiss before you find the proverbial prince charming!




Knockout questions help to detect the red flags and absolute no-gos with no extra work! (Check out our previous episodes with Jen for more info on this.) You even get to control if you still want to view the flagged applications, or if you just want to eliminate them right off the bat. This becomes a next level screening process to find those hidden gems in the bunch with minimal work to you.

All this info is stored inside the applicant’s profile too so you don’t have to sift through email threads and try to piece together all the info. It is all in one place for you to reference. Especially when you are exchanging communication with the applicant.

This brings me to my next exciting perk in this journey to finding amazing staff…

Text Your Applicant!

If you are reading this, I am sure you have hired before and I am sure you have a story of one time when you were ghosted. While I can’t guarantee that won’t ever happen again, I can tell you that being able to chat with them real-time – through text messages can really help get that bond established and make them feel like they know you .

Oh, and you can systematize all of that too. Create your standard text messages that you send to people you are really interested in like:

“Hey (name)! I loved reading your application. I am out right now, but I wanted to let you know to watch your inbox because my tail is wagging fast to forward you onto the next phase of our hiring process! Bella, Bella’s House & Pet Sitting. 

or maybe something like this:

Good morning (name)! Just wanted to let you know I am looking forward to finally meeting you face to face today! I feel like I already know you – and can’t wait to chat some more. By the sounds of it, you sound like you are on your way to be a great addition at our company! See you soon! – (Name) 

I guarantee no other suitors (companies) are getting that excited or personal with applicants. You need to drop some bread crumbs to get them excited about this process. Remember, it isn’t just about you.

texting applicant

It can even be used to send updates during the interview process or a thank you text…. instead of an email.

But why not just do it from your company phone?  That was my first thought. 

With this method, the texts stay in the candidate’s profile, and anyone who is accessing your account can keep up with the convo! You can’t do that if you are doing it all on a physical phone. Not to mention you can systematize the heck out of it! #winning

Acknowledge Your Applicant Goes A Long Way In All Phases

One of the toughest things when applying for a job is wondering if they got your application, when (or if) they will reply, or going back and forth with scheduling. Not only is it nerve-wracking for all involved, but it typically produces a lot of untrusting emotions and stress.

dog walking interview process

Make the dog walking interview process nurturing. Let them know through auto-responses that you got their application and they can expect a reply in X hours/days. This is important because looking for a job is depressing and daunting. The applicant is not feeling the greatest, so it really doesn’t take much to stand out from everyone else and be human.

When you are trying to arrange a time to meet virtually or in person or on the phone, how about setting up a calendar where they can select a time that works for you? This will speed up the process, eliminating the back and forth, and leave your applicant feeling impressed that you have thought ahead and smoothed out the process.

calendly email


How Do You Think That Makes Them Feel?

Imagine how they are now thinking it would be to train with you or learn their new job from you? You are building their confidence in your company making them want the job even more.

It is an opportunity to take these small nuances that often become a put off to applicants and it is where YOU can shine and excite the applicant.



Are You Breaking The Law With Resume Collection?

The last thing we need is another thing to keep track of during the dog walking interview process!

Did you know that the law requires you to keep all of the resumes you have received for 2 YEARS?

That’s a lot of responsibility for anyone to have, but even more so if the hiring process isn’t organized or even located in the same place. Again, this process allows you to electronically store all of this information, and to compound this feature, it will tell you if someone has applied to your job opening in the past and why you rejected them!


Customize your own workflow process in the dog walking interview process.

I know that your secret sauce isn’t the same as your competitor or even someone in another state. That is why I give you the suggested hiring and interview phases but I know that not everyone will be the same. Being able to create your own phases of the interview process, that you feel comfortable with is paramount.

What is even more important is being able to replicate it all with the click of a button. What kind of experience would that potential employee get if every single time you were having to think about it and recreate that moment? That email exchange, that request for a video, that response to the video, that request for an interview or zoom meeting? Not only will your delivery not be consistent, which could affect the love affair you are starting with a potential hire, but it is also emotionally draining.

Because I know you get your hopes up when you see a candidate that you like…

So let’s front load this sucker! Let’s take a moment to create some phrases that are comfortable for YOU and then make it all work with the click of a button.

Sound easy? It really is… so many in the Mastermind are crushing it with this method and able to hire on-demand because of it (If I sound like a proud Mama Bear.. it is because I am!) 

And bonus thought – having this automated allows you to tweak the entire process if you see that people tend to drop out at one point or another.

Share Information With New Hires In The Same Place.

No one gets excited about getting a packet in their email that they need to print, fill out, and hand in. (Heck, even my printer is busted at the time I am writing this!) Let alone getting something in the old fashioned MAIL. The time is here – electronic is the way to go and what better experience for this person you are courting to hire onto your team than an easy onboarding process where they can do it all online and easily?

Not only that – but now you have it all in one place so no more file cabinets of folders stacked around your home office!

Think about how it feels from the applicants stand point.
Think about all the time you can save in your own business. If not your own time – the time you are paying others to do this all.

Want To Go All In With Me?

For over 2 years hundreds of businesses in the pet sitting and dog walking industry have partnered with JazzHR to help them do all this and more with their hiring process. The power of this software has helped them to attract the right applicant, hire confidently, and know that they don’t have to be a hostage in their business because their system to find people to hire – works! (and lets face it, they now have a pool to pick from)

I believe in this company and used them in my business and personal hires. When you sign up through me, you actually get 50% off the middle plan AND a job ad AND knockout questions.

It is time to flip the tables and instead of feeling like you need to convince people to work for you – have them begging to work for you!

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Business woman recording video on mobile phone

Ultimate Apps and Ways to Use Video in Your Dog Walking Business

When my clients think about going in front of the video camera, it typically scares the heck out of them. I have been squawking about the use of video for years and all the predictions have only proven to be true.

Video is The Present.

The social media feeds have exploded with ways to show a video like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Instagram TV, and a myriad of apps now available to help you edit together video clips you might have taken and look like a pro!

Today, I really want to blow the lid off any fear of using video in hopes that I can show you there are many different methods you can apply to reap the incredible benefits.

Video use on Social

All the apps

  • Wave.video – this is on desktop and one of my favs. They have a library, they will adapt the video to the size of the platform you want to post on, and they are very affordable. I also know the CMO and he is a really nice guy :). Check them out here.
  • Canva for gifs – I have been using the software for a long time and only recently started using the gif feature. It is really neat to be able to design a graphic and then have it fly in from the sides as you save it as a Giphy. I especially like this for IG and FB stories
  • Giphy to make GIFs – Do you know how you can comment with a gif on Facebook? What if I told you there was a way that you could type in your name or business name into the comments and a video you created from your business comes up? Want to see what I mean? Go type in Bella Vasta in the search bar of the Giphy and you will see a few that my friends did of me.
  • Quic – this is a great app if you have a few videos that you need to splice together and want a one-touch filter on them that make you look like Steven Spielberg.

  • Filmora-this is an app on your phone and desktop that requires a little more work than something like Quic but also has hundreds of downloadable special effects packages that you can purchase. If you want something retro, bachelorette party, Hawaii themed… this is the app to use. It can really change up the feel for what you want to do.
  • iMovie – if you are an Apple user, iMovie is on your phone and desktop. The phone version is a “lite” version and you can’t do as much Jason desktop but honestly, it is what has used for most of all the videos you see on my Youtube channel.
  • Animoto – This is an old but goodie. Personally, I haven’t used them forever – just not my style, but they are still popular which does say a lot about them. It is nice to see software still relevant 5 or 6 years later.
  • Final Cut Pro – This is a step up from iMovie with a little more bells and whistles. Honestly, I purchased it (expensive) and admittedly still stick to iMovie. Many of you might think I am saved when it comes to this stuff but mostly I like to stick with what I know and the path of least resistance.

The Importance of Going Live

Going live doesn’t always have to be your face. Sue, in the Mastermind, said her reason for not going live is because she doesn’t like the sound of her voice. Well, she and I both! But I want you to imagine if you never saw me online? If I never did any videos? Would you feel as close to me as you do today?

Probably not.

Video connects you to your audience. You don’t have to do it every day, and you don’t have to do it for hours, but I would challenge you to try to do it at least once a week for one or two weeks. It will make a world of a difference.

Introduce Yourself


Another important thought I need you to consider is that social media is a SECOND thought. Hardly anyone will see you on social media and think, “Gee, I am glad they popped up on my feed I want to hire them“.

It just doesn’t work that way.

The way it DOES work is that they find your website… typically through google…and then they click on your social media icons to “see” more of you. If they are browsing and see your videos, chances are they will feel a deeper connection with you. Not because you are perfect on camera, but because you are showing vulnerability by BEING on camera. It shows that you are human. That ALONE goes a long way – especially when the people who are searching on your social are trying to decide if they can trust you.


Video During COVID-19 Has Been So Important

Especially while we are all isolated in our homes everyone from a five-year-old to the 90-year-old great grandparents have developed video skills. The time is now. So many of our Better Marketing with Bella clients have taken it by storm.

Let me show you Poop’d Out going live with tips and tricks:


And then there is another Better Marketing with Bella client, Woofin’ It who has gone live just to reach out to her clients and followers:



And yet again, another Better Marketing with Bella client, using his stand up skills to use to his community:



Then there is Rockey’s Retreat where she actually did a scavenger hunt in her community! Ahhh all of these marketeers make me so happy… and this is just the tip of the ice burg!



Ways to Go Live

FB share your screen

Facebook recently came out with a feature allowing you to share your screen while on live. It could be neat to do videos to show how to sign up with your company using this new feature. No one else is doing it and you would stand out.  The only downside is that once you go live showing your screen, that is all there is. You can’t flip back to your face.

FB live on location with pets

This one is the obvious one. But how about making it fun?

How long until Fido finds the perfect place to potty?

You wouldn’t believe how long it takes until Fido goes potty.

Who gets tired first? How many throws until Fido is tried?

Countdown of how many bites will it take him to eat his food?

How fast will he eat his food?


The best part of this is that you can reuse the content. So if you have a video that you have already created and you want to upload to IGTV, go for it! You also have the option for it to show up in your IG feed, it will play the first minute and invite people to go watch the full thing. Keeping this in mind, make the first one minute as engaging as possible.

Snapchat glasses

Honestly, I think this is one of the BEST video features for pet sitters and dog walkers. But first, let me ease your worries, you do not have to be posting onto Snapchat for this to happen. These are actual sunglasses that you wear on your head and press a button to take a picture or hold it down to take a 10-15 second video. Once back at home, you can upload them to your social media or device and edit the clips together (if you want).

The point of view from these glasses is like watching from someone’s eyes. Take a look here as I show you in the pool with my daughter:

Are you Convinced Yet?

Showing up on social media through videos is huge. These videos give potential clients the opportunity to see who you really are and what your business represents. Do you do video on the regular? Why or why not? How can I partner with you to help you?

Did you know that the Better Marketing with Bella program helps coach you through all of this? Yup! Just like you saw above – a lot of our members gain the confidence, know how, and content to go live through our program. The doors are closing the beginning of May 2020 . If this interests you – join us. Don’t be left behind. I would love to help you!


Does all this social media management seem like a lot? You can actually get all the social media content with Better Marketing with Bella

Join us for a six-month contract to get all the graphics, captions, square videos, cover videos, vertical videos, blog/video outlines, emails, individual and group coaching calls, and more.

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Episode 189: How To Make COVID-19 Stop Messing With Your Head

Episode 189: How To Make COVID-19 Stop Messing With Your Head

How are you doing? Like really doing?Is Covid-19 Messing With Your Head?

Lately, I’ve been having A LOT of conversations with pet business owners about how to stay strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. I can not imagine the amount of stress that so many of you are having to deal with and I know that it is not easy.

But I want you to know that in this unique time, it is more important now than EVER to be on your A-Game. What you choose to do with the majority of your days NOW is going to set the stage for what Summer, Fall, and beyond will look like. Listen in as I discuss a variety of ways that you can stop COVID-19 from affecting your mental health.

Covid-19 mental health strategy

Show Highlights

  • [3:00] – Why are routines so important, especially during COVID-19?
  • [5:00] – How cleaning can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and even help others in need.
  • [7:00] – Why the strong are getting smart – and how you can too!
  • [10:00] – Consider joining the Pet Industry COVID-19 Survival Group
  • [13:00] – How you can ask for help & start giving yourself what you need.
  • [15:00] – How do I know if I’m an essential business?


COVID Pet Industry

Links To Stop Covid-19 From Messing With Your Head

Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Episode 184: Quality Over Quantity Of Your Social Media Content

Quality Over Quantity Of Your Social Media Content

It’s no shock that being on Social Media is a must for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking businesses. But, what platforms are best for us? How should we be using them? And what kind of content should we be creating?

To share his 15 years plus years of digital marketing experience, I’ve brought on Dan Willis.

Social Media

Dan Willis brings insights into the power of relationship marketing, video content and the emerging millennial/gen. Z marketplace leading your brand to learn how to not only succeed today but how to build success for the future. 

Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

Don’t spread yourself thin trying to be active on all social media platforms when the biggest platforms for dog walkers and pet sitters are Facebook and Instagram. Create content that best expresses your brand, use video, and don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a bunch of interaction on any given post. As Dan said, if you can create content that inspires one person to appreciate what you’re doing, that content was of value. 

Don’t just produce a large quantity of content but make sure you’re placing quality over quantity for your social media content.

Show Highlights

  • What networks are the most beneficial for dog walkers and pet sitters? [3:01]
  • The importance of video content [5:28]
  • Social media listening [10:38]
  • Creating quality content [19:16]


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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Episode 183: Video Training In Your Pet Sitting Company

 Are you struggling to find the time and resources to train your employees effectively in your pet-sitting business? Don’t let the stress of planning a training session hold you back from ensuring your staff is well-equipped to succeed. Video training is the solution you’ve been looking for – whether you have new hires or are just looking for a refresher for current staff. Don’t waste any more time and effort on overwhelming and time-consuming training methods, give your employees the support they need through video training!

Video training

Biggest Takeaway

  • Video improves learning results [3:32]
  • The importance of having a staff training foundation [4:45]
  • Video training tips [6:18]
  • Online training when your employees alert [7:24]
  • Video training is more likely to be consumed [8:58]
  • It doesn’t have to be boring! [10:26]
  • Incorporating video into your onboarding process [11:10]


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Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Episode 182: Using Video To Increase Sales In Your Pet Business

Using Video To Increase Sales In Your Pet Business

The use of video is becoming exceedingly necessary in order to get your pet business known. To teach how to use video to increase sales in your pet business, I brought on my good friend Daniel Glickman.


Daniel Glickman is an internationally recognized marketing leader, speaker, and author. As chief marketing officer of Wave.video, an innovative video solution for creators and small businesses, he leads and manages digital marketing, advertising, and PR activities. His blog, newsletter, and international Meetups—all under the title CMOConfessions—offer a frank, creative, and humorous take on the underbelly and undercurrents of today’s most pressing, exciting, and confounding marketing issues.

Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

Making videos doesn’t have to be scary.

There are three different types of videos you can utilize to increase sales in your pet business. You can do a right here, right now video. These videos require the least amount of production and are perfect for showing your followers what you’re doing at that moment. The second video, promotional videos, will be more produced than the first and have content that it is on brand and message. Finally, there’s the most produced video in which you produce a series of shows that repeat weekly and stay on a topic each week.

In order to excel, pick the type of video you’re best at and start filming!


Show Highlights

  • Why are small businesses using video? [3:27]
  • Resizing video, the importance and what it means [4:46]
  • Why video seems scary [7:51]
  • When do people stop watching a video? [12:03]
  • As a dog walker/ pet sitter, what could be an interesting video? [13:26]
  • How do we know when it gets boring? [15:13]
  • Viral videos [18:52]
  • Wave.Video community [22:47]


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Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Episode 181: Remote Managing Your Pet Business

Remote Managing Your Pet Business


I know there’s plenty of you wanting to have the luxury of traveling or maybe even relocating away from your pet business but you’re afraid of trying to manage your pet business remotely.

That’s why I brought on one of my personal friends and client, Tiffany Lewis, who manages her business remotely from across the country.

Remote Manage

Tiffany Lewis founded Pet and Home Care in Potomac, Maryland in 1999 as a one-person pet sitting business. She has since expanded PHC to offer a full team of dog walkers, pet sitters, pet care experts, and home care service employees.

Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

The biggest factor in remote managing your pet business is having a support team that you can trust and wrapping your mindset to support your goals. From there, the rest is in the technology, systems and processes and your ability to stay engaged with your business. With the right set of tools, you’ll be able to remotely manage your pet business in no time!

Show Highlights

  • When did you start remote managing? [3:14]
  • How did you make the transition? [5:00]
  • What was it about changing technology that helped you? [7:05]
  • How do you handle hiring and firing? [8:47]
  • How do you stay active in the community? [12:22]
  • Do you spend more or less time in your business? [15:56]


Let’s Connect!

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Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Episode 180: How The 90/10 Rule Can Get Your Dog Walking Business Back On Track

How the 90/10 Rule Can Get Your Dog Walking Business Back On Track

Do you feel like content marketing is taking over your business? Like you have to consistently be posting on every social media platform possible and creating all the content you can in order to properly market and grow your business?

Don’t stress!

Today, I brought on Andrew and Pete to tell you how the 90/10 rule can get your dog walking business back on track!

Dog Walking Business

Andrew and Pete, international keynote speakers, authors and YouTubers, are the multi award winning fun business duo who help small business owners scale their business so they can stop swapping time for money.

Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

If you try to post on all aspects of content marketing then you are doing none of them remarkably well. Instead, pick one aspect of marketing and do that one thing remarkably well. In doing so, you will be known for that aspect and will no longer be wasting your time on the other platforms that aren’t performing well for you. Follow your data, find out what works best for you and your business and spend 90% of your time there and 10% experimenting elsewhere.

In following the 90/10 rule, you are guaranteed to get your dog walking business back on track.

Show Highlights

  • About Atomic [4:23]
  • What is the 90/10 rule? [7:20]
  • How do you figure out the one thing for you business? [10:40]
  • Conclusion [18:22]


Let’s Connect!

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Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

How to Make Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Applicants Fall in Love With Your Business

One of the most challenging aspects of running any pet sitting business is the hiring process. Not only are you looking for those who align with your values and mission, you are trying to convince people why they should want to work for you! Many business owners forget that hiring is a two-way street. In fact, it’s much like dating: hiring is about people loving you as much as you love them! 

Below are five tips that all employers need to understand.

  1. Update job description wording
  2. Start asking different questions
  3. Create a shorter timeline
  4. Add extra touches
  5. Give visuals

Remember, the hiring process should be exciting for both hirers and applicants. Many hiring managers and employers complain that applicants don’t get back to them– chances are you just need a little help in the application department.

Pet Sitting Applicants

Update Your Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Job Description Wording

When you’re looking to fill a pet sitting position – and any position for that matter! – wording within your job description is crucial.

Remember, looking for a job can be really tedious and depressing for people. It can be exhausting sifting through help wanted ads, especially when so many ads simply list what people should be doing or what they need to have.

Try and make your job titles and descriptions more fun and off the beaten path.

Don’t be afraid to use a more conversational tone, like, ‘hey girl, imagine this!…’. 

Descriptive words paint a visual picture, making prospective hires much more interested in you than the sea of more robotic job descriptions. Looking for pet sitters?

Let them know, ‘this is a job you’ll never want to let go of because you’ll be out in the sunshine with dogs!’

Let the personality of both you and your business really shine through. Don’t know where to start? My advice is to record yourself talking about who you’re looking for and what you want out of a new hire. Then you can write down the words you actually want to convey!

Start Asking Different Questions

During the hiring process, there are tons of questions – from the job application itself to the actual interview.

Of course, you’ll have to address the more standard (boring) questions like, ‘Do you have a car?’, ‘Do you have insurance?’, etc.

But, again, don’t be afraid to have fun with your questions!

Ask applicants why they think your job would be the best job ever, or why they stopped scrolling and made the decision to apply. For a pet sitting gig, you may even ask a fun questions like, ‘What’s your favorite dog breed?’ 

Also, don’t be afraid to break up the interview process into phases.

By the time you get someone in front of you, you should already know a lot about them. But that’s only possible if you ask the right questions beforehand. Of course, you don’t want your job description and application to have five pages of questions– break it up into five interview phases instead!

Create a hierarchy of needs for your business; is it really important that someone is a caretaker? Then ask about responsibility and showing up on time. By now you’re in the third or fourth phase of the interview process and can really dive into the nitty gritty!


Create A Shorter Timeline For Applicants

The hiring process can be quite lengthy if you don’t have all your ducks – err, dogs – in a row!

You want to make sure the time it takes you to get applicants through the process is short but along. What I mean by that is you’ll want to have a workflow set-up into phases. But make it simple for someone to move through them – for example, a person can move from phase one to two with just the click of a mouse depending on their responses.

You don’t want to waste time with applicants who aren’t the right fit, so be sure to get them through these phases first. Really think about them ahead of time; it’ll be time consuming but, in the words of author Steve Kamb, “we all start at suck.”

When you meet someone face-to-face, you should be armed with as much knowledge about them as they have about your business– but don’t drag this process out. If it’s more than a week, it’s too long. People are not going to wait around for you and will simply find another pet sitting job.

Join Jump Mastermind

Add Extra Touches – Little Things Matter!

If you want to stand out from other employers, you’ll want to make applicants feel special throughout the hiring process.

Whether it’s buying a cup of coffee if you’re meeting face-to-face or using a feature where you send a follow-up text after they’ve submitted an application, there are so many small things that can make a huge difference!

Remember, people are applying to a lot of jobs and you want to think of little things to help applicants along the way to show that you’re an employer who really cares. If you’re meeting via Zoom, something as simple as sending instructions via email beforehand to make sure the applicant is all set can be a game changer. Even the most qualified applicants can get nervous before interviews, so this is a neat way to ease a bit of stress.

Dog Walking Applicant

Give Visuals

Applying for jobs is a bit like blind dating – even with the job description and interviews, you may still be unsure what you’re getting yourself into.

When you think about hiring someone, consider showing them what a pet sit looks like. Instagram stories can be great for this. Create highlight reels for pet sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, etc. and send applicants links to short videos. This will give them much more insight as to what they can expect when working for you. Consider having a staff member speak on camera about why he/she loves working for you. 

You Be You, Boo!

There are so many ways you can make pet sitting and dog walking applicants fall in love with your business.

Remember, there is no exact formula you need to follow – stay true to your business and your brand when writing job descriptions.

Keep your tone more conversational and be quick to respond to any prospective hire’s questions, comments, or concerns. If they know you truly care, they’ll be that much more eager to accept a position at your company!


mastermind pet sitting

Are You New Here?

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. If you are a dog walker, dog sitter, cat sitter, doggy daycare or kennel owner, then you found the right place. Jump Consulting is the one place on the internet to get all the resources you need for your pet care business. Can I give you some freebies to generate sales and increase revenues for your business? Grab your freebies below.

Episode 176: Planning for Your Dog Walking Business in 2020

I know with being six days away from Christmas that planning for your dog walking business in 2020 is probably the last thing on your mind. However, I strategically posted this before Christmas so that you have time to get your thoughts flowing.

I want to help you come up with a plan to grow and exceed your expectations for business planning in 2020.


Dog walking Planning 2020

Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

There’s a major difference between planning for your dog walking business and goal setting. Where making plans can include a to do list that never stops growing, setting goals are concrete, quantifiable and specific. When you set a goal you need to give yourself an end date and start breaking down the processes necessary to get there.

Most importantly, you need to hold yourself accountable or get an accountability partner that can.

Show Highlights

  • 90 Day Goals [4:20]
  • 30 Day Goals [5:50]
  • Accountability [8:00]
  • What’s so different about 2020? [9:10]
  • Where to begin [10:38]
  • Can you hire out? [13:35]


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How to Build Trust in Your Pet Business on Social Media

Nowadays with all the automation that we can incorporate in business, it’s becoming more and more necessary to prove that we are human. Especially when it comes to the internet and consistent technological advances.

How do we remain human in a fast-paced technological world? 

The answer isn’t as simple as we would think. Remaining human has a lot to do with identifying who we are, what we represent, and what we want our clients to see. Then it’s about transferring that human quality not only in face to face contact but through our social media as well.

Thankfully, Bryan Kramer, the founder of the H2H movement as well as Keynote Speaker, TED Talk Speaker,  Coach, and CEO of H2H Companies, a Business Performance Coaching Company, was able to teach us more about human to human interactions and how you can build trust in your pet business on social media. 


Trust on Social Media


Your Why and Your Purpose

In order to present yourself as trustworthy on social media, you first need to know yourself.

What is your why?

What is your purpose?

Your purpose is made up of three equal parts.

  1. Inspiration
  2. Vision
  3. Innovation

The key to a sound purpose is the equality of these three parts. Too much of one thing will cause your purpose to be unclear and unattainable.  All three of these are reliant on your ability to balance them and pursue them.

Understanding your why and your purpose will not only give you a foundation for the values of your business but it will also help you to identify how you want your business to be portrayed to the public. When portraying your business it’s important to stay real to who you are. Especially, when it comes to technology.

It is all too easy to lose our human traits when representing ourselves through a screen rather than in person.

So, how do we remain human in a fast-paced technological world?

Identify and live out your why and your purpose. 

How We Share in Person Vs. Social Media

Social media is the face of your business.

What kind of stories are you telling?

What kind of stories are you hiding?

Is your social media consistent with the same emotion or does it vary and expand beyond what others are doing?

Do you want to blend in or stand out?

Trust me when I say, you do not want to blend in.

In order to stand out, you have to come across as human on social media, very similar to how you would portray yourself in person.

In-person we are multi-dimensional. We share all of our different emotions whether that’s happy, sad, angry, anything in between. You’ll be able to read those emotions in our tone of voice, facial expression, body language, and obviously with our words.

On social media, we tend to lean on one emotion and only portray that emotion, all. the. time. The issue with that is that it’s not actually who we are. We aren’t always happy and excitable.

Say, if you’re on social media and all of your posts have dozens of exclamation points because you want to make your viewers excited. That’s great, but if your page is full of excitement, it looks very fake. That is not who you are.

Show your emotions and let your personality shine. 

Divide your social media into thirds. Share one third about you, one third about other people and one third of educational content and news.


Jump Mastermind


Identifying Your Unique Traits

To marry your passion and your brand, you’ll need to identify what makes you unique.

Everyone shares in their own way and it’s extremely important to identify what category of sharer each person in your company is. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you’re making the ask of the right person.

The six categories of sharers, outlined by Bryan are:

  1. The AltruistAltruists are individuals who are highly recognized for their commitment to helping others. These are people who not only dedicate themselves in terms of actions, but also with regard to being mindful with their personal relationships.
  2. Early Adopter- The early adopter branding refers to a recognized subculture of progressive individuals who embrace individuality above all else. Although the term has existed since the Jazz age, modern early adopters are often associated with being the first to try new things and share them with others.
  3. ConnectorConnectors are people who pride themselves on their ability to bring people together. These are usually the individuals who are well connected and openly use their network to unite. Typically creative, they obtain validation and satisfaction through others.
  4. Careerist- Careerists are people who are have shown a preference for professional advancement above all other personal achievements. More often associated with business-related networks.
  5. Boomerang- The boomerang brand type refers to people whose brand is closely identified with controversy. In many cases, they do not necessarily agree with the content-choosing to pass on the information for the potential of being seen as provocative.
  6. Selective- The selective is a person that shares information with specific people. They usually carefully curate information based on the general needs and interests of the target audience. They value exclusivity and are largely viewed as being informative and resourceful.

Find out what category of sharer you are by clicking on the picture below and taking Bryan’s quick quiz!

Human on Social

Keep in mind, you may change from day to day as the type that you takes into account how you are feeling when you take it.

Once you and your employees take the quiz, compare and see how you all work together!

Body Language and First Impression

First impressions are critical in our business. Doing our first meet and greet with the client is really the only chance we will have to interact with them and show them who we are.

Oftentimes on these first meetings, we are missing intimacy. We are so busy going through the facts of our business and their pets that we miss making a connection with them.

Bryan describes intimacy as into-me-you-see. It’s the passage of looking past the exterior and the facts and learning more about someone. It’s extremely important for us to build that connection with our clients. We are not just providing a job, we are serving their precious pet, their family member.

In order to be more intimate with our clients, we need to make more agreements with them.

To do so, we start by asking questions about their pets and what they’re looking for from us. Get to know the different lives of each animal to be able to better serve them specifically. Not every client and every pet are going to be cookie-cutter and that’s why it’s so important to treat them as unique as they are.

An agreement can be made around anything and will look different for everyone. To get started making an agreement, you simply have to bring something up transparently and ask them to agree. The thing is, the other person doesn’t have to agree to your terms and may come back with a counteroffer.

Over time, agreements make a relationship strong. You’re learning how to communicate with each other and ensure your interactions are a two-way street.

We are human, talking to a human.

Trust and Delegation

It’s not easy being everywhere at once. As the business owner, it’s almost impossible for you to be at every single meet and greet. You need to trust yourself, your staff and your ability to lead them.

You need to delegate.

Bryan recommends practicing making agreements with your staff.

Sit them down for a team meeting and explain to them why making agreements with clients is so important to your business. Give them the opportunity to practice making agreements with another team member and finalize the meeting with a group debrief/discussion.

As a bigger group, discuss what happened, what they got from it, what they discovered and grow from there.


Keeping yourself relevant and building trust in your pet business on social media is as simple as keeping yourself you. Identify what makes you unique, what is your purpose, and your why. Then identify different ways you can use your team in order to reflect you and your business in everything they do.

If you want to learn more about human to human interaction and how to use it to make your business thrive. Join Bryan Kramer on his H2H Marketing & Leadership Hub Facebook group.

Just click the image below!

Build Trust


Hiring Tips For Your Pet Business During the Holidays

Its that time of the year again when everything turns into all holidays, all the time. The time when every store is confused about what to celebrate first with multiple isles of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the MASSIVE Christmas section.

I think we can all admit that September through December, Holiday preparation takes over. 

What’s wrong with that, right?

Except if you are hiring. Dealing with the stress of hiring during the holidays is intense.


Here are my Tips and Mindset Shifts Needed to Hire During the Holidays

  1. Embrace the process
  2. Streamline
  3. Have a Fast System
  4. Delegate
  5. Go Where Your Avatar Hangs Out
  6. Always be Hiring


finding staff during the holidays

Embrace the Process

There’s nothing more important than taking over your mindset and truly embracing the hard stuff. In order to be successful in hiring for your pet business during the holidays, it’s going to be necessary to first ensure your thoughts are where they should be.

Are you thinking about how awful it is?

Or are you thinking about how you’re going to completely rock out hiring and get amazing new staff?

Embrace people looking for seasonal help.

Keep in mind, your business will become very busy during this time of the year. From family vacations to people maybe not wanting to walk their dogs in the snow, holidays can be great for business.



You’ve heard me talk about the importance of streamlining your social media process and with the same importance, you also need to streamline your hiring process.

Everyone’s busy and no one has time to wait around for a two or three-week hiring process. They want to jump in with a four to five day hiring process. Trust me, it’s true!

Not only is this beneficial to the applicant but it’s faster for you to get through more applicants at a time. At the end of the day, being quick will make you look better to the applicant because it appears that you are engaged and serious about hiring.

The easiest way to do this is by using hiring software, like JazzHR, that will allow you to automate and add in hiring phases. Recently, one of the Mastermind group members tested out the new JazzHR text option, where you can text applicants from the software.

Here’s what she had to say:




Fast System

A fast system doesn’t just mean creating a quick work flow through applicants, it also means setting up your system in a way where you’re able to quickly find each applicant, where they are at in the hiring phases, and how they responded to each phase.  I like having about three to five different phases for the applicant.

In the first phase, I will ask them questions to get to know their character. For each question, I score them from one to five.

In the end, I’ll add up their total points and if they meet the score I decided ahead of time that they needed to meet, then I will move them on to the next phase.

I’ll always recommend that at least one of these preliminary phases either be through knock out questions or a video recorded by the applicant.

This gives you the opportunity to weed out people further based on an actual interaction or, for video, their comfort level in getting out there and doing something out of the ordinary.



Delegation is one of the most underrated methods of self-care. The simple act of allowing others to do the work that you don’t need to do yourself takes some stress off your plate and frees up your schedule to focus on more important things.

If you have phases with scoring involved, delegating the task of hiring can be super easy. All you need to do is ensure that the person in charge of hiring knows what you’re looking for and what your ideal applicant looks like. Make it a mathematical equasion.

Before the final meeting phase, you can review the applicants and schedule them for an in-person interview with yourself. That way, you saved a bunch of time not reviewing all of their answers and you’re ultimately still the person in charge of if they work at your business or not.


Go Where Your Avatar Hangs Out

In order to properly set up your hiring process, you need to know who your ideal applicant is. For the holidays, it can be anyone from a snowbird traveling south for the winter or a college student home for the holidays that are looking to pick up some extra cash. I actually did a free 3 hour clas on this that you can take called Jump and Scale.

If you’re open to the idea of temporary workers, make sure that’s known in your hiring posting and advertise directly to that audience.

Imagine this: “Are you home for the holidays and looking to earn some extra Christmas money while loving on pets? This job may be the perfect one for you!”

I actually liked temporary applicants when I had my business becasue they were typically avaialble during the times when my pet sitting company had in influx of clients like the holidays, school vacations, and the summer.

Once you identify your ideal applicant, figure out where they would spend their time. Are they people who would hang out in your local coffee shop in the middle of the day? Maybe people attending pet holiday parties?

Figure out where they are and attract them.

Always Be Hiring

Do you hire for the Holidays or hire for long term employment?

The answer is simple.

Do both.

Don’t limit yourself by looking for employees that are only going to be long term if you’re able to staff for your Holiday rush.

Always be hiring. It’s the best opportunity for your company to ensure there are always going to be enough staff. I like to say to have more staff than what you need. I know the next thing you are thinking is “But what if I don’t have work for them?” and I would say that isn’t your problem. Be honest with them about where you are at, why you are attracted to them, and opportunities for them to help you market for new clients while we wait for their route to build up.

Hiring Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Hiring doesn’t have to be a stressful event where you burn yourself out keeping track of every applicant at different stages in the hiring process.   You do not have to waste your time searching through resume after resume and doing endless amounts of interviews that just don’t match up with your company culture.

Embrace the idea of hiring for your pet business during the holidays, streamline your hiring process, make the system fast and apply phases, delegate the task of sorting through applicants, go where your avatar hangs out and always be hiring.

Interested in learning more about JazzHR?
Check out my post Secrets to Success on JazzHR vs. Indeed for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers. 

You can also get started with JazzHR here.