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Episode 101: Goal Crushing From 0 To 15 Dog Walking Employees With Pam Curry

Pam Curry is the owner and operator of Toronto Dog Walking. She and her dog, Holly, moved to Toronto in 2012 with the sole focus in mind of working with animals. In 2015, she founded Toronto Dog Walking and Pam has continued to grow the business at a rapid pace ever since. Currently, she has 15 dog walking employees and is continually adding more. Pam is also one of the most active members in the Jump Mastermind, along with her accountability partner Kristen Corral. In fact, they have been the reigning champions of our monthly accountability challenge for 5 months in a row – wow! Learn more about Pam at torontodogwalking.com

dog walking employees

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss

  • With the help of Bella & the Jump Mastermind, Pam was able to take her business to the next level. When she joined the Mastermind, she was working IN her business non-stop. Her to-do list had a to-do list. 6 months later, she is completely out of the field and has FIFTEEN dog walking employees! Writing down her goals and ambitions was one of the ways Pam was able to keep herself on track along with a team holding her accountable. Instead of being reactionary, she is now productive.
  • Start with a major goal, and then break it down into smaller tasks (mini-goals) that you need to complete in order to achieve that major goal. Try to complete those small tasks every single day. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and you will feel satisfaction from completing something each day. Before you know it, you will have reached your goal!
  • It’s so easy to hate conducting interviews – but as your business grows so will you, as a person. You will gain more confidence and experience after going through the process again and again. Getting yourself on camera or live video really helps with confidence as well.

Show Highlights

  • Who is Pam Curry & what is Toronto Dog Walking? [2:00]
  • Pam’s Mastermind Success Story [4:00]
  • How did you get rid of your “to-do list” and turn it into long-term goals? [7:30]
  • How do you keep goal-crushing when you have bad days? [9:00]
  • What piece of advice do you have for business owners that feel overwhelmed? [10:50]
  • How did you go from hating video to now having your own talk show? [14:50]
  • What does the future look like for you and Toronto Dog Walking? [22:00]
  • Where can you follow Pam on social media? [24:00]

dog walking employees



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Episode 99: How This Dog Walking Company Exploded With Support Of Others

Christina’s love & passion for animals brought her to become a professional and certified pet-care expert. Her professional training started back in 2005 and she continues to re-educate herself as time passes just in case new issues or findings in safety arise. By holding high professional and personal ethical standards for your pets care, Christina founded Beach Pupps, a dog walking company, to guarantee your dog receive the safest, most untypical walk around the block service available. Find more about Christina on her website, http://beachpupps.com/

jump mastermind

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Whether you structure your company as the usual pay-per-service or as a monthly membership, you need to make your clients feel like you are ALL in. Make them know that your business is your livelihood and that you are there to serve them 100%! Give them extra perks 🙂
  • When you become strong in your brand and your business, and you become unique! Nobody can really copy you and if they do it’s glaringly obvious.
  • Delegation and hiring will allow you to EXPLODE your business. You’ll be able to get out of the field, so you can spend more time in the office growing the business and networking with other professionals in the community.
  • There is always someone going through what you are going through or something similar. Find people that you can lean on and get support/advice when you need it. Reach out when you need it.

jump mastermind

Show Highlights:

  • One year ago, where were you at personally and professionally before joining the Jump Mastermind? [2:00]
  • What does being a professional business owner mean? [4:00]
  • What drew you to the Jump Mastermind and made you go all in? [4:30]
  • How do you structure your company with a membership instead of the typical paying-per-service model? [6:00]
  • What is the difference between pet sitting and dog walking? [7:45]
  • What have you been able to accomplish since January after being in the Jump Mastermind? [17:20]
  • Reflecting on where you were personally and professionally six months ago, where do you see yourself next? [19:00]
  • What advice do you have for those that feel like they are “hitting a wall” with their business? [22:00]

jump mastermind


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Jump Mastermind

The Journey Of Discovering The Right Person For The Jump Mastermind Group

Being around a bunch of people where you can share your ideas, learn, and really bond can prove to be incredibly life changing for any pet business.

I saw a need for the free pet sitting facebook groups I run.

People wanted to feel closer to one another where they could bond and really know exactly who was in the group.

This sort of closeness transforms businesses because when people can feel free to share openly and honestly without fear, true business and personal growth happen.

I see it all the time.

Jump Mastermind

The Problem I Needed To Solve For Pet Sitters:

People would direct messaging me explaining that they wish they could share in the free group but they didn’t feel comfortable because:
…they didn’t know who was reading.
…they didn’t know if it was going to be screenshot and publicized.
…they didn’t want to be judged.
….they were afraid what others would think.

Plus they really wanted to build their business and wanted to know how and not just in one post. They needed someone to help hold them accountable. They were hungry and ready to work.

They were also ready to invest in their own success.

They knew that the free groups, while sometimes good, only gets you so far. They knew that in order to be in an elite community where people are showing up and are caring about one another’s success, pushing together, that they would have to invest their time and money.

When this investment happens a lot of the bickering, drama, and failure to follow through on tasks or goals goes away.


When I decided to launch the Jump Mastermind group, I knew I needed to take my own advice and:

Defining My Audience Was A Must.

I also realized that people joining would want to know that “hey these are my people!” I know they would want to feel comfortable sharing, know that others had the same type of business and it would feel so comfortable

…almost like a family.

I didn’t want it to be a free for all where just anyone with a bank account could join.

There had to be a bit of exclusivity.

The most obvious qualification stated at the top of the Jump Mastermind landing page says that business needs to be making at least $50K a year.

I settled on $50K thinking that by this time, one would already have a website, clients, and are up and running. They also might be on the verge of having staff and just need that support.

Or they might already have staff?

I needed to set the bar at a qualification where we didn’t just get watered down with a bunch of Wag and Rover sitters. I also didn’t want a bunch of people who were constantly spinning their wheels “too busy” to make any progress.

But I have to be honest with you.

I actually had some really incredible people who are making things happen in their own business who haven’t yet reached this $50K threshold.

Their value wasn’t defined by their revenue.

It was actually defined by their mindset.

I have come to realize that mindset and participation is actually more important and any dollar number.


But Bella Doesn’t Care About Small Business…

It has been tough taking this type of stance with the Jump Mastermind. I have been told, “Bella doesn’t care about small businesses” which really couldn’t be further from the truth. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have 350 blogs and 200 videos free to the world!

I have also been bad-mouthed inside some ‘not so secret’ Facebook groups. For posting videos and blogs on my own Jump Consulting facebook page and saying things like “If you aren’t growing, then your dying!”



It hurts to read these things, but then I remember these aren’t my people. They aren’t the type of people who have been flooding the Jump Mastermind.

I learned a lesson.

The very reason I set out to define who is right for this Mastermind was glaring back at me as my loyal friends sent me screenshot after screenshot of the Bella Bashing that was taking place.

The lesson was mindset.

Mindset is the most important thing to ALL business success so it should be a cornerstone of the Jump Mastermind.

Additionally, I realized that I have an enormous responsibility to the group, or the “Jumpers” as some of them lovingly call each other, to make sure that the quality of people in this group stays at the cream of the crop!

To make sure that people who would write things like the above never end up in the group.

Side note: To the point of the screenshot above…I would never, ever, try to convince anyone to become a member. The group isn’t about that. It is like working out. I can’t make you work out. You have to WANT to do it! 😉

I Learned, Not Everyone Is The Right Fit And $50K Isn’t The Barrier:

It is the right mindset. Mindset is everything.

One of my favorite mentors says to write and talk about who is NOT a good fit for what you’re doing, and thanks to this interaction I have 3 ways detailed below.


3 Ways To Know Who Is Not Right For The Jump Mastermind


1. Those That Don’t Want to Grow:

If you aren’t growing, you are dying.

It is literally a science.

You can’t change that.

Also, you really become the people you hang around. Have you ever asked yourself and took inventory of who are you spending your time with?

As pet sitters and dog walkers, it is TOUGH. We are either around pets all day or alone!

Have you thought about how intentional or unintentional you are about who you surround yourself with? Are they pouring into you or sucking you dry?

Any successful person I know has always been surrounded by people of the same mindset pushing them to be better.

And the clincher?

They typically meet with them on a regular basis.

2. Those That Don’t Want to be Challenged:

This is a really tough one.

As business owners, we spend a lot of our days pouring our heart and soul into our businesses. When someone challenges they way we do things or encourages us to change our methods to go out of our comfort zone, it’s tough to receive!

It is even tough for me.

I just put my website out into the Jump Mastermind a few weeks ago and told them to rip it apart! Afterall, they are my target audience. Naturally, the struggle is real to not react and be defensive when we hear something we don’t like. It is a real human reaction many of us have when we are told to change.

They are why I have made recent changes to my own website and for that I am grateful.

A Mastermind conditions you to take it easy. Consider others ideas and think about solutions that you might not have thought about the first time around. It is literally the ‘group think’ and it helps members become better and better each month.

3. Those Who Are “Too Busy”

I tell my coaching clients to replace the words, “I’m too busy” with “It isn’t a priority” because that is really what it means.

We make time in our life for things that are a priority.

If someone isn’t willing to make the time in their life to participate in the group then they won’t be a good fit. They won’t get anything from the group and they probably won’t give anything to the group.

Granted we all have seasons in life. Sometimes we are in growth mode, sometimes we are in maintaining mode. To know which you are in is powerful.

Remember that bonding I told you about? Two local meet ups have already happened in the three months that the Jump Mastermind has been happening. People are connecting so much online that they are meeting up IRL (In Real Life) and learning to care and share on such a deeper level.

Want to know the clincher? These people were IN the free facebook groups, and never got together until the bond they formed in the Mastermind inspired them to.

Pretty powerful, huh?

So Where Does That Leave Us?

Well if you have read this entire thing you are either in one of two camps.

Camp #1: You disagree with this entire article. It might have even upset you. In that case, that’s okay. You have every right to feel the way you do. Let’s just be happy that I have taken the time to spell it out and you know for certain this Jump Mastermind isn’t right for you.

Honestly, it’s no problem for me, as I hope it isn’t for you!

Life is too short.

Camp #2: You are already scanning the page for “where can I sign up?” Thinking YES I need a group of people who GET me, who are DOERS and not complainers, and who will SHOW UP for me. If that is you, you need to go here and sign up.


It is tough for me to express in words how much of an imapct this Jump Mastermind has had on so many businesses and personal lives. The privledge of being able to lead this, to spend my time pouring into many people and have them supporting my goal of influencing lives and busineses has been nothing short of overwhelming. So I am just going to let them do the talking for me. Don’t take my word for it. Hear what they have to say below.


join a mastermind

Episode 85: What Should I Know Before Joining A Mastermind?

Bella has flipped the script on the Podcast today and is bringing you a one on one look at the hype and hive of becoming a part of a Mastermind. Are they a right fit for your personality and business? Bella breaks down the power and the responsibility of joining a mastermind.      

join a mastermind


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • What is a Mastermind? The popularity of Masterminds have been on the rise and they can help your business, but exactly what are they? Basically, a Mastermind is a group of people that have come together collectively to help one another. The difference of opinions, resources and experiences are shared in an environment where people strive to better their lives and businesses.
  • What Masterminds ARE NOT. It is important to understand exactly what they are before you join one. They are not coaching groups. There is “group thinking” but not direct teaching or coaching. You have to be accountable for your own learning from the lessons of others journeys. It’s not a place to vent. They solve problems, but it is not a place for complaints without solutions.
  • Examples of what makes up a great group. Great Masterminds are all about being laser focused. These groups directly set out to achieve specific goals. What’s more is that they are primarily member driven. All members put their minds together to help each other stay on target. Also, leadership really does matter. A great leader will help keep the topics flowing with knowledge and authority.
  • Look for a new series all about Masterminds, coming to our blog and Facebook page. A place full of accountability partners, challenges, comradery, and tons of mutual support for growth.

Show Highlights:

  • Why would someone join a Mastermind? [2:15]
  • What it takes to be in a Mastermind [6:45]
  • Investments separate groups [10:45]
  • They aren’t just trying to sell you something [12:30]
  • Learn more about Jump Consulting Masterminds for pet sitting and dog walking [13:00]


[Tweet ““When you join a Mastermind it’s about overcoming your challenges.””]

[Tweet ““The group is driven by the membership’s ability to support one another.””]

[Tweet ““In a Mastermind, you need to show up regularly.””]

[Tweet ““Masterminds tend to create relationships forever.””]


Visit JumpConsulting.net/jump-mastermind to find out more!

Stay tuned to our Jump Consulting Facebook page for more to come on the in and outs of Masterminds!

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