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Nate Palmer

Episode 185: Skyrocket Your Business With Your Health


Skyrocket Your Business With Your Health

Let’s be honest – sometimes being a business owner sucks. It can be lonely, isolating, and so easy to get inside our own heads. That’s why it’s critical to take care of yourself first. We have to take care of ourselves so we can set ourselves up for success in our businesses. Today, I brought on Nate Palmer to the podcast to talk about all things fitness, health, and mindset.



Nate Palmer is highly passionate about helping humans perform at a higher level. He also happens to be a dad, husband, and the #1 bestselling author of Passport Fitness. Nate coaches entrepreneurs to become unstoppable by weaponizing their nutrition and training. Nate is a coach, speaker, and writer, whose work has been popularized in media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Testosterone Nation, Ask Men, Breaking Muscle, STACK Media, and Thrive Global.


Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

  • Are you starting off your day ahead with wins, or are you starting in a deficit?  By having clearly defined morning and evening routines, we can set ourselves up for success by completing “quick wins” to get us in a positive, can-do mindset. As business owners, we make so many decisions throughout the day. By having simple routines, we can eliminate the number of simple decisions we make every day (leading to burnout) and save our brainpower for those tough decisions.


Show Highlights

  • Why is having a morning routine so important? [5:00]
  • What can you do as part of your PM routine to set yourself up for success? [8:00]
  • How do you have a strong sense of prioritization? [11:00]
  • How is being healthy different than being skinny? [17:30]
  • What is visceral fat and why do we need to target that first? [21:00]




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52 Healthy Grab-N’-Go Recipes For Pet Sitters: https://joinjumpconsulting.com/healthy/

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Bella in your business pet sitting podcast

Episode 52: Making Your Business Better With Nutrition and Fitness With Char Fazio

On this episode, Bella spends time with Charlene (“Char”) Fazio, one of her coaches who has inspired and motivated her to make a huge lifestyle change.

Living a healthy life and sharing that passion and knowledge with others is exactly what Charlene Fazio believes she was put on this Earth to do. She continues to learn, share, and help as many people as she possibly can. She is no longer the mom sitting on the sidelines of her life – she is out there LIVING and LOVING every moment! Char believes that our time here is short, so you should spend every moment living YOUR BEST LIFE and always being grateful for what you have been given.

There are no topics untouched as they speak about:

  • The story of Char getting healthy
  • Pregnancy loss and still birth
  • The benefits of her healthy lifestyle
  • The benefits of bio nutrition.

Listen in as they show you how proper nutrition can actually HELP your business and poor nutrition could hinder it. Hear how pet sitting business owners have been able to start achieving their goals because their mind was right after they joined our pet sitting fitness group.

If you want to learn more about the (growing) group of pet sitters 25+ who are getting serious about their health and nutrition by working out and meal prepping and planning together, contact Bella: bella@jumpconsulting.net to learn how you can join the group too!



You can find out more about Char at http://MyBalancedChaos.com
Also mentioned is Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule.

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