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Episode #257: What You Need To Really Scale Your Pet Sitting Business

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Have you made your mindset shift yet to scale your pet business? If you are someone who is looking to switch from solo to scaling your pet business, start hiring employees, and are ready to get uncomfortable to make the decisions needed then this podcast is just for you. Listen in as Bella tells you all about how to change your mindset to the one you have been looking for.



Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss

Do You Work FOR Your business or ON Your Business?

If you are doing things on repeat or spending your time doing simple tasks then you should be able to pass them over to someone else and focus your attention on what your business needs to expand. Look at how you spend your days, how much time do you spend on tasks that someone else could have done?

Are Your Processes Simple and Accessible?

If it is complicated for you then it is complicated for your clients and potential employees. If it is not accessible then how is anyone able to help you? These are so important as thinking this way is taking that shift for your mindset to really scale your pet business.

Think Outside the Box, What If You Wanted To Sell?

You never know when this is going to happen since life is always changing. Even if you are not ready to sell it is all about setting up your business to be able to. Would you buy a business with no employees? What about one that does not have a PnL? Whether you actually sell or not keeping your business at this standard shows you what you need to continue to scale your business.



Show Highlights

  • 3 Major topics to start your mindset shift [7.20]
  • Asking the questions and having the thoughts needed to change your mindset [11:40]
  • Do you know why you are doing this and how to sell it? [16.23]




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Nate Palmer

Episode 185: Skyrocket Your Business With Your Health


Skyrocket Your Business With Your Health

Let’s be honest – sometimes being a business owner sucks. It can be lonely, isolating, and so easy to get inside our own heads. That’s why it’s critical to take care of yourself first. We have to take care of ourselves so we can set ourselves up for success in our businesses. Today, I brought on Nate Palmer to the podcast to talk about all things fitness, health, and mindset.



Nate Palmer is highly passionate about helping humans perform at a higher level. He also happens to be a dad, husband, and the #1 bestselling author of Passport Fitness. Nate coaches entrepreneurs to become unstoppable by weaponizing their nutrition and training. Nate is a coach, speaker, and writer, whose work has been popularized in media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Testosterone Nation, Ask Men, Breaking Muscle, STACK Media, and Thrive Global.


Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

  • Are you starting off your day ahead with wins, or are you starting in a deficit?  By having clearly defined morning and evening routines, we can set ourselves up for success by completing “quick wins” to get us in a positive, can-do mindset. As business owners, we make so many decisions throughout the day. By having simple routines, we can eliminate the number of simple decisions we make every day (leading to burnout) and save our brainpower for those tough decisions.


Show Highlights

  • Why is having a morning routine so important? [5:00]
  • What can you do as part of your PM routine to set yourself up for success? [8:00]
  • How do you have a strong sense of prioritization? [11:00]
  • How is being healthy different than being skinny? [17:30]
  • What is visceral fat and why do we need to target that first? [21:00]




Free Copy Of The Million Dollar Mealplan: https://n8training.clickfunnels.com/optin30537241

52 Healthy Grab-N’-Go Recipes For Pet Sitters: https://joinjumpconsulting.com/healthy/

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Worth in Your Business

How Your Thoughts Affect Your Business Worth with Angus Nelson

A lot of growing up has revolved around knowing your worth and the value of yourself. But, what about knowing the worth of your business? Or how the way you perceive your worth and value affects the way your potential clients see your business?

Many times, we don’t recognize how smart we are and therefore, we are not charging what we are worth. 

Knowing your worth and the value of your services directly impacts how potential clients see your business in a HUGE way. How do you begin to understand the worth of yourself and your business?

This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Angus Nelson, the Director of Development for Golden Spiral Marketing, as well as, the host of the “Up In Your Business” podcast and has spoken for brands like Walmart, Whole Foods, BMW, Coke, & Adobe.

Angus dove deep into what makes up your worth as a business and how you can continue to grow and expand that worth. 

Worth in Your Business

What Your Thoughts Say About Your Business

Your business is just that, It’s YOUR business. You dreamed it up, you learned, you made a plan, you put that plan into action, you put endless amounts of time and money investing into it, you’re the one responsible for the day to day management, for the growth and evidently, for the success of your business.

Your business is a direct reflection of YOU and the work that YOU put into it.

So what do your thoughts say about your business? How does knowing your worth and value affect your business?

Statement of Worth

Our entire world is based on the exchange of value. We identify the worth of a service/product based on the value of that service/product. Thus, a consumer will put a worth on our business but for them to gather that worth we must first present them with the value. And so many times we don’t charge what we’re worth!  

We don’t charge the full worth of the value of our product! 


Because somewhere inside of us there is a belief that our service/product is not worth a higher value. This is a lie.

This is a lie that we are subconsciously projecting onto our potential clients. If we don’t understand our own complexities then we subconsciously project that negativity and self doubt to our clients.

We are giving them the arsenal they need to reject us. 

What Are You Exchanging?

Are you exchanging time for money? Or are you exchanging value for money?

So many times I will see dog walkers who say “I’ll take your dog on a 20 minute walk for $20”. So, 20 minutes for $20, an exact exchange of time for money. Except, that’s not what we want! We aren’t exchanging the amount of time spent with a client for money. We are exchanging the value of our time.

Not sure what this looks like? Take a look at how I break it down here.

It may only take 20 minutes to complete a task but is that 20 minutes of our time only worth $20? What if we spent years learning how to do that task in only 20 minutes? Wouldn’t that make the value of our time go up?

Our clients are not paying us for time, they’re paying us for our experiences, for what we know, for what we offer.

They’re paying us for our worth!

Worth in Your Business

Brand Phrasing & Worth

Knowing your worth is the first step in presenting the proper value to your clients. However, knowing your worth and presenting your worth may not be the same thing. Just because you know your worth does not mean its clear to your clients.

To make it clear, you need to focus on your brand phrasing. Are you saying things such as, “We’re the best!” or are you saying “Do you ever worry about who is taking care of your fur baby?”

Are you speaking to the pain of your clients?  

Phrasing your brand in a way that pulls on the emotions of your clients will show how much you are worth. Saying “We’re the best!” should be a given in the way you carry yourself and your business. What you really need to focus on is how you’re reaching your clients on a level that means the most to them.

Think in the context of the client. 

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Rejecting Customers That Don’t See Our Worth

It’s never easy to reject a customer. Especially when you’re trying to grow your business. But what happens when we don’t reject customers that don’t see our worth?

It’s simple really:

  • You decrease your premiums
  • You decrease what you’re willing to settle for
  • You decrease positioning

Overall, You decrease the value of your business. In addition, you’ve labeled yourself as someone who CAN and WILL handle headaches!

Consistency in Your Business

In order to compete with businesses like Wag! or Rover, we have to back up our value with our worth! We have to remain consistent within our business rather that’s through amazing customer service, email newsletters, blogs or even the factors that make us unique.

We have to treat our business and clients like the boyfriend or girlfriend we just meant. The person we bend over backward for because it’s so new and romantic.

Go above and beyond for your clients!

Hand out dog treats on visits, or send out a newsletter with helpful information regarding their pets. At the end of the day, their pets are the client you are serving. Show them the energy you bring to your job. Send them pictures, update your social presence with actual clients. Reach the client at their level, human or pet.

Showing consistency is a way of creating history within your business. If you post on social media pictures of the pets you take care of, eventually, there will be a ton of posts showing ALL of the pets you’ve taken care of!

If you haven’t heard of them yet, look into Snapchat Glasses. They are actual glasses that you wear that will allow you to film both of your hands from your point of view. They’re a great tool in showing clients exactly what you do and what a day in the life is like for you and their pet.

Most of all, remain consistent! Don’t bend over backward for one client when you wouldn’t do the same for another. Always represent your brand in the same way to everyone.



To know your worth, it’s best broken down as an acronym.

W- Who is your ideal client?

O- What opportunities are you presenting?

R- What is your relationship with clients?

T- How are you thinking in regards to the business?

H- Where is your heart?

You’ll need to describe your ideal client and stick to that! Focus on that client and work to make your business strategies reflect that. Then, identify what opportunities you present that makes your business unique. What do you bring to the table that really sets you apart from others?

Thirdly, you’ll want to form a good relationship with your clients and do your best to have that same relationship with all your clients. Fourth, really hone in on how you are thinking in regards to your business. Do you have positive thoughts of growth and success? Or are you thinking negatively, that you won’t succeed or that it’s overwhelming?

Finally, the most important, where is your heart? Is your heart in your business or are you in this business because you feel like you need to be?

I challenge you to answer these questions and really think about them. It’s okay to have answers you don’t like, what matters is that you’ve created a foundation, a starting point, to really broadcast and grow your business’s worth.

Your Community Will Create Your Character



Episode 98: Molding Your Mindset With Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley is a born catalyst and natural truth-teller with a history in counseling, psychology, and entrepreneurship. Despite her two degrees in fashion design, she was unknowingly taken down the path of healing and transforming lives through a series of “accidents,” “coincidences” and divine guidance. She combines personal experience, psychological concepts and Universal Laws with over a decade of coaching and counseling expertise to support people in turning their lives of ‘should’ into the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Her specialty is truly helping people accelerate their destiny and become their future selves today. You may have seen her on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Forbes, Thrive Global, Inc. Online, Medium, New Day Northwest, PBS, and Huffington Post.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss

  • Being conscious about how you feel in each moment in your day-to-day activities will help you really understand WHY you are doing a certain action. Bri talks about how when she is watching Netflix, she evaluates whether or not she is watching it to escape from reality, numb out, or just relax. When she feels herself using something as a method to escape, she describes how you can realize and self-correct. After all, if you are escaping, you are not living in the moment and finding your joy!
  • Our CELL PHONES are such a distraction and one of the number one ways people escape from their day-to-day lives. Try putting your phone across the room when you’re working on something, or even putting it in Airplane mode. That will allow you to fully engage yourself in an activity.
  • If we can learn how to fall in love with the tasks that we don’t want to do in our business, we can re-invigorate ourselves to fall in loves with our businesses as a whole. The transformation of finding a place of joy, peacefulness, or even acceptance of activities we aren’t particularly fond of can help us attract the other things that we want in our lives.
  • People have an understanding that our thoughts rule us, and that we don’t have the ability to change them. Guess what, we do! But it is a difficult process and one that gets harder with age – but it can be done.
  • There are so many different activities you can do to practice mindfulness. You need to figure out what works for you – which will take time and trial and error! Ask yourself – “What do I need today?” This might look like yoga, journaling, exercise, affirmations, coloring, etc. Give yourself the time and the space that you need.
  • If you wake up every day with intention and you commit to being your best self each day, then you are setting yourself up with the energy you need to take you through the remainder of the day. You will connect with yourself and feel so much more grounded, intentional, and successful! Control your life – don’t let it control you.mindset

Show Highlights

  • How do we use the mindset of acknowledging that someone is actually a human being to our advantage in our business, and not as a detriment? [3:40]
  • Can we use the mindset of finding joy in our day-to-day activities as it applies to our businesses? [10:15]
  • How can acknowledging our thoughts and feelings help us tackle the day-to-day stresses in our business? [12:10]
  • What are some of the techniques you use to practice mindfulness every single day? [15:30]
  • Many successful people have a dedicated morning routine or ritual. How can we improve our livelihood and our mindset with a morning routine or ritual? [18:20]mindset


Not ‘selfish’: Women open up about choosing to be child-free:  http://www.today.com/parents/child-free-choice-women-open-about-choosing-not-be-mom-1D80097318

What It Really Feels Like To Be A Child-Free Woman: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/bri-seeley/childfree-woman_b_5672613.html

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Free Guided Meditation: meditation.briseeley.com

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Episode 72: Your Why and Mindset With Awilda Rivera

Did you know that your MINDSET is one of the biggest determiners of success in your business? The way you approach problems and work towards solutions can be the deciding factor between successfully remedying a problem versus making it 10x worse.

So what type of mindset should you have and what strategies can you use to be successful? To answer this question, Bella sat down with Awilda Rivera, a results-oriented success coach that helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and career professionals achieve the success they desire. Bella & Awilda talk about:


Awilda Rivera

  • Awilda’s success story in building her business and brand
  • Laying down a foundation by believing in yourself
  • The idea that what you focus on is what you will act on
  • Why it’s important to have a WHY
  • Why spirituality & faith should play a part in your business

To gain access to Awilda’s free resource library, be sure to subscribe to her email  list at www.AwildaRivera.com

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