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5 Ways To Get More Pet Sitting Clients On Nextdoor.com

If I told you that right now, for free, you could get in front of your target audience and gain more pet sitting clients, for FREE, with the click of a button, would you be interested?

Well now you can.


more pet sitting clients


Nextdoor.com is a website/app that verifies the user based off their address (think, micro-facebook). You must prove you live where you do and then it grants you free membership to the site. Think of it as a type of facebook. Their website describes it as a “private network for your neighbors” It is gaining popularity all over the USA at a fast rate. They have gotten press on CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. They are the real deal.

What one will find at first look is that people really TRUST the postings of others. People are asking about things going on in the community like heavy trash pick up, wildlife spottings, vandalism, community events, and…you guessed it, even “can you watch my dog?” postings.


So how might one join in the conversation without sounding too salesy and gain more pet sitting clients you wonder? 

Well you are in the right place my friend. Here are 5 ways you can execute TODAY to make an impact on your pet sitting sales:


1 – Register & complete your profile to get more pet sitting clients.

Well, this seems obvious but there is sometimes a two tier process you have to go through. One you are in, make sure that you complete your profile as thoroughly as possible. People will click on you and want to know more about you. Especially if you are talking about going into their homes. You can even add your pets on your profile section.


2- Start conversations on Nextdoor.com to get more pet sitting clients

Consider adding helpful information to your area. Here is a whole list for you to get started on:

– A list of pet-friendly patios?
– Or maybe the local vet clinic just was AHHA certified and you want to congratulate them and tell people what that means?
– Local pet-friendly event coming up? Will you be attending? Ask to meet up with them there. Will you have a booth? Ask them to visit you, mention nextdoor.com and get a free gift!
– Ask for people’s HELP in voting for their favorite <insert something cool related to pets here>
– Post a blog a month before major holidays about something useful like “Why you shouldn’t use the neighborhood kid to pet sit” or “How much do pet sitters cost?”  or “What is the difference between pet sitting v dog boarding?”

pet sitting clients

Lauren visited me at a local event after seeing me post on Nextdoor.com

3 – Help people to get more pet sitting clients!

If you are on nextdoor.com, you will see people posting LOST PET plee’s or FOUND PETs. Why not take their info, ask them for a picture, throw it into Canva.com to make a quick graphic and put it on Facebook? Or…. maybe someone wrote something about a dangerous wild animal spotted in the area? You can take that info and post it to Facebook. The sky is the limit!

PSA announcement I made from info on Next-door

PSA announcement I made from info on Nextdoor.com


4 – Post your help wanted adds on their board.

Are you looking for the next member of your staff? What better micro advertising spot that your actual community that you serve? This could be a gold mine. (I am thinking of all of those who receive out of area resumes…. catch my drift?)


5 – Throw your name into the hat to get more pet sitting clients! 

People will ask for people who provide pet care. Don’t get discouraged if there are lots of neighborhood kids that are being mentioned. Sometimes it is what people DONT post that gets you the gig!

Real example: I had a lady call and become a reoccurring client because she was impressed with the type of response we were giving others on nextdoor. Remember, your writing isn’t just to the poster, it is to everyone who can see it.

So as you can see, there are many ways that you can become active, known as the local pet expert, and provide value to a community that is looking to connect, learn and grow. You just need to use your own resources and offer them to help your community virtually! Make nextdoor.com your friend!


6 – Help Them Find Their Lost Pets:



Update: July 2016:

Now you can add your business to your Nextdoor neighborhood. They explain how to do it here.

Jamie, from Paw Prints Pet Services was the one who alerted me to this new tip!  She says,

“I just added my business information to Nextdoor.com. It’s easy! You have to be on the Nextdoor network. You’ll see on your Nextdoor home page a “recommendations” link. On my desktop it’s on my left margin. Then on the right side you’ll see “Are you a business, sign up here”. Yay! When you are entering the business category there is actually a section for “pet services” (just keep scrolling down until you find it). Unfortunately, you can only pick one. It’s awesome to make it easier for neighbors to find you and more importantly recommend you! And it’s free!”


For nextdoor.com guidelines on this topic check out:
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