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Episode 293: 4 Mistakes Pet Business Owners Make When Hiring An Office Manager

Episode 293: 4 Mistakes Pet Business Owners Make When Hiring An Office Manager

Episode 293: 4 Mistakes Pet Business Owners Make When Hiring An Office Manager

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the day-to-day operations of your business? Are you ready to take the first step toward creating an organizational hierarchy and scaling your company? Look no further! In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the world of office management and uncovering the top four mistakes entrepreneurs make when hiring an office manager. From learning how to delegate effectively to creating an organizational chart, you’ll discover how to unlock the true potential of your business and achieve your goals. Whether you’re currently in the process of hiring an office manager or have tried in the past and failed, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to free up their time and focus on the big picture.

Do you have an organizational chart in your pet sitting company? Running a pet sitting or dog walking company means that every day is filled with duties big and small, and an office manager is a huge asset when it comes to helping run your business. They can help you take care of all your day-to-day tasks that bog you down and keep you, well in your business rather than working on it.

As a pet business owner, you probably think hiring this office manager will be the answer to all your needs, but unfortunately, the process of hiring one is not easy. Many business owners are making these staple mistakes that are costing them time, money and sanity. I want to make sure you know these mistakes so you can correct them and find the people who will help you fulfill your dream business.

Biggest Takeaways

  • 3:11 What does the process for your office manager look like?
  • 4:00 What is to happen if they make mistakes, or if you make mistakes teaching them?
  • 9:35 How do you decide what is set in stone or if the process is a fluid one that is ever-changing?
  • 12:22 Do you have enough help? How many managers do you think you need?

Hiring an office manager should be a person who is willing to help grow your business along side you. Making certain mistakes can leave you feeling hostage to situations you’ve been stuck in.


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How To Train An Office Manager To Manage your Facebook and Instagram Podcast Episode Featured Image

Episode #262: How To Train An Office Manager To Manage Your Facebook and Instagram

How To Train An Office Manager To Manage your Facebook and Instagram Podcast Episode Featured Image


Are you ready to have their office manager not just take over their social media but do it right? Social media can be hard to run and staying on top of the constant changes that come with it is even harder. Do you have the time to keep up with it or learn everything you need to know to gain the right numbers?

That is why I made this podcast for you. I want to tell you exactly what your office managers need to know to take over your Facebook and Instagram. The project that is making you feel like you are being held back. You should not have to continue to feel this way, there is another option.



Biggest Takeaways

There are solutions and resources and I am going to tell you all about them… and… how to train your office manager to utilize them and learn everything they need to to keep your social media up to your needs.


What To Focus On

Social media is always changing and needs to constantly be relearned. However, there are some things that should always be followed if your office manager is going to successfully take over your Facebook and Instagram.


Utilize Resources and Train

Using the resources you have to stay on top of your social media is good but that does not mean your should stop training your office manager on how to use it for your business. There is so much more to look at than what you post and so much more to know that can be easily delegated to your office manager and I am going to tell you how.


Real Results

Do you want your social media to be even easier than passing it off to your office manager? What about not have to spend the time making sure your brand is followed perfectly? That is why I offer Better Marketing with Bella, to really help set you up for success because your success is my success.

It is so important to maintain your brand and keep positive energy with your social media and Better Marketing with Bella can help you do that. See what some of the members have to say and check out the website.



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Show Highlights

  • What you need your social media manager to focus on Facebook and Instagram [11.10]
  • Train your office manager and use your resources [13.40]
  • How BMWB has helped so many businesses [18:56]




The Secret to Knowing What to Post on Social Media

Better Marketing With Bella



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How To Get A Business Phone To A Pet Sitting Office Manager

To all of my pet sitting business owners with staff – this one’s for you! Are you considering hiring an office manager? Or maybe you’re just going away on vacation for a week or two and need a temporary office manager to fill in? Either way, you’ll need to consider how to get your business phone to your pet sitting office manager. This can be tricky and complicated.

So, today I’m going to break down some of the best ways you can get your business phone to your office manager without the hassle!

How To Get A Business Phone To Your Pet Sitting Office Manager

pet sitting office manager


Temporary Solutions

If you are looking for a temporary solution, you don’t have to make a permanent move. It might be as simple as forwarding the business line to their cell phone. Or you can even physically give them the business phone. Keep in mind these solutions are only short term. They can also sometimes be a way to do a “trial run” to make sure your potential office manager is right for the job.

If you do this, don’t forget to make sure that their voicemail is personalized for the business! You want it to say something like “Thanks for calling Bella’s Pet Sitting.” You don’t want your clients to know that their call is being directed somewhere else. Keep in mind this is only a short term solution.

Permanent Solutions

If you need a permanent solution, I do not suggest handing a phone back and forth. Even physically delivering a phone to your pet sitting office manager can be messy. There’s too much room for error here. You need to set up a permanent system.

There are a number of companies such as Grasshopper, Phone.com, and RingCentral, that do a “phone tree system.” With this you can redirect a line to many different people depending on where you want it to go.

Since our offices are virtual, this is probably the best way to direct client calls. You really want it to be a cloud based system so you can text if you need to text (even though I don’t recommend it!). You also need to have a record of all communication between all lines. Plus, they have useful features such as transcribing voicemails, the ability to use your computer/tablet, and more.

What About Google Voice?

Ah, Google Voice. Super popular among pet sitters for sure, and I even used it regularly in my own business! What I’ve learned is that it’s really nice for sole proprietors if you’re trying to separate business and personal.

But when your business and operations grows bigger and bigger you will eventually outgrow Google Voice. It’s a good stepping stone but I don’t recommend it long term. It’s a great program for being free, but if you’re serious about bringing on a long-term office manager you will need a more sophisticated software.

Phone systems are really smart these days. Clients calling won’t know they’re in a phone system. They won’t hear things like “Press one for this and press two for that” – unless you want it that way!

Overall, you want your phone system to be able to adapt to YOU and your business. So, do a bit of research and choose the company or solution that will best fit your needs. You’ll be glad you did!

If you’re still unsure about taking the plunge by giving your employees a business phone, be sure to check out this blog I wrote here addressing your concerns.

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